So recently I’ve been feeling kind of in the gutter, schools stressful and im being forced to make my life plans at the age of 16 where I don’t even know what colour socks I should wear for the day but mini appreciation post to Kyle for being there for me and being adorable and stuff and spending the entire day with me on my birthday and visiting me after school because I’ve had the past few days off ^~^ ✨💕🌺 @pvgaka01revlis (Also have kawaii sonic)

My sister genuinely believes that I’m a psychopathic murderer. I was moving some shit around when she came in asking what I was doing so without turning around or hesitating, I said, “Planning your murder.” I heard her run away and not even five minutes later came back with my mom looking absolutely terrified while my mom was just confused but slightly wary. My sister had told my mom that I had planted a bomb of some sort in my room and was going to blow up the house. She was absolutely convinced that I had set up some sort of explosion near my desk and that I had a lighter ready to create some giant fireworks.

Silly sister, the bomb is in her room. Maybe.

When students cheat on exams it’s because our school system values grades more than students value learning
—  Neal deGrasse Tyson

Re-uploads for a very dear friend from a while ago.

i really hope video game companies understand that we south americans also play video games, we have to get everything from usa and since the dolar is expensive as shit we pay like 3 times the normal price or they just don’t send us games because usa need more stock fuck u all i’m mad

spencer tag dump.

2016 is a bit shit

I haven’t got anywhere else to rant really so I guess I’m doing it here.

Leading up to 2016, I needed a root canal. Whole lotta pain while I was waiting for a dentist appointment. Figured hey, at least next year it might be less shit, right?

Got back to uni on the 2nd. Everything was going well. A few days in I decided to go to the local Tesco a bit on the late side, since it shut at midnight. Turns out they changed their closing times from 12am to 11pm. Was a bit shitty, but whatever nbd I can deal.

Now I’m a first year in uni, 260 miles away from my house, so now’s about the time for me to look for living arrangements for next year. If you’ve ever met me, you know that I’m fucking terrible around people, so I only had one roommate choice really, but he’s sound. We start looking at 2 bed flats but there’s dick all. Speak to the building manager about staying here next year, she’s like yeah I’ll put you down to stay. Cool, sorted.

Turns out it ain’t sorted, and without anybody telling anyone, the building management was sold to the uni, who are making it a first years only place. We still haven’t officially been told this, we had to hear about it from the union president on their blog.

Now for at least like, half of the people in the building, who were guaranteed when we moved in that we could stay next year if we wanted, are gonna be thrown out. And everyone’s already found living arrangements, leaving us with nobody to move in with and nowhere to live anyway for the most part.
Still no word from the uni or building about it though.

But for real Tesco why you shut at 11 now that’s fuckin annoying man