my casual suga post just got a bunch of notes recently and people seemed to like it so i thought id draw another one in my own outfit from a couple of days ago bc im Gay And Edgy

Can You Guys Just Fuck Already? - Bucky x Reader

(Prompt List)

Request from anon: I have a request!!!! Can you do “is that my shirt”/“have you seen my jacket?” and “can you guys just fuck already” from that prompt list you reblogged??

Here it is! :)

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Warnings - Swearing, exposed!Reader, Jealous!Bucky, constant mention of sex, that’s all I can think of.

Word Count - 1.3K

You and Bucky are in a secret relationship and surprisingly, nobody knew about it. You two frequently sneak into each other’s rooms at night and you both make sure you don’t go on missions the same night, making sure you both can spend as much time together as possible without being too obvious and inevitably, caught.

But recently you have noticed Nat raising her eyebrow a lot more at the two of you, and also not having missions the same night so she gets to watch you and Bucky together when you have a Netflix marathon (Sorry, no chilling when Natasha is there.). She is seeming to catch on slowly you think, and thank god that she’s keeping her mouth shut about her assumptions, you don’t need any more people trying to sniff out the truth.

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It's possible for someone in Earthland to be an exceed in Edolas, look at Icheya and Necheya

I want to believe that is a coincidence that both look similar

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Well, since possibilities aren’t zero..

Meen ~

[ okay you know, I once read this THEORY that Rex actually was a Commander too but refused to use that title since he was sure that a COMMANDER was more likely to get targeted than a Captain. – thinking about it further it COULD make sense. Because when you check the wookiepedia about the 501st legion the commanding officers are listed like this:

Palpatine, well - 
CT-7567 is Rex
Anakin does not need explanation 
CC-1119 is Appo. And Appo was a SEARGANT during the clone wars, as we heard during the Umbara Arc. He was not the Commander of that shit. 
Commander Bow was the Commanding officers after Appo died during the assault on the Jedi Temple. 

So, WHO lead the 501st during the clone wars? SpoilerRex did. A Captain could not lead an ENTIRE Legion - only Commanders ( am I right? Correct me if not ) And since Appo wasn’t a Commander while Rex was there and I am sure that I read that Appo got the command after Rex LEFT the Theory about Rex actually being a Captain makes sense to me??? 

this shit didn’t leave my mind for the last few weeks and I am so into this theory you guys don’t understand. 

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Do you think it's normal to have a crush on someone else while being in a relationship? I'm really confused and feel so bad about this, do you think I don't love my girlfriend or something?

It’s very very normal, in fact, if a relationship goes on long enough, both parties will have a crush on someone else at some point. It just happens. It’s one of those things that you shouldn’t read too much into and it only ever becomes a problem when people act on the crush thinking they don’t want their partner anymore because the crush is new and exciting. Honestly, if you just ignore it as best you can, it just disappears on its own. It’s fine, you love your girlfriend.

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what do you think of the other ships with jackson and jb? what makes jackbum so different from them? sometimes I feel insecure about shipping jackbum bc there's other ships that have a lot of chemistry too (I guess you could say that) like jinson, jackbam, 2jae, markbum, etc. and I get really sad because we don't even get much moments of our ship, at least not as much as other ships like markson, jinson, jackbam or 2jae

soo i’ve answered something quite like this here so check it out!!

but mainly because of jaebum, he was the key to noticing they were MORE THAN FRIENDS you know, cause he isn’t very touchy not even with youngjae who he’s very close with. it’s a different relationship. and also because jaebum allows TOO much from jackson. yeah yeah i know jackson is VERY touchy and all of that but if they were just friends jb wouldn’t let jackson get away with some things like THIS

their hands lol


when the fuck would jaebum let anyone else take his hand like that and hold it. SO COMPLIANT. SO ACCEPTING. and it all happens while he stares back at jackson in a way that makes me fucking lose my breath i mean????

jackson PALMS his dick (it was his intention all along lolll) and all jaebum does is take his hand away and LAUGH. i’m bambam 

honestly THIS WHOLE VIDEO. watch others, watch them all (got2day) and see if you can sense THIS i mean. fuckkckck jaebum doesn’t even touch anyone. just jackson i am gointo kill msyhefkdl. AND JAEBUM ALMOST NEVER LOOKS TOWARDS THE CAMERA DURING THIS VIDEO AS WELL, I WONDER WHY.

please. P L E A S E 

this look.serisoutltttttyyyyyyyyyyyy


Had SO MUCH FUN at the Foam-Glow 5K run last night! I made my friend and I shirts that said “Racing to hatch the 5KM Pokémon GO! Egg” and people kept commenting how awesome they were.

My loose skin actually didn’t bother me too much either, which was awesome! I think it was cause I was “in the zone” and having so much fun I barely noticed it. And we finished in about 45 minutes. Would have gone faster too but there were pile-ups at each Foam station that slowed everyone down haha.

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DUDE! Your theories are literally just like Top 10 memes or game theory, and this is a good thing. Do you know Underlab? It's a YouTube channel about Undertale which talks about theories and the "what if" things that could happen. I think you should make a collab video about your best theory.

Thank you so much! We’re flattered! A collab video sounds lovely, but honestly, I’m not too sure that we have time for one! There is a huge number of asks and drafts we are still trying to get through.

Perhaps in the future we can revisit this idea.

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If you could go back to your teen self when he was going through the "Angry Jack" phase, what advice would you give him to cope with what he's going through?

By pure luck, I had fairly progressive parents and a decent number of female and queer friends and hung out on webforums where intelligent people would dissect problematic statements. So whenever I got irrationally angry about things, I typically got the advice I needed when I needed it. It wasn’t a perfect system, and I still think about some of the dipshitty things I said when I was a teenager, but mostly it taught me how to think critically about my own thoughts and feelings and not to put too much weight in my gut reactions to things.

(It was a different internet then, before social media, where arguing with an ignoramus very rarely led to that ignoramus ganging up with a bunch of other angry people and targeting someone else as payback.)

My experience is a big part of why I feel it’s important to speak up in front of your audience about a BS argument when it presents itself. I think I’d be a very different person today if I hadn’t seen so many people picking apart bad logic. That said, what I’m trying to figure out now is how to create that experience today, now that harassment is so much more organized and there can be much graver consequences for speaking up.

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So I used to watch this lesbian YouTube couple on YouTube, but they broke up. It's been almost 5 months and I still have hope they'll get back together.. so you think I should just give up?? I mean, they were together for 3 and 1/2 years!! They honestly saved my life and I love them so much :/ I don't know if I'm wasting my time tho..

Honestly, yes I really think you should.

I completely understand being invested in a couple so much that it actually effects your life. I’ve experienced it myself a few years ago, mine was a fictional couple, but when they broke up, I was genuinely so hurt about it. I really get it.

But it’s so toxic really to be too emotionally invested in someone else’s relationship, especially when it’s a real life couple. 

You need to move on from it, and concentrate on things in your own life. If they never get back together and you don’t get over their break up, then it’s going to be really detrimental to you. They were important to you, and that’s special and wonderful and nothing’s going to take that away from you, but that door has closed now, and it’s time to move forward with your life. 

A Couple of Awesome Players - Esselle
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By Organization for Transformative Works

‘Shouyou smashes his cheek against Kageyama’s, and his grin overflows, the happiness sliding over onto the other boy’s face until he’s beaming, too.

“Kageyama, do you wanna be best friends?”

Kageyama looks stunned. “If you want. I’ve never had a best friend before.” ’

The current manga arc has me thinking about Tobio in middle school and how much he changed over those three years. I wanted to explore what his and Hinata’s friendship might have been like, and how those years might have been different for Tobio, if the two of them had met much earlier.

At thirteen years of age, Hinata Shouyou learns about volleyball.

On a cold morning outside a local storefront, he watches the Little Giant fly and he knows he wants to fly, too.

The only problem is, the walls are too narrow, and the ceiling is too low. Yukigaoka doesn’t have a boy’s volleyball club, and all his new friends want to play baseball or soccer or basketball. So Shouyou finds the stairs to the roof, instead.

He begs his mom to take him to a rec center and gym over the mountain, where maybe, just maybe, there will be some people who don’t mind letting a 150 cm first year middle school student tag along during some of their games. And if they won’t, he’ll show them. He’s not tall, but he can jump.

As it turns out, there aren’t that many more volleyball fanatics at this gym than there are at his school. More accurately, there’s just one.

His name is Kageyama Tobio, and Shouyou thinks he’s amazing.

The first thing Shouyou notices is that his head, with his hair laying shiny and flat on it, is almost perfectly round, much like a volleyball—which is fitting, because Kageyama might be one hundred percent made up of love for the sport. He started coming to the gym so that he could play on the days he doesn’t have practice to begin with. 

Kageyama has big, round, blue eyes, and a slightly blank expression, unless he’s talking about volleyball—then his round face lights up like a bulb, shiny and excited. His hair looks like someone took a stencil with the English letter M and stuck it right over the front of his bangs, cutting out two windows for his eyes. Shouyou thinks about this whenever Kageyama talks, and can’t stop giggling. People are always telling Shouyou to be more serious, but Kageyama doesn’t do that. He looks a little confused as to why Shouyou is laughing, but smiles along just the same.

Kageyama has been playing volleyball since the second grade, and he wants to show Shouyou every single volleyball related thing he has ever learned since he started. This suits Shouyou just fine, because he knows nothing about the sport except that he is in love with it.  

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Just a thing about that post this morning

I personally, by no means EXPECT tips on commissions; I understand it’s an act out of the kindness of a client’s heart but I will not think any less of anyone if they don’t tip! I mean if I wanted that extra tip money it would be in the actual price (or I’d try to ask for extra money if many many changes/additions were made along the way, stuff like that) but I do not expect it from anyone!

It’s the fact that the person was being asked to lower their prices that really struck a chord with me in that post; THAT’S the bad thing…!

So I had an idea for a fanfic

Castiel is addicted to prescription medication. He loves to be high because the thing about Cas is he can read people minds. But the draw back is he can never turn it off. It’s like a Tv that’s constantly on. All he hears all day is noise. And sometimes it gets too much knowing what everyone is thinking all of the time. Knowing when people are lying to him. Knowing what they’re deepest darkest secrets are and having people hate him because of it. So he stays stoned so that he can actually manage to have relationships with people. His brother Gabriel is a doctor and frequently gives him fake prescriptions so he can get his fix and steals from the hospital so he can get it for himself if he needs too. The whole “being high” things works pretty well. 

Until one day hes walking through a huge group of people on the streets, something that he HATES to do, but he has to meet up with his sister for lunch and she insisted on going out, when suddenly he feels it. Or more importantly DOESNT feel it. There’s a patch of quiet. No chatter. No thoughts. Just quiet. That’s….he’s never, like actually NEVER found a quiet patch before. So he runs toward it. Pushes his way through the people until he stumbles into the bubble of silence. Hes so happy he could fucking cry. Silence. Just peaceful silence. Yeah there’s background murmuring, but right here its manageable, he can tune it out. But then just as fast the noise comes back. He opens his eyes and sees someone walking away from him, taking that beautiful silence with him. He’s close enough that he can pinpoint that it IS that guy. He runs toward that beautiful silence again and practically throws himself at the man reaching out to grab his shoulder and everything stops. No side chatter. No random thoughts. Just COMPLETE silence for the first time in his life.  His eyes actually tear up.
He’s pulled out of his, well, lack of thoughts, when a concerned voice asks “Hey are you ok?”
Cas looks up and finds the most beautiful pair of green eyes attached to the most beautiful sound hes never heard. Just one voice at a time. He squeezes the strangers shoulder afraid to let go and smiles. “Yeah. Yeah. I’m golden.”  Because the saying was right. Silence really was golden.

(I think I may turn this into something longer, but I dunno. You guys think I could focus long enough to do it? Or is a ficlet good enough? ) 

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I feel like I would be less upset about team NA if they had known they were eliminated/ knew they had to win it in regulation :(

god me too like it kills me that their celly after nate’s OT goal was the purest thing i have ever seen in my whole life bc they all thought they were moving on like. just thinking of how crushed they all must have been when they were finally told that advancing was dependent on fucking russia like fuck no my kids deserved so much more than that?? they deserved to know what they were fighting for from the start?? i hate this fucking like ignorance is bliss shit like we’ll never know how the game might have turned out if they’d known going in that they had to do it in regulation and having that pure joy after the win ripped from them like that is just cruel bye

“All I can think about is his fucking hands all over me…”

Even though I connect with Van in a major way, Viv’s character is also very important to me. In the story, he’s emotionally abused and used by a man who he thinks loves him, but he realizes that it was all a façade. Now he can’t get these feelings out of his mind, no matter how hard he tries. I won’t give too much detail, but I’ve been through a very similar experience, and I just wanted to combine his feelings with my feelings and make a story that not only I, but others can relate to.

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so i just finished reading TaT and i'm really scared to start it's sequel because i know it includes WAAAY too much angst and i'm not really in the mood to read about Camren suffering, what do you think, should I read it or not??

Don’t read it

menaslg replied to your post: “Query, do you ever intend to draw son bloodborne characters? I’d love…”:

i know this problem too well. kind of bummed how much I spoiled for myself because of drawing bloodborne before playing

Same ahaha, I pretty much spoiled the entire thing for myself because I wanted to see what all the excitement was about 

Now I’m kinda salty because everyone seems to think it’s the best FromSoft game ever and I don’t think I’ll ever get a chance to play it, at least not for a LONG LONG LONG time 

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What is your opinion on people who keep saying that "Jared Leto joker was the worst" "Harley and joker don't have a romantic relationship" "Jared Leto did such a bad job honestly worst joker ever he should kill himself" Because they make me pretty pissed tbh. And most of them are Heath Ledger joker fans- don't get me wrong Heath is amazing but his fans are taking it way too far. In my opinion Jared did a glorious job. He was amazing

I think if someone says that Jared’s performance was the worst it’s only their opinion and we can’t really do much about it instead of ignoring it. What belongs to Harley and Joker I have to tell that I’m not a Mad Love shipper and I will never be one, BUT I respect all of the people who are mad love shippers and I would never tell them stuff like: How can you ship such an abusive realtionship or Harley’s and Joker’s relationship is not and will never be romantic and stuff and start fighting with them about it. Everyone has a right to ship whoever they like and what they like if they wanna ship Harley and Joker romantic stuff or non romantic stuff it’s totaly great and I think all the haters about this pairing should shut their mouth. It’s totaly okay to have a different opinion on those things but what is totaly not okay is to hate on it and to hate on the shippers. About the Jared Leto haters I can just say those are people I want never met in real life. I can’t believe how dsigusting a human being can be with saying such awful things. Jared is a great actor and he did an more than just amazing job on playing the Joker and everyone who just trys to hate on him and telling things like he should kill himself for no reason is just disgusting. And yes I’m totaly on your side they took it way too far. I really liked Heath as the Joker and I also loved Mark Hamill’s Joker on BTAS but my favorite will ever be Jared’s Joker. But although someone has it’s favorite Joker that doesn’t mean that all the others weren’t great too. I wish some people would finally understand that. Thanks to you for dropping by and talking about this! <3

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ok but... what about the rbb countdown... wasn't that on the 25th... maybe they meant this year...

i think people put way too much significance in that number. i think any significance it had is long past because i dont think it was meant to go on this long

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Hey I just wanted to say sorry for that asshole anon that keeps saying shit about you and Bucky, you deserve him and he derserves you, you two are perfect together and for each other, I love you guys and that guys just a booty douche. I'm really sorry some people are such ass wipes sometimes

“Thank you! And hey, don’t worry about it, it really doesn’t affect me that much. Life is too short to care about what people think about you or what you do.”