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Lmao it occurred to me that we haven’t seen Hange and Levi together since almost one year now :p But seriously, I’m kind of excited to see Hange’s reaction when she will know what happened on the other side of the wall. Even more excited since she isn’t wearing any glasses :)

I just want to see levi’s realisation that his two main homie’s aren’t all dead or near death. like hanjo is still alive and kicking levi that’s something. THAT’S SOMETHING, NOT ALL IS LOST. and also I totally need hange’s input on serum bowl because goddamn. it also makes me wish we had more of an exploration of hange and erwin’s relationship in the manga. I think since levi is so popular its like we only really see his relationship with erwin and hange, we never get to see much of erwin or hange’s perspective on one another and it’s a shame.

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daddy lessons by Beyoncé aka mercy and her 2 dads

ok i hadn’t listened to that song before until this ask and 1) good fucking song though why am i surprised 2) jesus i’m taking the wheel back b/c i gotta talk about this 

b/c here’s how i see it: angela was jack’s little girl and he’d be the moral-compass-overprotective-I will teach you everything you need to know-side of this song, the “take care of your mother/sisters/etc.”, the “he made me fight, he made me a soldier” “he told me about men like you” “he told me not to cry” “he held my hand” bits of it too. 

but angela was also gabe’s little girl, and gabe was the less fussy but more compassionate, more emotionally aware one, and he’s the side that’s “classic vinyl” and motorcycles and “he held me in his arms and taught me to be strong” “he made me dance” (he’s also the “baby girl he’s playing you” bit because gabe’s the only one of them w/any observation skills but that’s minor) 

and both of them are the “daddy said shoot” part because they both had to drill it into her head that her safety came before anyone else’s and she better damn well shoot that tic tac gun of hers if she’s ever in danger, be strong practically and mentally and shoot– 

I’m frustrated. For multiple reasons and my life is a mess, so sorry for the odd layout and weirdness of continuation throughout. 

I’ve been dog sitting for a family who has two dogs. An older pug mix and a young and sweet vizsla. It’s just for a few days, anyhow, they use bark collars and a prong on the vizsla and all the time I was there the man was commenting on dominance hierarchy and so forth. Now I must say I am no good in social situations or anything of that sort, especially when something has not been asked of me or may be confrontational so I didn’t really respond in any way. 

Whilst I have been walking the pair multiple times a day I have not been using the prong, mostly because I do not feel comfortable with it. By all means he is very well behaved without it, walks politely and loosely. I was very excited to see him do so well. Now the owner did tell me that he could be leash reactive, but he is fine off leash, and this is a thing I can fully attest to being true. After running into a few other dogs (Across streets and keeping the most distance possible in an area I am unfamiliar with) he is most definitely reactive, but only on leash. 

In the end, I’ve spent some time thinking on when he becomes reactive, and to what sort of situations and what the parameters for reaction are. And I’d guess (to the best of my ability and understanding) that his reaction has developed out of a place of fear, and most likely was encouraged by the use of correction with the prong. I’ve only got him for a few more days, and would like to do what I can to try to help out, but I would also like to somehow address this problem with the owner, who I believe to be fairly ignorant to the science behind behavior and rather taken in by those who continue to perpetuate false information, both by so called professionals, and those who live in his areas carried by the same methods. Commonly I leave a gift at houses once I have finished, and I would somehow like to broach the subject through this if at all possible. Does anyone have any ideas or such? 

it’s that time of year again!

                    i’ll be at the beach for the next week trying to eat lobster & not become one myself. what does that mean for here? not all that much. the place we stay has wi-fi that’s pretty reliable, so i’ll be on in the evenings for a little bit to collect replies and replenish my queue. that being said, for this week the queue will be bumped down to 4 instead of 6 posts a day. if you need to contact me for anything, IM is available, but just understand that i will be on mobile for the most part during the day & it might take me a bit longer than usual to respond to anything.

                       see you all in a week! — xoxoxoxoxo, jes

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Snape (for your ask game). :)

  1. Why I like them:  well, I don’t like him at all
  2. Why I don’t:  because he was fucking asshole, that is why
  3. Favorite episode (scene if movie): the time that hermione set him on fire :))))
  4. Favorite season/movie: I hate him in all books tbh
  5. Favorite line: “turn to page 394″ because it’s a classic
  6. Favorite outfit:  he only have one so
  7. OTP: I ship him with human decency because he totally needs some
  8. Brotp: nope 
  9. Head Canon:
  10. Unpopular opinion: HE WAS NOT A VICTIM WHATSOEVER
  11. A wish: stop giving excuses for snape’s behavior 20k6
  12. An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: DON’T EVER THINK THAT SNAPE AND LILY COULD BE A THING 
  13. 5 words to best describe them: worst person ever, fucking asshole
  14. My nickname for them: snivellus ~~ but not really

send me a character

Lilith, now high in the sky of the plane, closed her eyes and attempted something. Instead of reaching out as far as she could, she tried to see just outside the plane. If she was right, then she’d have her answers. ‘Come on, what’s out here? Come on come on come on-’

‘͕̙̳̼̥͖͠'̵͉̜'̮̙̙̲̰K̳̹̗͜NO̖͎̪̠̖̯͠W̨ ̢̟̪͉̟͇͚Y̠͕̟O̮̤͈̫U̸̠̻͎̻͉̘͖R͚̥̠̱̺̭͜ ̻̳̦̫̥̙P̜LA̵̟͚͕ͅC͚̯̥̗͍͡Ḛ̙̹͖͉,͈̻̲͈ ̳̫͖͙̮̤̻͠I̙N͉̝̼͢S͜I̠G̵N͉̘͖̹͜ͅIF̩͔̟͍̦I͕̰̥̤̼̬C͓̩͈͎̯A̲N̵̳͇T̡ ̸̮͉̯͚̫͔F̩Í͚͈̩͙̣̮S̝̤̫̦̩͜H!҉̹̝̲͔!͙̱̭̮̙ͅ!̭'͚͇'͍̘͈͓̻̥̫͢'̳̘̲̘̬͎

Lilith was just about knocked out of the sky from the voice’s volume. It was speaking through telepathy, but the voice was so loud it gave her a huge headache. She shook her head, eyes wide. 

“Wh…..what is that?”

I totally need someone to write me a Veronica Mars and Criminal Minds cross over.

Little miss sassy pants Veronica versus our adorable genius? How cool would that be!

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I wish that the show would have shown Barry trying to recapture those missing years with his dad. If they tried to be father and son but Henry noticed that Barry was failing in his flash duties to spend time with him. Iris was already researching how he could get his medical license back.We should've seen Henry feeling overwhelmed by his son and his son's expectations. That would have been a great emotional story to tell and it would justify Henry's decision to say I need some time away,

Yes! Totally agree. I think it would have made his death more heart wrenching too as opposed to them shipping him off then bringing him back to just to kill him. The spending time away thing would have been justified if they showed him being that distraction like you said. I think that’s what made Henry’s death so mehh, at the point we saw him again, he was just another character

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I totally agree with the whole "every hero needs a villain thing", but it really depends on the story. Miyazaki films are a good example; in movies like My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service, there are no villains. There are struggles and concepts to deal with sure, but usually the "villain" is some kind of life struggle or inner debate. IDK I just thought that was worth bringing up.

that’s definitely true, though i’m not entirely sure if i would classify Miyazaki films the same way as other films/shows. they’re like an entirely different thing, to me at least. they have a completely unique feel to them and no need for a villain. honestly, i wouldn’t even really classify a lot of the main characters as heroes either. that could just be me tho!! ;v;

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It totally is thay scene I drew. Because I am weak. I need to do a nice official pic of that. Because it hurts me.


God, I would end up on the floor from my feelings. Which is where I usually end up anyway because of your art, but for this one, EVEN MORE SO

I have been dragging my feet when it comes to getting back on the horse with this fanfic and writing the next chapter (just ‘cause I’m getting so stressed about this new job and beginning my life as a Grad Student and whether or not I’ll even be able to find time to write), but you and your artwork just keep showing I need to get back. I need to write more! 

‘Cause I need to give y’all even more feels…

You know, I’m pretty sure I have some artwork of how I pictured Marianne’s outfit in that scene…I should probably post that here…

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I wanna apply to be an admin but I haven't posted any fanfics I've written only poetry and original stuff(not on tumblr)-Chanosaurus anon

That’s totally fine!! I just need to know whether or not you’ve written before and if you happen to have a link then you can paste it into the application but it’s not totally necessary^^ It’s just a little something so I can get an idea of where you are with your writing right now~~

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hi guys just wanted to tell everyone that my job at the fashion line is going super well, i’m super happy there and totally respected and given the autonomy i need to work well and also yesterday out of nowhere i was given a 3 dollar an hour raise (i have only worked there three months!)!!! my capitalist pursuits are going great and i hope you all are having a good day :D

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think of people who go from relationship to relationship, as if they /need/ someone else to feel whole; i totally see a parallel of how both fusion and irl relationships can be addictive


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we definitely need hiddleswift at wimbledom next year @ taylor @ tom please arrange your schedules now pls and thx. Also maybe some fancy polo matches with really outrageous outfits and hats and tay trying to stomp in divots with heels on. I picture them there like mary poppins and bert. Maybe chase some foxes in the green fields of england. With Julie andrews singing in the background. I need alll those things.

Yes they would total get to see William and Kate if they go to Wimbledon

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before I read the maze runner trilogy I just appreciated TBS and KHL as actors (and their attractiveness and adorable personalities) but then tumblr ruined me and I watched every single video of them together and I actually get ticked off when people mention dylmas or newtmas (I hate that I'm like that) and I'm like fine with them and their significant others but watching them together ruins me and I cant watch a video where theyre not together and I just need to vent

LOL that’s fine!! I can totally relate OTL Like, I kind of hate my “position of power” in the fandom (haha who do i think i am), cause I am sooo against newtmas, and its so bad… I hate that about me too. Cause like it’s a good ship *cough* and who’s not in love with Dylan. But like IM SO PASSIONATE ABOUT MY OTP and UGHHH I adore everything about them!!! their romance, their friendship, thomlee, minewt!! JUST UGHHH if I could marry a ship, I would..

It’s just, I really like this thing a lot and it pains me that not a lot of people know about it or appreciate it… cause the people who know anything about TMR all watch the movies and they think minewt is crack ;___; and it just kills me to see newtmas stealing minewt’s thunder for the umpteenth time. Like does Wes even know this is a thing? DID WES REALLY READ THE BOOKS???? yeah.. he did. But he thominho af lol


Sorry this got a lot longer than it should have… maybe cause i haven’t slept for the past 24 hours… umm… Yeah, basically, just ship what you want. hashtag the struggle is real, Talk to me about anything but newtmas all day everyday.

“newtmas is the top 1% of the top 10% that makes up 90% of the fandom”

Happy belated Birthday Emily aka @swan-road!!!! Domestic CS! (why are there grocery’s yet to be put away? I’m going with someone wanted to take of their shoes and coats and then got distracted!) (also lets cross our fingers now we get some domestic CS this season!!) 

Special thanks to the wonderful @seethelovelyintheworld for dealing with me and helping me with critiques! 

Please do not repost :)