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I know I’m two days late, but did someone gif sora saying ‘I’M BACK’ from the new trailer??? I can’t find it anywhere so if someone did it feel free to link me :)

Thank you guys for 10K!! HOLY SHIT!!!!

I am speechless… HONESTLY I DIDN’T KNOW I WOULD GET 10K BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR! ;; You all are amazing and I cherish every single one of you <33 I AM TOO BLESSED TO HAVE YOU ALL DFASFAS

Thank you soo much for your support and kind words daily! I will work hard in 2017 to create more art and return to AUs, so lets all have fun together :D 2016 has been a great year with you all <33~ I wouldn’t be here without all you lovely atlantean people ;)

Thank you also for 1K on Insta and 1.5K on Twitter ;-;)/<3  *UGLY SOBBING*

Madonna crying and genuinely laughing while singing “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” in the carpool karaoke is one of the reasons I love living. 

“my heart keeps bouncing between the sky and the ground. it was my first love

does anyone knows where do the words Goblin reads at the end of episode 4 come from ?

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also i was figuring out a thing for my children and here’s a fun russian/english fact

“there is a cat in the tree”
“the cat is in the tree”

in Russian those are the same construction!!! but… THERE IS STILL A DIFFERENCE

“на дереве кошка”
“кошка на дереве”

that’s the difference between whether we are looking at the tree and spotting a cat, or looking for the cat and finding it in the tree
word order
i cry for y’all

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So today I saw Aladdin on Broadway. During a friend like me James Monroe Iglehart yelled out “This ones for you Robin!” And at the end of the musical James gave a small speech talking about how Robin Williams inspired him and then proceeded to lead the audience in a sing along to a friend like me in his honor.It was such a beautiful way to honor Robin Williams!