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sorry to bug you but i've been dying to ask this question: do you have any fancasts for the characters of your book(s)? like what actors you would want to play them if you got a chance to make a movie or tv series? 💖💖💖

this does not bother me this is my FAVORITE kind of question please ask me questions about my writing; i actually almost never create a formal fancast, usually because my vision of the characters are usually distinct enough that i like? want to focus on knowing what they look like in my head and not get distracted searching for look-a-likes? ok, though i do think of lupita for my robot because she is supposed to be like a superhuman encapsulation of beauty adslf;kja5;rlgetmL;SDAKJMR;LGEAFA 

sometimes i’ll consider actor’s faces w my characters when i see them on my dash in the world etc–like i do think the protagonist of dope as tv a lot–but much more importantly @alexschlitz​ did these beautiful illustrations of him a little while ago 🤓😎🤗😩

Captain America Vol. 5 #14
Steve: Remember! Remember who you really are….

Winter Soldier: Remember who I am?! The only thing I am is the man who’s gonna kill you!

Steve: Fine. Then go ahead… 

Shout out to mentally ill people who will never recover,
and the ones who can’t help but tense up when the subject comes up.

Shout out to people for whom ‘recovery’ is a temporary state,
or a chance to breathe between episodes.

To those of us who’ve felt the word lose meaning over periods of years and decades,
and those for whom it’s never held any in the first place.

And to all of us for whom the idea of *not* being mentally ill is so foreign as to be unimaginable.

Our value as individuals is not dependent on our ability to recover. We are enough as is.

Cause coordinated outfits are my ultimate weakness. 

may the power couple force be with you. 

Even reapers have milkshakes  click for quality

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

get to know me | male characters [2/5]
Levi Ackerman
Believe in yourself, or believe in the survey corps and me. I never have, I can believe in my own abilities  or the choices of the companions I trust. But no one ever knows how it will turn out. So, choose for yourself whichever decision you regret the least.