Today was fun

I went to my friend’s house t play Smash because he set up his own tournament in Melee

It was a lot of food, a lot of trash talking and a lot of fun.

One of the guys even challenged me in Smash 4 and I 3 stocked his ass with Dark Pit because I’m a dick sometimes

Good shit

Fuck you anorexia.

This is the first real meal (yes I know it’s just Spaghettios, but I have done so bad this week so its a big deal) since I had my wisdom teeth taken out Monday. The ED voice has been full force and it’s been hell. Tonight I ignored that voice and I ate my Spaghettio’s.

I will try harder tomorrow. I will eat more than one good meal. I will up my intake because I deserve food, I deserve to live, and I deserve to be free from this illness.

1. My dad didn’t cut the brownies I baked for History Club correctly. He was raised to play baseball and baking wasn’t in his vocabulary until my mother came into his life. She does not take things lightly and I think the screaming stopped much past the time I fall asleep.
2. “Why are there scratches on your hips?” My sister’s favorite game is pointing out my flaws (stretch marks included) and my favorite game is reminding myself that food is not my friend. Food is not my friend. Food is NOT my friend. 
3. See, sleep does not come easily when your thoughts are so loud so maybe sometimes I pass out doing homework and forget to make dinner. So maybe sometimes my mom loses her temper and I hear the word “worthless” so many times in ten minutes that my head spins trying to keep count. 
4. Fathers never learn to have limits and food is no exception. Fathers are supposed to be heroes, not the definition of pathetic.
5. My sister throws the word fat around like it’s a sin. Sometimes I think she forgets about who her sister is. Actions may speak louder than words, but I am a poet. 
Food should not be a war I am constantly try to lose.
—  “If my life is an equation the only constant is food." by Lindsay Brooke

Dinner from last night was a pesto encrusted chicken breast with high fiber dream fields angel hair pasta with a light Alfredo/pesto sauce! It was delicious!

I had a a hard run today, for some reason my legs just could get into rhythm! I still managed 2 miles which I can’t complain about! I am gonna try and go play soccer when I get off work, hopefully that goes better! :-)
It is weird how sometimes I am just on and others I am off. It really makes the mental game in fitness that much more important! Sometimes I really do need the reminder that one bad workout is not the end and it doesn’t even put a dent in the journey! I need to keep my head up!

Also I think this is the puppy we are picking out when they are old enough to take home! Her name will be Paisley! :-)


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Wheeewww so how do I start this

15 things that make me happy

  • Drawing
  • Listening to music
  • Playing video games
  • Being a complete nerd with my boyfriend
  • Helping people do things
  • Fooling around with my waifu/bae
  • Sleeping
  • Watching anime/ movies
  • Writing or Reading
  • Eating my favourite food
  • Reblogging stuff on tumblr
  • Riding my bike on sunny days
  • Snow/ Winter/ anything cold
  • Sometimes i start laughing when I hurt myself
  • Masturbation

I shall tag

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Sorry to send this as anon, but I'm just so afraid 😔 I'm just so afraid of making my diet outside because then people will think:"who are you trying to fool, you obviously don't eat that health food cause you are fat" or if I keep going out running I know people stare at me, like look at that fat girl running, I'm afraid of all of those comments, I'm so insecure sometimes, I'm sorry 😔 but your blog really motivates me a lot so thank you for that! 💗

literally no one at all cares. it’s honestly all just your mind playing games on you and making yourself worried! if anything people will be INSPIRED by you making a change 😊

in other news, it’s been really fun to hear loud profanities from the game room here

DualSign Human AU/Headcanon: How They Spent Valentines In The Clinic.

So you know how couples sometimes do food play with chocolate sauce and strawberries?

What if Dualscar had bad allergic reactions to strawberries but never knew about it?

Imagine how, while they’re getting down and dirty for their Valentines Day, only to have Dualscar be all like “…my throat feels itchy”. And they don’t think much of it so they shrug it off and continue, only to have Signless stop, look at Dualscar, and shriek out a loud “HOLY SHIT!!! WHY DOES YOUR FACE LOOK LIKE MR.STAYPUFT?!” upon seeing Dualscar’s swollen face.

So after ten minutes of driving to the hospital, they’re both sitting in the clinic on their Valentines Day frickle-frackle night, smelling like chocolates, lubricant, and wearing a jacket over their topless chests.

let’s soak this second set in gasoline, set it on fire and throw the ashes into the nearest hellpit tbh. that was awful. 

not only game-wise (that’s a given at this point we all know that), but the attitude was awfully off. i’ll be the very first to acknowledge that.

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❣(For Flavi )

Send me a ❣ and I’ll gauge my character’s attraction to yours at this point in time

✦✦✦✦✧✧✧✧✧✧ | Sexual Attraction
✦✦✦✧✧✧✧✧✧ | Romantic Attraction
✦✦✦✧✧✧✧✧✧✧ | Crushing
✦✦✦✦✦✦✧✧✧✧ | Squishing
✦✦✦✦✧✧✧✧✧ | Sensual Attraction
✦✦✦✦✧✧✧ | Aethetic Attraction

February 25, 2015.

Today was mostly spent outside. 

I still need to do a review post about Star Light, Star Bright.

I think I’ve eaten my weight in cookies and junk food lately. Not sorry.

Friday we have an appointment for Sam.

It’s 8pm and I feel a little brain dead. I’m happy that we’ve been able to play outside today, but I’m also waiting to be able to be alone tonight, and wind down with Supernatural. I need me some Sam and Dean.

I still need to download the newest patch for WoW. My sister says the new BE skins are a little weird lol.

I think I’ve bitten the inside of my cheek sometime today, it’s throbbing. 

I’m thinking about tuning onto Twitch to watch Ryon Days livestream that’s going on right now. 

David told me that I’m the best sailor ever.

This is choppy because my thought process is choppy right now. I need some Uptown Funk to liven me up!

I have stuff coming in for homeschooling tomorrow and Friday. I love getting packages!

Did you know that apparently we now have 8 planets, and 5 dwarf planets?! I’m learning something new already lol. 

How was everyones day? 

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I'm 5'1 and pretty tiny in general. My friends say I'm a pixie and I kinda like that... My eyes are green and I have blonde hair that I cut decently short lately. Long eyelashes and I'm way too pale for my own good. I'm incredibly bisexual. Completely obsessed with music- anywhere from like Green Day and blink to OM&M, that whole spectrum- and I'm way too confident sometimes... Oops. I like art and color and writing music and playing music. Food, music and stupid jokes are the key to my heart.



"Yesterday we played Caen on Parc des Princes. My most important game so far. Underneath my shirt I had 50 new names of people on my body. People I never met but still want to keep close.

50 names out of the 805 million people suffering from hunger in the world today. Make sure the world knows.

Support World Food Programme and ‪#‎805millionnames‬ ‪#‎wfp‬" - Zlatan Ibrahimović

15 Things I love

I was tagged by antwoodcroft. And this seems like a nice and simple one, so yay!

1) Top Gear.
2) British TV in general, actually. Sometimes it’s absolutely awful, but for the most part it’s quite golden.
3) My parent’s cat, Nik. Who I’m currently taking care of and is hiding from me at the moment.
4) Traveling.
5) Movies. I live across from a theatre and have spent embarrassing amounts of money there. The guys at HMV know me quite well too.
6) Italian food.
7) Crossword and logic puzzles. The Jumble is also okay, but I’m not very good at it.
8) Playing board games with friends.
9) Tim Horton’s Iced Caps
10) Funko Pop figurines. They are so adorable!
11) Soft vanilla ice cream.
12) My big blue chair.
13) Sleeping in on the weekends.
14) Long, hot showers. Even though I’m not supposed to have them, but shhhh
15) Cross stitching. Which I’ve been getting back into. It would be so nice to actually complete something this year lol

Thanks! :D
I’m not sure about the tagging rules, but if you want to do it, go ahead!

sometimes I think about how much I miss you and the way things were but then I remember how awful you could get and it’s so hard forgetting all the good memories we had together I miss how on New Years we found a new xbox game together and we’d play it all night until it was midnight and get Chinese food and how on valentines day you’d buy me a bunch of chocolate and be my valentine or if I got scared at night you let me sleep in your bed so I wouldn’t have to be alone but then I also remember you’d have a glass of wine with dinner but we both know it was so much more than that and how you’d come home drunk and I had to help you while you’re screaming at me or how you’d constantly tell me how awful I was and that I’m stupid and not good enough and how you’d take everything away from me to the point where I had nothing anymore you drove me to the point where I wanted to end my life and I don’t think I could ever forgive someone for that even you even the one person I’m supposed to love unconditionally I can’t and it makes me feel so fucking awful and I’m so sorry for not being good enough for you and for not living up to your expectations


Fun facts about my post-gastric bypass life:
1) I’m always cold. I don’t sweat anymore. I offended a new squash partner last week when I never took off my long sleeved layer. I play in pants and wool socks and two layers of drifit. Sometimes one is a thermal layer. So I can lift for an hour and skip for 10 minutes and still look like I did at the start of my workout. So different from my purple faces extreme sweat pre-surgery self.
2) I have rather low blood pressure because I make all my own food. So occasionally I bust out a seriously salty snack. Tonight is Snyder cheesy pretzels. That bowl is .5 cup.

Must find out who this week’s squash league game is against so I can reschedule. I’ve got a bunch of young people to meet who want new jobs. (And by young, I mean in their late 20s; I’m 39.)


I literally do not care about sex at all. Actually, keep it far away from me. I’m much more interested in having someone curl up behind me when I go to sleep, and the very first thing I notice in the morning is their heat behind me. I want somebody’s fingertips barely touching my arm, just because the person on the other end of those fingertips wants to know I’m there, and wants me to know they’re there. I want a person to tangle their fingers in mine for absolutely no good reason and sleep on my shoulder when necessary and be totally comfortable in my personal space and feel comfortable fitting into my life. I want somebody to cuddle up on the couch with fuzzy sweat pants and eat junk food and watch Star Wars on snow days and play with my hair, because why not? and steal my clothes sometimes, and let me steal their clothes sometimes, and be able to call them in the middle of the night, and sneak in their window sometimes and crawl in bed next to them, and for them to roll over and curl their arms around me while they’re still asleep. And I wanna listen to their heartbeat a lot and just exist right next to each other and for nothing to be too weird for me to do in front of them. I just want to exist next to someone.

Aimee Plays Crappy Frozen Games Episode 3

Welcome back! This episode is relatively less disturbing (omitting Elsa Ear Emergency). Sorry about the slow loading on this one my internet got all wonky and I don’t quite know how to edit. But sometimes my commentary during loading screens is funny so I’m leaving them in.

In this episode we tackle Elsa Toilet Decoration, Elsa Ear Emergency, Pregnant Elsa Food Shopping, Fynsy’s Beauty Salon Elsa and Anna, Baby ELsa Flower Care, and Elsa’s Wedding Cake.

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Rules: List 15 things that make you happy and then tag 15 people

1- Talking with my friends!
2- Making shitty headcanons together
3- Sleeping
4- Eating my favourite food (aka chicken)
5- Listening to songs i like
6- Watching movies together
7- Cuddles
8- Learning
9- Exercising sometimes
10- Waking up a bit late
11- Comming back from school and talking with my online friends
12- Hanging out just for each others company
13- Looking at cute clothes
14- The days when i like what I look like
15- Playing and replaying games

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Heyyo! So, I keep having this group of boys harrass me. It's so frustrating because this summer I was raped and every leer and comment they make about my breasts makes me feel like I'm drowning. I didn't ask to be this "tiny and cute" and I DEFINITELY did not ask to be busty. Because of health reasons I am missing my last set of ribs, thus that gives me an extreme curve in. Guys constantly bug me and girls are so venomous and can't get passed looks.[p1]

[p2] I just want to hang out with my friends and pig out on food while playing video games. Can I get a drabble thing with Hara and Murasakibara taking a day off with their partner just to get away from everyone?

Hey I just wanna say that I hate that things like this have to happen and if you ever need to talk about it I’m here. I really do understand everything you’re saying, I hope I get this perfect for you because sometimes you just need to forget and have a normal day.

It wasn’t unusual for Hara to play truant, he didn’t really have too much interest in school but today he’d convinced you to join him. After the past few months you’d had he decided you needed a break, and what better way than to turn up at your house unannounced at 7 am telling you that you were staying in today. You had been getting ready for the day and was going to turn him away but when he told you his master plan of cuddling, pizza and video games you couldn’t resist; when was the last time you took a day to yourself? So you let him in and he immediately started setting up your console. By late afternoon you were both sat on your couch wrapped up in quilts with your hands popping out to use the controllers; Hara had a big old pout on because you’d destroyed him at the past three games and things were heading the same way again. Then he had an inspiring thought; what would Hanamiya do? He’d sabotage you and take victory for himself of course. You shrieked as Hara pulled his bubblegum out of his mouth and started waving it dangerously close you your hair so you’d lose focus but he never expected you to topple over. After a good 2-3 minutes of him gloating he helped you up and pulled you to his lap “____-chan~ I had so much fun, let’s get some food in and decide what we’re doing tomorrow”.

It was just one of those day; you felt like crap and you didn’t want to have to deal with everything going on in your life but unfortunately for you you had to go wake your boyfriend and coax him to school. Murasakibara was perfectly happy snoozing in his bed, dreaming of the candies he would enjoy when he woke when he felt someone trying to pull his leg. He opened his eyes so he could swat away his offender only to see it was you and once he’d focused he noticed the bags under your eyes; you were stressed and tired. He took it upon himself to ensure that you got enough sleep by pulling you into his bed and just holding you until you’d fallen asleep. “____-chin needs a day off” was all he said. You woke up midday, appalled at yourself for allowing Mukkun to drag you down to his level of lazy; you were about to get up and lecture him when you noticed he wasn’t in the room, in fact he wasn’t in the house at all. He returned 20 minutes later with the biggest bag of munchies you had ever seen. Even for him it was big. He plonked down next to you and started giving you all your favourite “I got this for ___-chin and this and this and this”. You started giggling at him “what’s going on here, you don’t share food” “that’s because that’s yours. You’re having a sleep over with me and I need to feed you”. You ended up staying at his for the next two nights, ignoring everyone who came to call and having the greatest snackathon of all time.