So recently I’ve been feeling kind of in the gutter, schools stressful and im being forced to make my life plans at the age of 16 where I don’t even know what colour socks I should wear for the day but mini appreciation post to Kyle for being there for me and being adorable and stuff and spending the entire day with me on my birthday and visiting me after school because I’ve had the past few days off ^~^ ✨💕🌺 @pvgaka01revlis (Also have kawaii sonic)

My sister genuinely believes that I’m a psychopathic murderer. I was moving some shit around when she came in asking what I was doing so without turning around or hesitating, I said, “Planning your murder.” I heard her run away and not even five minutes later came back with my mom looking absolutely terrified while my mom was just confused but slightly wary. My sister had told my mom that I had planted a bomb of some sort in my room and was going to blow up the house. She was absolutely convinced that I had set up some sort of explosion near my desk and that I had a lighter ready to create some giant fireworks.

Silly sister, the bomb is in her room. Maybe.

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卐 :Worse role play-related encounter and what advice you would give to others to avoid similar situations?

|| Roleplayer Mun Meme || @syfyravalkyrie.

1. *  : Worse role play-related encounter and what advice you would give to others to avoid similar situations? 

There have been a few distinct bad encounters and experiences… however, I would say that the instance that makes me the most uncomfortable, even to this day, was the occasion where I blocked a blog and the individual behind the blog used one of their other blogs to send me messages asking why I blocked them. Repeatedly sent messages despite no answers coming from my end.

Let me tell you all right now: You don’t owe anyone anything.

You do not need to tell anyone why you don’t want to rp with them.

You do not need to answer all memes and asks.

You do not need to explain why or give notice that you want to drop a thread.

And you sure as Hell do not need to tell anyone why you blocked them.

- People don’t block others accidentally. There’s always a reason, even if the individual is uncomfortable with sharing it, especially with the person they blocked. - 

You do not need to bend over backwards and stress out over a hobby.

How do you avoid someone you blocked who repeatedly messages you anyway from other blogs and sources? Ya can’t. Just ignore them. Ignore them on their millions of blogs. There’s nothing you can do to make another person get the hint. People might block because of muse, mun, untagged posts, nsfw, anything. They don’t need to tell you why.

I’m petty and bitter and now I’m pissed again.

I’m gonna feel comfortable talking about my other OCs one day.

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I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought of The Neverending Story when reading that last chapter! Lemme tell you thinking back to the movie really stirred up the feelings and I am so glad Akaashi is okay!

Artax … ;_;

that movie was my childhood, man … like, it really shaped my love for fantasy, I think? And I related to it so much because I too felt like I entered an entire world whenever I read a book. And being able to control what happens in the story … as a budding storyteller/writer I really saw myself in Bastian (especially considering I too would avoid going into a pop quiz in favor of reading hehe).

I also had such a massive crush on Atreyu and Moon Child. They were my first imaginary friends, ahaha.