Let me tell you about my story

Age 9, primary school, many girls liked to pick on me and pull my hair. They always talked about how I’m stupid and I’m not the smartest student in my class. They always hit me and I’d have to lie to my mother saying that was playing games too rough

Now, they are alright with me, they try to help me with my Math (because I suck at it) and sometimes they even buy me food if I don’t have enough money. One of them also keeps apologizing and she is always upset when she remembers what she did and always apologizes even though I tell her that she was young.

Age 13, in my new secondary school. Literally everyone in my class teased me for drawing since I was in a science class and drawing and arts weren’t really considered “good” or “successful”, things. My drawings would always be torn and my pencils broken at least once every two weeks.

Now, they matured and they adore my drawings, some ask about my comic and some that changed schools say they miss my drawings at tuition and they would ask me to bring my drawings next time at tuition so they can see, and pretty much all of them always call me a cartoonist.

Age 14, this one Muslim girl didnt like how I didn’t have a religion and she didn’t like the fact that I cried a lot. She said I was weak and she would pull my hair too.

Now, she’s in my class and she’d comfort me everytime I was bullied and everytime she cries, I am there for her too. We both help each other with our English language too.

Age 15, I started going online and this artist used to use me and only like me for my fanart, constantly demanding art and stuff from me and would threaten suicide if I didn’t do what she said

Now, she never threatens suicide and talks and helps me whenever I can, she is generous and gives out gift art a lot and treats her friends right.

Age 15, I was dragged into a group by a semi famous artist and I looked up to him but I was bullied in the group for being the youngest, I was constantly told to shut up and that I’m too young to voice my opinion and that I have to deal with bullies.

Now, he loves my art and apologizes constantly everytime he remembers 2013. He always supports me and treats me like a true friend and is always there if I’m bullied (he’s currently on vacation though)

Age 16, after my birthday. My moirail started getting very overproctective and territorial over me to a point where he would lash out at anyone that hugs me or even compliments me. He demanded smut roleplays and porn when I couldn’t give it and he said I didn’t give him enough attention. He also said I am not Agender and constantly tries to ‘prove’ that I’m not Agender.

Now, we don’t talk as much but he apologized for what he did and he is a great guy now. He respect my pronouns and gender. Every convo we have now is great and we compliment and talk about random things, he is chill about friends being with others now.

Age 16, late December. My other ex moirail cut me off, she said I never put in effort in the friendship. She didn’t understand that I was in a bad time and that her words hurt me but when I said they did, she said I’m being abusive. She later on exaggerated stuff and made a huge callout filled with things mostly fake or exaggerated and is always breathing down my neck.

Now, she and me aren’t in contact anymore but she has apologized and we are on neutral grounds.

Age 16, a day or so after my diagnosis, a person came up to me and they told me that I’m faking my mental illness and that my vent art is me sending death threats and threatening manslaughter.

Now, me and them are close friends and they apologized about what they did. We’re really good friends and they always have my back and I have theirs and they help me with my schizophrenia as i help them.

and since Age 7 until age 16 my dad has constantly hit me everyday and emotionally manipulated me, hit my mother and my dog and pressured me into doing things as well as said horrible things like telling me to die

Now, he has changed and he’s the best dad I could ever have.

Don’t tell me that abuse victims aren’t able to forgive others. Don’t tell me that I, an abuse victim for many years, hate other victims because I believe that people change. From my experience, they have. My experience isn’t invalidated because of yours. I believe that people can change.


BEIRUT, 2015 :)

If you mention Lebanon, I immedately think of my childhood and teen-years in Australia.

When i was growing up in melbourne, our favorite neighbors were lebanese. My dad’s best buddies were lebanese. We watched lebanese movies and maybe listened to Fairouz sometimes and whenever we had a birthday party, we’d play Walid Tawfik’s ‘Happy Birthday To You’. Half the kids at school were lebanese. And even a couple of favorite teachers were lebanese. Lebanese food was everywhere - from ma’moul right down to tabuleh. Nostalgic stories of life before the war and during the war were told often and at every opportunity. It was so much immersed into my childhood back in Melbourne that it almost felt like a calling, when Lamia proposed we go to and spend Easter this year in Beirut. I was hypnotized.

And of course the memories came flooding. I remember some of those kids from school in my Arabic classes and their sing-songy accents as they spoke to each other, so lyrical compared to the droning Egyptian accent! I remember their eyes the most - distinguishable anywhere you go, like they’ve been lined in kohl and something else, something warm and sweet and promising. Like they’d seen so much but remained alive and still able to live, despite it all.

There was this one boy, i remember, who was a rowdy loud kid, annoying as hell and always in trouble. And yet one afternoon, for some reason he started to tell me about Beirut… and i’ll never forget the misty look in those hazel eyes as he told me how glorious Beirut is in the winter, how the mountains looked in the snow. He told me there was nothing like it. I’d never forgotten that.

And indeed, there was nothing like it. 

I was awe-struck by Beirut’s phenomenal nature. Mountains and cedars topped with snow and intricate caves of limestone. Trees. So many trees. Such vastness as I looked at the city from the highest peaks at Harissa and Fraya Mazaar. Beirut’s beauty struck me hard. I’m not sure I even have the words to describe it. But I suddenly understood why my schoolmate back in Melbourne became misty-eyed when he spoke of the mountain. Why a kid that age would feel so terribly nostalgic. How could he not? One hour up there, looking down at the city, at the formations in the mountains on the way down, I felt as If i could’ve wept from the terrifying beauty of it all. There were stories everywhere. Life everywhere. 

i give pieces of myself away like party favors. like spare change. here, take my sadness. here, take my lungs. what’s left? i don’t see anything when i look in the mirror.

people tell me they can see my past lovers stuck in between my teeth, like a meal i never really finish. i keep smiling anyway. i’ve always liked playing with my food.

sometimes i go to church so they can call me a sinner. i let strangers slap labels onto me all the time. easy. dirty. bad girl. for the first time in a long time i feel like a real person again.

i am always hungry. my greed is ravenous. i eat boys and girls like fruit. i let the juice drip down my chin, lick it all up before it touches the sheets. i fuck people to stay sane. at the end of the night it’s never enough.

i met the devil at the bottom of my shot glass. i can still feel him coiled up in me like a snake. somebody once told me i shine too bright. truth is i am hollow enough to suck the light out of any room.

i am a loaded gun. a chameleon. my father says people will never know what to make of me. i smell like ashes and tequila. didn’t they tell you not to play with fire, baby? don’t worry, i never listened to them either.

—  i think my heart died with my mother ( a. v. s. )

Sometimes when I feed my cats they don’t wanna eat and I’m like pushing their food bowls toward them because they need to eat, stop being so picky, guys - and sometimes I feed them and they act like I haven’t fed them in days, clawing at my legs as I prepare their food and yelling at me until I set the bowls down.

Calm down, guys.

In other news, my cats like wet food (aka more expensive food) best. Hooray.

(But they’re eating and that’s really my biggest concern.)

h8r-termin8r asked:

Even though I don't have birds (and have no intentions of owning one in my lifetime) I still really enjoy and keep up with your blog! The way you explain things is very thorough and easy for me to understand, even though I have no experience or knowledge with feathered friends. Plus your pictures are amazing! But, for my question, why is there so much mess in feeding fresh fruits and veggies? I mean it's all over the walls and everything! You have a special veggie box!

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy the blog!

Eating fresh foods gets messy simply because of the way birds are, they naturally play with food which usually results with broccoli ending up on the other side of the room sometimes.  The other main factor is the way they eat, if they get too large of a mouthful, too much liquid, something’s cold or they just don’t like it they shake their heads to empty excess out of their beaks which makes juices and smaller pieces go flying all over the place.  Dark, juicy foods will makes the most mess, pomegranate, blackberry and cherry are usually the worst.  Another factor is that birds will take food with them, if something startles them or they’re done they’ll grab a mouthful and go which leaves a nice big trail of crumbs wherever they’ve gone.

The veggie box really helps with this, since the box is still pretty open the birds feel safe going in to it knowing there’s easy escape routes but the walls are high enough to catch splatter as well as blocking their view of the windows so they won’t see wild birds flying by possibly causing them to leave with a mouthful of berry juice to splat on to the carpet.

just a cheap printer paper box with paper towels, cheap and saves a heck of a lot of cleaning time

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Family fluff of Ryouma and Camilla(aka overprotective mom and wife). This should be interesting since they both bickered in their support about Kamui's safety.

This is soooo cute!! \(//∇//)\, I’m going to ship them in my IK play through!
- Camilla is very fond of making her husband embarrassed, and does whatever she has to provoke his attention
- Ryouma is almost always flustered around Camilla, even if he tries to hide it sometimes
- Shinonome is very protective of his mother, and glares down anyone who stares at her wrong
-Ryouma is all about physical affection from his family, he loves giving Camilla kisses, and she loves receiving them
- They all go to festivals together, and generally have a good time, Camilla is definitely that biggest fan of food there
- Camilla really began to fit into the Hoshido culture after awhile, and may even love it more than home
- Shinonome was always following his mother around when he was little, never really left her side
- Camilla found this to be super cute, and encouraged his behavior
I hope you like this!!
- Mod Sakura

freemantm asked:

Olay but kidlock eating oatmeal with those tiny eggs that hatch into tiny dinos (they exist lmao) and making weird noises when eating them so he's like the asteriod that murders them all or sometimes picking out his favorite ones from the bowl so mycroft scolds him for playing with his food and he would throw the dinos at him to "send his little army to kill the ugly beast" making a mess on mycroft's shirt (does this even make sense i just got home from school and my brain melted)


why did winner play rock paper scissors when they all ended up feeding each other and sharing their food…..i get sad sometimes because they are my squad goals i want a friendship like this

So, harpe-et-nitroglycerine tagged me in a maxi “let’s talk about you” kinda post, I like it and also BECAUSE I’M SO HARDCORE I’M GONNA DO THEM ALL !! <3

-Five things that make me happy.

  • Eating/baking/Cooking an especially good meal/food/thing and drinking tea.
  • Going out or hanging with my gurls, always a good moment.
  • Spending entire weeks my ass on a sofa playing videogames.
  • Having done my adult stuff and be done with it (until the next time, but let’s not think too much about that….).
  • Reading a good book.

-Six facts about myself.

  • I talk too much, sometimes not enough, welcome to “Anxiety and me”.
  • I like to sing but I’m too “shy” to do it in front of others …
  • It seems I’m more and more inclined towards pansexuality (but not panromantism so far).
  • I like to be touched or touch (not in a sexual way) people I find physically attractive but I will never ever make the first move or vocalize it because I know that too many people don’t like that AT ALL.
  • I’m tiny and mostly cutie looking but I got one hell of a foul mouth which tends to surprise (or worse) people. Specially the first time they meet me. It’s fun.
  • I’m a violent person but reaaaaally tries hard not to be like that most of the time. I already changed A LOT towards that in the last few years. 

-Five things I like about myself.

  • I like my hands a lot, my eyes, my face most of the time and my booty. To be honest I like my whole body, I was dealt some pretty easy cards I really can’t complain.
  • I love being tiny.
  • I like how I look cute when I put my hair in a bun.
  • I like my tattooed toes, especially since it’s the same as my besties.
  • I like how I always try to better myself and grow out of all that internalized bullshit like self hate, racism, misogyny, ableism, slut/fat-shaming…

-Answer the followings :

Gender: Tiny Angry Female.
Height: 162 centimeters / 5′3/4″
Where I live: Toulouse, France.
Time/date: 1er Septembre 2015, 17:47.
Average amount of sleep: Oh my …. My sleep schedule is so chaotic, maybe something between 8 and 10 ? 
Most recently watched film: Bessie.
Favourite band: I hate those questions, I don’t have a favorite anything damn ! 
One thing that ticks me off: Clueless people trying to prove me/anyone wrong on a subject they have no saying in the first place. It can fuel me for hours.
Meaning of URL: Damn I think this one is pretty obvious.
Favourite drink: Tea <3
Most used phrase: “Nan mais tu te fous de ma gueule ?!”
Favourite movie soundtrack: Hairspray I think.

I’m not tagging anyone, whomever wants to answer those, feel free to do so !

Now taking girlfriend applications, ain’t fuckin wit hoes anymore. Things to describe me:

Confident ✔️

Sexy 😏😘✔️

Will always pay for food✔️

Seriously if you try to pay I’ll embarrass you✔️

I’ll grab your means of pay out of your hand ✔️

Will give employee shit if they even try to take your money instead of mine✔️

I’ll choose the food places ✔️

Unless you really want to go somewhere ✔️

I’m annoying as fuck ✔️

Will bother you and poke you and bite you ✔

Bad jokes ✔️

It’s ok because I laugh at my own jokes ✔️

communicate in grunts and animal sounds✔️

You can watch me play video games while I ignore you sometimes ✔️

Or play them with me please ✔️

That would be awesome, Id probably cry✔️

You won’t be able to beat me at any of them though, I have a gift ✔️

Rich ✔️

Have goals and plans set in motion to have a very comfortable life ✔️

I want to sit at home all day and do nothing but go out to eat and go to shows maybe sometimes ✔️

I am not familiar with a lot of “normal” things so you can make fun of me for not knowing some things ✔️

I ask a lot of questions ✔

Love to snuggle ✔️

And kiss ✔️

I just love displaying affection ✔️

Realistic ✔️

Stubborn as fuck doe because why wouldn’t I be if you don’t make sense ✔️

Always sarcastic ✔️

am 10/10 would bang ✔️

Message for more details 😝

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Confession: My dad verbally, emotionally, and sometimes physically abused my mom. He came back from a so-called "business" trip a few days ago, and she told me not to anger him and be nice to him. When he offers to warm up some food for me, she suddenly calls me a traitor and she flips me off. Later on, when I confront her about it, she plays it off as a joke and I get a little mad. I feel like a piece of shit right now.

please tell another adult

leagueofswift replied to your post “I just want someone who’s gonna buy me good nut butter”

Get a good blender and make it….it tastes best!!

I know this, but a good enough blender is not in my budget at the moment :(

Looking for Friends #yesplz

Hello. We need friends.

I have none. If you play animal crossing please add me. I am lonely.
I enjoy long walks on the beach, preferably during a smoking sunset and my favourite food is oranges.
I enjoy outdoors sometimes and also like to play animal crossing but sadly I have no friends. I am

Name: Peaches
Friend Code: 0705-5085-2413

Plz be my friend, I can be cool sometimes.

seerpath asked:

Hi there! I am a quite person usually, I'm usually a nice person, too. I like to be active. If I move, I'm fast, mostly at running. I like to end conflicts between my friends, which makes me loud sometimes. But most of all, I love playing smash bros. I have beaten most of my friends... And because of that I'm really competitive.

Crobat are one of the fastest Pokémon in the world and can outspeed even certain legendaries. They can fly silently but their roots from Zubat and Golbat shouldn’t be forgotten, and spend most of their time exercising their wings. They can also be pretty adept battlers and most likely contend with other Pokémon when it comes to food and territory.

- Olivine

it makes me so sad when people don’t have big brothers or good relationships with their big brothers because tonight mine called me at midnight and asked if I wanted to hang out and he picked me up and took me to get food and when there was a creepy man wandering around the Denny’s, cursing at people under his breath, my brother kept smiling at me and telling me not to be scared and gesturing to his captain America shirt saying things like “I’ve got you. Don’t worry. Nothing bad is gonna happen” and then after we went to the gas station and got ice cream and came back to our house and sat on the floor in the living room and ate it and talked about everything and it was just so nice okay if you don’t have a big brother or a good relationship with your big brother you can share mine

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kink stuff you : are ya into any of the strange furry fetishes like inflation, vore, plushification, tf, etc? I'm an asexual and honestly find plushification kinda exciting lol

im into like five million furry fetishes lmao mostly revolving around my love of certain organs (cough)…. im a hella kinky asexual haha. inflation via food/drink is A++++ (aka stuffing) and i really like hard vore/cannibalism stuff, sometime soft vore if its very specific… transformation it depends, the act of transforming doesn’t usually do it for me but it can be really good if it plays into other kinks of mine

i havent seeeeen much plushification actually! you should rec some art/artists so i can see if i like it. what i have seen tho i thought was cute!!

callout post

for naynay cunnilingus-cuntflictions

  • is a fuckboy
  • always calls me an adult and a baby
  • is older than me
  • looks 12 sometimes, looks 27 other times
  • won’t watch anime OR bring me food
  • likes shrek memes and probably minions too
  • left our school to do online schooling
  • plays love live, can’t even pick best girl
  • doesn’t laugh at my dead ace jokes
  • looked up julius caesar fanfiction once, then proceeded to read it
  • tagged me in this post that implies i can’t cook AND that i am an adult
  • needs 2 eat shit and die

send them hate