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Imagine: Talking Four out of shooting Eric.

*Note: I’m using a mixture of the book version of Eric’s death with my own version added into it in this imagine!*

Shit, you knew something was going to go wrong as soon as you saw Eric holding Tris to gunpoint and leading her out of the building, and of course, you were right; Tris takes a knife out of nowhere and slashes at your boyfriend. You see Eric fall; you don’t see where she stabbed him for tears are blurring your vision. He’s dead, the fucker deserved it. He left me. He’s dead. You don’t know where the Candor take him, you don’t know what happens next or how you end up in bed or how you manage to fall asleep, but somehow you do. 

You jolt awake the next morning and remember all the past events, you instantly jump out of bed and rush to find Four or Tris or anyone for that matter.

Before you had transferred from Erudite to Dauntless, someone had told you that it wasn’t good to run in the halls, and for all the right reasons as well because you both fall smack on your asses as you run into Uriah, “What the fuck are you doing Y/N?”

“Wh-where is he Uriah?! What happened,” The horror hits even harder as you repeat the words aloud, “He’s dead isn’t he?”

To your surprise, Uriah shakes his head, “The cut was deep enough to make him go unconscious, but not enough to kill him, especially not when Jack Kang asked for him to be taken to the infirmary. Something about treating your prisoners with humanity; sounds like BS to me.”


“Because, Erudite promised to be peaceful with Candor if Eric was returned safely, that’s why Kang wants to send him back. Four tried to talk to him earlier this morning, he isn’t seeming to budge,” Uriah suddenly drops his voice to a whisper, not many of the Dauntless knew about your relationship with Eric due to the fact that you were only an initiate before the war started, “Four and Tori are planning on executing him tonight.”

Your stomach drops and you feel as if you’re about to vomit, “Ex-executing him?! I-I gotta go Uri, I’ll talk to you later!”

You rush towards the infirmary, and after a few threats, they finally let you see Eric. He’s asleep when you sit next to him so you gently shake him awake, “Y/N? What are you doing here?!”

“Eric, what’s going on?! Why are you doing this?!” He sighs and turns his head away from you, “Eric I know you’re not bad, but you have to tell me why you’re doing this, they’re planning on executing you!”

“I’m not afraid of death Y/N.”

“You were the one who once told me with great pride that ‘Eric doesn’t make many promises, but when he does he keeps them’” He looks at you as if to say 'and?’, “and you once promised me that you would keep me happy, do you think I’ll be fucking happy if you’re dead?!”

“Alright Y/N, I’m the Dauntless leader and I want the best for my faction, if I can save hundreds of my people from dying by sacrificing one little ex-Abnegation girl, then I’m gonna do it!” He looks exhausted, “I did this because I care Y/N! There’s nothing more I can say!" 

You run down from your room later that evening to see what the commotion downstairs was and you find your boyfriend tied on a chair with Four holding a gun to his head. You quickly push past the crowd just in time to hear Four say, "Be brave Eric." 

"NO!” You scream just before Four pulls the trigger and everyone turns to look at you. 

“Y/N?” Four questions, at the same time Eric whispers, “Y/N, don’t.”

“Four, Eric isn’t a bad guy! He was only trying to help, he wasn’t trying to hurt anyone, he just wanted to help his faction!” You ramble. 

“Y/N, do you even know how ridiculous you sound,” At this point you are standing between the gun and Eric, “This man if responsible for the murder of countless people, you can’t possibly want to save him!”

“Four, I know I sound crazy but you have to trust me!" 

"Get her out of the way,” Two Dauntless men begin to drag you away. 

“TOBIAS EATON THIS MAN BETTER ALIVE TO YOU THAN DEAD!” This gets Four’s full attention. 

“How so?” He asks venomously. 

“Four we’re in Candor you can get all the information you need from him by putting him under the truth serum!” You pull out a syringe that you had been hiding, “If you still this he’s bad then-then you can kill him." 

"Alright Y/N, but if you’re wrong-”

“I won’t be!”

Once Eric is completely under the truth serum Four asks a few simple questions to warm him up including, “What was your past in Erudite?” or “State your full name?” or “What is your relationship with Y/N?” all of which he answers truthfully. Finally Four asks, “What did Jeanine want with Tris and why did you join her?”

“I joined Jeanine in beginning because I had no choice, I could either join her or be put under the simulation myself, so I joined. I wanted to take Tris to her because as a leader of the Dauntless faction, it is my duty to protect my people, and I’d much rather have one girl die than hundreds of other innocent people. As for what Jeanine wanted from Tris, I don’t even know, all I know is that she needed the 100% Divergent, but I don’t know why, she never told me.”

“That’ll be all Er-”

“No, I have one more question,” You interrupt, “Eric; do you promise that from this day forth you will join us loyal Dauntless and fight with us against Jeanine?”

“Y/N-” You once again gesture to stop four from speaking. 

“I-I do. I promise that I will join the loyal Dauntless in their fight.”

“Then it’s decided,” Four announces, “Eric will live." 

You let out a sigh of relief and smile victoriously.  

vivid (viv'ed) adjective.

i. bustling city streets, people coming and going, living out their lives. shades of dark blue with faint hints of pastel orange and pink spreading across the sky at dawn. choosing to look back while i looked forward. colliding in a blur of black and white and suddenly seeing a world full of color. meeting your eyes, but peering into your soul instead. faded photographs of memories only you can remember.

ii. the light of the sun falling upon your smile even when you tried to hide. joyous laughter every time we went back and i tripped over the same rock in the stream. whispered promises over a burning fire. interlocked hands as we walked together in the moonlight.

iii. heated arguments, screams and bitter words that dripped crimson. disappointed gazes, downcast head. dried tears and unspoken apologies. stargazing, finding yourself in the constellations, and realizing that an infinite amount of possibilities await. eventual forgiveness, the warmth of your embrace. your clothes smelling of the future, of hope, mingling with the scent of my own cardigan, smelling of a new beginning. choosing to never look back.

iv. you and i.

—  in which we wrote our own story, and there were plot twists neither of us saw coming. | s.y
Are you scared?||Open

Everything around her was dark but Katherine could hear noises. Drops which fell on a ground, a stone base.
Groaning the brunette opened her eyes slowly, turning her head to the other side and tried to figure out something but her view was still blurred. 
“Where…. I am=?” Her voice was more a whisper.

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Could I request a part 2 to the Winter Soldier s/o thing? Original anon btw~ Like when Bucky saved Steve at the end of tws they save their Paladin/Altean & disappear after breaking the Galras control how would they react when they wake up? And how would they respond to finding their s/o later after they regain some memories & do some good anonymously to try to make up for all the stuff they did while with the Galra & maybe saves the Paladins? A lot I know but I need it for REASONS THANK YOU

A/N: You sure can nonners! I had a lot of fun writing it and this is the last request to do before I hit the hay.


  • Everything was such a blur when Lance tried to recall what had happened. It wasn’t until a few days later that he had remembered what had happened. He was fighting off some Galra soldiers and had been separated from his lion, then he was knocked out. All he remembered was someone dragging his body and dumping it at his lion.
    • He knew you were the one that had saved him, it had to be you.
  • When he finds you again he can tell that things are different, whether it was a good different or a bad different he was unsure about.
    • “Do you know who I am?” “A paladin of Voltron.” “But do you know my name?” “It’s, it’s Lance.”
  • Lance convinces you to come back with him to the others, promising that he’ll help you gain back the rest of your memories and you reluctantly go back with him.
    • It’s not quite what he wanted, but it was a start.


  • Keith had pretty much bolted upright when he remembered how you had saved him and demanded to know where you were. When he found out you had disappeared again he was ready to leave to go and try to find you.
    • Shiro had to drag him back to bed because Keith is nowhere near able to pilot yet.
  • When Keith had found out there was a vigilante liberating certain colonies on different planets he knew it was you and pretty much immediately left to go find you, much to Shiro’s irritation.
  • Keith found you because he jumped in to help you fight of a bunch of Galras that were coming after you. Since you were so hopped up on adrenaline from the fight you almost ran away from Keith after it was over, but he grabbed you and said that you two needed to talk.


  • He wakes up in a slight panic, which turns into even more worry when he finds out you were the one that had saved him in the first place but had disappeared from the galaxy yet again. He doesn’t leave his room for the rest of the day, trying to sort out what’s happened to you.
  • Hunk tries not to let it bother him, but the thought of you all on your own out in the universe with your mind in such a fragile state. All he wants is to be there with you.
  • It happens sooner than he expects however, when the team runs into you tearing up a Galra base that had been terrorizing the local village of a planet. The team gives you and Hunk some alone time and you can barely look him in the eye, completely ashamed about what you had done to him.
    • “I raised a blade against you.” “No, that wasn’t the real you Y/N. The real you is the person standing in front of me now.”


  • When Pidge woke up and remembered that you had saved her she grasped onto the tiny sliver of hope that you could be saved, and held onto it tight.
  • She works day and night to try and find out where you had disappeared to and it’s stressing her out so much that pretty much all the other crew members are worried about her health.
    • Everyone tries talking to Pidge about taking a break or getting some proper rest (not even Shiro could get her to stop) but she doesn’t listen to them. They know the only thing that will get Pidge back to normal is if she has you back again, so all they can do is help her.
  • When she finally does find out where you are she goes to see you alone and tried to resist the urge to run up and hug you, not wanting a repeat of the last time she hugged you without thinking.
    • She begs you to come back with her, that she’ll do everything she can to help you and she definitely starts crying. She’s nothing without you and while you’re wary of her there’s something deep inside of you that’s giving you the feeling that you don’t like seeing her so dismayed like that, so you go with her.


  • Shiro’s felt so broken up ever since he had found out that you were a brainwashed soldier that the Galras were using against his team. When he finds out he was saved by you he feels like it’s his obligation to you, as your lover, to do everything in his power to get you back.
    • He’s also obligated to his team, and has to force himself to push his selfish desires of wanting to go out and find you to the back of his mind and he carries on with his life. Always worrying in the back of his mind about what has happened to you.
  • Shiro can’t believe his eyes, and his luck, when he runs into you again. He literally bumped into you at the planet he was visiting and you had almost run off if Shiro hadn’t calmed you down and assured you that everything was fine and he wasn’t going to hurt you.
  • You and Shiro spend the rest of the day talking by a riverside with him gently helping you regain his memories, and hopefully he can help you gain back your lost love.


  • Everyone, especially Coran is pretty much freaking out when she comes to and are trying to help her and everything, but the only thing on Allura’s mind is the memory that she was saved by you and she needs to find you.
  • She scours the planets she visits, asking around about you until she finds the information on your whereabouts that she needs. And one time she finds herself in luck, you’re in town.
  • Allura wants to go see you alone but Shiro is worried about you attacking her again so he hangs around outside when you go inside your current home to go and talk to you.
    • You don’t attack Allura, to her relief, but you’re not exactly welcoming towards her and she doesn’t want to admit that it stings. But she soothingly speaks to you and eventually encourages you to come back with her.


  • Coran had been close to losing hope when he didn’t find any sort of information about you after your first encounter months ago. But after you had saved team Voltron, and him, his fire to find you lit up again and he would find himself spending late nights trying to find out where you had gone.
  • Coran definitely finds out the fastest out of everyone else, but once he finds out where you are he’s almost at a lost. He honestly didn’t expect that he’d get this far. But he sucks it up and seeks you out.
  • Coran tries his hardest to try and help you regain your lost memories, but your mind is so broken and damaged that he knows he won’t be able to help you in a day, or even a month. He invites you to come back with him, he wants to help you. And you want your memories back as badly as anyone else, you leave with him right at that moment.
Psycho Dan (Dan Howell imagine) Part 2

It’s back! Part 2 of Psycho Dan is here!!!



The past was a blur. No matter how hard I tried, I could remember almost nothing. Questions ran through my head like a flowing river.

My vision was blurry however the flickering light above my head stood out like the sun. I attempted to shield my eyes however, I couldn’t move my arms or my legs.

I turned my head over to find my wrists locked in a metal brace. Then I took a look at my feet. They were also strongly clamped around my ankles.

Panic rushed through me as my perception became slightly clearer. The room was ominously dark, making me more edgy by the minute. Although it was gloomy, you could still see certain things. What made it even more scarier was I felt I had been in this room before.

Just then something moved over on the side of the room. I knew for sure that it wasn’t a rat or a mouse or any type of rodent. I squinted to make my eyesight more visible.

I scanned the floor steadily, trying not to make myself scared, when I came across night like hair. There, sprawled out on the floor was Phil lester, covered in cuts and bruises, making me more and more anxious. Then my memory came rushing back. The only reason we were here was because of Dan.

Thankfully I saw his chest move up and down indicating that he was alive. Suddenly his eyes shot open, revealing his light blue eyes. He turned over to me, mouthing the word “escape” before passing out once again.

As I was about to respond, I heard the door beside me, creak open slowly. I tightly held my eyes shut before praying quietly in my head. I needed every bit of luck I could get, especially in this situation.

My breath hitched as I felt the clamps around my wrists tighten. I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed some answers.

Opening my eyes, I held my breath. And there with his back facing me was the man, himself.

“Dan?” I squeaked, my mouth going numb “What’s going on, why are you doing this?”

“Oh Y/N” he chuckled lightly “You don’t get it do you?”

By this time I was very confused “Get what?” I mumbled.

Dan turned around, showing me his smirking face. His clothes where barely visible due to his dark choice in clothing and his hair being half there because of the light.

“There’s no point in anything anymore. All these meet ups and live-shows and everything that’s happened so far is all for nothing. I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re all going to die eventually so I thought I would do humanity a favour"

We both jumped when a groan cane from Phil across the room. Dan rushed over to the table in the corner, holding several deadly looking knife. Dan picked up the larger one headed back over to Phil.

“Dan, stop” I worried “You don’t know what your doing!”

Ignoring me, he grabbed Phil by the hair, lifting him up and then he looked at me

“Say goodbye to your little friend” he said before piercing the knife through Phil’s chest.


Should I do a part three? Give me your opinion!

Hoped you liked this chapter!


This is a prime example on why DeviantART Muro is an outrageously poor drawing software. All that comes out of it looks like a child shoved their hands in paint and slapped them on a wall. Only a few people are able to use it decently.

Sans’s skull looks like a piece of paper cut out with patterned scissors, his eyes are mere blotches of black and what seems like fur on his jacket looks like a cloud of human excrement. His tears are fuzzy, neon blue stripes that look like badly done face paint, and the last time I checked, skeletons don’t have lacrimal glands. The background is just random incoherent colours with no real purpose. This person has no idea on how shading works and everything looks either fuzzy or flat. And then there’s “Papyrus…” written in bright orange with absolutely ill-fitting splatters of colour behind the text.

Nothing in this piece of “art” is coherent. Even modern artists who splatter colour on a canvas have a basic knowledge on how to make the colours look good together. It’s comical how utterly terrible this eyesore is.


Kobal, the Demon Prince of Mockery.

aww look they remembered to make his eye part yellow

–Mod R

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What do you make of complaints that the Jaime-Eddard duel was unrealistic due to Jaime's superior skill? What do you think of the swordplay in the series in general?

Speaking as someone who’s been in combat and tried his damndest to write about it, it’s is one of the most frustratingly hard things to demonstrate in any medium, and why I’m so critical of most war movies (looking at you, Hurt Locker). The tension and the chaos are hard to replicate especially in pitched battle where everything is screaming all around you and you can’t quite pick out this blur from that blur. Viewers of entertainment media need to follow the logical sequence of events, and that doesn’t happen often in combat, especially when there’s more than two people.

As far as the book’s depiction of it, well, it seems a bit off from the Jaime of ASOS not to fight. My best rationalization was that he knew he couldn’t keep it together given what we know about how he views Eddard Stark, but I think it’s just Early Installment Weirdness. But it makes sense, the shock and the chaos and the out-of-nowhere falling horse, to the point where I say it’s better than most fantasy novels I’ve read, and is one of the more believable pieces of GRRM’s plotcrafting. Certainly not as bad as Tyrion meeting Catelyn in the Riverlands instead of the North, or Theon’s perfect ability to predict every guard’s actions down to when they turn their head, so I’ll take what I can get.

Now, if you’re asking about the show’s depiction of Jaime vs. Eddard, I think it actually worked very well. The facial expressions on Cousteau-Walder’s face really added a lot for the book-reading viewer, since we know later on the intense emotional cocktail that Jaime is dealing with when he fights Eddard and realizes that this is not something he can skate through just like he skated through everything else. One thing that is very important is that less capable fighters can still surprise you, and even duels aren’t an accurate judge of “who’s best.” Even the best fighter can slip, a lowly novice can land a good punch. Battle is chaos and even skiil disparity is not a clear outlier.

Thanks for the question, Cle-Guy.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King


“Time didn’t go backwards for Sans, it just slowed down in a painful grind. He could only focus on protecting Papyrus. Flowey smiled, truly smiled, and it was a horrendous sight. Sans tried to get up, lurching forward too late as tendrils shot forward and pinned Sans down. His right arm broke as a tendril snapped down behind him, and Sans cried out, his vision blurring. Papyrus stood there, shocked and paralyzed, unable to understand the disparity of the situation. As Flowey’s laugh started to gather in a terrible force, another single tendril swept forward and buried itself straight through Papyrus’ skull…” - @i-can-change-my-name-this-is-fab

I’m so happy she has a tumblr now so I can give her props like this ^^


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Hyuroi Week Day 1: Brotherhood

Wow I actually managed to get my shit together and write stuff for this week!! 

Post-Brotherhood fic, which is.. pretty much the only connection this has to the prompt. I know I’m lame lmao. This is also a collab with @rxbbxn-art so GO CHECK OUT HER SUPER AMAZING AWESOME ART!!!!

Word Count: 747        Ao3 |  FFN

In which Roy finally apologizes for the Envy fiasco.

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Mayumi finally regains consciousness. She doesn’t remember much of what happened the past few days; it’s all a blur. She tries to move but realizes she’s chained up, plus in intense pain. She winces as she looks around the dark and dirty room. ‘Where am I?’ Mayumi wonders. 'What’s happening?’ She starts panicking when she hears footsteps coming her way. “Please, let me go! What did I do?!” She cries out. This isn’t like her to cry and beg but she’s so lost and confused.

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Some Other You

send “Some other you’ to meet an AU version Gohan——clairvoyant

          They were so LOUD, always talking over one another until
           the voices got so deafening it might as well be a siren blaring
           right beside his ears. Last messages for loved ones, strange
           requests, droning laments… It never STOPPED. Death was so

           The boy tried to tune them out for the sake of his well-being, but
           sometimes it was just IMPOSSIBLE. Sometimes that just angered
           them. There was a woman now, raising her voice against the 
           literal crowd of others following him. She was all but yelling after
           the boy, DEMANDING he pay attention.

          ‘My little girl, just look at her! Grown so much——looks so much
           like me. I MISS her. Hey, boy! Listen to me, you hear?’

           Hands clamped over his ears, fingertips digging into temples so 
           hard it made his vision BLUR. He couldn’t tune the woman out and
           it was making him feel nauseated. 

          “Y-your MOTHER is so loud,” The words left him in a groan, too 
           distracted to notice he’d spoken such an insane sounding thing

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Hey so sorry for the sudden question but i'm at my wits end ㅠㅠ i want to pull my hair our. How do you make the text on your gifs so sharp? I've tried a billion ways to get mine to be sharp but it always comes out blur. I've used the correct tumblr pixels for my gif (540dp x 200dp, gif size 900kb). When I upload to my tumblr drafts, it's blur. But when i click on it, the background darkens and the gif shows, the gif is real sharp then. If not, it's so blur. Pls help :(

Hi! ooooh I use to have that issue before too but I started making my gif width 268pixels (for two column gifsets) which I guess is the size tumblr makes them for gifsets so there’s no quality distortion when it gets minimized?