ladies meme  [4/6] supporting female characters // lydia branwell 
↳ “Looking out at the faces here, a brother and sister who disagree on everything except how much they love one another and how loyal they are to each other. The man who took this case pretending to want payment and rare objects but who really believes that injustice towards his friends is intolerable. Loyalty, decency, compassion, love. These are the concepts that we should consider to decide guilt or innocence in a case like this.” 


Least Favorite Episode & Scene and probably Season:


The amount of mistreatment Scott received.

“Where were you Scott?” Scott had just died, literally died, he wasn’t healing and he lost all his pack, incluiding his “best friend”. He passes away in the hallway. After Parrish finds him (and actually asks him if he’s ok), he brushes off his pain and helps Lydia. Then finds out Sheriff Stilinski was hurt, that leads to Stiles taking out his anger on Scott because he “wasn’t there”. After our saviour Melissa, separates Stiles from Scott, he tells him “Your dad isn’t the only one who got hurt”, Stiloni thinks Scott is talking about himself, as if Scott was that selfless and he says “Oh, you’ll heal”, as if Scott was just some punching bag with no feelings. 


nobody wants to hear you sing about t r a g e d y 

inspired by this


“You will fall in love with someone who is perpetually leaving you. Someone who beats you at Scrabble and talks with big words and tells all stories as if they were blues songs. You will memorize the features of someone whose eyes are perpetually bored and whose lips are perpetually amused.“ (x)