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What do you normally do if you're hanging out with the maknaes??

We like to play video games together mainly, but sometimes I’ll drive us all to the mall to hang out or do some shopping together!

Other times, we like to watch movies or just laze around my place. Usually, the three of them will watch a YouTube video or play with some popular mobile apps that one of them found while I cook them food. They’re three hungry, growing boys after all!!

i cant wait until im in law school and i come home from classes and court appearances late at night to lay on my girlfriend’s lap and read statements while she writes or plays with my hair and helps me solve murders and i’ll pick up her favorite food on my way home and we’ll have our own little apartment full of books and music and posters and she’ll read me poetry sometimes while i make her coffee, and we’ll make goofy snapchat stories in the morning while we eat breakfast and maybe one day she’ll help me make sure that my text posts arent all run on sentences with bad grammar and we’ll be in Love and nobody will be able to bother us or threaten to kick us out and we’ll be happy im j ust s o g ay

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“I’m from Mexico and she is, too. We met in New York and then we came to Minnesota because it’s quieter and safer. In New York there were too many gangs. 

We come to this park all the time. We’ve lived in this area more than twenty-six years. I take a walk here maybe three times a week. I play baseball on Sundays. Sometimes the whole family comes to play basketball, our three sons and us. When they were younger, we used to bring them here to the playground and the pool. Sometimes their friends ask them to come and play soccer, so my wife and I sit down somewhere and watch. That’s fun. For me, this park is safe. That’s why I like it.

In Mexico, you have to work one week for ten dollars. Here you can make ten dollars in one hour. That’s the reason why a lot of people come to this country, to change their lives. Now I have food. I have a car. I can work, and my son is working, too. He works at Dairy Queen in Edina and I work at a warehouse in Shakopee.

My wife does everything for me. Cooking, doing laundry, cleaning the house. When I come home from work, she’s got my dinner ready. I told her if she wants to work (outside the home) she can, but she doesn’t want to and that’s fine. Right now me and my two older sons are working, so it’s not necessary that she works. She can stay home. I know how to cook soup or rice, maybe. The more easy food. But if there’s something I really like, she makes it for me. I appreciate that. That’s why every weekend I tell her ‘No cooking, I can buy us something.’

She loves me a lot and she watches out for me and our boys all the time. Since we married, she and I have never been separate. No days, no hours, no nothing.”

Roberto & Aurelia (at Martin Luther King Park)

Part of a summer-long series exploring the stories of Minneapolis parks visitors supported by the Minneapolis Parks Foundation

Meme Thingy Tag

Thanks @mmebookworm. Sorry this took awhile but I was doing one of my favourite things which left me without internet for the past week. 

My ten favourites…

- Cottages; specifically sitting by or in the water in the sun enjoying the quiet, sometimes with a book.

- Books that make you stay up forever to finish them because they’re so good.

- Cookies, mostly chocolate chip ones.

- Binge worthy TV shows.

- When my students get excited about what I’m teaching.

- Breakfast food.

- Finding new music to play on repeat.

- Pyjamas.

- Cat cuddles.

- My fiance; especially when he does this funny running thing when he chases the cats around the house.

And now I tag @nerdishfeels, @booksandmermaidss and @rbccjnbklr. What are your ten favourite things?

  • You ever find yourself stupidly attracted to a video game character and start wondering where your life went so badly wrong?
  • Sometimes I watch old videos of The Crew playing COD and I would totally tap KYRsp33dy. What is my life.
  • Kind of want to to get my hands on the Xbox One S, kind of want to be able to afford food and car payments.

“I miss him. I think I got used to him and took him wandering around my house for granted.”

“I miss my husband too, but it’s only two weeks and I feel liked this could be some quality time for me and Talita. You should see it as a chance to have two weeks for yourself.”

“I have my entire day for myself when he’s not around.”

“True, sometimes I forget I’m the only one with a kid.”

Ava laughed, then sighed. She could see Gloria on her phone screen playing with Talita.

“Is that fried chicken?”


“You must be really sad.”

“I am.”

“Hey, babe do you want to go to auntie Ava’s house? She has great food…” Gloria joked 

“Yes!” Talita exclaimed making Ava and gloria burst out laughing.


NAME: Unknown/Ungiven
GENDER: Female
EYE COLOR: green
ZODIAC: Aquarius

FAVORITE PLACE: Gotta love the mitten! Michigan it is!
FAVORITE HOLIDAY: Thanksgiving because food.
FAVORITE VIDEO GAME: Doesn’t play them.

She… Is a pain in my ass. I dislike her greatly at times. But… I’m very connected to her. VERY connected… So I do love her a lot. Sometimes I wish I could hug her or be there for her… But I’m not in control. She’s very… Blunt. I love it. She’s my favorite muse because I can hate her without… hating her.

Well… Yes, I would. The things she does and says sometimes just… FUCK, MAN. I would date the hell outta her.

 I love ones with Mich fighting. Beating the shit outta people. It’s very fun and thrilling to write! Especially when she’s in troubling situations! But mostly ship threads… Ryan and Mich threads are almost my top favorite because she can finally relax and be happy… And that’s all she needs sometimes. To see the one she loves. Even if she IS a pain to deal with…
Also any Carter thread. You gotta love Carter…

Aight listen. If you can’t make coherent sentences… It’s REALLY hard for me to reply. I’m not selective at first… But if I truly can’t work with what you give me or have trouble understanding what you replied with, there’s a large chance that I will not do that many threads with you. I’m sorry… But having ADD makes roleplaying hard for me… And if you make it even harder, I get irritated and frustrated.

Obviously. Mich and Carter. And two soul!Snap… I love his craziness and instability.

A bitch named Emily fuckin’ dragged me to watch Hetalia. Fuck you, Emily. @black-rose57
I’m not THAT into the fandom anymore… However I still enjoy the show. My muses have… Become their own people instead of Hetalia characters.

No. But I am keeping my muses and friends. I will NEVER leave them. <3

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He got some extra one on one attention from me today. He has been wanting to be at my side alot more lately, and I think he just feels a little left out sometimes with the baby. So we played together outside, played in the house, made food, was silly on Snapchat, and just talked and hung out more. He really enjoyed it! 💖

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Most recent:

drink: only water today - so chai yesterday (a capsule kind, used up the last one that friend gave me for bday, sigh)
phone call: dad
text: group text, deciding on when we’ll meet up for friend’s bday
song you listened to: listening to radio as writing this - it’s Wiz Khalifa See You Again playing
time you cried: 2 nights ago but nothing serious

Have you ever:

Dated someone twice: no
Been cheated on: yeah
Kissed someone and regretted it: yes
Lost someone special: yes
Been depressed: +
Been drunk and thrown up: know no moderation when drinking alone (just like with food), so sometimes do end up hugging the toilet, yes

List of 3 favourite colours: black, black… black!

In the last year have you:

Made a new friend: no. is that weird? but I’m much much closer with my ol’ buddies
Fallen out of love: yes
Laughed until you cried: tend to laugh hard so I often am in tears
Met someone who changed you: yes yes yes, you meet many people - many people change you (by small bitz)
Found out who your true friends are: second time filling this - still don’t understand the question                  
Found out someone was talking about you: found out groupmates were discussing my sexuality, but they just care for me
Kissed anyone on your BF list: FB list lol? I’m not on FB


how many people from your FB list do you know in real life: -
do you have any pets: cat
do you want to change your name: no
what did you do for your last birthday: it was the first time in years that I somehow celebrated this fucking day lol - went out with gals
what time did you wake up today: 11:30 am - it’s Sunday, man (plus friend was keeping me awake - attacking with photos of St. Pete at night - who would be able to fall asleep, huh?)
what were you doing last night at midnight: probably reading. or texting. or munching on something. or crying. can’t remember, but there were options
last time you saw your mom: 2 weeks ago
what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: good question
have you actually talked to a person named Tom: wtf
nickname: dron, vaneau, pti - groupmates have a thing for nicknames  
relationship status: single pringle (can I keep this pls)
zodiac sign: leo
pronoun: she/her
favourite tv shows: don’t like them
long or short hair: long
height: 170 cm
do you have a crush on someone: yes, always crushing - just how I roll
what do you like about yourself: difficult
right or left handed: right
first best friend: a boy, we stayed friends till teenage years
first sport you joined: tennis
first vacation: ah, the Black Sea - all my childhood 
eating: nothing but I wanna go grab an ice cream
drinking: nothing
i’m about to: go check on cat and bring him so he can sleep near my laptop
listening to: haha still jamming to radio - Royksopp Here She Comes Again for now
kids: I want a kid
get married: would be lovely to marry the right person, I think
career: ?
lips or eyes: lips
hugs or kisses: kisses
taller or shorter: taller
older or younger: older
romantic or spontaneous: both?
sensitive or loud: sensitive 100%
hookup or relationship: i want one hookup please
troublemaker or hesitant: hesitant

Have you ever:

kissed a stranger: no
glasses/contacts: no but I shouldddd
had sex on the first date: no
broke someones heart: probably not
turned someone down: it happens
cried when someone died: yes
fallen for a friend: no. and I wonder why (such a lesbian cliche right). sometimes I want intimacy that goes beyond friendship I guess, but that’s physiology not feelings and I’m usually tipsy then

Do you believe in:

Yourself: don’t want to say no
Miracles: no
love at first sight: no
heaven: no
kissing on the first date: is it something to believe in lmao

Done this tag 2 years ago actually and I feel sad, realising how stagnant I am in life. Just thinking rethinking thinking. I shouldn’t.

I tag @ariacompanies, @soullikethesea, @todeath, @aimingforharmony, @findingawaytobefree, @guckamonster, @like-rocks–in—riots @ghastlyremnants, @mixedlollybag, @samna26, @masseyme have fun if you have time!

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Top 5 favorite places in the world?

1. San Francisco. Specifically Japantown, I spent a lot of time there in my (weaboo, admittedly) teenage years and I still have to go to Osakaya every time i’m there and get an order of rice balls. It’s where my parents used to go on dates after they went bowling xD

2. Melbourne, Australia - I lived there for about 6 months and lived in this gorgeous apartment in the city and the food was so good and the beach was like twenty mins away and it was the best. 

3. My friend’s living room, as it was the only place I ever felt comfortable among a group of people. We played board games, started a two year D&D campaign, and watched terrible movies while high as balls. Or sometimes we were so high we would just watch 90′s commercials on youtube. 

4. My house. It has my cats and I like not having to deal with other people while I’m at home. 

5. Ikea. I will go there any chance I get…I fucking love those meatballs. And the princess cakes. 

ask me my top 5 anything!

me:”man i should rlly play dst w/ ppl other than my wife-friend n other friend!”

also me
: *has the worlds worst connection whn it comes 2 that game**can barely make a camp fire in time**sometimes forgets that night happens so i’ll wandr out of the campfire light limit w/o a torch* *cant kill things 4 shit**will bug u n ask where u are every fuckin 3 minutes bc i care bout u n i might have food 2 give**forgets to eat things**has a heart attack everytime someone asks if i wanna play w/ them*

Last night my friend Kate and her husband Chris came over to cheer me up, brought me two amazing new coloring books (one is “funky cats” and one is “birdtopia”). We tried the new Thai place that’s been getting rave reviews across the street from where I live and it absolutely lived up to the hype so I’m stoked that it’s so close. The food was great, the wait staff was super friendly, and the presentation was gorgeous. Then we all went for a stroll on U of WA campus and played pokemon and went back to my place to play card games and talk. I am so glad that I have them as friends I feel so alone sometimes here but I shouldn’t I really do have great local friends I just have such a hard time reaching out sometimes. 

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I'd like a ship please! I'm 4'11/5', brunette, I love reading comic books and regular books. I'm a bit of a nerd(okay a huge nerd), I'm a little bossy sometimes, food is my life, not very athletic but can get very competitive when I do play a sport, and my friends and family are everything.

I’d ship you with: Cisco Ramon! 

Originally posted by tomcavanagh

- Cisco is a huge nerd, too! He loves all sci-fi, comics and pop culture stuff and you’d never be at a loss for something to talk about!

- Your bossiness brings something that he doesn’t necessarily have; Cisco is very laid back and sometimes it can be a fault. Everyone needs a slight push sometimes, and luckily you’re there to give him a few nudges

- He definitely has a sweet tooth and is always satisfying it. Your apartment will constantly have chocolate or lollipops hidden in the fruit bowl  

- Ramon isn’t really a sporty type, but he’ll definitely count a Nerf War exercise

- Cisco is, hands down, one of the most caring people out there. His friends are everything to him (next to his tech) and he’s very protective. You’re in good hands

I hope you liked it!

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4, 6, 8, and 15 for the question thing?

4: how do you take your coffee/tea?

Originally posted by relaxxgirl

Black, preferably. I don’t like sugar and milk is a sometimes food for me, so I drink tea and coffee black. This means I get very particular about my coffee (I’m more amenable to bitter than sour as flavours go, so I drink darker roast coffees (more Starbucks than Tim Hortons for the Canadians playing along at home)).

6: do you keep plants?

I do! I have a few around my house, most notably of which is a plant that I bought back in 1999 (!) at my college’s plant sale, and is still going strong. Here, Agent 13 is using the plant for cover. 

8: what artistic medium do you use to express your feelings?

I write. Can’t draw or pain (have no visual sense of perspective or distance), haven’t played piano in a decade, no room to dance around here. So I write. 

15: go google a weird space fact and tell us what it is!

Uranus’ blue glow is down to the methane in its atmosphere, which filters out all the red light. [x]

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the ask meme


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Instructions: always reblog with the rules, answer the 11 random questions left for you and leave 11 more for the people you tag!

1. If you could make any (non-canon) ship canon, which would it be? How would it affect the story?

Ummmmm…, well the show is over so it doesn’t really affect the story, but I’d really like to see Mabel x Pacifica being canon.

2. Coffee or hot chocolate?


3. How often do you think about food?

Umm, pretty often I think. But I actually don’t eat very much…

4. What are three things you like about yourself?

My eyes (I’ve got some damn beautiful eyes, and I have excellent eyesight), my ability to remember things, and my legs.

5. Ever go through an embarrassing phase?

Of course, I was 13 once. I used to be a glee fan. I used to write self-inserted Twilight fanfiction. I ain’t gonna lie.

6. Do you like dressing up fancy when you have the chance to?

Yes yes yes of course. I’ll dress up fancy just cause.

7. Would u date your tumblr icon?

No, I don’t think I could ever come between her and her longing for Rose

8. Summer or winter?

They’re both too extreme for me. I’m more of a spring and fall girl. But if I had to choose, probably winter. 

9. Favorite ice cream flavor?

I like Mint Chocolate Chip, and Cherry :)

10. If you could have one song play whenever you enter a room, what would it be?

Victorious by P!ATD. No real reason, I just really like the song.

11. pro or anti pickle?

Pro #pickle4life

My questions:

  1. What’s your favorite show that is currently airing? 
  2. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
  3. Do you play any video games?
  4. Stars or the moon?
  5. What’s the background on your phone?
  6. Do you have any tattoos?
  7. Do you have any pets? What are their names?
  8. What’s your favorite piece of clothing you own?
  9. Favorite animated movie?
  10. Pancakes or waffles?
  11. Are you pro or anti milk?

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@gameramelli Re DA:I — I haven’t played it long enough yet to know what happens there but I assume it’s like in Mass Effect when Tali and Garrus hook up if you don’t romance either of them? I always thought that was cute, haha.

Mostly I just like the idea of it being a die-roll thing based on certain lines being said in proximity to each other, etc. It’s just great when the game goes on without you really being there — even the fact that companions will sometimes talk to NPCs (I caught Mac having a conversation with my food vendor about recipes) is a nice touch.