My thoughts on Project Castor

I don’t think we all need to start worrying about an influx of male clones, or whether or not Ari Millen can keep up with Tatiana, or that this is going to derail the show or overshadow things they’ve already established.

Project Castor is a military operation.

DYAD saw their clones as an ongoing experiment - hands-off observation, nature vs. nurture, unrestricted development. They wanted to discover the range of possibilities human clones were capable of, likely in order to determine what they could then control (though the ultimate goals are still extremely cloudy).

Castor likely sees their clones as a means of growing soldiers. They’ve likely raised these clones in a structured environment, and controlled every variable they could in order to ensure uniformity and maintain control of the subjects. Yes, there are going to be outliers like Mark, and possibly the clone Sarah just met, but on the whole the Castor clones are all going to be very similar to one another, and will play a very different role in the story from Tatiana’s characters.

The show will likely make an effort to further humanize the male clones, but I think it will likely be on a general or theoretical level rather than introducing them one by one. They’ve already established the ‘clones are people’ idea through Tatiana and don’t need to do it again with Ari.

It’s an incredibly interesting development, and I think it will likely serve to deepen the significance of Tatiana’s performance, not detract from it or water it down

I’m so conflicted

Like on the one hand Ruby is one of my faves and she’s now a canon bisexual character. And honestly I really liked the interaction between Red and Dorothy, I thought their nicknames for each other were really cute. Also obviously a wlw couple got a TLK which is HUGE for network television!

On the other hand, Ruby Slippers is really rushed and they knew each other for like a day and we’re probably never going to see them again. Also once again Mulan who was ALREADY an established queer character was sidelined. The writers had a great opportunity to have a canon interracial queer couple but instead went with two white women. They played it very safe and I can understand the disappointment.

Totally 100% inspired by this post by @great-spirit-lion, I have to wonder when it became an established fact that Garnet can’t ask questions. 

In Know Your Fusion, we have this scene:

Pearl: Should we ask them what’s going on?

Garnet: I can’t.

Pearl: Right…

It seems like a thing that Pearl is aware of, even as she looks away while answering. Which makes me wonder, is this something she just does with Steven to maintain her position as the ‘all knowing’ leader of the Crystal Gems, or is this just her in general? We already know Garnet always wins. Add this to the mix, and I think it speaks to the insecurities she keeps tightly under wraps.

The question is, why does she have this attitude? We’re coming to see that fusions multiply both the good and bad aspects of their component gems. For all that Ruby and Sapphire are in perfect balance with each other most of the time, sometimes that balance can lean too far in one direction.  Clearly not asking questions is something they both agree on. The question is, why do they both feel this way? Let’s break it down.  

Man, Rubies are dumb!

This is the first time we heard the words said, but it seems to be a running theme. From everything we’ve seen, it seems like this is just an accepted fact among gems. Rubies are dumb. That’s just how it is. Never mind that they’re never given the chance to develop their intelligence. Never mind that critical thinking seems to be actively discouraged. They’re common foot soldiers- grunts. It wouldn’t do to have them asking too many questions. 

So for Ruby, I think not asking questions is two fold: As a foot solider, she may have been encouraged never to question orders. So she is conditioned not to ask questions. At the same time, She’s been Garnet for a very long time. More so, she’s a Crystal Gem. It was her prerogative to break free of all the stereotypes set upon her by homeworld. She’s not ‘just another dumb ruby’. She’s half of Garnet, she’s in love and with the brilliant Sapphire. She doesn’t need to ask questions, not to anyone. 

But if you ask me, most of this probably comes from Sapphire.

On homeworld, she was a personal adviser to Blue Diamond. Her purpose was to use her future vision to predict, with absolute certainty, the answer to any question asked of her. We’ve already heard from Garnet that future vision isn’t perfect. Especially given that she sees multiple possible futures. It’s up to her to determine which ones are most likely to come true. And sometimes she gets it wrong. In the present on Earth, that’s just fine. But in the Blue Diamond court? It could have cost her her life.

So having come from a life where not knowing the answer to absolutely everything asked of her could have meant her death, asking questions is something she will absolutely never do. It’s self preservation. It’s just safer that way. 

Never mind that she’s been away from that reality for thousands of years. Never mind that she has Ruby who would absolutely never ask her to be anything other than herself. Never mind that she exists as Garnet most of the time now. Never mind that she has the full support of the Crystal Gems. They depend on her future vision, just the same as Blue Diamond did. She cannot allow herself to be wrong. She absolutely cannot.

So no, questions are not allowed. 

But look how far both of them have come as Garnet. Look how far Garnet has come. She can admit when she’s wrong, she can admit when she doesn’t know the answer to something. And those things are tremendous. I think not asking questions will come up in the future, but for now it’s just how things are. 

Dear fellow trans women,

Please stop celebrating the death of MichFest. Please. I understand why, I really do, but this is being blamed directly on us and I really do not want to see things get worse than they already are. Losing a safe space for women, one that was well established too, does nothing to help women, any women. Now we are all lacking. We should be fighting for inclusion, not kicking people when they’re down. There was a reason we were so hurt at being excluded, and it isn’t because we thought it should be destroyed.

Please, just be respectful.

You may just simply—because of things you’ve already established in your story or where you see the story going—may not want to explicitly make a character gay, but you may feel that subtext is appropriate for your story.

So for example, in Buffy the Vampire Slayer the scene where her mother is saying, ‘Have you ever tried not slaying?’ Was that queerbaiting?

“We were using a gay metaphor, we were using a metaphor equating slaying to being gay that I thought was very powerful,” Espenson said.

“If you say any time that something is not canon that it’s just metaphorical, it’s queerbaiting, then you lose that opportunity. Then I think it also scares creators away from taking their first tentative step into using a gay character. If they start with some subtext and are rebuffed they’re never going to go near it. So I think let’s have better assumptions about people’s intent.

Well, I came back after 6x10, so I think it’s already firmly established that there is no episode too disappointing to get me stop this self abuse.

So, let’s focus on the positives, shall we?

Good things about PLL 6x20:

1. Any state of undress on Ian Harding is welcomed here in Ezra trash land.

2. The “Pretty Eyes” comment, if only for the joy of them remembering it. Even better if its a clue.

3. Aria’s silver kicks were pretty nice.

4. HOLY FUCK Troian Belisario is fucking gorgeous. Even her panties were beautiful. I just slid another notch on the Kinsey scale.

5. Not bad @ Tyler Blackburn either.

6. Veronica won the election!

7. Wilden, if only briefly.

8. Rollins is fabulously skilled in the art of makeup and prosthetics, cause damn, he even had a totally different body build in that Wilden costume! 😏

9. Jason only dated his biological cousin, instead of his biological brother!

10. Jason exists! Was mentioned! Runs the Carissimi group!

11. OK, but seriously, can we all agree that Jason had really good motive to kill

12. Yea, Tobes in his glasses is pretty cute.

13. Apparently, for like that one week where Spencer was tutoring Toby in French, he mastered the entire language fluently.

14. Clark Kent and Lois Lane touched hands for a millisecond, over the handle of a coffee cup. But ended up neither fucking or kissing each other. Which gives them both an unlikely moral high ground for a show about stalking and murder.

15. It wasn’t at all awkward that Ezria were having sex like one day after he finished crying about his dead girlfriend of five years.

16. Yvonne seems like a pretty classy act, and Toby doesn’t seem like he’s going to totally crush her heart. At least not this week.

17. The “Hi”, “You must be” dialog between Mona and Spencer. Pure gold.

18. “Amoji”

19. Still no mention of Emily’s eggs, so I’m sure they’re perfectly fine.

20. I’m looking hella forward to someone making a gif of Wilden giving Ali those creepy bedroom eyes. *swoon*

21. Slightly less awkward product placement this season for “Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children”

22. Caleb apparently likes Y.A. Fiction.

23. Ezria are writing a prequel! Just fantastic!

24. PLL has now mastered sex scene transitions as smoothly as the good people at Showtime.

25. Me and half of the entire fandom were right about Jessica having a twin.

26. The entire fandom was right about Rollins being a creepy fuck.

27. It’s only a matter of days (no, wait… Many, many months) before we find out that Peter Hastings is Charlotte’s dad too. Because Jason and Charlotte are “practically the same age” so, he probably got Mary pregnant at about the same time he got Jessica pregnant.

28. The “Villian” and “Fianle” clues meant nothing, which means they were either trolling us (which they are great at) or legit can’t spell. Both are wonderful.

29. This finale was logical, and really set them up to go in a better direction. It also gave fans LOTS to work with, as far as theories during the hiatus. It wasn’t shocking, but that’s because it made some sense.

30. The just slightly overabundant tension between Caleb and Mona. Like it was just a bit pregnant with an untold story.

Biggest disappointments about the episode:

1. The villain’s motive continues to have jack shit to do with the 4 girls.

2. Apparently they really are going to stick to this “Charles” story, and I’m bummed about that.

3. Ugh. More Rollins. So many more Wren theories.

4. It was exactly the episode we needed, but it also failed to excite me for next season. It was logical, but it’s setting up next season to be all about people I’m just not that wild about.

“hey, could you drop it with the sensei already? i thought we established where we are. you don’t have to be so formal.”

genos looked shocked at first, before seeming to actually consider the idea, slowly rolling his thumb across his chin, looking into the distance and deep in thought.


genos tried it out on his tongue. deciding that he wasn’t sure if he liked it or not, he tried it a few more times.

“saitama. saitama.”

“uh…” saitama felt a little self-conscious. “genos?”

he was staring at him pretty intensely now, back straight and neck stiff. Saitama had never noticed that Genos was so tall.

“Saitama.” He said again, but this time there was no sound, only the shape of his lips wrapping around the name with the ghost of a whisper that never reached Saitama. Saitama didn’t know what to do or how to respond, but he knew that he liked hearing Genos say it more than he thought he would.

“No! This isn’t right!” Genos suddenly erupted, falling to his knees, which Saitama thought was more dramatic of a gesture than necessary, but had long stopped expressing his opinion on said matter.

“I’m sorry, Saitama Sensei, but I can’t do it! How will I express my deep respect for you, my admiration for your incredible powers and humble character?! How will I convey my immense devotion and gratitude?!”

Seeing Saitama’s bewildered expression and quickly catching himself, Genos sat back on his knees and counted on his fingers, making sure his outburst of emotion was within the word limit. He inched closer.

“I think you are amazing. Please don’t make me stop.” He said sternly, enunciating each words, forming his lips around them as carefully as his earlier whisper. “Saitama Sensei.”

Saitama tried to respond but he couldn’t. He tried again, and again, but all he managed was to open and close his mouth like a duck; a duck at a loss for words for how much he was appreciated by someone he appreciated. more than appreciated.

“that’s… fine.” He swallowed hard. “you can keep calling me that.”


An Awful Lot of Meat for a Vegetarian Restaurant

If John and Sherlock ever have a BBC-canonical sexual relationship, that slavering hound of Baskerville is going to look so cheeky.

And you might cry for Henry Knight like I just did.

To be clear, I’m not presenting evidence that something will happen in the future (Johnlock). I’m doing a thought experiment about how what we already have (THoB) will look if Johnlock happens.

… And if you don’t have to squint very hard to make it look like evidence, well, you’ll just have to talk to Gatiss about that. He’s got writer credit for THoB.

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AAGD's Game Career FAQ, Part II

I’ve been getting an increasing number of other questions not quite covered in my original FAQ, and not all explicitly answered already, so I thought I would try to tackle them here. Hopefully you will all find the answers helpful.

I am studying or have a degree in X. Can I be a professional game developer?

Yes, but it won’t necessarily be easy. When we hire, we look for people who have the skills and can work well with the team. A degree helps establish what sort of background and skill set you have, but what we really care about is that you know how to do the thing we’re hiring for. We almost never hire people and just do on-the-job training for any role except for QA. Look at some of the job descriptions on job sites like Gamasutra. Ignore the ‘3-5 years of experience’ and '1+ shipped titles’ for now. Try to figure out what they mean and what it would take for you to be able to say “Yes, I can do that” to all of the skill-based requirements and most of the qualities under “the ideal candidate will have…" 

I always wanted to get into game development, but I don’t know where to start!

Start at the beginning. Download a toolset from the list in the first part of AAGD’s Game Career FAQ and learn to use it. Make a game, a mod, something different. Playtest it, then improve it. Not only will you be learning valuable skills, but you’ll actually be doing game development and learning the sort of things that we have to do on a smaller scale. When we hire, look for experience as well as education. Hobbyist experience is far better than none, especially if we can actually play through it to see what sort of design/development decisions you made.

Should I learn Unity or Game Maker or C++ or Javascript or RPG Maker or Construct or what?

AAGD’s quick and easy algorithm to decide what you should use to build your game idea if you’re just starting out:

  • Do I know how to program? Do words like "object oriented” and “virtual function” have specific meaning to me? Unity, Unreal
  • Do I have some coding knowledge already? - Dragon Age Toolset, Skyrim Creation Kit, Source SDK
  • Am I starting on game development with no background whatsoever? Gamemaker, RPG Maker, Construct
  • I want to make an MMO! Stop. Make something simpler.

Work on the platform level that best suits your experience level, and learn all you can. Once you start feeling mastery of that platform, move up one level and learn something new. By the time you reach some level of mastery in the Unity/Unreal level, you’ll have the necessary skills to get an entry level job offer.

But I want to make the most awesome <whatever> game NOW!

Patience. You must learn to stand before you can walk. You don’t need to make your magnum opus game-to-end-all-games as your very first game. Just concentrate on making a game, not making the best game ever. Learn while you build, and improve yourself. Then do it again and again until it becomes easier. The vast majority of hobbyist projects fail because they scope too big and never get things done. 

I don’t know what I want to be, but I know I want to make games! How do I find out what I want to do?

First, learn what the roles actually do. If you aren’t sure what the roles each do, I suggest reading AAGD’s Game Career FAQ, Part I. 

Then imagine yourself doing the thing the role does for years and years and years (art, design, programming, or production). Imagine doing that same sort of task day in and day out, 40-80 hours a week, 50 weeks out of the year. Every year. For ten or twenty years. This is going to be your career, after all.

Does that sound appealing? Do you want to do it? Then that’s what you should do.

Further Reading:

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Ah another semester down. Sad to see all the faces go… Dissipating as if they never were. Making friends in NYC can be quite a challenging thing. It’s easy to make acquaintances, sure, but “friends” are a bit more complex.

After Vegas death I’ve been leaving myself a bit more open and receptive to new relationships. It’s strange though. At this age, most people have already established networks, boyfriends and girlfriends and other factors that bar any new entrances. I guess we took our friendship for granted. As in granted that we’ll always just be across the street from each other.

I was looking at old messages, reminiscing on his demeanor. He might’ve been the only other person who got very close. I felt like he was generally interested in me; maybe the first person who wanted to hear my thoughts, and such. Out of the five of us, he actually checked up on my art - and I still have that sketchbook he gave me to use.

So many years, so many ups and downs, maybe more downs than up; we didn’t always get along for most of his life, and now restarting from scratch.

This girl and I ran into each other again. She’s really sweet, but it was such a quick encounter that I didn’t think fast enough to say “hey! We should keep in touch.”

Grinding my teeth all the way home.

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yall see this respectability political fuckery?

someone on my feed shared this shit…the false equivalency of it all is fuckin ridiculous. i thought we already established that it doesn’t matter what clothes we wear or how we wear them, we’ll still end up shot by these cops. we’ll still be called niggers by the fucks flying that shitrag of a flag.

it’s too fuckin early to be this damn angry.

Ramble: Peridot

Arrives a month and a half late with a quick babble about the green alien, space Dorito. Why? Well, I’m hoping we might catch another glimpse of her in Marble Madness/tomorrow’s episode. But if not AH WELL.

Be warned, spoilers for Warp Tour and subsequent episodes follow. As well as simple speculation on my part/ this could all turn out to be crap ahah. 

But, I just wanted to post an observation. One I’m sure everyone else has already noticed concerning Peridot and her first and currently only scene.

Here she is. I thought her entry/ the build up was great by the way. You’re both excited and kinda terrified to see her. Excited because shes a new Gem, and terrified because at this point, it’s established pretty firmly that the Crystal Gems are not exactly friendly to ‘outsiders’ (and potentially vice versa as well).

BUT the something I’ve been wondering on in particular, is the little bit we see after Peridot notices and grabs the crying waffle (laughs) sticker:

We see a mix of concern, awareness and right at the very end….fear. 

I’m probably reading waay too much into it of course. But I find it very curious.

Shortly after being introduced, Peridot easily and without hesitation, crushes and destroys one of her damaged robonoids. You can read a lot from this, but the intent personally to me, seems to be to illustrate that, if you’re not deemed useful any longer, you are no longer required to exist. Or alternatively, you don’t matter anymore, and it’s easier to destroy you outright than fix you. 

In short, there’s little to no compassion in what Peridot does. And this seems to be an issue with ALL gems, homeworld and crystal alike. (Though this is a subject for another ramble…) 

Anyway, to my point. I find it interesting Peridot’s course of action after discovering something 'unforseen’ could be present in her mission.

Maintenance of the earth hub, but also…reactivate the Kindergarten.

The Kindergarten is established as being a place that makes Gems. At the very least, it would be probably be considered a highly valuable asset to Homeworld. 

But, rather than press on and complete her objective, reactivate this valuable asset. Peridot, upon seeing this strange sticker. Turns around and retreats.  

Why. Why would she do this?

Simplest answer: She’s alone, and doesn’t know what she’s potentially dealing with. She’d rather retreat unharmed and preserve herself. A smart choice.

This seems to show a couple of important facts about Homeworld Gems. (again, I’m probably reading way too hard but) 

What I gathered from this: 

Peridot and by extension Homeworld, do not have much knowledge of earth, and therefore humans. They do not know if they are a threat. Peridot appeared on her own (seemingly assuming there is nothing dangerous on earth) which, from a purely strategic standpoint isn’t “bad”: If something went wrong, she’d probably be the only casualty/ Homeworld loses one and not a lot of gems. 

But additionally Peridot found a completely harmless item, and it caused her to flee. If she had known it was harmless, if she had known that Gems can be considered physically superior to human beings, she probably would’ve continued onward without hesitation. But, she didn’t, again, she chose to preserve herself (and also take back information to benefit Homeworld).

Pausing briefly to pick at this; Again, Peridot was shown to dispatch one of her own robonoids, no questions asked, when seeing it damaged. She didn’t even consider fixing it. It makes me wonder, if this is the attitude of Homeworld towards damaged machines, what would their stance towards damaged/ injured gems be?

And what, would you say can be found in relative abundance on earth? 

“All those monsters we fight used to be just like us! Right, Pearl?”
“Yes. But they’ve become corrupted and broken. We have to take care of them, subdue them, contain them… It’s the best we can do for them, for now." 

-Amethyst & Pearl, Ocean Gem.

(Source of a potentially conflict?? WHO KNOWS)

Overall though, to me Peridot’s behavior shows that Homeworld exists for the preservation of gems (albeit with some underlying brutality)…and based on lines in a couple of episodes (Ocean Gem and On the Run in particular) ONLY the preservation of Gems. 

Compare to the Crystal Gems. They chose the earth, as stated by Pearl (again, On the Run along with other episodes) to protect and preserve the earth. Whether they are totally against their own kind isn’t exactly clear though, because they aren’t actively trying to attack Homeworld, only avoid it. Though that doesn’t mean they’re innocent. (Jumping to attacking and destroying things on a number of occasions, and trying to force Lapis to stay on Earth/prevent her leaving) 

So here we have a major conflict of interests…and you can’t really call either 'evil’. The way in which BOTH sides undertake their goals however, you could call bad, or at the very least, morally ambiguous. Which is something Rebecca Sugar is WELL KNOWN for writing into her characters and work. 

And it’s so, so GOOD. 

Aand wow I lost track a bit in this ramble aha whoops. But yeah, analyzing the fine details, and the fact there IS fine detail to analyse. Such a good show/ rewatchability is amazing.

But yeah, in short, I WANT TO SEE MORE OF PERIDOT/ I need to see her interacting with Steven and the Crystal Gems. I have a feeling her reaction to seeing them would be surprising… (or predictable perhaps…WE JUST DON’T KNOW)

Please let me know any thoughts of your own! I’d love to hear them : )

I am angry

I developed feelings for someone who was my best friend, & I didn’t even plan on it. I’m still struggling with my sexual identity & everything, but with her I wasn’t ashamed to fall for her. I’m in a committed relationship, but for some reason I thought she had feelings for me, too.

We did everything together. She comforted me when I was sad, when the world was crumbling down, when I felt weak. She said I kept her head on straight, & I believed it. I still care for her so fucking much & I miss her more & more each day. I finally told her I had feelings but I did it in the worst way possible…she admitted to having feelings for me, too but didn’t want to be the third wheel in a relationship that was already established. during the time she said she needed & I gave her, she got a girlfriend…
It hurts like hell & I feel my heart shattering, but if she’s happy then I’m happy. I’m just sad I fucked everything up. She thinks she was just a sexual conquest but she wasn’t, if I could, I would wife that girl & try my damned hardest to make her happy…I had her as my best friend & I messed that up…

We stopped talking & I tried messaging her, told her she hurt me, she said the same thing. I pray those are the last words I hear from her, but if they are, I’ll remember them as long as I live, & carry her with me until the day I die. She’s still so special to me, even if she hates me.

To all those Anons who wanted Established Relationship

We don’t really have any new favorite Established Relationship fics other than what’s already in our Themed Rec tag, but there are these lesser-known fics!

Also check out our Established Relationship, Domestic Fluff, and Kid Fic tags!

it’s not how big, it’s how mean by wiski

(7,156 I Explicit I Complete I For all your Established Relationship PWP needs.)

“So… Is this an actual neck thing or just your oral fixation?” He asks while idly running a hand up and down the relaxed curve of Stiles’s spine. “I thought I was the werewolf in this relationship.”

Fingertips, Like Memories by secondstar

(7,243 I Teen I Complete I Warning: Panic Attacks Curses)

Stiles wakes up to an empty bed. It isn’t until he gets to school that he realizes something is wrong. Derek is missing, and no one seems remember him except for Stiles.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back, and One Giant Leap for the Things We’ve Shared by Sheepnamedpig

(11,535 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles and Derek have sex. It’s awful, but things get better. And better and better and better.

Stilinski-Hale Pack Series by Daydreamingworldsunknown

(total of 11,705 I Teen I WIP)

Without looking Stiles said, “Yes, you really do. Since when did I become the responsible one? I should tell my Dad. He would be so proud of me.” He laughed a little and finally turned toward Derek with an accusatory finger. “You are so overindulgent. First, with Isaac and now Liam. I swear he could literally get away with murder.”

“Not murder.”

“Not murder? That’s what you got from that?”

Or, 5 times someone assumes Stiles and Derek are parents, plus one time they realize that they are.

Acacia Honeymoon Hotel by blue_fjords

(12,141 I Mature I Complete I Secret Relationship)

After dancing around the attraction for years, Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall have finally gotten together. Same goes for Derek and Stiles. Everything is aces. Except the Sheriff and Melissa haven’t told their sons about their relationship, and Stiles hasn’t told his father about Derek. Everything comes to a head during one crazy weekend at the Acacia Honeymoon Hotel. 

Love Is Paranoid by minusgirl

(12,398 I Not Rated (Angsty says: Teen) I Complete I Wedding, Multiple Outsider POVs. Also, this fic is locked for anyone not logged onto an Ao3 account.)

Danny is curious…

Who is the girl that is responsible for the hickeys on Stiles’ neck?

I don’t like the way she’s looking at you (I’m starting to think you want her too) by May_belle

(13,698 I Mature I Complete I Mates, Reverse Fake/Pretend Relationship)

“It has to look like you and Derek haven’t fucked on every flat surface of this house this week alone so that Tessa sees Derek as a strong, totally available alpha that she can possibly make several babies with one day.”

Or the one where Stiles and Derek pretend they aren’t completely in love with each other for the sake of a possible pack alliance.

Burns Don’t Heal Like Before by Fanhag102

(17,795 I Mature I Complete)

“I fucked him.”

She says, low and clear, a proud smile stretched across her bubblegum lips. She leans into Stiles’ space, dropping her voice as her breath ghosts over his skin.

“I fucked your pretty, little werewolf boyfriend—and then Iburned. His family. Alive.”

AU where Kate didn’t die at Season 1.

Stiles and Derek Have a Baby by KaliopeShipsIt

(52,238 I Mature I Complete I Part Eight of this verse I Mpreg)

As the title says, Stiles and Derek have a baby, made possible by Derek’s magical Alpha-Uterus and my belief that it doesn’t always have to be Stiles who gets pregnant, gorgeous though these stories are ;-).

Join them on their journey as they: battle the evils of “Never Stops and I Want to Die”-Sickness (Derek’s words), struggle with suddenly too tight skinny jeans and form-fitting Henleys, overcome unexpected protective urges and Nutella-cravings, experience the joy of the baby’s first movements, argue about names and Twilight (repeatedly), and finally welcome the “cutest, most beautiful baby in the universe” (Stiles’ words) to the Alliteration-Verse.

Enjoy/Love and Internet Hugs,

Fluffy and Angsty

Breaking Down The Wall with the Archon of Darkness


Wolfie: Hello Dominic and thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for Breakingdownthetwcwall.

Dominic: Thanks for having me.

 Wolfie: As you know this was a project that has in fact been put in place to tear down a wall that might exist, keeping newer Tumblr writers separated from veteran writers.  The project has somewhat transitioned into a blog to highlight writers within the TWC and not so much just writers we thought originally might have had a more intimidating persona but writers that have already established themselves on Tumblr.

 Dominic, you have been here for a little while and have made some great friends and established a fairly large following.

Can you take us back to your beginning here on Tumblr and how you managed to get past that illusion of a wall?

Dominic: At the end of May it will have been two years that I’ve been on Tumblr. It was my frustration in the music business that originally led me to come on Tumblr. I was always looking for singers to work with (I play guitar)  - to write and record songs but it never worked out. I couldn’t find anyone thoroughly committed. So, I decided to write poetry and see what would happen. Prior to joining Tumblr I had never taken poetry seriously as something I’d like to do. In fact, prior to Tumblr I had probably not written more than a dozen or so poems (just for the hell of it) although I had written that many with the intention of turning them into songs.

Once I explored Tumblr and realized that I could probably do this, I was hooked. And I evolved from there like everyone else.

Wolfie: Let me first say congrats on the upcoming blog birthday and I can understand how easy it is to morph into poetry once on Tumblr.

I myself was more of a prose and storyteller but was attracted to the poetic vibe on Tumblr and the fact that there are so many supporters of poetry here is amazing.

Let’s talk about your supporters and inspiration from fellow Tumblr writers…. who do you felt help push you into continuing the challenge of writing poetry on such a regular basis?

Dominic: The first poem I read on Tumblr was a letter addressed to the Devil by a young college girl called Lauren (evilseas) who has long de-activated. Her poems were very dark and along the lines of Nietzsche. She would offer very scathing descriptions of society. She was immensely talented. I immediately said to myself - “This is for me. I wanna write like this.” I called myself the Archon of Darkness and for several weeks I wrote very dark stuff, where I would glorify Hell as the “new“ Heaven, for example. I totally embraced the dark element of life. It unleashed a lot of dark energy; it felt redemptive. I was asserting my personal theopathology and I kept asking myself two important questions: Who am I? and “Where do I fit in? I pretty well had these answers all along from academic studies, especially reading Jung. But I had never formulated those philosophical/psychological issues within the format of poetry. It was all new to me and quite exciting.

About the time Lauren left Tumblr, I started taking note of another writer - Nicole (shamanfox) - who completely turned me upside-down. With the flick of her foxy tail, she more or less said: “Here. Take my hand. I’ll teach you to fly.” From the very beginning she has repeatedly told me that there was always a “light” in my darkness and, slowly under her shamanic tutelage, I exploited that dimension. My writing took a different direction. It was as if I had found a special teacher and my writings emerged from it.  I wrote differently; it was transcendent. And so did my personal attitude change. Prior to this I had been a snotty, cynical person. My academic training had made me forfeit everything I had once been. Nicole made me re-think a lot of things. I went back to reading things I had left behind. In a psychological sense, with her as my guide, I recovered parts of myself that had drifted away. Like the true neo-shaman that she is, she healed my soul. She nurtured it back to health. Not in the medical sense, but in the human sense. My poem “Metanoia” alludes to it. She really has shamanic powers; just submit and find out for yourself. But most people are afraid.

While this was going on I discover Rex Ybanez on Tumblr. At the time he was writing as Mr E or something along the lines that made me think he was a fifty year old person who had amazing talent as a writer. When I found out who he was, I fell off my chair. I could not believe what I read, an unearthed boy-genius.  It was Rex who inspired me to go back and read poetry again. I had not done that in many many years. From him I learned about making poetry a part of one’s life; people exercise, diet, go to church etc … But what about writing poetry? Rex taught me that we should make poetry an integral part of our lives, regardless of whether we are talented at it or not. After all, people play golf, guitar, tennis and so on and it does not matter that we are not pros. The engagement has its own intrinsic values.

Wolfie: Sounds like you tapped into a life of meaning here and as my family/advisers always told me as I was growing “you will find many maestros through life but no greater teacher than yourself"

I don’t think I know or knew Lauren but Rex and Nicole are very dear to me as well and the inspiration or life they bring to others by poetry is a well needed prescription to heel this society we live in.

Let’s now go into the question that founded this project if we dare…

Dominic , do you find any Tumblr writers to be intimidating? and if some would be considered who would they be?

Dominic: I find a lot of writers on Tumblr to be intimidating for a number of reasons. Everyone brings to the table something unique that I wish I had. So on that score I’m easily intimidated.

But since we are on the topic of writing I’ll start off by saying that the most intimidating writer on Tumblr is Zahara (viperslang). She is so sharp, so intellectual, and with the unique personality she could intimidate anyone. You can easily see it in her writings. She creatively manipulates the elements of language in unusual ways. The juxtaposition of words, the metaphors, the depth of thought, the wit etc … all coalesce into a “wow” event. It is so vibrant. Her phrases are paintings with a mood. Her expressions are knock-outs.

Another writer that is intimidating is Rex (r-ybanez) - he is a real pro. He has mastered the techniques of writing poetry, has a complete grasp of its history, comprehends it from a wide lens point of view, and is a super-talent. He would be the type that you could commission to write poetry for any occasion. He’s a Poet Laureate type of guy and I sincerely mean that; Very creative and certainly the hardest worker at it on Tumblr. For him, poetry is life and death - he consumes it; it consumes him. For him, it is a calling; he has a mission in life. He lays down his life for it. Try and see how scary that could be.

If Nicole wasn’t my spirit-sister I would find her very intimidating but I feel more comfortable with her than almost anyone in my life. But … when we collaborated on a poem I soon discovered she’s a Category Five Hurricane. LOL. The speed at which her mind/imagination works was quite a revelation. She is so in tune with her imagination, it is frightening; she digs deep into it and excavates it thoroughly. She is an “awakened-dreamer” and it is the engine of her creativity. I’m absolutely in awe of her. Her mind is the Las Vegas of archetypal/mythical imaginings. If you saw what’s in her mind you’d gasp for air. She is the archetype of the artist.

Another intimidating writer is Eva (labelledamesansdice). She is the most sensual/erotic writer on Tumblr. No one can bring out the erotic element to heightened awareness quite like her. Her forte is her sensuality; she is completely in tune with it and the honesty with which she portrays it in her writings is astounding. The mood, the imagery, and the adventure of erotica are elements in her writings that make it so attractive, so appealing. She gives erotica class. Most times on Tumblr, the erotic element is a bit on the cheap side, where it becomes a gratuitous thrill - we call it sexetry.. With Eva, it becomes high class with a built-in spirituality. She could write a best-seller.

Wolfie: That is a fantastically worded description of four writers and their style … If I wasn’t following them already I would definitely be doing do so after reading your take on them

You make a hell of a salesman and on that note I will ask about a publishing you have out. Can you tell us a little about it and the methods available to obtain it?

Dominic: I didn’t take the idea of publishing a collection of poetry seriously until one day when Nicole (shamanfox) messaged me on Tumblr and she asked me to do so. And she said “Please” - as always she floored me. That was all it took. So I put together 160 poems I had written into chapters clustered around the theme of “cycles” as part of a journey of a broken self-attempting to re-integrate itself. It was Jungian, it was shamanic, and it was “shamanfoxian.”  I had allowed myself to come under her spell. It was as if I was her apprentice being initiated into her world. I knew of that world but I had left it behind for many years and now, under her tutelage, it came roaring back big time. It was a -re-awakening. In any case, the book reflects that journey, that transformation.  For that reason I dedicated the book to her and there is a shout-out to the Tumblr Writing Community on the acknowledgement page.

I had announced the book on Tumblr on two occasions (Feb. 11th & 13th). The book is called “The Cycles of an Inflamed Mysticism.” It is available at Amazon.com and at the bookstore of the publisher: Friesen Press. At Friesen Press it is available as a hard cover, a paperback, or an e-book. One more thing - Friesen Press hires its own artist to draw and design the book cover. They sent me two versions to choose from and I let Nicole pick the cover for me.  There you have it - a little secret into the making of a book.

Wolfie: That is fantastic!  Getting that kind of support is really hard to find and I have already heard a few reviews so I’ll be shopping for my copy soon.

Dominic, I am now going to ask you to leave a few words for our readers, followers and participants and those words can be any you choose to leave from nonsensical to personal advice.

Dominic: First I want to thank all my followers from the bottom of my heart for their undying loyalty. It really is nice to see the constant heart bombs I get from followers who stalk my blog to read and be up to date on what I’ve written, especially when they’ve been off Tumblr for a few days. The Tumblr writing community has really proven itself to be a vibrant and engaging group that gives so much support to each other. I see that happening each day. But there is much more to be done.

I’ve looked at local writing communities outside of Tumblr and compared the two and I draw the conclusion that Tumblr has nothing to fear or be ashamed of. The writers on Tumblr are just as good if not better (in many cases) than the so-called non self-published writers who mainly support each other by physically getting together via open mics and reading sessions. But Tumblr has the ability to go beyond local. The social media set up that is at play on Tumblr is the wave of the future for writers and I’m confident that we can play a major role in revitalizing the literary arts if we put our minds to it. We just need to avoid the temptation of turning Tumblr into another version of Facebook. It is imperative that we place the emphasis on the writing.

And much thanks to you Wolfie for conducting these interviews so we can get to know each other and strengthen an already strong group of like-minded individuals.

Wolfie: Thank you Dominic It was a real pleasure getting the chance to interview you for breakingdownthetwcwall.

I can easily and gladly say that you are a poet everyone should follow and a friend to keep.

All of us here at breakingdownthetwcwall thank our readers, followers, and participants and don’t forget to follow (archonofdarkness) and buy his book here >>> (The Cycles of an Inflamed Mysticism.) or here >>>> The Cycles of an Inflamed Mysticism