Hey, this was really fun

We hope you liked it too

Seems like we’ve just begun

When suddenly we’re through

Goodbye, goodbye, good friends, goodbye

Cause now it’s time to go

But, hey, I say, well, that’s OK

Cause we’ll see you very soon, I know

Very soon, I know

Goodbye, goodbye, good friends, goodbye

And tomorrow, just like today

The moon, the bear and the Big Blue House

We’ll be waiting for you to come and play

To come and play, to come and play

Kakashi Drunk Texts

Requested by anon!

What kind of texts would Kakashi send to people if he was drunk?

1. To Jiraiya

“I miss u. You need to come back”

2. To Jiraiya

“I wanna reed more of ur books”

3. To Jiraiya

*Message unable to send* “Stopp making me cry”

4. To Gai

“Remember how we’re lik the bigestt rivals?”

5. To Gai

“I wish u wernt in a chair always”

6. To Gai

“I wanna do stupid shit with u again”

7. To Sasuke

“Why were u such a dick?”

8. To Sasuke

“I laughed internally wen u said u wanted to kill me. Remember that?”

9. To Naruto

“Lol being Hokage sucked”

10. To Naruto

“Good luck being buried in paper for the restt of ur lif”

11. To Naruto

“Why did I never have a girlfeidnnd” 

12. To Yamato

“U look really old now”

13. To Yamato

“Lol no I don’t look old u do”

14. To Yamato

“Stop gaurding a tree and come talkk to me”

15. To Kakuzu

“Who is this and why are u confessing ur luv to me?”

16. To Kakuzu

“Oh hi Kuzuka now it makes sense y u want my heart”

17. To Kakuzu

“Aren’t u ded?? lol good luck taking it from me”

So since I am Officially Finished with the Generator Rex rewatch, I would like to make an Official List of the Gayest Moments in (mostly) Chronological Order:

1: Rex and Noah meeting. Like

Rex is hanging with some jackasses and Noah comes in and is all “Y’know those guys don’t really wanna be ur friends right”.

So then they just

This shit is straight out of a romcom kill me.

2: Six catches them and it’s basically the classic “Son I don’t like ur boyfriend” and Rex is like “But dad I love him so like fuck off”.

Again, classic romance trope.

3: When Rex does this:

Noah Nixon #confirmed for damsel in distress.

4: Every time Rex and Noah play basketball:

5: When Rex finds out Noah was hired by White.

And he’s #heartbroken and breaks up with him.

6: When Rex socks Noah in the face and has the “What have I done” moment.

7: Rex: I never wanna see you again!

Noah: *gets captured 5 seconds later*

Rex: BAE!

8: They have the classic awkward “so, friends again?” moment

9: The fucking prom episode.

Guest starring their lesbian friends:

End me.

10: The blatant Sexual Tension in “Basic”.

11: More Damsel In Distress Noah:

12: Domestic Boyfriends:

13: The haunted house episode:

14: The goddamn motherfucking table tennis episode

Like. Wow.

15: The fact that Rex totally fucked that one edgy biker kid with the anime hair.



17: Rex fanboying over a buff actor from his favorite soap opera.

18: Noah: I have a date with Claire.


19: Arguing in the car like an old married couple.

20: The guy just expects them to share the bed because he just knows they’re a couple.

21: This bullshit here.


23: The final gay double date.

Slice of Saltquizzy life

So I haven’t slept since like noon yesterday and I just wrote an essay lmao it’ll either be like a solid b or an f probably idk let find out when I wake up. Also I was thinking about coming back to tumblr starting Tuesday with a tmi Tuesday but idk do people still remember me lol how does one come back to tumblr after a moderately long slumber I wanna get back in the OC community but idk how???

I am so done. Someone plz shoot me. We had to work 12hrs today with only a 20min break, it is midnight now and I have to be there by 7 again and I just wanna cry