My sister genuinely believes that I’m a psychopathic murderer. I was moving some shit around when she came in asking what I was doing so without turning around or hesitating, I said, “Planning your murder.” I heard her run away and not even five minutes later came back with my mom looking absolutely terrified while my mom was just confused but slightly wary. My sister had told my mom that I had planted a bomb of some sort in my room and was going to blow up the house. She was absolutely convinced that I had set up some sort of explosion near my desk and that I had a lighter ready to create some giant fireworks.

Silly sister, the bomb is in her room. Maybe.

Call me childish or immature or whatever you want but if Merida turns out to be Zelena’s and Robin’s child, I’ll step the hell outta this fandom.

It’s bad enough they’re having a baby together. I was hoping it wasn’t true or maybe Zelena’s baby wasn’t Robin’s but apparently it is his.

I love Bex and Zelena’s character but I didn’t want her to stay because of the freaking baby!! *deep breaths* sorry sorry.

UGH! Don’t hate me, I just… I have my reasons to hate this Outlaw Green (is this a thing?) baby, okay? Maybe if the baby was a boy I would be a little bit okay with… lol nope who am I kidding, I’M SO NOT OKAY WITH IT!! END OF STORY.

P.S. if anyone knows any fics about Zelena’s pregnancy being fake or something like that, pls link me. THANK YOU.

I was tagged by plumbobsinthesky, thank you :)

Put your music on shuffle and answer these questions!

  • Title of the first song you land on describes how you die: The Great Disappointment - AFI (oh god I haven’t heard this song in YEARS)
  • Second song will describe your love life: Bird Song - Florence + the Machine (ooookay…?)
  • Add “in my pants” to the fourth one: Choke on This in My Pants - Senses Fail (brb dying) (also I don’t care how old you are if you’re not passionately screaming the last half of the song then I feel sorry for you)
  • Fifth song will be played at your funeral: Weeping Williow - The Hush Sound (I’ll take it)
  • Sixth song is your theme song: Time Stands Still - The All-American Rejects (jfc I’m emo trash)
  • Seventh song will play when you think about someone you love: US - She Wants Revenge (why)
  • Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title of the eighth song:  Gonna Get Over you With A Shovel and a Screwdriver - Sara Bareilles (aka I’m gonna get over you by fucking murdering you and burying the body)
  • Ninth song will describe your week: Saturday - Fall Out Boy (weirdly fitting)
  • Tenth song will play when you miss someone: Always - Blink 182 (Aww)

In conclusion, according to this my life is really fucking depressing but hey at least my funeral song will be somewhat upbeat. Also, not tagging anyone because I’m the worst.

anonymous asked:

Did you see the drama with Hayden that just went down on the jonnor tag? Ridiculousness!

I mean I heard about it obviously but I don’t really go on the jonnor tag anymore because a) needless drama, b) people posting things that have nothing to do with jude or connor, c) nobody seems to use read mores on their fics ever at all, and d) shirtless gavin and people talking about how hot he is (which is all well and good but I don’t really think it belongs on the jonnor tag and also it makes me feel icky because I’m way too old for that)

so anyway yeah. I guess you could say I gave up the jonnor tag for lent… 8 months early :/

I used to headcanon that Gia wouldn’t have much issue getting along with Elijah’s sisters.

I still think she’d get along fine with Freya. It’s not like Freya has a lot of connections or prejudices- she doesn’t know Hayley, and she’s never known Elijah’s other lovers-. Gia was there when she was accepted into Josephine’s coven and became part of the Nola witches. Gia really helped with everything that orchestrated all that, to be honest. So I can see them getting along just fine.

But canon has- for reasons I still don’t understand, but there you have it- made it clear that Rebekah would rather Elijah continue chasing after Hayley. And so now I think that Rebekah would end up being someone who managed to make Gia feel insecure, where I don’t necessarily think she would be insecure.

Had she lived past that last scene, I think Elijah telling her “you don’t have to” in terms of how he feels about her, what she means to him, and what they are, would have made her confident. She knows Elijah. She knows those words mean a lot more from him then they would from someone else. I think she would have been fairly secure in her relationship with him, would have been more than fine helping him find a way to cure Hayley’s curse, would have supported him being around Hope, etc.

But Rebekah would probably end up making comments about Hayley, alluding to Elijah’s grand feelings for her, and it would eventually get under Gia’s skin.




sent me presents for my birthday, and Peyton I know you asked me to take pictures of me opening my presents, and I didn’t manage to do that but I figured I would arrange everything in the super pretty wrapping so that everyone could know HOW AWESOME YOU ARE LIKE DAM GIRL I MENTIONED THE JOSEPHINE BAKER STORY ONCE AND I WAS SO SURPRISED AND HAPPY AND THEN WTF ANOTHER JOSEPINE BAKER CHILDREN’S BOOK, THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.


My excitement high over having clinical died down during the early hours of today. So I finally had an anxiety attack because of everything that happened this week and I ended up throwing up more than I usually do… I don’t feel like going to class this morning because I’m running on less than 2 hours of sleep and I’m starting to think about what happened over the weekend.
I’ve only opened up to two people about and they keep ensuring me that I wasn’t wrong in that situation and that it isn’t my fault. But yet it feels like it were my fault. I haven’t given it any thought this whole week because I had clinical and loads of school work but now that my schedule is back to normal…. I feel everything.
I knew I was effected by it earlier on in the week because out how scared I was to go out, even during the day in fear that something would happen again. I don’t like the idea of going out much because of what happened. I feel so unsafe even at home because it happened right in front of my door and they know where I live… And I don’t have a distraction from the way I feel anymore. It feels as if it were my fault and I can’t get that out of my mind. I should have been safer.

But, besides the negativity here’s what I did accomplish this week:
- Gave an sq injection for the first time
- Set up IV meds and flushed an IV cath with no assistance
- Didn’t mess up on any meds (!!!!!!!)
- Didn’t cry (even during the anxiety attack)

I’m trying to keep a positive outlook while transitioning back to my more introverted lifestyle to prevent things like this from happening again but I’m still scared it will again..

Next update: a new message system please

Dear staff,
Some focus on the appalling state of the message system would be nice. Especially, for mobile users like myself. Please don’t make me use Internet Explorer again! I am not a technical person but maybe we can have a mobile app or a special box for all our messages? Also why do they disappear once answered privately? I would like to keep all my messages. All in all please don’t make use Internet Explorer again to view messages on my windows phone!