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What's your waffle recipe?

oh! uh here! this is the one i use every time i wanna make some hott waff.

2 cups all purpose flour
1 tsp salt
5 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp white sugar sugar

whisk all that biz together, then in another bowl whisk up

2 eggs (duck eggs make it extra good)
1 ½ cup of milk, or buttermilk, personally i like to do part greek yogurt and part milk
1/3rd of a block melted butter
2 tsp vanilla extract

combine it all until it’s p much smooth, but there can be some lumps and that’s okay.

you can add more or less of some of the stuff because waffles aren’t that fussy. I usually end up adding a little more milk than it says so it’s not too thique
then I butter up my waffle iron and i actually flip it part way through because waffle irons tend to cook a little uneven. 

✨2006 vs 2016 meme version: art ✨ tbh I feel like I stopped doing as many ambitious and detailed drawings bc it just took too long. Can def see improvement over these 10 years tho 👌🏻💕 (also kinda wanna make some more detailed stuff like I used to, too) 👀💦
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so basically w the way my circumstances r rn i have Way Too Much Time to read the news/politics via twitter and thus have been basically, like, making myself ill via mental distress, which i don’t wanna dwell on bc i’m very privileged and it’s probably also abt individual brain chemistry and stuff. anyway, due to said privilege i dont feel qualified to tell ppl how to react to All This but I do think calling your local reps + Senate Overhead Committee + whoever is a good way to at least be active/let your voice be heard, esp if you’re free during the 8-5pm block, bc a lot of ppl aren’t. I can’t imagine everyone agrees, just bc I can’t imagine everyone-everyone agrees on anything, but i am concerned that some might think public opinion is the same thing as public pressure? and i don’t really know if that’s true. Basically like, if you’re not already, I’d urge you to think about more ACTIVE things you can do to help, which sounds really cliche and like not helpful. maybe i mean tangible. anyway uh, i just say that from a place of somebody whose been in a bad cycle of READING about bad things for basically all day, and then is like “Oh God what can I do,” and then stews. and like reading is good! finding consistently truthful, non-sugarcoating journalists to follow is good! but like, make sure your Engaging instead of just Learning, because that only helps collectively, its also probably better for your mental health. theres little things u can do daily to be proactive, so just, keep looking for those. anyway im not saying anything that hasnt been said a billion times i just wanna make sure it keeps being said bc Anxiety and i havent seen ppl posting about it as much as they have in the past

Sup guys?

Ugh…I’m burning out so bad..

Like it’s hard to me to keep up and each time I see the clock I’m more aggravated Cuz of time

I’m busy helping my mom during the day, and by the afternoon when I’m done I’m burnt out and I GOT to do art


I’m trying to keep it together and do commissions and ychs

But I could use some money, the only problem is that doing art work in return just tires me out..

I wanna do stuff of my own! Like the 500 follower celebration, new years eve pictures

And I have to live up to last year’s resolution, I NEED TO ANIMATE BUT I DON’T HAVE MOTIVATION OR TIME!

So in regards to everything I want to art but I am tired and exaughsted but I’m willing to push myself

So more art coming soon

And I’m gonna post the monthly art things and whatnot

do urself a solid 2k16: this year should be full of doing favors for ur future self. if ur super tired but u still have homework, outline what u have to do so u can finish it faster in the morning instead of leaving urself with a blank page and more stress. figure out what u wanna wear tomorrow the night before so u have more time in the morning to do others stuff. if u see a snack u like get it and save it so u can have it later when u forgot u even bought it. the best moments are the ones where ur like ¨damn i really came thru for myself.¨ be ur future self’s best fren


so i think i walked in a fashion show??

post break-up au
  • i literally can’t sleep alone anymore so i’ve shown up at your door in my pyjamas, can we have one more nap together, please? 
  • we promised to stay friends but we’re doing the same stuff we did when we were a couple and i don’t wanna point it out because i don’t want it to stop
  • listen i know i can’t just show up at your apartment at six in the morning but i need coffee and no one makes it like you do 
  • we broke up after i left and moved away and months later i find out you rushed to the airport to stop me but you were too late 
  • you keep calling me over to get rid of spiders from your apartment and i’m pretending i don’t know you’re not afraid of them at all because i miss you too
  • we keep showing up at all the same places separately because we’ve always had similar interests 
  • cop!au i’ve been undercover for months/years and i know i told you not to wait for me but i’m still in love with you and it’s killing me
  • or, i fell in love with you while i was undercover and i know you’re mad at me for lying but i have to go back to my old life (and i want you to be in it)
  • i know we’ve been broken up for a while but i still have those concert tickets and you’re the only person i want to share this with
  • i found the ring when i was moving my stuff out of your apartment and now everything makes sense
  • are you?? sabotaging?? my dates?!?!?
  • i’ve seen you hanging around my apartment and i thought it was because you missed me, turns out you’ve been using my wifi you asshole
  • i know you can’t cook for shit so i’ve been bringing you dinner every night, just, y’know, to keep you alive
  • i kissed you goodbye by accident - old habits die hard okay?!?!
  • roadtrip au where we need to save gas money so we take a long, awkward, tension-filled car ride 
  • instead of dividing up the CD’s, let’s play a drinking game to determine who gets what (it may or may not end in sex)
  • i was so sleep-deprived after the night shift that i climbed into bed with you (and you just rolled with it) 
  • you’re my emergency contact and i’ve been in an accident so you drop everything to come to the hospital 
  • soon to be divorced couple obnoxiously painting the walls wacky colours every time the other paints over it 
  • you’re pretending we’re still together because my relatives will disprove of the break up so you’re being all sweet it’s reminding me of why i fell in love with you in the first place
  • we bumped into each other in the street and you were grinning like a cocky asshole the whole time so i stalked off only to realise i’m wearing your shirt 
Error Sans - Talk Sprites


So.. Here’s a batch of Error Sans talk sprites! They were a lot harder to make. Please ask if you want to use them… They were originally on a navy blue b/g, but it wasn’t visible enough. ERROR belongs to @loverofpiggies!









Half Error?


back at it again


Dodie Clark Room Backgrounds

the secret history pick-up lines
  • i love you more than homer
  • asparagus isn’t the only thing in season
  • let’s recite words of love in dead languages
  • and then kill a farmer in the moonlight
  • you look like my sister
  • i have a non-homosexual crush on you
  • hi is your name sublime because i’m about to enter you
  • beauty is terror but i love it when you terrorize me
  • shall we do something romantic, like, go looking for ferns and redistribute some matter
  • you make me wanna quit drinking for 35 minutes
  • this is a gun in my pants but i’m also happy to see you
  • talk latin to me

So I’m currently preparing for a hurricane, and I’m anticipating that I won’t be able to post any art for quite some time. 

I felt bad knowing that there’d be a hiatus, and I didn’t want my followers to be too upset with me, so here’s some WIPs for additions to my undertale roster that I tried to squeeze in between me boarding up my house and doing other things in preparation for the storm. I wanna finish up the roster because I recently got invited to participate in an undertale themed charity artbook. I plan on finishing up Omega Flowey, maybe adding some effects to Hyperdeath God, and I’m also gonna draw the Royal Guards and Bratty and Catty (saving the best for last).

So, yeah, later today you’ll be seeing a post detailing the stuff about the hurricane, and more about my hiatus. 

Hope you guys like what I did here.

i sketched this thing becuase its LIPER DECEMBER and im all over that shit, all over that shit, im doing this, i wanna see all the fics and all the fanart im doing my part ok ok now do yours please im so thirsty for this pairing i m jsut

did this little comic thing instead of precal hw because episode 15 killed me

//let me know if you guys wanna see more stuff like this :D (also this looks way better on my blog pls view there)