Moon base Diamond murals.


So, I was just wondering why all the Diamonds had spheres in their hands and around them. And then I realized what they were because of Pink Diamond’s.

Eyeball said that Earth was Pink Diamond’s colony, and that made me realize why she only has one sphere with a smaller sphere next to it.

That’s Earth and its moon.

If Pink Diamond has her only colony on her mural, then that means all the other spheres are the other colonies. Based on this, we can learn that Blue Diamond has seven colonies, Yellow Diamond has nine, and White Diamond has twelve.

But what about those two planets with those diamond-esque shapes on top of them floating above Yellow Diamond’s hands? And what about the one White Diamond has enclosed in her hands?

The two planets in Yellow Diamond’s mural escape me on what they are. But I’m fairly sure that I know what the main one in White Diamond’s mural is.


And if my theory about that planet being Homeworld is correct, then it makes sense to say that White Diamond rules over Homeworld and that it’s her colony.

And I may be stretching just a bit, but I think the amount of colonies a Diamond has shows how important they are. So by that logic, White Diamond is the main leader, Yellow Diamond is right next to her, Blue Diamond comes next, and Pink Diamond is the least important.

So, I still may be stretching a bit here, but I think the fact that Rose shattered the least important Diamond shows that she was ready to take the war past Earth if she could. And by the way she was doing it from what we know so far, I think Rose would have saved colonies one by one by going up the Diamond ranks until she could finally take down White Diamond and liberate Homeworld.

And that worries me because of one small thing: that’s exactly what Bismuth wanted to do.