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I've been reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and I was wondering if you think either side(Victor or his monster) was right and which one?

Same anon. Sorry, I forgot a question I wanted to ask you. Who do you think was more human: Victor Frankenstein or Frankenstein’s monster? I have my own opinions, but I want to hear yours. You always have such intelligent and interesting answers, and the questions raised by Frankenstein are super interesting. 

It’s pure culture. The monster exists, as Cohen puts it, to be read – the monstrum is etymologically “that which reveals”. Frankenstein’s creature escapes because it refuses to participate in the order of things and fit within the confines of science and rationality. Its danger comes from its liminality, its existence on the margins of the world as we know it. There’s that one line in December’s Night by Alfred de Musset that goes “I am no god. I am no demon. I come from yourself” and it’s like okay, okay it takes one to know one right? Throughout the book we are reminded that maybe Frankenstein’s creature could have been something more than the sum of its parts…..not more monstrous, but more human. He is kinder, more loving, far more poetic than the whiny asshole Frankenstein. Yet if you want to make a human being into a monster, deny them, at the cultural level, any reflection of themselves.

The monster is only the monster because we fear what it represents.

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Do you think that Molly was abusing her kids because Ron ended up with an inferiority complex and Fred and George are rebellious because she belittles them, "meddled" with Remus and Tonks, etc? Because I've just seen someone say that and I'm wondering what you think because I recall that you once said that you were abused? Because I'm sort of iffy about those (saying that she meddled with Remus and Tonks is a huge stretch in my opinion).

Well. To put it bluntly, those claims are rather…..bullshit. Abuse is a serious thing, and to say that just because a child isn’t 100% perfectly adjusted belittles that. Yes, you remembered correctly when you thought I had been abused. It definitely messed with my self perception. But you know what? My younger sister was not raised in that household. She was told since she was little that she was loved, talented, etc. her interests and efforts were supported and admired. All that was expected of her was that she try her best, and if, after that, she didn’t fully succeed, then that was fine, and didn’t detract from her value as a person, and she would be loved just as much as if she had succeeded. By all accounts, she should have excellent self esteem, but hers is almost as crappy as mine.

It’s something that can be affected by family, yes, but it can also come from within. Some people demand more from themselves than anyone else ever could–and as children, often project that onto the people around them. When did Molly ever demand excellence? And Ron beat himself down saying that his achievements wouldn’t matter as much as his siblings, but that wasn’t true. When he was made prefect, Molly was excited for him, even though three of his brothers had already gone through that. So much so that she even made sure he got the broom he asked for, even though it was probably a strain. If Ron’s perceptions had been correct, no fuss would have been made, and no gift given, because why reward him for something he should be doing anyway?

The twins. Dear lord, are they really using them to show abuse? The twins are very prankish. It takes a LOT to squash that type down. If you don’t keep them in check, things can get out of hand without them meaning to–personality type combined with age, thinking through isn’t so great–and it’s a parents job to minimize the damage their child does to themselves and others. But there’s also another factor in play here.

Molly went through the first war. She’s seen horrible, horrible things. She’s lost family. Now she has twin sons, with extremely similar personalities to the brothers she lost. Don’t you think that’s terrifying? Brothers that probably laughed and joked, lived for the thrill that led to their deaths? Can you imagine the sick feeling in your stomach, the nightmares at the thought that the same fate is in store for your babies? I think it’s only natural in that situation to freak out and discourage any similarities. It’s the ugly side of going through a terrible event like that. (An understanding which people conveniently forget, when the person being judged isn’t young–and very often it’s projecting their own bad relationships onto a parental character.)

I’ve talked to people who’s mothers lived through war times, and Molly is classic. Make sure your kids have opportunities–but don’t let them draw negative attention to themselves. (Think of Bill’s hair.) Keep them safe. Don’t let their childhood be taken from them. Don’t let them go through the hell you did. Molly can be overbearing, yes, rooted in the fear of losing those she loves, but I’m sick of her being seen as some abusive monster.

As for meddling, everyone meddles. I think in that situation she was trying to set people up to be happy, but I don’t think she had all the information on the situation. She might have voiced opinions when she shouldn’t have, but she never did anything like lie about things to try to manipulate others into doing what she wanted.

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I'm catching up on all the meta I've missed and found the v long S6 discussion. soo I was thinking: could part of spike's thought process in trying to get buffy to be "dark" be because he can tell she's feeling guilty about this --> he doesn't feel guilt and he's evil --> if buffy becomes more like him she won't feel guilt anymore? but it's been a while since I watched s6, so I was wondering what you think about his reasoning there.

I think that’s certainly a possibility.  Though when Spike talks about ‘dark,’ if you’ll note, the phrasing is usually a little different than what you usually see when an evil character is trying to talk a good character into going evil.  Spike says that he thinks Buffy is in love with the darkness, and he also says he thinks she belongs in the dark, but I can’t offhand remember him saying anything like “you have darkness within you” or “give in to the darkness.”  So while you can interpret him as trying to corrupt her (and I think most people in fandom do) it’s like… for someone who’s trying to corrupt her, he never tries to get her to do anything that’s actually bad?  The worst thing I can think of is that he tries to convince her not to turn herself in to the police when she thinks she’s killed Katrina, and that’s…kinda borderline, as evil goes.  (And it’s an iffy situation to begin with, as I really think that Buffy was seeing jail as an escape from the life and responsibilities she hated as much as motivated by a pure desire for justice.)  If that’s the best Spike can do on the corruption front, he’s the most incompetent villain in the history of villainy.

It’s always seemed to me that what Spike’s after is not so much to convince Buffy to be evil.   I don’t think it’s a coincidence that when Spike had the Buffybot made, he had it programmed to, well, be good.  And slay vampires. Just not him.  He’s more trying to get her to admit that she desires what he represents – unfettered acceptance of her supernatural nature and the power it gives her. Spike’s all about the rush and the crunch, after all, not so much about evil for its own sake.  And he’s convinced himself that Buffy is too, and if she just admits it to herself, she’ll be happy, AND able to able to admit she loves him, and all will be hugs and kittens! 

But Buffy is deeply conflicted about her Slayer nature; to give in to it, to enjoy it, is evil, to her.  It’s the first step on the path to being Faith, the Bad Slayer, and that terrifies her.  Every time she’s relaxed and enjoyed her own power, disaster has followed.  I think one of the reasons she reacts so badly to Spike telling her she belongs in the dark is that part of her believes he’s right.  Another part of her may really, truly want that freedom.  If she were really totally indifferent to that temptation, she could laugh Spike off.  And she can’t see her way to a middle ground.  To give an inch, in her mind, is to surrender and be lost.  Spike doesn’t understand that at all, so he keeps pushing, and makes things worse, and Buffy refuses to explain (probably assuming that Spike does understand, and is trying to make her feel bad on purpose) and it’s a vicious circle. :/

(I don’t know if that’s what the writers were going for, of course, and I wouldn’t be surprised if different writers meant different things by it.)

Live Drunk Rewrite Pt IX

Ending here. Because this has gone on long enough, don’t you think?

“I’m just wondering,” Harry broached carefully, “your taste in men - ”

“Completely suspect,” Lily agreed, nodding. “Solid hair genes, though.”

“Right,” Harry sighed. “So.”

“Hey man,” James said, his voice oddly patient. “In terms of defeating evil wizards, you really have us beat.”

“True,” Sirius agreed. “Handily.”

“I’m thinking you’re probably best off taking your own advice,” James continued, tilting his head in consideration. “Agreed, Moony?”

“Oh, agreed,” Remus nodded. “Certainly. We are fools.”

“Utter fools,” Sirius said vehemently. “Moronic twats over here on the dead side.”

“Oddly, that does help,” Harry commented, nodding in surprise. “Thanks.”

Sirius pumped a triumphant fist in the air. “Nailed it!”

“Any last minute advice?” James offered hopefully. “Transfiguration? I’m a fucking whiz at transfiguration.”

“Um, maybe later,” Harry agreed, before turning to his mother. “Stay close to me,” he added quietly, his last request reserved for her.

Lily tossed her head back, sighing petulantly. “Fine,” she agreed, glaring at James. “This is your fault, by the way.”

James shrugged. “You forgot the contraception charm.”

She made a face. “Fuck, that’s right.” She smiled fondly at Harry. “Ah, well. I’ve done worse things.”

“Yeah,” Sirius agreed. “Like James.”

All was well.

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Hey! i moved into my dorm a couple weeks ago but i was wondering how do you think my relationship with my roommates will progress? im a capricorn, they are one virgo and two cancers 😁 thanks!

Pretty good mix. You’ll likely get along better with the Virgo though but all three signs like to laugh and have a very silly/goofy side.

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How is dying in child birth completely improbably? The Birth process takes a lot of of energy and idk could you imagine being choked to unconsciousness by the one you love at least an hour before giving birth, I'm just wondering why you think it's improbable, though I do agree that the padme giving up the will to live is complete bs because she didn't give up on anything

I mean in a galaxy like that which is clearly so much more technologically and medically advanced than us I’m sure that medical professionals able to treat any sort of problem that would arise from childbirth
And someone as wealthy as Padme Amidala would have access to the very best medical care so the likelihood of her dying in childbirth would probably be as likely, as like I said, someone like Michelle Obama dying of the common cold

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SH seems to follow greek tragedy tradition quite well actually. The inevitability of fate, but not because of any god or the 'heavens.' It's because of the inner nature of this man. The fact that his own self will lead him to his own doom. He's going to try to protect what he loves and in doing so he will lose it; he would use any means necessary to get what he wants, and it will be the end of him. It is a universal truth: the top is another bottom, we just realise it too late.


Gah, thanks for dropping this in my ask box. You’re wonderful, never change.

I keep thinking about Greek Tragedy, hubris, the nature of fate while I’m watching this show. In a general sort of way I sort tragedies into two broad categories: 

Nihilistic tragedy, where sadness and misery rises up from the senselessness of the world. Our attempts to superimpose meaning over the meaningless only result in more pain down the road. In the end, there is no purpose to the misfortunes that befall us, no matter how we try to insulate ourselves or understand them. Arguably, Uncontrollably Fond or I’m Sorry, I Love You fall into this category.

Then there’s Fatalistic tragedy, this is that Greek tradition you’re talking about. The events of our lives were predetermined long before we were born and we cannot escape Fate. Whatever actions we might take to try to change our lot in life, only serve to highlight the inevitability of death and loss. In fact, the actions we take to try to defy the heavens, or fate, or causality, only serve to guarantee the outcome we were trying to avoid.

Clearly, SH:R falls into the later category. As soon as you begin messing with a time-travel element, that’s almost always the case. But the question still remains: is So’s fate set in stone or does Soo have the chance to change it? Has she already changed it to some degree? Or is she just helping to bring about the inevitable outcome. Basically, either the past can be changed or it can’t. If it can’t be changed, there we have our tragedy. If it can be then the genre is something else. Perhaps a romance, in the Shakespearean sense?

We have to wait and see where the story is going. Is SH:R a tragedy, or isn’t it?


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Im in the UK i think you may be too but just wondering if anyone could clear it up for me, why do people keep saying to jenelle what are you doing to protect yourself from zika? Shouldnt you be covered up you dont want to get zika whilst pregnant, has jenelles baby got zika? im so confused jenelles a POS but i dont think she would intentionally harm a baby that way to get pg knowing she had zika i no shes selfish but i dont think she would do that, is it just trolls? its a horrible thing to say

This might sound dumb but I have no idea what Zika is. Can anyone shed some light!?


I’m so proud. I’d like to see some more fills being done, personally, tho we have a few anons set to fill some more prompts so that’s good. Right now we even have 9 fills, isn’t it amazing?!

100 Prompts. 9 Fills. All in like 5 days I think? Excellent! What a wonderful turnout! You guys are amazing! And y'all are blowing my mind with some of these prompts, I love it.

As I’ve said before, all pairings and kinks are welcome and anyone who wants to fill a prompt can, even if they may not be confident in their writing abilities. Just be sure to read the rules before posting please, we gotta keep things orderly.

So thank you to everyone who has made a prompt or filled a prompt, you guys are simply wonderful!

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(1)Hey bab i was wondering if you think heterosexual people in the fandom should have a say in louis and harry's sexuality or their potential coming out? I tried to talk to another larrie today and asked her why would she want to speculate their

(2) sexuality when its none of our business and she just went all around the question saying that it wasnt invasive and headcanons are fine which i agree but i searched her blog and she believes that 100% gay and says it as fact and to make matters

Nobody, lgbtqa+ or not, has any say in any sexuality but their own. Headcannons are totally cool, but the moment you start to insist that Harry and Louis (or anyone else for that matter) are anything specific, you’ve overstepped. Their sexuality is our business if they make it our business and tell us at any point.

Since we see Larry as a thing, as real, we can safely believe they’re probably not straight, but that’s about it. Anything beyond is a much bolder assumption that just isn’t fair.

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have you ever considered................................ i love you and care for you and i believe in you with all my heart and i think you're a wonderful person and everything will be okay

thank you so much I really needed this today and whoever you are I love and appreciate you a lot even though I may not show it thank you thank you thank you this means the world to me and I hope that I can make you as happy as you just made me