my biggest complaint with alone at sea was that jasper’s flight was not in some way accompanied by an exploding star and/or a “ting” sound

One day I’ll have a job where I don’t feel the need to call out at least once a month in order to prevent myself from falling into a deep boredom induced depression. Today is not that day.


Oregon officially offered me the job this afternoon.


 I’m gonna call them back first thing tomorrow, because I have some thinking to do. Yes, I want the job. I want it a lot. BUT!!! There are some big complications: 

1) The car - So we only kinda have one car at the moment (mine), since Sam’s died back in April and he can’t get it fixed until the end of next month. He also just started working as a Domino’s delivery driver and has been using my car for that. Driving to Oregon would leave them with just my dad’s car, that only he drives because the brakes don’t work very well. So that’s a big issue. 

 2) Living situation - I ain’t got one in Oregon. They have yurts at the state park, but when I asked them about living situations during my interview, they just mentioned trying to find an apartment nearby. Im thinking of contacting a local church leader in that area and see if we can work something out, but that is a HUGE If. I’m far and away from having the money to get an apartment, especially one that’s just month-to-month, so I’d just have to live in my car??? Maybe??? 

 3) Other stuff - I’m broke. You all know this hahahha So getting food, gas, etc. to live there until I got that first paycheck would be complicated. But this isn’t a major thing, since I’d have some money from Taco Bell. It’s something I have to keep in mind, though. 

These are some big hurdles, and I have no idea how I’m gonna pull it off. Deep down, though, I feel really //good// about this. Like this is what I need to do. So I’m having utter and complete faith that this is gonna happen. I love you all, you’re beautiful, FANTASTIC people, and THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT LET’S SEE WHAT HAPPENS!!!!!!

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Woooah, so many requests! I think I’ve got eight of ‘em in the box… Since I’m pretty sure I’ve got more than half of them already done, I’m gonna leave requests open. But please be patient, it might take me a while to get around writing/posting them (I try to post only two fics a day at most)! It really makes me happy to know that y’all like my writing so much. :)

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that is one of my concerns actually. i think they'll have no more photoshoots together. kaistal + photoshoots is life. no daydreaming about your otp is good. lets do it together. haha. we shall see how kaistal will act in smtown tomorrow. will they pull a baekyeon too? and would totally ignore each other.. or..

It makes my cry thinking of that. They’ll probably won’t have any schedules together at all like that LV event.. aah but they should.. my fashion supermodel couple :( But is fx already in Osaka? Yeayyy they finally breathe the same air today. Krys was so busy with China schedules ;~; Oh I really like Jongin and Amber’s friendship too hehe. They probably usually all hangout together right? Hehe.

Yeah I think they’ll pull out a baekye0n. Not even eye contact. I’m not gonna anticipate anything :/