Nature Vs Nurture Part 94


Leaving Home
…“Never be sorry, Nina. I don’t mind waiting for you, I know you needed sometime.” Vlad said, sliding the chair, closer to her….

…“Come on now,” Vlad said, Nina looked up and saw him smiling at her. “I couldn’t ever leave without saying goodbye to my two favorite girls in my life.”…

…“Yes, but more like me confessing my undying love for you.” Vlad said, kissing her hands as he smiled at her…

“Nina, I meant what I said to you before. I did fall in love with you the moment I heard your name. I thought what were the chances I would meet a girl, with a name that fit mine.“Vlad said, as he stroke her hands with his thumbs.

“Then when I saw you look at me, my heart started to race, which never happened to me before. Then when you were talking to me, my mind went blank, I was just gone. If it wasn’t for my alarm going off, I would have stood their like an idiot lost in your untame beauty.” Vlad said smiling at her.

“But there was one thing I didn’t mean, though. Remember when you asked what I plan to do with you and I said I had no idea?” Vlad said and Nina nodded.

“My plan was to keep you with me and get to know you. I wanted you to see a different side of me, that I didn’t even know I had till I saw you. I was hoping if I did get the courage to open up to you, you would fall in love with me too. And I have to say, I’m so very glad you did Nina. You have change me life around and for the better. And for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Vlad said, standing back up and taking her with him.

“I love you Nina. I love you and Athena, unconditionally. Even if you didn’t fall in love with me, I would still be here doing all this for you, because of the love I have for you. I will now and forever protect both with you with everything I have and am.” Vlad said, leaning his head down towards her, taking her lips with his.

…“I will come back, Nina. One way or another I’ll come back for you two.” Vlad said, moving one hand to her face. Tracing his thumb along her jaw line. “I will return, my lady.”…

Vlad lean down again and kiss her. He lower his hand to her stomach, placing his hand on her baby bump.

…“Now if you excuse me, Nina. I need to talk to our daughter.” Vlad said, smiling as she nodded. He kneel back down and press his lips against her stomach….

“Athena, my little one. I want you to be good for your mom. Don’t keep her up all night and don’t make her crave tons of sweet. Yes I know you both enjoy eating them, but I want both of you to be healthy. I’ll be back soon, so don’t worry about your dad. I love you Athena.” Vlad said, kissing her baby bump. He stood back up and looked at Nina.

“As for you my lady, please try not to worry about anything. Eat, rest and be happy, while I’m gone. I’ll call you from time to time to check up on you two.” Vlad said, reaching into his pocket and grabbing a phone out.

…“A course I do my lady.” Vlad said, smiling at her. “Now go back inside Nina and join the others. I’ll see you soon. I love you.” Vlad said, kissing her one more time before he let her go….

She never told him how she love the way he expressed himself to her. She never said, how every word, sounded so truthful. She never said how much she love the way he talked to Athena. She never told him, how she felt a piece of her lift when he took off.

…“I’ll talk to you till the sun comes up, if you need me to.” Vlad said, blowing her a kiss and she blow one back….

….“Good morning, my lady. I know your most likely still asleep, so don’t worry about missing this text. I wanted to wish you two a good day. Also I wanted to say thank you for the picture. I have to admit, I was suprise you did it, put I’m really glad you did. It helped me sleep better, if you know what I mean, 😉. My phone is going to be off while I search, so don’t worry about replying back, unless you want to. I’ll call you later on tonight my lady. I love you and Athena both, very much. Have a good day, bye my lady. 😘-Love Vlad.”…

…“Good evening my lady and my little one. I got your messages and your beautiful picture. Even in photos, you still breath taking as ever, Nina. Please join me on Skype again. I would like hear your angelic voice and see your gorgeous face.”…

…“Nina, you remember what you told me at the hotel? About how the Count was willing to sacrifice his humanity to save his people?” Vlad said and Nina nodded….

…“I’m willing to sacrifice my humanity for you and Athena. I’ll sacrifice it a 100 times over if need be, my lady. It’s just like what you also said, being able to come back from it, if you do bad things for good reasons. I just pray, I can find away back to you and Athena.” Vlad said, as Nina looked back up at him….

…“Thank you Nina. But I believe your wrong about the strongest person part, that’s you my lady.” Vlad said, smiling at her….

…“I love you too Nina.” Vlad said, as he mimic her motions. “I miss you and Athena terribly, Nina. I knew I would miss you, but it… it….”

….“Your my first realtionship and first woman I ever loved.” Vlad said, with a shy smile….

….“Yeah, but I’m not the usual guy. I’m just…different.” Vlad said, letting out a sigh….

….“Your sure, you like my different?” Vlad said, titling his head to the side….

…“Nina please don’t cry, my lady. I’m not upset that you think that way. I understand completely, I really do. Like I told you before, I don’t expect you to trust me. Trust, is something I got to earn and I hope in time, I do earn that trust.” Vlad said, giving her a small smile….

….“There is nothing to forgive, but if you need to hear it. Then yes, I do forgive you Nina. I want you to know something, okay?” Vlad said and Nina nodded her head….

….“I want you to know, despite what I have done, the people I hurt and killed. I’ll will never ever, I mean ever, lay my hands on you like that. I wouldn’t rise my hands or my voice at you, Nina. No matter if we need up arguing like other couples do, I will not harm you. I hope one day, you can believe these words I speak to you.” Vlad said, as he tear up a bit, when he saw Nina crying….

….“I like I said, your the first woman I ever and will ever love. I would never dream of hurting you like Max has. I would rather die first before I let that thought even cross my mind. I love you, Nina. I love you with everything I am and everything I will be. I’ll always protect you now and till the end of my days. You and Athena are my everything, my life, my world, my very reason for exists. I would gladly die for both of you.” Vlad said, as he put his head down, so Nina wouldn’t see him cry….

….“You just being with me and standing by my side, after everything I’ve done and said, is more than words can say. You have proven your love for me, just by expecting me for who I am. Allowing me, to be with you, love you, and be the father of your unborn child, is all I ever need from you. That is something, I can’t thank you enough for, Nina. You came into my life and brought me hope. That hope brought me back once and I know it will again.” Vlad said, looking back up at her…..

….“Now…” Vlad said, pausing for a bit. “ You damn well know that was just a nightmare and would never come true, since we’re having a girl.” With a low chuckle, to lighten the mood a bit…

….“I know my lady, I know. But on a serious note, I want you to know and remember. I will never threaten you with our daughter, no matter what happens between us. Like I said before, you can leave whenever you want to, my lady. I will not stop you and make you stay, if your not happy with me. Though it would hurt me and pain me so, to see you leave, Nina. It would just kill me to keep you with me and see you unhappy.” Vlad said, tearing up a bit…

….“Your welcome, my lady. Don’t be sorry at all for that, Nina. I’m just glad you talked to me about this. Next time something is upsetting you, Nina, let me know. I will not be upset with you or with anything you have to say. So please don’t worry about it, my lady. I love you Nina, you and Athena, with everything I am and I will be.” Vlad said, turning on his car….

…“Nina I was lost in my thoughts again. I was thinking about us, about that dream I’ve been having. I wish I did get on that bus and met you sooner. I hate that I regret that and I hate that you had to go through hell, all alone. But I know now, can’t keep living in the past, when my future is a front of me. You and Athena are my future, my lady. So despite what happened in the past, we have each other now. That, is something I would never change in all this world for. I love you and Athena dearly, my lady. I am troubling sorry for your friends and what’s going on. But, we’re here for you my lady. I’ll take care of this and I’ll be home with you and Athena. I love you, Nina. I love you my little one. Good night and I’ll speak to you soon.”….

She never told him, that she cried every night that he was away. She never told him, she held a photo of him when she went to bed. She never told him, that she knew how to word her feeling better.

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Leslie Jones being attacked on Twitter really upsets me. And I don’t know what upset me more the fact that she was attacked in such a way or the fact that no one of importance seems to be taking a stand for her. Not even the other cast members. There’s even a fake account going around pretending to be her saying God awful things. Clearly fake and still she’s being attacked. Regardless of whether you agree with how she plays her role in Ghostbusters or any other role or if she’s playing into some kind of black stereotype she still doesn’t deserve that kind of cruelness. Where is black Twitter in her defense? Where is the collective sending her good vibes and standing with her? The silence hurts me and all I’m thinking is if she was skinny, lighter or conventionally pretty then there would be people coming to her defense. But because she doesn’t fit into what is thought to be an acceptable black actor because she acts her roles a certain way, I also kind of feel as if her attacks or being ignored on purpose. But no matter what she still doesn’t deserve this kind of hate. She’s still a person.

Even with her acting I kind of don’t see the problem. I mean I do in the “we’re trying to distance ourselves away from that stereotype” but Jones reminds me of a lot of my family and friends. Some cousins went to see Ghostbusters and loved patty. And nothing is wrong with them. I know to them and to me it’s not a stereotype, it’s just the way they are. It’s real for them. Not them catering to white people and “setting us back as a people”. They’re black, loud and proud to be both.

This just showed me that you gotta be a certain kind of black for other black woke people to help you or defend you. You can’t be loud or “ghetto” and you have to look a certain way. Be a certain way. Because as soon as you deviate from the “New acceptable black Woke Edition” you somehow betrayed the community. You can get dragged on Twitter by the worse racist, then dragged by others for fitting some perceived stereotype (aka not the New acceptable black Woke Edition) and have no one come to your defense.

And she’s so nice too. Left Twitter in tears because of what happened. And still silence. Smh but let some other black actor get unjustly attacked bet they’ll get defended.

So I kinda did a thing…

I had Marinette be a waterbender since her miraculous is considered to be fixing, so I kinda thought that it could mean “healing” as well??
It seemed to fit, but you have no idea how much research I had to do on what the fashion was for each tribe.

I had an idea of Adrien being a firebender, considering his miraculous is destruction. Just like a firebender, he has to be careful and precise with his target as he would when he becomes Chat Noir. I’m drawing him at the moment, but since I’m inexperienced with guys, this would take a while for me to finish 😭

Hopefully I’ll get better at digital art, because it looks SOOoooooOOoOoOO much better on paper.

! Copyright belongs to me !

Something I love about Stranger Things is the way it tells one mystery story and gives three generations of heroes their distinctive point of view. And that reflects back on me as an aging viewer.

As a kid if you’d asked me who my fav was, the no-brainer answer would’ve been Eleven. I’m very much with Dustin and would’ve just pointed at her “she has superpowers”. Plus I always loved angst and her background provides all this easily recognizable trauma.

For the most part of my life though, I believe Nancy would’ve become my sort of go-to character. There is something very final-girl about her (yes, whenever her name was called out a part of me actually thought back to Nancy Thompson from ANoES). The teenager with her clique and she’s somewhat popular, but also nice and even though she doesn’t look like an outsider, you see how fitting in requires work. And once her world is threatened she will do something about it.

But after watching season 1 - and overall liking all the characters - if I had to pick just one, to name one favourite character out of a great group of characters, it would have to be Joyce Byers. The mom. When we first meet her, she is stressed. It’s everyday stress, worrying about money and her kids and her job. She even scolds Jonathan for a second, when she realizes he wasn’t home at night either. But while going out of her mind, because her youngest son is missing, she realizes that her older boy needs her too. And she would do anything for the both of them.

Joyce is an emotional wreck, living in the world of adult responsibilities. Unlike the kids she doesn’t easily believe in the supernatural. But when some blinking lights are the only hope left, she latches on. And while she never stops being sad and scared, she also never stops pushing. On top of that we get those wonderful flashbacks, the way she treated Will before he vanished. She knows her son is a bit unusual, but she never expects him to be anybody else. He has friends and hobbies, so what if it isn’t sports or that he is sensitive? She asks about his drawings, she remembers his password for the fort, she will go and see a movie he wants to see, even though she knows he might still sleep in her bed afterwards. Joyce loves the kids she has.

The kids, the teens and the adults all get one piece of the puzzle and in the end they have to put it all together - as a group. And everyone of them is important in their own way. Of course everybody thinks others won’t believe them at first. But the series doesn’t side with one generation over the other.

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hey could i request a buckyxreader?Bucky and the reader are always fighting and screaming at each other but then the reader gets really sick and is losing her hair and can't really do anything alone anymore (like walk and eat) at the beginning she tries to hide that she is sick but then after a fight with bucky she falls and can't stand up!He then gets overprotective and helps her and realizes that he loves her?Lots of fluff?Thank you:) your blog is gret and u too!:)

I’m sorry this took so long! I really like this request. I changed a bit, but hopefully it’s still ok. I thought this would be harder to write or shorter, but it’s about 5 pages! Thanks for enjoying the blog!! I hope you enjoy!!!! :)

“Shut the Hell Up”

Words: 1,349

Trigger Warning: swearing, blood, illness

“You are such an asshole, Bucky!” you said, fighting back a coughing fit. You could hear the ex-assassin stomp away from the couch you were sitting on, grumbling on his way out. After you heard Bucky leave, you couldn’t hold the coughs back any longer. You had been feeling weak for weeks now, but you were too proud to tell anyone. It had to just be cold that was hanging around, no big deal. As you were coughing, Bruce came into the living room and sat near you.

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Have you ever talked about where yachi and kiyoko fit into the pan au

Do you know, I actually haven’t? To be honest, the AU is so focused on fitting the characters in as volleyball teams (Nekoma/natives, Shiratorizawa/pirates, Seijou/mermaids, Karasuno/mostly lost boys), I haven’t really thought about anyone outside of that. I don’t know how they would work with the set-up I’ve got going, really. Yachi would make an adorable pixie and people have suggested her for the Tink role, but she isn’t salty enough and I prefer Tsukki as Tink anyway.

I can’t even figure out where Suga, Daichi, Asahi and Ennoshita go, either. I was kind of picturing Suga and Daichi as the parent figures, but I really want them to be involved, so perhaps they just have a little settlement near where Hinata and his lost boys live, and sort of…take care of them unofficially? Like, teaching them how to hunt look after themselves and patching up injuries etc. I DON’T KNOW AND IT MAKES ME SAD.  


Good morning.

Think about this:

“So I’m explaining intrinsic value to my 4 year old daughter - who loves toy cats - and ask her, if she was really thirsty in the desert, whether she would like a bottle of water, or a toy cat, and she tells me that she would like a bottle of water in the shape of a toy cat.”


-Stefan Molyneux

Happy Thursday💙

Top 3 Uber A Picks (As of now)

- Wren: He’s always gonna be my all time dream A super villain I can’t help it he’s just so sketch and you can fit him into so many theories!

- Sara Harvey who is actually Charles or Alisons twin: Idk once again the @rosewoodspoilergot me HOOKED on this major theory yall should definitely check it out asap, it just would make alot of sense and if marlene went this direction I would def not be mad at her at least it would give lame ass sara harvey some depth.

- Spencers twin: Theres alot of clues that could point to spencer having a twin and thats another idea I could roll with, I really don’t like the idea of double twins but I mean if they do it I would prefer it be w/ spence it would make the most sense. (Ali said she’s known spencer since 6th grade but spence doesn’t remember, spencer says melissa and her played hide and seek alot or something when they were younger and melissa doesnt remember.)

Reblog and tell me your top 3!!


Carousel Citrine for @feedingthemechanicalbull

>>> Flirty || Rebellious || Night Owl || Avant Garde || Hot-Headed <<<

All the information and more, including her CC, will be in the download. I tried picking colors I thought would look nicely with pink and mint, but if they don’t or you just don’t like them, feel free to change them. I also did my best to give her a little edgy look and traits that would fit the bad-girl vibe you are going for. I hope you like her!

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Carol in S7 Trailer Analysis

So, as far as Carol in the clips, we have:

- Waking up Carol
- “What the hell is going on?” Carol
- Horseback Carol
- Wheelchair Carol

My question for everyone is, time jump?

Looking at the caps of “waking up Carol”, her facial wounds look more superficial than I thought. Like all she needs is a good makeup wipe and she’ll be good to go.

Wheelchair Carol and WTHIGO? Carol definitely appear to be a pair, in that I believe she is being wheeled to meet with Ezekiel. Her strangely giddy response seems part sarcasm and also partly high as fuck from pain meds and incredulity. So, that would also be fitting.

(Granted, a woman suffering from major blood loss from a stabbing and 2 gunshot wounds would likely need a blood transfusion and major rest and wouldn’t be up and about, but this is TWD medicine here.)

Horseback Carol appears to be when they are going to the Kingdom after being rescued. Carol appears to be kinda slumped on the horse. But I’m curious how she goes from horseback to Waking up Carol, which looks more like she’s in the bed of a wagon or truck or something, after arriving at the Kingdom.

So…I’m voting no significant timejump, at most, a week. Morgan seems, in the trailer, to have ingratiated himself already, so some time must’ve passed.

Likely Carol gets some medical time out as Morgan gets comfy and as the show catches up all the timelines so a week or so will have passed for all locations.

Or that’s my theory on what we see. I’m open to other interpretations though.


My mother got into pokemon go. I never thought I would see the day, especially since it was banned from my household growing up.
And here we are.
Shes very upset this morning because she didn’t know you have to keep the app open when you watch for the eggs to hatch. She walks a 5k every morning (#goals right?) So when it said .72/5km at the end of her walk she was LIVID.
Poor n00b.

I am about 1 lb away from being back at 290.8, so I’m gonna be really good today, hopefully back down to my lowest tomorrow (ironically pizza day….) it would have happened a lot sooner of a friend of mine wasn’t an amazing cook who made me BEEF ENCHILADAS. SOBS. I ATE 3 THEY WERE SO GOOD.
Oh well! Live and learn! 3 beef enchiladas is 2 too many.

Stay strong and smile on!

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I'm 80% sure "here comes a thought" is going to be sung by stevonnie. Rebecca wanted her to sing in the near future and the song would fit her voice well.

It could be.

SISTAR MTL to being clingy with their s/o.

Hi anon! I turned your request into a MTL because (as I did with the first MTL) I thought that your request fit better with this! I hope you enjoy it! And if you like to request again, feel free to do it!

1. Bora

2. Dasom

3. Hyorin

4. Soyou

Well, I think that Bora would be the most clingy of them. But clingy like you are doing something like do the dishes and she would hug you from behind, just enjoying the moment. Or watching you cook with her chin in your shoulder and her arms around your waist. I feel like she probably jump on you out of nowhere and you are already use to that, so your arms practically react without your brain actually thinking about it. Her type of clingy would be more the ‘out of nowhere’ clingy type. And if you tell her or she sees that you are uncomfortable with that, she would understand it and she would just hold your pinky with her index, pouting a little. And you would be like ‘Boo I know what are you doing and…OMG YOON BORA STOP POUT-AGG FINE COME HERE’ and you would lift her in your arms just to throw her to the couch and begin tickle her like no tomorrow.

For Dasom i think that she would be like the ‘natural’ clingy type. She really didn’t think about what is she doing because she would rest her head in your lap naturally. Or just rest her head in your shoulder if you two are watching TV or a film. She wouldn’t care sitting in your lap and taking your arms to let them rest around her waist when you are waiting for the others. I think she would like to hold at least your hand even if you are just at home or before sleep, just drawing with her thumb figures in your hand. And I think she would like the most just resting her head in your lap and caress your face, squeezing your cheeks and doing weird soft noises meanwhile and you would be like ‘Sommie, I thought that you wanted to watch this film’ and she would answer with some cheesy line like ‘I prefer to watch you, the film would be there later but you have to go to heaven in two hours angel’ and you would let her be, with your cheeks red like a chinese lantern.

Hyorin would be more like the ‘random’ clingy type. Like you are pretty chill at home and you are working or drawing or doing something all focus while she is watching TV, and she walks towards you to see what are you doing and you suddenly feel her body over your back while she tries to not bother you. And she would be like that for long twenty minutes before you ask her like ‘you want me to do a break, don’t you?’ and she would practically jump away from you with a big yay. Or when you two were in the backseat with Dasom between you two and she begins to bother you pocking your ear and your nose and she just end up lying over Dasom just to rest her head in your lap and keep bothering you.

For Soyou I think she would be more like the ‘it’s okay?’ clingy type. Like she is okay if you two don’t share so much PDA but if you are in the middle of a crowd of people, she would take your hand, intertwining your fingers shyly while looking at you. Or when you are with the other members in her living room and she rest her legs in your lap, asking silently if it’s okay that she does that. I think it would be like a one-off moment thing, but when you initiate the clingy moment she would smile and blush like ‘not now jagiya’ and you would be like ‘why are you telling me no now but yesterday ni-’ ‘OKAY GIVE ME YOUR HAND’  because she prefer being affectionate when you two are alone and she didn’t want the others to know that she really enjoy being clingy a little.

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She gave a sad smile. “I hope so, but most cannot see past the Luthor name. Some of my friends used to tell me to take my Mother’s maiden name but it just doesn’t seem right.” She shrugged her shoulders. “I know it is a figure of speech, but I wanted to assure you I would not be throwing you to the wolves, as they say.” She grinned just a little, her demeanor clearly brightening. “Well, I would first see what your style is, what your comfortable wearing and not comfortable with. All clothes will be designed to fit you and once it is on the website you can keep any and all products.” She took a couple steps towards and peered at his face. “You have beautiful complexion. No make up would be needed at all for your pictures. Unless you want to wear some, to each their own.” She thought for moment. “You’d get a couple hundred dollars for each shoot for each designs you do for the website. So you could earn a couple thousand dollars in your first few weeks. If you do a magazine shoot you get couple hundred as well, cover is a thousand that is if you and my design are the front cover. That’s the basic. More stuff is included as you stay with the company.”

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Leafpool is impossible genetically speaking, technically she and Squirrel should both be ginger and have no white. The anon that said she could be tortie if sandstorm was a tortie is right, and that would make Lion, Holly and Jay accurate too. If Leaf was made ginger I think the kits would have to be ginger or tortie. I also think tortie Leafpool totally fits with her name and I love it ❤️

Never really thought about the outcome with ginger splotches, I was thinking it was just on design purposes.
It makes so much sense especially with Jay, Holly and Lion debunked now with the tortie version. I love how different one fur version can make a huge difference from the other.

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What is it when you don't care what gender people call you? Like you don't care if they use she/her, they/them, or he/him pronouns you just don't really get the whole point of gender so you're just like yeah call me whatever I don't care.

my first thought would be some form of agender, but if anyone else has another suggestion, feel free to speak up!

agender just means “no gender” really so if you feel that fits you, you can go with that

this article has a few other suggestions, like genderless and null gender, so maybe youll find something there that fits you!


I think that’s just a line that Brian [Azzarello] had written into the script and it didn’t jump out at Alan [Burnett] or me as being wrong, I don’t want to say that we weren’t paying attention, but it seemed to kind of fit. I don’t normally think about the Joker as being asexual or normal, with usual sex drives, or whatever. To me, it was just kind of a throwaway line. It wasn’t like, Oh, we have to make this point. It was just kind of one of those things
I don’t think that, actually, I did not think of it as supporting that. If I had, I probably would have changed the line. I never, ever thought that he actually raped her. Even in my first read of the comic, I never thought that. It just seemed like he shot her and then took her clothes off and took pictures of her to freak out her dad. I never thought that it was anything more than that.
Here’s the thing: Whether he [raped her] or not, it’s still sexual violence, It’s still a horrible thing. So in my own head, I was already self-censoring the moment. Maybe just to make it a little more easier to get through. But it’s still a very horrible, horrible thing.

The prostitutes note to Batman that the Joker didn’t come visit them after his most recent breakout, positing that “maybe he found himself another girl.” Pairing the line with Joker’s actions upon breaking out of Arkham (attacking Barbara Gordon, shooting her, undressing her and taking photos of her), Vulture asked BruceTimm if this implies that Joker also raped Batgirl.

This one I buy, actually. That he really didn’t think that line through. 

In the original graphic novel there was no lines when Batman interrogate the prostitutes, but they need to add lines to pad things up, so they come up with that scene for Batman to have a reason why he needs to interrogate prostitutes in relation to Joker. 

They didn’t think of the sexual implication because in their mind it’s just an additional scene to pad things up. 

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I called BC since their very first scene in 1x01. The gif says everything. I mean,come on look at it.B turns around and he's like "Oooh" and C stares at him stunned. Like,yeah...okay writers.

It’s definitely there. They definitely set it up as a possibility although they may not have known whether they were going to go there or how far they were going to go. I mean they also set it up to have Thelonious Jaha mooning over Abby, and Kane was with her best friend Callie. And that changed. So Bellarke also could have changed. 

I wonder what would have happened if Bob Morley had taken the role of Finn instead of Bellamy, because they offered it to him and he said no he wanted Bellamy. 

Pretty sure that Bob Morley is outstanding and would have shone no matter which role and they would have made a role to fit his star power. 

I don’t think they had the plan in the pilot. Not when they thought they were making a teen soap in the apocalypse and it wasn’t until The CW pushed them to get darker and more adult that they built up their whole serious storyline, I think. But Bellarke has actually been there from the beginning and it builds very, very slowly. I love it.

I wasn’t even a Bellarker, I was a Flarker, so I had to go back and find it, and then I realized how much I’d missed with that floppy haired smarmer getting in the way.