seriously though, why is white the default? why is straight the default? why is cis and neurotypical and able bodied the default? why is it that any time a character isn’t one (or god forbid two) of those things it’s pandering? minorities can exist in fiction just as they do in real life, they don’t have to be there for a special purpose. people are well within their rights to ask to be represented. anyone who thinks it takes away from the story sees white (or straight, cis etc.) as the default. sorry to burst your bubble but it is not.

Imagine Woozi constantly kissing your cheeks because he finds them so kissable.

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how can i find more armies-of-colour to follow?

Wow anon would u like to choose from my amazing array of moc (mutuals of colour): @hobisbff @heartjoons @bighitanti @glosseok @kimceokjin @fuckyourxenophobia @oeclesbian @blackpinklesbian @yo0ngs @sspringdaymv @yoongihoneys @qabuli @whaelian @bratsclub @anxoai @sai1or @17km @lovbhobi @chicanaflor @runrnv they’re all amazing!!! ✨✨✨💖🌟💖💖✨💖✨🌟✨💖🌟💖💖✨✨🌟🌟💖✨🌟✨💖🌟✨💖💖✨🌟✨✨💖✨✨🌟✨💖✨🌟✨🌟💖

(But also in general if they have a linked about most poc put it there or like if they’ve posted selfies then u can check that too. Or if u follow aoc then check out ppl they interact w bc soc (smarts of colour) will avoid wharmys lol)

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about katte ni shiyagare.. im really torn regarding how seriously it should be taken bc it LITERALLY describes a post-sex scene??! XD i agree that the song choice (considering its not specifically written for any character) is DEFINITELY on purpose (which is also true for shizuo's songs) but if we take them as canon rather than bait/fanservice, so that means.. they... slept together???? dsjfggs i think i need to lie down

Sorry to disappoint~but I don’t think they slept together.

It’s true that the lyrics seem to describe a post-sex scene but it’s more like a complicated sex only relationship while hiding their true feelings? And I know lots of fics portray Shizuo and Izaya as sleeping with each other secretly. But if you ask me if it’s like that in canon, I don’t think so. To me, while Izaya is debatable, Shizuo is too honest to be having such a relationship with Izaya and be angered at the mere mention of his name. For example, if he really had a relationship of sex with Izaya behind the scenes, I don’t think the mere mention of Izaya would piss him off (since he would have interacted with Izaya much more than their fights already). Shizuo has said (in Volume 9) he wouldn’t kill Izaya, that he doesn’t want Izaya dead, he just wants Izaya to leave him alone. So I don’t think Shizuo would seek Izaya out for sex and be able to say those words honestly since Shizuo is a very honest man.

What I think instead since it’s Izaya singing it’s probably either symbolism - like how their relationship is like that of lovers but not quite (their feelings towards each other at least), or Izaya’s imagination - that even if he and Shizuo had that sort of relationship it would turn out like in Katte ni Shiyagare where it would be a sex only relationship, since Izaya sings about being a ‘one man show’ which could be symbolizing how he’s singing about how their relationship would have been like, alone. The ‘I’ll play a loud record and enjoy until dawn my one man show’ Which means he’s singing alone and he really is a one man show. 

But I think Izaya is too in denial to be imagining such a relationship (if we’re talking about canon novel Izaya) for he was only able to admit Shizuo as human (and hence could be in love with him) after he survived the death match. So I would go with the song is symbolism and they didn’t actually sleep together. But their relationship is like that of the relationship portrayed in Katte ni Shiyagare, and so gives the connotation of romantic love, that Izaya at least is in love with Shizuo.

Eh but I’m out of the Durarara fandom so this really is just my opinion~but anyway yes I too think the song choice for Izaya is on purpose along with Shizuo’s. So I think you can take it seriously but it may not be a literal depiction of a post sex scene but a symbolic one of their relationship.


listen this is still the best thing to ever happen to me and just rlly solidifies my love for jeongguk