EXO Reaction ~ They Think You’re Cheating On Them but The Guy You’ve Been Seen With Is Your Brother.

Request:  Exo reaction Ot12 when they think you are cheating on them because of rumors of you dating with a guy but the guy was your brother :D thanks ILoveUrBlog

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Suho would go completely from being mad at you, to the horrible rumors then at himself for believing in that kind of nonsense knowing you wouldn’t do such thing. He’d apologize to you and your brother repeatedly for any harm caused by any hateful EXO-Ls and would do anything to make it up to you.

Ah Jagiya, I should have knew he was your brother - You look so alike…”  


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Baekhyun had no idea that you had a brother so when saw you being hugged in the sm lobby by a ‘suspicious male’ he ran and told Kyungsoo that he saw you with another guy straight away not wanting him to find out from the media. When Soo found out his heart dropped and had to find out himself by checking the security cameras. 

To say Baek got a ‘small’ beating after Soo saw it was your brother dropping you off was an understatement. 

How was I supposed to know they were siblings?!


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Sehun almost shit himself when he saw all the rumors and pictures this mystery guy was in with your family on your instagram. He took a pile of screenshots and you only laughed at him for a few hours.

“Oh my gosh it’s not funny, y/n. I was generally annoyed… I haven’t even got into one of your family pics yet.”


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Would be literal shocked when he found out that the guy you were rumored to be rumored to be cheating on him with is your brother, making him feel bad for ranting at you.

In my defense you look nothing alike and you were hugging in that picture…


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Tries to make up four hundred and ten excuses under the sun on how that he never doubted you for a second but he was actually really intimidated by your death glare.

This was fate trying to test us, I swear ~ but I never trusted those shady rumors in the first place…


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Kris would look up from his phone and shrug it off as if it wasn’t a big deal, pulling you onto his lap.

As if you would cheat on me, I’m totally your style.


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Once this little shit realized that he got into a complete misunderstanding, he would try to make it up to you with the worst possible aegyo and a bunch of gifts even though you already told him it was all chill.

But jagi I feel bad, have this plushy bear please.. It’ll make me feel a little better


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When Chanyeol found out through the rumors, he was running around your shared apartment punching the air saying how no other man was allowed to touch his girl. After you explained the ‘other man’ was your brother he nearly dropped like a fish.

I knew that, I was practicing my throws for when guys actually started to flirt with you.


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Not at all did you expect the reaction you had got from Yixing, who straight up ranted at you with an actual vocal list on how much better “that guy you’re supposedly cheating on him with” he is. What shocked you the most was when he told you that his penis was cute and what shocked HIM was when you told him that that “guy you aren’t cheating on him with” is your big bro.

Well shit fam… My penis is still Kawaii…


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Okay but you walk home and see Jongin dancing in the kitchen to Sexy Back and he’s running his fingers through his hair looking at you like he wants to bring you to the bedroom.

Jongin Please, if this is about those rumors he’s my brother and I will show u fucking baby pictures.”


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Will bring you to all of your favorite places to make it up to you for accusing you of cheating because of filthy rumors but gets super pissed off when some guy at the hot dog stand in the theme park starts to hit on you; so he knocks him out for six.

Jesus Christ, Baekhyun… I thought we established already that I wasn’t leaving you for anyone.


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Would have a silent hissy fit to himself even though he found out the guy was actually your brother, because in the process he found out he was a Gucci model too and owned more collections than him.

Are you sure he won’t lend me his 2015 Summer Collection Leather Jacket?

~ Admin Bry/Kai

I had too much fun making this omfg.


Ooops, I ficced again


“Keep your eyes closed,” Betty instructed and from the passenger seat of her mother’s Lincoln Continental, Jughead lolled his head to gift her with a sardonic look. The full effect, however, was lost given that half his face was covered by a navy and light pink polka dot scarflett. It smelled faintly of that grapefruit and vanilla perfume she always wore.

“I thought we already established that I hate surprises.”

“It’s a good surprise,” she told him sweetly and the car hit another pot-hole, jostling him. “I’m ninety-nine percent sure you’ll like it.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Then we’ll go back to Pop’s, I’ll get you a burger, chilli fries and a shake, and we’ll never speak of it again.”

They were on a dirt road now. He could hear the tires crunching on rock and gravel despite Børn’s ‘Electric Love’ warbling over the car stereo. Betty, Jughead discovered, was one of those people who liked listening to the same playlist over and over on repeat until she—and everyone else—got sick of it.  He found it annoying and endearing at the same time. Annoying, because he ardently believed there should be a medically-endorsed limit as to how many times a person could stand listen to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ in a single god damn day, but endearing because they were close enough to know these little habits and because it was Betty and frankly she could listen to a Katy Perry album on repeat and Jughead wouldn’t care.

(And, it should be noted, that Jughead despised Katy Perry to blackest depth of his soul. He had no rational reason. He just did).

They hit another few bumps and dips, the last one sounding like it knocked the rear bumper and making Jughead bounce up out of his seat, before they pulled over. He heard Betty unbuckling her seatbelt and then her rustling around beside him, reaching behind his seat for something.

“Don’t move yet and don’t take off the blindfold. I’m just going to set up.”
“How do I know you’re not going to roll us off a ravine?”

“You don’t.”  There was a playful lilt to her voice and he felt a burst of warmth around his mouth as she swept in to kiss him quickly. “But your hands aren’t tied and I’m leaving the door unlocked, so…”

The car door slammed shut and he was left alone as she went out to do whatever she went to do. Set up, she’d said. He’d been joking about the ravine, but a thread of anxiety spooled through him anyway.  It was always this irrational thought, popping up when it wasn’t needed, that maybe this was all some elaborate scheme that everyone was in on. After the disaster that was his birthday party and the way he’d went off on her in Archie’s garage, the fact that she still wanted to be with him, wanted to share her scars and her truths, still felt a bit too good to be true.

He was just starting to get antsy, sitting in the car like an idiot and wondering if he should pull off the blindfold and risk Betty’s disappointment when the passenger door opened and he nearly tumbled out. Betty caught him, though, her arms around him as she steadied him back in his seat. He instantly warmed at her touch, taken in by the citrus-sweet of her.  

“All right, birthday boy,” she chuckled. “Let’s take two on this.”

Jughead pulled the scarf down around his neck and stepped out of the car to look around. They were in the middle of a gravel field, facing what was left of the giant, aluminum projector stand. The moon was out and it was full and in the opposite corner of his periphery, Jughead could make out the sodium lights on the ANDREWS CONSTRUCTION trailer.

“You brought me to the Drive-In?”

Even in the dim, blue-black glow of the evening, it was apparent that the apples of Betty’s cheeks were popping with pink from her smile. She took a hold of his wrist.

“Yep! But that’s not the best part.”

She skipped him around to the back of the vehicle. As they passed the rear window, he could see the backseat was made up with blankets and pillows and her laptop. She led him further and popped open the trunk of the car where she excitedly presented him with a large take-out bag from Pop’s, a bag of store-bought popcorn and a small cooler full of sodas.  

“Mr. Andrews says they’re finishing up with demolition tomorrow. I figure since I missed the last drive-in and nothing is playing at the Bijou, we can hold an impromptu movie night here.

Jughead felt something pleasant blow up in his chest, his heart at the helm of its own ticker-tape parade. He smiled at his girlfriend and threw an affectionate arm around her shoulders, dropping a kiss on top of her forehead. “And to think I thought you were going to roll us.”

“I still might,” she joked. “Do you like it?”

“I love it.”

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LINE | (One-sided MiSawa)x2

Fandom: Diamond no Ace
Characters: Miyuki Kazuya, Mima Soichiro, Sawamura Eijun
Pairings: one-sided MiyukixSawamura, one-sided MimaxSawamura, SawamuraxBaseball
Note: I’m delusional. I thought we already established that?
Warning: Spoiler for Act 2, chapter 75. Meant for comedic purposes. Do not take seriously.

“… Eh? LINE?”

Mima’s glare seems to all but intensify. Ahhhh, what a troublesome guy. Kazuya hates dealing with guys like these the most.

The catcher rubs the back of his neck. “Well… I use a flip phone. I don’t have a LINE account.”

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Hi! Can I please imagine? Salvatore brothers have a younger sister. Sister who feels something to the original vampire - Kol. Damon prohibits Kol closer to his sister.

Request – Kol Mikaelson & Damon Salvatore “Brother knows best”

“Just keep away from my sister. Is that clear?” Damon tried to act all self secured, making himself big while he stood almost nose to nose with the Original Vampire who you were currently calling your boyfriend. Something Damon clearly did not agree with. Older brothers were so annoying…

Kol just smirked, not flinching a bit all the time Damon tried to intimidate him. Tried being the key word here. Kol wasn’t easily intimidated, you had already noticed that and Damon was hardly a threat to him.
“Objection noted, darling…”, he smiled down at the other vampire.
“I just don’t care much for what you think or say. Do you want me to prove that to you another time? I thought one round with the baseball bat taught you very clearly who the better one out of the two of us is.”

Damon shrugged and you had to give it to him that he didn’t even step back after that threat. A threat he knew Kol could come true on. You had heard his stories.
“And show my sister what an asshole you really are? Classy, Kol…” He rolled his eyes before glancing at you.

Oh no… you weren’t going to give in. You liked Kol. You liked him a bit more than just that, or so you thought and you weren’t going to let your brothers ruin that for you. You were about their age, the whole old fashioned older brother protection thing had to be over one day. It was the twenty first century, after all. At least Stefan wasn’t here, even when you knew he agreed with Damon on all fronts. He just was a bit more subtle in letting you know.
“Don’t play it like that, Damon…” You crossed your arms. “I know you have done the whole older brother act more often than I can count, but not this time. I like him. You’re not going to ruin that for me.”

“I thought you had better taste, little sis.” Damon stepped away from Kol, coming for you this time.
“After all he and his family has done to us, you still pick his side? I had expected better from you.”

You already wanted to react, but you didn’t get the chance. Kol strode towards Damon, grabbing him by his neck and throwing him into a wall.
“You do not get to talk to your sister like that, Salvatore. She deserves more respect than that. I see why she’s coming to me to get that, because you and your brother are hardly the ones to give it to her.” He walked over to Damon, preventing him to come to you again.

“You’re going to need violence to show him how good of a boyfriend you are?”, Damon taunted Kol. “Typically Mikaelson behaviour. You all claim to be so good, but in the mean time…” He squeaked, having trouble breathing because of Kol’s grip on his throat.

Kol just smirked at first.
“I’m not the noble one, Damon. You confuse me with my brother. I thought we already established I can be quite vicious if you thwart me, which is exactly what you are doing now.” He looked over his shoulder to you and you gestured to him to let Damon go.

You hated how your brother was behaving around you, but he had learned his lesson by now, or so you hoped.
“I’m sorry Damon. I’ve made up my mind and you’re not the one who can decide for me. Not anymore. I’m not that little girl anymore…”

Damon panted, looking at you while he didn’t lose Kol completely out of his sight. He saw he wasn’t going to win this fight, so he walked in the direction of the door, only to halt in the door opening, turning around to face Kol one last time.
“If I ever hear you’re not treating her right, I’ll come for you, Original or not. You don’t scare me.”

AN: Happy new year! Please be safe and happy in your celebrations! My gift to you; part two to “Days of Future Past”! Enjoy! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Young!Charles X Reader

Part One: ( XXX )

*Don’t compare this to the actual movie scene when Logan meets young Charles, it’s been forever since I’ve seen it so the details are probably off.


“Days of Future Past” ( Part Two )

“Charles… it is you, isn’t it?”

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Workout Part 2 | Cody Christian

Word Count: 975

Pairing: Cody x Reader

Prompt: So, I had been planning on doing a part two to this imagine but I didn’t know how to go about writing it since I refuse to write smut. BUT, I had a little chat with my favorite Teen Wolf writer, and she came up with a great idea on what should happen in this one. In this part, the reader and Cody have already done the deed but now they have to come to the conclusion on whether they like one another. Everyone, please give a round of applause to the Miss @amylillian22! All of the credit goes to her on this one!


Never did I think I would find myself in Cody’s bed. Naked. A comforter covering me. His thick arms encasing my waist underneath the blanket. Never did I think it would happen.

He didn’t give me time to enter his apartment door. His hands were grabbing mine and then thrusting them to rest against the wall above my head. His lips found mine in a millisecond and we were making out like mad animals. The rest was a blur afterwards.

I woke up hours later by the sun beaming through the slightly opened curtains of Cody’s bedroom window. Below our floor, you could hear the loud honks of cars and other living things nature provided in the mornings. Next to me, Cody was sound asleep and I smiled at the fact that he had me in his arms.

Reality hit me then and the smile was gone in an instant. This had to be a joke.

I took a peek at Cody’s sleeping face before attempting to make my movements subtle of moving out of his hold. Successfully, I got out but checked once again to see if he was he had noticed. He didn’t.

Like a pirate looking for treasure, I silently scattered around the room to gather my balled up clothing. Once all pieces were found, I slipped them on. It was when I stuck my first leg into the pants hole when I heard Cody’s voice, halting my actions.

“What’re you doing?” he asked in this gruff morning voice that made my stomach do backflips.

“Um, leaving?” I answered like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “I have some schoolwork I need to work on so… I have to go.”

“So soon?”

“Yeah, but I’ll see you later.”

“Will you Y/N?” His tone went from innocent to accusing in a second and now I didn’t know what to say. “Will you see me later or are you just going to ignore me?”

I went back to putting on my pants, ignoring his stare. “What’re you talking about Cody?”

“Oh nothing. Just talking about the fact that you won’t see me after today.”

“I will. That’s a promise.” A quick glance at him and I could see that his stare was a glare towards me. “Don’t look at me like that.”

“I can’t help it. I mean, the girl I’m best friends with has sex with me last night and the first thing she does in the morning is put on her clothes and leave without telling me. How else am I supposed to look at you?”

I scoffed. “Not like I’m the bad guy here! Cody, from what you’ve told me before, you don’t do well in relationships. Not after your last one! What? You want ME to have sex with you one time and move on like it’s okay?

"No, that’s not what I’m saying.” He stood up and the blanket dropped to floor, revealing him in all his glory.

“Jesus Christ, put on some clothes if you’re going to argue with me!” I covered my eyes.

“Oh, don’t act like you haven’t seen me naked before.” No shuffling which meant that he made no move to get dressed. “Y/N, look at me.”

“No. Not until your clothed.”

He huffed loudly and walked away from me. Moment S later, he was saying, “Okay, open.”

I peeled my hands away from my eyes to see that he resulted in wearing his gym shorts from yesterday. “Good.”

“What’re you talking about, huh? What makes you think that this is a one time thing?” he asked in an exasperated voice.

I shrugged. “I don’t… I don’t know.” I lied, glancing down at my hands. As a nervous habit, I began to rub them.

“Yes you do. Can you look at me? Please?”

I did and I immediately regretted it. He had this sort of sadness in his eyes. One that made me want to grab his face and kiss his worries away. Worries of me leaving him and never seeing him again.

“If you think that I only did this for a one time thing, you’re wrong. I really like you, Y/N.”

“You do?” I took a step closer to him.

“Yes, I do.” He took one step closer to me. “Look, I know I said that I don’t do well in relationships but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying and have one night stands. If anything, I’d just avoid girls all together but not become gay.”

I laughed. “Don’t go gay.”

“I won’t.” He gazed down at me with a goofy smile. “But you see what I’m saying.”

“Yes, I do.” I grabbed his hands, intertwining our fingers. “I’m sorry for trying to leave.”

“It’s okay. I’d probably do the same thing if I were a girl and a guy gives her mixed signals.”

“Are you trying to tell me that you like me? Low key though?”

“Maybe.” His eyes skidded off to the side in a playful manner of avoiding eye contact. “But I thought we already established that with my heartfelt speech?”

“We did but I just wanted to hear you say it.” I smirked, wrapping my arms around his neck.

His hands moved to my waist and pulled me closer to him. “Fine, I like you Y/N. I like you a lot.”

“Mmm, that’s nice to hear.” I stood on my toes to peck his lips. “I like you too.”

“Good. It would’ve been awkward if you didn’t because I wouldn’t get to do this.”

Next thing I know is that he picked me up by my waist. I wrapped my legs around his torso while he spun me around before lying me down on his bed. In seconds, we were ripping each other’s clothes off and repeating last nights events.


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Imagine...Getting trapped in a storm with Dean

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Pairing: Dean x reader

“Nice going Winchester,” you said as Dean slammed the door shut behind him. 

“Just shut it, Y/N,” he said, squinting his eyes at you. You turned around and rolled yours, looking around the small abandoned cabin. It was one room, a tiny kitchen tucked away in one corner, a table with two chairs in another, a dusty cot up against a wall, and a couch and fireplace rounded out the space. The windows shook as a torrential rain hit against them, thunder crashing every few seconds and lightening offering you your only way to see.

“Make yourself useful and light a fire jackass,” you said, watching your breath appear in front of you. 

“Anything for you princess,” said Dean, bowing before you. He moved over to the fireplace as you spotted a lantern. This was exactly why you worked alone. Hunters were either cocky or crazy. Dean Winchester happened to be both.

You grabbed a lighter from your jacket pocket and lit the lamp. It didn’t give off much light but it was better than nothing. Holding the lantern up, you tried to get a better look around. As you spotted a pair of musty looking blankets you heard Dean holler in excitement.

“And we have got fire,” he said, standing upright, proud of himself. You tossed him one of the blankets.

“Congratulations, let’s hope it’s enough to keep us warm,” you said as you wrapped the other blanket around yourself. 

“Find anything useful?” he asked, pulling his blanket around himself. You couldn’t help stare at him. “What?”

“Sorry,” you said. “I just figured you’d try to be the tough guy and say you weren’t cold.” Dean smiled.

“Here I thought you’d rather let me die of hypothermia than offer me any kind of warmth. You’ve got quite the reputation Y/N,” said Dean with a nod of his head.

“As do you Dean,” you said. After finding nothing of interest, you sat on the couch besides him. It was still cold and you could feel Dean shaking a little besides you. Looking at him, you saw another smile.

“You’ve never called me Dean before. You aren’t starting to like me, Y/N, are you?” he said, scooting up next to you. 

“Never,” you said, fisting the blanket in your hands. “Here,” you said, un wrapping the blanket from yourself and throwing it on top of both you. You expected him to make a cheesy comment but nothing came.

“Thanks,” he said, using his blanket as well to keep the both of you warm. With your combined body heat, Dean soon stopped shaking, even though his skin was cool. You wrapped your small hands around his larger ones, avoiding his gaze. The chill ran out of them as your heat started to help him.

“You could be a doctor with hands that cold,” you said, trying to fill the silence. Dean nodded but pulled his hands away.

“They’re better now. You don’t have to keep holding them,” he said, moving to tuck them under his arms. Outside the storm continued to worsen and the both of you quickly realized you would be spending the night there.

“Are you hungry?” Dean said after a while. 

“There’s no food,” you said. You hadn’t realized that the two of you were leaning onto one another, the heat from his face warming the top of your head. You felt him shift under the blankets and pull out a granola bar.

“Here,” he said handing it to you. “I hate these things anyway.” You took it and broke it into two, handing him back a piece. Dean eyed it skeptically.

“I thought we already established you weren’t a tough guy. Take it,” you said, a little force to your voice. Dean did as asked, quickly eating. After your impromptu dinner, you could feel Dean tense up.

“Are you okay?” you asked him, obviously catching him off guard. He remained rigid.

“I know what most hunters think of me and brother,” he said. “That we’re trouble.”

“Yeah, well I know all about what other hunters think of me,” you said, feeling tense yourself.

“You’re a good hunter, Y/N. And you were able to find this place when we were out in the middle of nowhere. I’d be a popsicle without you,” he said, bringing the smallest of smiles to your lips.

“You gave me your food. I know you didn’t eat today. You could have had it all for yourself,” you said. Dean relaxed against you.

“I’m not my reputation. You’re not either,” he said. “Want to start over with a clean slate?” You laughed and nodded. 

“Sure,” you said, watching the flames in front of you. 

“Do you want to go grab a beer and some food when we get out of here?” he asked. 

“On one condition,” you said. Dean waited eagerly to see what it was. “No sex on the first date.” It was Dean’s turn to laugh.

“I wasn’t planning on it. You realize you’re implying there would be a second right?” he said. You turned to face him.

“Would there not be a second?” you said, smirking up at him. He couldn’t help but grin.

“I think I’d like to take you on quite a few dates, Y/N. If you’d let me that is,” he said. You patted his thigh, making him jump a little.

“I’d let you as long as you agree to one more condition,” you said. Dean’s hand was wrapped around your shoulder and he pulled you closer.

“And that is?” he asked, stroking your arm.

“This counts as the first date,” you said. Dean raised his eyebrows and smiled. 

“I can agree to those terms as long as you agree to mine,” he said. You nodded for him to continue. “We do this the right way, don’t rush things.”

“Agreed,” you said. “I’d like that a lot.”

“I have another one.” You waited as you heard Dean say what you expected. “You join me and Sam. Hunting partners. You need someone to watch your back.”

“I’d like that too,” you said. “I’be been solo too long. In more than one aspect of my life.”

“I don’t think you have to worry about that anymore,” said Dean, pulling you in close, keeping you warm on a very cold night.

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WHATS ON YR STOMACH i hav to kno

Tord: “I thought that we had already established we do not choose where things are placed! And it’s not as if I asked to have a mouth there!”

Tom: “’S still funny to hear you freak out when we talk about it, though.” 

{ unstable m!a: 7/10 (briefly extended!) }

Prom with Lucky Part 3

part 1

part 2

Background: After a chance encounter with Lucky, he takes you to prom at the beach.  But when he gets distracted with his friends, you get fed up and walk to the shoreline.

I almost felt bad for leaving Lucky behind.  Almost.

But the feeling of the ocean water rushing up to meet my waiting feet was a feeling I’d been longing for for too long, and I couldn’t refuse the call of the ocean.

My feet had run out of dry sand to walk on, and I stopped, the damp sand and rushing tide just a few more paces away.  I could feel the anticipation building within me, and I closed my eyes, taking in the sea breeze as the moonlight danced its dance upon my face, the same one it so gracefully did on the water.  Lucky’s footsteps were quick across the sand and I felt him stop beside me, though I didn’t open my eyes to check.

“Why’d you leave me?”

His breathing sounded a little labored from all his running to catch up, and I felt his stare behind closed eyes.  Instead of answering his question I countered with another, “Isn’t it beautiful?” Immediately, I cringed.  “And that wasn’t an invitation to say something cheesy.” I peeked a look at Lucky and he was even more beautiful in the moonlight than he had been under the glow of warm fire, if that was even possible.  He seemed more in his element by the water.  Perhaps it was his icy blue eyes, or his long lanky build, or maybe it was his bleached hair, but he looked like he’d swam up to shore from some underwater castle.  The Prince of the Sea.  He was already looking at me when I’d glanced at him, just as I’d suspected, with a smile that looked like he was confused, entertained, yet utterly captivated.

“Don’t most girls like to hear that?”

“I thought we already established I’m not like most girls.  I’m rather offended.” My hand raised to my chest with a mock hurt expression, and he rolled his eyes playfully.

“You’re right… You are beautiful though.”  

My nose crinkled at his serious tone, and, not used to accepting compliments, a blush colored my cheeks.  I only hoped he wouldn’t notice under the cool light of the moon.  I tried to lighten the mood, anything to take some of the attention off me.

“Sure, I bet you say that to all your model friends, yeah?”  I didn’t know why but I suddenly felt so embarrassed.  I’d been wanting to be alone with Lucky, but it was as if as soon as I got alone with him I lost all nerve and became this fumbling version of myself.  And I was already clumsy so this version was just plain hazardous.  

“No,” his mouth went up in a half-smile.  “Haven’t said that in a while actually.”

“Oh really?  Who’s the last girl you said that to?”

“My mom.” He shrugged his shoulders and let out a laugh.  Instead of meeting my eyes he looked out to the water, and from this angle I saw…could it be?  A blush?

“Lucky, are you blushing?”

“What?  No!”  His eyebrows scrunched up in the most adorable sign of protest, but I laughed as I saw him blush deeper.  His pale skin wasn’t doing him any favors tonight.

“Okay, sure I’ll let it slide.”

Clearly embarrassed, he ran his hands down his face with a groan.  “What are you doing to me Y/N.”

“I couldn’t tell you.”  I felt power from his statement and I gave a sly smirk, nodding my head down the beach. If I made Lucky nervous I must be doing something right.  “Come on.” I started walking along the shoreline, feeling quite proud in myself that I’d left him dumbfounded twice in one night, but I didn’t get very far until he wrapped my hand up in his. Immediately my heart started racing twice as fast at the contact, his large hands making mine feel like a doll’s, his grip warm and firm against the cool ocean breeze.

“I’m not losing you again.”

I dared to look up at him, but he was casually looking out towards the water as we strolled along, as if this was completely normal and we were just an average couple who took walks on the beach, all the time, hand in hand.  My heart warmed at the thought, maybe we could be that one day.  That’s what we probably looked like to onlookers anyhow, though right now I couldn’t see anyone else close by.  

We walked in comfortable silence, but I soon let out a little cry of delight, my body dropping down to a crouch, not even caring that the bottom of my dress was now not only sandy, but wet too.  His hand squeezed mine when he asked,

“What is it?”  

“It’s a sand dollar!” With one hand I scooped up the fragile thing, and brushed aside the grainy sand before the tide could carry it out again.  “It’s good luck to find one of these you know.”

“Really?”  He tugged me closer, so close I had to strain my neck to look up, our hips almost touching for the second time that night. His smirk turned a little mischievous and if I didn’t know better I’d say there was a glow behind his eyes. The tension began to build, his free hand gently wrapping around the back of my neck, and my breathing started to shallow as I saw a movement so small, but so so telling.  His head leant down slowly, but stopped about halfway, feeling me out and wondering if I’d close the gap by raising on my tiptoes.  His hand was in the position to gently pull me there, but he was waiting for the okay.  When I was paralyzed, frozen, the tension unbearable, even the loud crashing of the waves was deafened by the blood pumping in my ears.  His lips were parted and I saw him jut his head down the smallest amount, before retracting it, his instinctual want overcoming his manners for a just a moment.  But for some reason I panicked.  

“Want to go for a night swim?” I blurted out.  

The spell was broken, and the tension was quickly disappearing, getting swept away in the chilling wind.

“W-what?” Lucky was practically speechless, struck off guard by my random suggestion.

“Can you swim.” I clarified.

“Uh, yeah.  Why-”

I disentangled myself from his grasp and just said “Turn around.”


“You already said that.” I had a smile that was starting to become a smirk as I unzipped my dress. He stood wide-eyed before I repeated myself and he quickly spun around.

With Lucky’s back to me, I stripped to my underwear and slowly waded into the water that felt warm compared to the cool air nipping at our skin.  

“You okay?!” He called out cautiously.  I could tell he was starting to get nervous, and he wanted to turn around, but Lucky was truly a gentleman, a flustered gentleman at that.  Once I got to a safe distance, past the crash of the waves, I yelled back, “You’re clear!”

He quickly turned around, his gaze rising from my discarded dress at his feet to this strange girl swimming in the moonlit ocean.  “You really went in!”  

“Well I wasn’t lying! The water’s gorgeous!”

Lucky laughed nervously, and started to take off his shoes.  “I seriously can’t believe I’m doing this.”  When he got to his pants, his hands hovering over the zipper, he stopped.

“Aren’t you going to turn around?”  

Even from this distance I could see the cheeky look on his face, and my cheeks felt hot as I did as I was told.  Just imagining Lucky loosening his tie and unbuttoning his dress shirt with ease made me nervous and for a brief moment I wondered if he’d take everything off.  


I wasn’t prepared for this.

But then again, when had I ever thought something through with Lucky.

When I heard him dive under the crashing wave, I turned and waited only several seconds before his head popped up a couple feet away.

“Hi,” he said, a silly boyish smile lighting up his face.  He swam closer to me, but I pulled back a bit, not sure how naked he actually was at this point.  Sensing my worry, he said, “I kept my boxers on.”

“I wasn’t worried about that,” I lied.  

“Okay, I’ll let that one slide,” he said, mimicking my response earlier.  All I could do was roll my eyes, and hope he didn’t notice my blush, but of course, he did.  Suddenly, he was in front of me, a hand brushing gently across my cheek as the other one kept him afloat.

“You’re cute when you blush,” he said.  His voice was quiet, and soft, a gentle lull like the receding tide.

I leaned into it, not sure if I was trying to hide my face or trying to get closer, or maybe it was both.

When I looked up at him, his eyes were alive, sparkling from the reflection of the moon and something else. Despite everything those eyes told me, his hand dropped just as gingerly as it had caressed my cheek.  We were both floating in this silence now and I felt like I needed to do something, and maybe look sexy doing it.  I dunked my head underwater and flung my hair back in the best Ariel impersonation I could, but when I looked at him with faux shy eyes, the kind of eyes that said I know I’m cute and I definitely know what I’m doing eyes, he just laughed, the type of laugh where his eyes screwed shut because he was laughing so hard laugh.  My eyes drew together and I couldn’t think of a logical response. When he looked at my expression, he toned down the laughter enough to say, “You look-You look like you’re wearing an 18th century man wig.”

“What?!”  My hands immediately flew to my hair and I was horrified when I felt that my hair had curled in a loop at the top like the George Washington impersonations I’d do in the pool with my friends when I was eight.  “Oh my gosh,” I groaned.

“Oh it’s so hot,” he said, his teasing tone almost unbearable for my dignity.

Before I could undo it, he’d already swam over, fighting laughter as he cradled my head with one hand.  His other hand pooled some water in its palm and brought it up to my roots.

“Sh, trust me, I’m the professional here.”  With one hand gently tipping my head back, he poured the water over my hair dilemma, washing it clean and with it, returning a semblance of my pride.

I noticed his smile then. It was so brilliant it almost hurt to look at him, but it slowly faded to something more serious, his eyes falling to my parted lips.  My hair had been fixed of previous embarrassment now, he didn’t need to be holding me this close, but he did.  His hand still held my head, keeping it just the slightest bit tilted.  A kiss would be easy.

His platinum hair was sticking in vicarious directions after running his hand through it, and the moonlight was making his skin dewy, drops of the ocean highlighting his skin ridden of imperfection.  His blue eyes watched me under dark lashes, running over my features, but lingering on my eyes, and then, my lips.  We were two teenagers, specks in the universe beneath a full moon and swimming in an ocean lit silver.

“Y/N can I kiss you?”

Without another thought, I closed the gap.  I felt him smile into the kiss, the salt from his lips making me crave more, and soon my arms were around his neck, using him as a buoy in the vast spread of water. Soft, sweet, the kiss deepened, his tongue asking for permission, and I gladly granted it to him.  Warmth spread through my body ridden with goosebumps and we remained interlocked in the ocean, with the crash of the waves as our soundtrack, the moon as our stage light, and the ocean our dancefloor.

Although we weren’t with the rest of our classmates and we didn’t get the chance to dance with our friends that night, I didn’t mind all that much.  And neither did Lucky.  As he finally pulled away from the kiss, we both caught our breath.

When he pressed a gentle kiss to my forehead, all I could think was, Thank God I had gotten that bad grade.

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State of Grace

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Summary: When Liam Dunbar spots an incredibly alluring girl in the hallway with glowing green eyes, the pack (or more like Stiles) becomes suspicious and investigates.

Request:  can you do a liam Imagine where the reader is a siren and the doctors find her and make her shift to full mermaid form and before they can hurt her the pack comes and liam has to carry the reader to deaton bc she doesn’t know how to shift back and idk jujst fluff after that thanks! xx

*I don’t own the gif; credit goes to the wonderful owner/maker*

Note: I’m not exactly thrilled with how this turned out; I hope you guys like it. Also, I’ve heard that sirens don’t actually have mermaid tails but wings instead. I have always loved mermaids though (I want to be one so freaking bad) and the request specifically said “mermaid” so I made her have a tail instead of wings. I hope that’s cool.


Y/N nervously peeked out from around the thick maroon curtains. The auditorium was packed; people were chatting and strolling up and down the sloping aisles as they found their seats. She hadn’t expected there to be this many people! Her heart began to thud against her rib cage.

           As much as she wanted to look away, she couldn’t. Her gaze was trapped on the growing audience- which was doing wonders for her nerves.

           Then she saw him. Liam was dressed in some nice slacks and a button-up shirt; he had on a tie but it was done wrong. Stiles and Malia were in front of him, counting seats to make sure they’d have enough. A boy with dark hair and a girl with a cool belt were behind them. Mason, a friend of Liam’s that she had met earlier that day, was examining the program. Lydia was at the end of the line, spinning Liam around and adjusting his tie. Despite her anxiety, Y/N laughed. The way the strawberry-blond was scolding him was hilarious.

           “Ms. Y/L/N!” The choir teacher suddenly called, causing Y/N to spin around with wide eyes, the curtain falling shut behind her. “What are you doing? Go get in line with the others. We don’t have time to dilly-dally.”

           Y/N bowed her head and rushed over to the group of choir kids. She crossed her arms, trying to convince herself that she wasn’t going to throw up.


Liam could hear it over the raucous crowd- a heart fluttering impossibly fast. He took one look at Scott before jerking his thumb over his shoulder. When his Alpha nodded, Liam scrambled from his seat and began to jog up the walkway, slipping in the side entrance door, and starting down the dark hall with his head down.

           It wasn’t hard to find her, especially because her scent was never off his mind. Y/N was standing at the end of a long line of students, looking like she was about to pass out.

           “Hey,” Liam said simply when he approached her. Then he felt stupid.

           Y/N jumped and gaped at him with wide eyes. “Liam!” She whispered- part in amazement, part in shock. “What are you doing back here? We’re going on in a few minutes! You’re going to get in trouble!” Y/N craned her neck in an attempt to spot her teacher. Liam found himself smiling at her concern.

           “I just wanted to come back here and see you. Let you know that everything is going to be fine, and that you have nothing to worry about, okay?” He raised an eyebrow for emphasis.

           Slowly, Y/N nodded. “Okay.”  She breathed. Her heartbeat was still a bit elevated, but not as frantic as before. It made Liam swell with pride; he was happy that he was able to help his new friend with her fears.

           Before he could stop himself, Liam blurted, “You look very nice.” His cheeks burned.

           Y/N glanced down at her simple black dress. “Thank you.” She played with the end of her hair. “We’re actually required to wear this. I feel like it makes me look like a witch.”

           “No.” Liam insisted. “You look great.”

           A woman’s voice suddenly blared through the speakers of the auditorium. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to-”

           Y/N’s small hands shoved his chest lightly. “Go!” She asserted with big eyes. “It’s starting!”

           Laughing slightly, Liam began to walk backwards from her. “Remember what I said.”

           It was Y/N’s turn to laugh. “I’ll be looking for you.” She bit her lip and her brow furrowed. “Wait, was that weird? I’m sorry.”

           “No, you’re fine. That’s not weird. I’m weird. You’re great. You’re gonna do awesome.” He promised, throwing her a thumbs up before jogging out the side door and disappearing into the darkened room.


Y/N sucked in gulps of air. Liam had seemed so sure when he had said that she would do great. At the time, she had believed him… sort of. But any amount of confidence that he had given her had trickled away as her solo neared.

           Suddenly, the lights on the stage went out with a bang. Shrieks erupted all around her at the abrupt black. Emergency lights clanged on. The principal strode to center stage, announcing, “We’re having technical difficulties. Take this time to use the restroom, check your phones, whatever. Everyone just stay calm; this will be fixed in no time and the show will continue.”

           Applause broke out, and then the people in the audience dispersed.

           Y/N turned to the girl beside her. “Hey, Amanda, right?” When she got confirmation, she proceeded, “I really have to run to the bathroom. So if Ms. Gonzalez asks…”  Amanda nodded and motioned her along.

           It wasn’t until Y/N was walking, clueless, down the hall that she realized she should have asked Amanda for instructions. She had only been going to Beacon Hills for about a week and still didn’t have a very good idea of where everything was located.

           As she rounded a corner, she gasped and came to a halt. At the end of the hallway were three tall, dark figures emitting strange clicking noises. And they were staring at her.

           Feeling slightly fearful and incredibly uncomfortable, Y/N stepped backward.

           “Y/N,” one of the beings called to her, but their voice was too low, too gruff. “Y/N.”


Liam sat patiently in his seat, fiddling with his thumbs while Stiles rambled on in his ear. “I’m telling you, the second she starts singing, we’re all going to be majorly screwed.”

           “You’ve said this before.” Liam groaned. “And I thought we already established that Y/N isn’t evil. She doesn’t even know what she is; how is she going to use her powers for evil if she doesn’t even know that she has them?”

           Stiles didn’t get a chance to answer. The choir teacher was barking into the microphone, “Take your seats! We are about to begin- wait, what?” She pulled away from the mic stand to glare at a student. They exchanged a few brief words before she sighed. “Ms. Y/L/N? If you are in the auditorium, please make your way to the stage.”

           A warm hand suddenly touched Liam’s arm. Malia’s face was hard and concentrated as she asked, “Liam, do you hear that?”

           “Hear what?” He strained his ears.

           Scott stood up suddenly. “It sounds like a bunch of clicking.”

           Liam’s blood ran cold, like ice had been directly injected into his veins. The Dread Doctors- how could he have forgotten about them? He had been so caught up with Y/N and what she could be… he never even stopped to consider the possibility that he and his pack weren’t the only ones interested in her…

           Liam was shoving his way out of the row of seats before he could even register his actions in his mind. He walked briskly down the narrow walkway to the door, fighting the urge to burst out into a run. They had to avoid looking suspicious.

           As he pushed out the door, Malia, Scott, and Kira hot on his heels, he lifted his nose into the air and began to sniff. Y/N’s scent was sweet and unique; it was easy to find in the musty hallway. He didn’t hesitate to sprint now, knowing that no one was around to gawk at how fast he moved.

           “Guys, slow down!” Liam was rounding the corner when he caught sight of Lydia, Mason, and Stiles struggling to keep up. He couldn’t wait for them. There was no time. He needed to go save his new friend- if she was even still around to save.

           No, Liam scolded himself. Don’t think like that. But it was hard not to. So far, every encounter they’ve had with the Dread Doctors had not exactly worked out in their favor.


When the doors blew open to reveal Liam and his friends, Y/N was both confused and relieved. Confused because they all looked slightly different, like someone had altered their features- and since when did Kira have a sword?

           She was also relieved because the people who had been injecting her suddenly stopped what they were doing and stared. Head feeling light, she glanced down at her legs for what felt like the millionth time.

           Well, they had been legs five minutes ago. The metal men gave her a shot of something. It had caused the most excruciating pain Y/N had ever experienced in her life. When the ache had subsided, and she opened her eyes, her legs were gone. In their place was a long green tail, flaring out at the end.

           She had to be seeing things. Humans don’t grow fish tails! Maybe she was going crazy. Either way, it felt like she couldn’t breathe. Y/N was gasping for air but could never seem to get any. It was like her lungs didn’t work.

           Suddenly she was being pushed over, landing face first in the pool. Y/N waved her arms frantically, trying to keep herself afloat, but the new tail was too heavy; it dragged her down. As she looked around for anything that could hold her up, she noticed that she could see perfectly. Normally when you went under water the entire world was a slippery haze; but this time, this was different. Y/N could see.

           But that was pushed farther from her mind when she realized that she still couldn’t breathe. Y/N felt like she was close to blacking out. For some reason, her neck was strained. When her hands came up to try to rub it, to make her last moments at least a little more tolerable, Y/N came in contact with slender slits, pushing open and closed furiously. Like gills.

           Something warm and strong wrapped around her forearms, and she was being heaved above the surface. They laid her flat; she didn’t have the strength to move her head to see anything but the ceiling. Her lungs were on fire. All she wanted to do was be able to breathe again.

           Lydia appeared over her, face heartbroken. She was holding a cup, and she dumped the contents all over Y/N’s neck. In other scenarios Y/N would’ve been appalled. But when the liquid washed over her, Y/N gasped, sucking it in. For that split second, she could breathe. Desperate for more, Y/N’s torso arched as she flopped up and down. It was reflex. Out of her control. Nothing she could help.

           “Hey, hey, Y/N.” A voice called- who was it? It sounded familiar, like a warm blanket on a cold night. “Y/N, hey.” Liam moved into her line of vision, a comforting smile on his face as he pushed her sticky hair off her forehead. “It’s okay. It’s going to be okay.”


Summary: You woke up in an unfamiliar room, dazed and confused. There were dozens of guards outside who’d shoot you on sight and all you had was an earpiece with one voice on the line. 

He said his name was Steve, and he promised to get you out of there.

Word Count: 3565

Warnings: Violence, blood, injuries, swearing

Author’s Note: Mildly inspired by Transistor, which broke my heart last weekend.

You groaned, sluggishly lifting yourself off the ground to sit against the wall. The room was windowless and cold, especially considering the fact that all you were wearing was a ragged t-shirt and shorts. Florescent lights illuminated the unconscious body in front of you and you froze, hand shaking as you reached for her neck.

Her pulse was slow but steady and you sighed in relief, rubbing your face with your hands. You tried to think of how you got there but your mind drew up a blank. The fear started to set in – how long had you been there? Who captured you? Where the hell were you?

The woman was stripped to a t-shirt and sweats, wounds freshly scabbed over. You inspected the gash on her forehead, eye catching on a tiny black mound in her ear. It vibrated slightly in your hand and against your better judgement, you slipped it into your ear.

“Goddammit,” a voice growled and you jumped, inhaling sharply. There was a beat of silence. “Who’s there?”

You swallowed. What have you got to lose? “My name is (Y/N).”

“(Y/N).” The man calmed down substantially, but you could hear how controlled his tone was. “How did you get this earpiece?”

“I – I found it on this person.” You clenched your jaw to keep your voice from trembling.

“Describe them.”

No room for arguing. “Short curly red hair, pale skin.” You craned your head. “She’s fit – only wearing a dirty grey shirt and sweatpants.”

“Natasha…” The man trailed off.

“I don’t know.”

“How’d you get there?”

I don’t know.” You didn’t mean to sound as desperate as you did and huffed, your eyes watering again.

“You’re a-“ He sighed. “I’m sorry. My name’s Steve.”

“Steve,” you repeated, taking a deep breath. “Okay. What happens now?”

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If It Makes You Happy

pairing: lucas/maya

words: 1.4k

summary: maya will do anything to ensure riley’s happiness, but lucas doesn’t think that’s very fair. ski lodge au i guess

read on ao3 | ffn

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Fuuka's Christmas Corner: Day 2

Oh my, how time flies! Already we are opening the calender’s second door!

Oh… How did you know I was going to bring that up, Elizabeth-san? I thought explaining the wreath yesterday, explaining the calender today would only be fitting… And then, there are also the submissions we got…

…Oh, never mind me, I am just talking to myself! I’d like to begin now.

Today’s session stands under the sign of the Magician Arcana!

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