No truths and a whole lotta lies...Purv pay attention this ones for you.

For quite some time now Purv and her tall Tony tales (TTT) have been tossed around by her as the gospel according to Purv. . She has continually made some pretty authoritative claims about his businesses and their successes. She has claimed to have a SOLID Tony source that has known Tony for many years  and yet this person seems to be unaware of some very interesting and surprisingly easy information to find. Purv it seems has  had some difficulty separating fact ( which I have) from fiction( what she has). But fear not Purv I will set you straight very soon. I apologize profusely for the Purv like highlighting but its a necessary evil. Note that Purv claims Tony to own two bars in London 

She claims he owns a music production business and that both The Library  and The Reading Room are booked ALL week . Lets start with the bars first , I was curious about them. I mean who doesn’t love a quaint little pub and having grown up in Ireland I love them even more.I also love Absinthe and the rituals of the serving of it. So I looked up the bars and I found something very interesting. Though I am sure Purv won’t agree The Library and The Reading Room are actually both in the same building. So its one bar/building with two doors. The Library building  sits on a corner lot and the entrance to it is on Upper Street , The Reading Room is on the first floor of the same building and its entrance is on Laycock Street. So that got me even more curious, I mean how would the all knowing Tony source not know this?? That brings me to Purv’s next claim that the TWO bars in London are jam packed all week, Hmm It might be that the reason her London friends ( roll eyes) are having trouble getting a reservation for The Reading Room is because they are only open 3 NIGHTS A WEEK . from 5:00pm  to 2:00 am Thursday , Friday and Saturday as the link I found directed me to an online booking site for them that shows their hours of operation. Rather difficult to consider The Reading Room a fulltime profit making venture when its only open 27 hours per week.

Curiouser and curiouser, I now wondered what else Purv’s Tony source was missing . Turns out quite a lot actually. Purv claims that Tony OWNS a music production company as well. So lets start there. Turns out Tony DID own a music production company  called Numb Music Productions and while that company name still exists it is, as a music PRODUCTION company an empty entity.It is rather difficult to produce music when you have no studio and no recording equipment. Read the notes on the left hand side of this blog post, note the name of the seller at the top and the reason for selling a little further down.

Now what more could there be to learn about , I mean Purv’s source has told Purv. everything she knows about Tony and Purv has told nothing but the TRUTH about Tony to all who are dumb enough to believe her.  AHH but that brings me to the part I enjoy the most, proving yet again that Purv is lying. You will recall that Purv in her own words( up at the top of this post)  claimed that  the DEED OF SALE (remember that term its important, it denotes a deed to PROPERTY OWNED RIGHT? ) showing Tony is the OWNER  and is a matter of public record and easily found online. There is proof Purv claims on record in writing . Now here’s my fave part. She is right there is proof of ownership her aforementioned deed of sale(denotes deed of property owned)  HOWEVER its NOT Tony’s name on that deed. No that honour belongs to a company called Enterprise Inns who owns the building housing both The Library pub and The Reading Room. Tony rents them from Enterprise. Now I don’t know about you but renting does NOT require a DEED OF SALE. does it? Also Enterprise has listed that building for sale on March 4 2016 . Now since part of the business Enterprise is in is  leasing pubs  they are in it to make a profit. They require their tenants to sign a contract to only purchase their liquor from them , its commonly called a beer tie- in. They also require a % of profits. So for them to unload a pub it must not be doing as well as they would like , which is unfortunate for all involved. But why take my word for it ? why not let the proof speak for itself. See that’s the difference in me and Purv , she deals in fiction I deal in fact.  You would think that her Tony source having known Tony personally for so long would have been privy to this info. BTW the only role the music production company poses in this is its the name on the lease with Enterprise Inns. So that would also mean that Purv is also lying when she claims that Tony’s name is on the DEED OF SALE AND IN WRITING IN PUBLIC RECORDS. So if she lied about ALL of this what else has she lied about?? My moneys on a lot more than just this with regard to Tony.. So Purv  I think I just sunk YOUR battleship, BITCH!  Mines still sailing smoother than ever.