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yesterday my eyebrow game was on fleek honestly

In light of the new fans vs old (…over 25?) fans debate, I actually find it … really odd. Because I know I’ve seen a lot of older fans (especially the actually old school ones) being extremely perturbed at the weakening of the boundaries between fandom/not fandom, and modern fandom being pretty much /shrug, that’s the way it is now. The idea of fic and whatnot as something intensely private that we should do our best to keep apart from the mainstream is very old school.

Truth (Chapter 12)

Taylor made it through the meeting, barely. Her head was swarming with thoughts of Karlie. ‘Does she know? She didn’t act like she did. Do I tell her now? Who would tell her first? She doesn’t even read tabloids, she said it herself, so how would she find out?’

Those thoughts continued on an endless cycle throughout the day and for most of her plane ride home. She had gotten all of 2 hours of sleep but her mind wouldn’t let her rest. The whole drive home seemed like a blur and before she knew it she was back in her apartment. The singer tried to unpack thinking that the task might busy her enough to take her mind off things. It did the opposite.

The blonde opened up her closet to put some things away and was immediately gutted when she saw Karlies cloths interspersed with hers. She grabbed one of her girlfriends sweatshirts and slipped it on over hear head. It smelt like Karlie, like soap and fresh flowers. She crawled into bed and buried her face into her hands and cried until she drifted off to sleep.

Taylor woke abruptly. When she breathed in she could smell Karlie’s sent still on her sweatshirt. She was guilt stricken. The singer rolled over to check her phone. 7am.

She thought about showering but she wanted to see Karlie as soon as possible. Instead she changed into something clean that was her own. Within the hour she was knocking on Karlie’s door. She knocked lightly but no one answered. She knocked harder a second time.

“It’s open” some one yelled from within the apartment.

Taylor turned the handle to find that the door was indeed unlocked.

“Karlie?” she called.

There was no answer. Taylor walked further into the apartment and heard noise coming from the kitchen.


Still no answer. The singer followed the sound and saw the six foot model in her typical workout gear with her back to the door pouring a smoothie into a to go cup. Taylor came up behind her without saying another word and wrapped her arms around her girlfriend. She felt Karlie tense beneath her but other than that the model gave no indication that she knew the singer was there.

Taylor released her grip and Karlie turned and walked right past her to bring the blender in the sink.

“Um, hi?!” said the blonde.

“Hi” said the model never making eye contact as she rinsed out the blender.

“We haven’t seen each other in almost a month and you don’t even look at me!?”

Karlie looked at Taylor with her intense stare. Her eyes were piercingly green.

“Hi,” was all she said before busying herself with putting things away.

“What’s going on Karlie?”

The model finally responded but still avoided eye contact, “I’m on my way to the gym. What’s going on with you?”

“I came here to see you.”

“That’s it, nothing else on your mind?”



Taylor couldn’t help herself. She had committed to ignoring what had happened and now it was a knee jerk reaction.

“I’m leaving.” The younger girl went to grab her bag but felt the singer’s hand grab her wrist. She didn’t turn but instead looked down, back to Taylor, arm outstretched behind her.

“Karlie tell me why you’re acting like this.”

The model slowly turned around to face Taylor. Their faces a foot apart. She looked deep into blue eyes. They were full of concern and question.

Taylor looked back into Karlie’s green eyes. She was guarded and angry and her face looked like stone. Slowly her eyes filled with disappointment and hurt. The models face was still stone but a single tear fell.

‘She knows’ the blonde finally realized

Taylor’s mouth opened slightly and she muttered “I…”

As she did Karlie shook her grip and wiped her single tear in one motion. She turned again, this time reaching her bag.

“How did you…How long…I didn’t… It meant nothing, it…” Taylor fumbled her words not even knowing where to begin.

“I’m leaving” was Karlie response. It was unclear if she meant for the gym or out of this relationship.

“You can’t leave we need to talk about this!” Taylor could feel her voice raising.

Karlie stopped dead in her tracks, back to the singer.

“Three days.” There was a pause. “That’s how long I knew. I knew, and I wanted you to tell me. Each time I talked to you, you lied to me.” Her voice was getting louder but was not quite a yell. She finally turned to Taylor. “You lied to me over and over and you just lied to me in the kitchen.”

Taylor felt her world falling around her. This could not be happening. She needed to fix this now.

“I’m sorry,” she murmered, “I just thought…”

“What?! What I didn’t know wouldn’t hurt me?!”

It stung because that was actually a thought that passed Taylor’s mind. Karlie realized in that moment that her statement was spot on me.

“You know I have a publicist too right?! I mean I need someone to tell me when I’m being cheated on.”

Each word Karlie said was like a slap to the face.

“It meant nothing, I was drunk and it just-“

“Are you fucking kidding me!? You don’t even know why I’m mad!”

Taylor was confused now, it obviously showed because the model explained.

“I gave you chances to tell me and you straight up lied to me. How can I ever trust you?”

Taylor finally understood. She was filled with so much regret and guilt she couldn’t even think of anything to say. Neither of them said anything. It was the heaviest silence she had ever endured.

Taylor finally took a step towards the model.

“Because I will never lie to you again and because… because I-“

“Don’t” Karlie said harshly looking away.

“Karlie, I-“

“Please don’t” Karlie said closing her eyes, voice cracking.

“I love you.” Taylor said quietly for the first time.

There was no response only deafening silence.


The model backed away but looked into ocean blue eyes.

“You said that because you were scared. You knew how much saying that meant to me, and you said it anyway. The Taylor I fell for would have never done that. You’re terrified and a liar. I could never be in love with that kind of person.”

Within the same breath Karlie had grabbed her bag and bolted out of the apartment, slamming the door behind her.

Taylor was left stunned and barely able to breath.    


Yeah, shit just got real. This story now has a lot of possible directions. Where should it go?

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"Suns out, guns out" steve rogers and bucky barnes are my reasons for living. Clint teaches them how to do keg stands and make terrifying things in a deep fryer. They eat terrifying amounts of sour candy, and bucky's tongue turns blue. He then tries to make steve's face blur. Sam and clint get into a fight over the music but natasha ends it BC clint has terrible taste. Steve is sad. He likes Clints music. Bucky just sort of sighs and vetoes the change. "Things I do for you, pal"

The thought of Steve Rogers doing a keg stand is literally


the greatest thing

that has ever happened to me

possibly in my entire two decades on this earth.

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18 Sing: Your muse sexually tortures mine for information

Demyx slowly opened his eyes, finding himself tied to a chair in some sort of darkened room. His vision was still a bit blurred from when he had been knocked out though. Where was he, what happened?

"H-Hello, anybody out here? Where am I?" He called out into the darkness, nervous, almost scared to know who had kidnapped him and why. What did these people, or this person, want from him? 

He struggled briefly against his bindings but found them to have been skillfully tied. Was there no way out of this place? Wherever here was, of course… He tried to take a deep breath and not panic. Someone was going to come look for him eventually, right? No one was going to kill him for anything, right? Aah hell!

     People are like photographs. Sometimes they’re sharp and vibrant, and others are resting in stark monochrome. Some people are blurred around the edges, like they moved in the second you tried to understand them and they’re stuck like that—you can make out the shape they’re supposed to be, but nothing beyond that, and even then you’re not sure if what you’re looking at is a person or just a thumb. Some people are light-damaged, with flaws out on display right on the surface, and others you have to turn over before you can spot the writing: 2011, 06, 27. I’m sorry I wasn’t there.     ❞         Written by ℜ.

Part One |  Part Two  | Part Three |  All. 」

The final installment of my destiel Pacific Rim au. Thank you all for being so supportive on this journey. I dedicate this chapter to Mal, Charlotte, and Diana. I never could have done this without my Dean, Sam, and Bobby ♥ Additional shout out to Cari for being my medical consultant for this chapter lol
(Btw here’s part three if you guys need to catch up)

It was all happening in a blur. Four men burst into the room, two already holding a stretcher. Dean screamed at them and fought back as they tried to pry Castiel from his arms, and it took the combined strength of two of the men to pin him against the wall as the other two gently lowered Castiel onto the stretcher.

Dean struggled for another moment until his eyes settled on Castiel. Any fight he had left in him seeped out onto the floor as his body slumped against the wall, his knees suddenly feeling weak leaving the hands of the two men the only things keeping him upright. Castiel still hadn’t woken up. Why wasn’t he waking up?


Dean didn’t even remember getting into the helicopter. It was like his body was on autopilot, and his mind was back in the Jaeger, back with Castiel. A man sat beside him and began speaking to him, but Dean couldn’t hear a word of what he said. All he could hear was the sickening crack of Castiel’s head hitting the wall over, and over, and over.

The man snapped his fingers in front of Dean’s face and the pilot blinked in surprise. His eyes flickered up to the man’s face, and he froze. The man asked him once again what happened back in the Jaeger, but Dean couldn’t answer. His mouth was dry, his throat had closed, his whole body was shaking, his head was swimming.

The man’s eyes were blue, but they were the wrong shade of blue.

Dean would never see the right shade of blue again.

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Today’s Walking Photo: I’ve had this nice DSLR camera for a couple of years now, and I’ve almost never tried anything adventurous or even just a little bit tweaky with it. So when today’s walk got delayed and pushed way in the late afternoon, I realized I was being handed a nice opportunity to mess around with long exposures. Aaaaaand so here ya go. I like how this one turned out, but I really need to try it in full nighttime conditions sometime. [Click the image twice for a full-size version that looks even cooler, I think…]

story time

um, well holy shit what a night.

i had a drink and was standing by myself watching the band when suddenly I felt really dizzy.

I got so hot and I tried to take my jacket off but my arms wouldn’t work to let me and I felt like I was seconds away from passing out. I saw someone I knew and told him I thought I was going to pass out and he’s like “oh you’re ok” and his girlfriend literally said “I can’t deal with this.” and walked away from me.

my vision started to blur and everything I could see was like a bright white cloud. I stumbled to the bathroom so I could be away from people and sit down for a second but there were so many girls and no where to sit.

I remember standing up and then the next thing I woke up right outside of the bathroom laying on the cement ground in the corner.

i couldn’t see at all and I couldn’t hear. my ears were on fire, my head fell like a balloon, I was really sweaty but also freezing. I sat myself up and squinted around for someone to help me because I didn’t know where alex was.

but this angel of a random girl came and sat with me in the corner and helped me. she was so nice. then I found someone up find alex and she drove home. woof what a night.

I have no idea why that happened. or really what even happened in that 2 foot walk out of the bathroom to the corner but I can tell you one thing— that really sucked.


Leo let out a loud laugh, his feet tripping over themselves as he tried to stand up straight once again. “Hah, wouldn’ you like to know. You’re… goin’ to have to ask Mikey if you want to know that… Mister.” He hiccuped. Steadying himself using his brothers shoulders, he looked at Raph through blurred eyes. “Ya’know… I never noticed how big you were… You’re arms, are crazy.” he slurred as he poked at the larger turtles arms.

Raph to had bit the inside of his cheek just to keep himself from falling to the ground in a violent fit of laughter. This was too rich! But he was a good brother, and good brothers threw an arm around the waist to steady the other whilst searching his memory for where he’d put his camera phone. 

"Oh, really," Raph didn’t bother to hide the amusement in his tone as he spoke, "Ain’t ya the one who keeps tellin’ me that I should do less weight lifin’ and more… whatever it is that you do for trainin’? 

But yer still very welcome to admire them.” A compliment was still a compliment after all, the fact that it was from a drunk Leonardo only made it better.

I  love this. I love wonderful use of color; something that says thought was put into it. Surreal is fine. Pattern is fine. Stark, flowing, bursting, layered, vivid, wild, serene, blurred, mellow (etc) is all fine. 

What I hate is uninspired hippy-trippy mishmash crap that tries to pawn itself off as art. Shit that makes tie dye look genius. Shit that looks like Vinny V G puked up or crapped out his paint set. Shit that looks like an “OMG! Wouldn’t this be great on my Volkwagen? before we use our last savings to attend Burning Man?” kind of revelation. Shit that humans over the age of 8 know has less value than the paint does, still in it’s tube.

But this. This is wonderful. Good stuff.


Rorie slowly awoke, a heavy feeling hung over him. “Where… am I?” he muttered to himself, still trying to adjust his blurred vision. He blinked hard and the world seemed to come crashing down on him; this wasn’t his house. Rorie jumped up off the mattress and realized he had handcuffs on, “What the bloody hell is this?!” Memories of the night before seemed to fall on him; meeting that strange man, getting in his van. Everything after that seemed to be a complete blur. His head pounded in pain and he though, 'Was I… drugged…?' He tried to shake off the feeling but it hung over him; he stepped out of his room and glanced around, “Hello? Where am I?”