ive gone ahead and made some icons of pics from harry’s photoshoot! not all of them, but most of my faves both as the original photos and ones with the background removed :) if you take one pls like or reblog and u can find my other icons here :))

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–> “ Yes, you have something on your face…. it’s pretty gross.”
–> “ Nope!! I’m just admiring the view! ” 
–> You say nothing and look to the artist for answers, but she has none to give. All you can do now is keep scrolling and pretend this never happened. 

Thoughts on a Future Legend

I read them all: the conversation with Sir Paul, the interview with Chelsea, and Gemma’s point of view. Here’s what I have to say: it’s too much and not enough all at the same time. I know so much more, and yet I still have so much more I want to know. I want to know more about why he chose to get tattoos in the first place. I want to know more about what made him audition for X Factor. I want to know how he perceives his charisma. I want to know what he wants from his future career and what he feels he’s already achieved. I want to know his struggles. I want to read Anne’s point of view. I want to know so much more. I want to verify for myself whether he’s an introvert, an extrovert, or ambivert. I’ve read arguments for all three in these articles. And still…I’m so fucking proud to know who he has been publicly and who he has been privately. Because he’s one of the “good guys” – one of those people who makes life worth living for others. And I cannot wait to see who he becomes. We are at the beginning stages of the life of a legend, my friends, and who he emerges as next is going to be explosive and better than anything we have ever imagined. The pictures alone tell part of his transformation from long-haired boybander to intermediate geek to movie star and solo artist. I am honestly blown away, and I have to catch my breath whenever I think of what comes next for Harry Edward Styles.

[Weiss] Noire and I just finished my last last competitive placement match, and our team was already moaning and groaning about me playing Mercy. I ended up doing 13k healing and I got potm for a 4 person ress, and they still complained because we ended up losing the match.

Sometimes, I’m just so done with Overwatch and all the srs bsns players. Like come on, why would I play a character I have zero experience on compared to Mercy who I have 100+ hours on? Sorry, but I’m really not going to switch - and bitching about “no heals” and “you didn’t even ress before you died” isn’t going to change my mind.

That being said, the team was utterly rubbish and failed to protect us 60% of the match - and how the fuck am I supposed to ress when Pharah’s ult kills me instantly… like >n>


Hi, my name is Kate and I have TV show commitment issues.

Shows I have started, but not finished:

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Boredom and emotional attachment to Gil Grissom)

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Boredom and emotional attachment to Stabler)

Smallville (Boredom and emotional attachment to Jimmy Olsen)

Supernatural (Confusion. wtf happened after season 6???)

Doctor Who (Emotional attachment to the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler)

American Horror Story: Murder House (Depression)

American Horror Story: Asylum (Depression, fear of karmic retribution)

Psych (Boredom)

Dexter (Children in the room at ALL TIMES; daughter started talking about blood a lot)

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Hey, Ice Bag, is your public education system really teaching Willy Shake's work like it's all dramatic and important? If it is, I feel really sorry for you guys.

Going to ignore that this is obviously you, Bill and answer this honestly.

Yeah, every English class you have to read at least one of those plays. Romeo and Juliet and Othello and all that. I got bored one day of trying to figure out the words and looked up a more modern translation and, dude, some of the things this guy wrote about are at the humor level of the dumbest kid in my class. That isn’t saying much.

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