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Apparently it’s okay to joke about mental illness


What’s next, "How Suicidal Are You”? Ooo I know, how about “How Terminal is your Cancer?” That’d be a laugh!

Mental illness is not a joke. It’s something that thousands of people suffer and fight every single day of their lives, and bullshit like this that turns their struggle into a joke and minimalizes it is what makes that struggle so much worse. The off-handed attitude and throw away comments make people feel like they have a right to tell people to just get over it. No one chooses it. If getting over it was that easy it wouldn’t be an issue.

I’m blocking your app on facebook and encouraging everyone I know to do the same. You’re sickening. “

Today I got a reply:

” Omer Geffen (Playbuzz)

May 18, 13:39

Thank you for reaching out. We apologize if you found this quiz offensive in any way. Popularizing psychological terms is a common thing online, keeping that in mind and also being that Playbuzz is a playful content website, we do not profess on analyzing a person’s true mental health state. Just providing people with the opportunity to self reflect.

We appreciate your feedback and the fact you took the time to write to us.

Thank you,
The Playbuzz team “

What that basically says is "Yeah, but we’re a joke site so we’re allowed to make it a joke. Besides, everyone else does it so it must be okay”

I’m absolutely fuming.

I replied, probably a bit sooner than I should have, because I could have included a couple of other well worded arguments if I wasn’t so damn angry.

“So basically what you’re saying is "Everyone else does it so it’s okay”.


You do realize that there were people in your comments going “My doctor said I was just depressed but this said I was full blown bipolar so should I get a new doctor?”, right? And you completely missed my point that what you call “popularizing” is actually minimalizing. “I saw it in a quiz on facebook so it’s okay for me to make jokes about it too.” You’re continuing the exact same bullshit mentality that you yourself obviously don’t have the intelligence to fight.

I’m not expecting a spineless, profit driven, clickbait company to change the world. It would be nice if they had at least some semblance of ethics though.

Thank you for the reply. I’ll be sharing it quite happily to show people what Playbuzz is really like.“