Vanilla ice cream cone from L’Artisan des Glaces located in Epcot’s France Pavilion.

good things from today
  • i woke up to T’challa cuddling in bed with me (he was so warm)
  • i managed to get up, shower, clean the litter box, and take out the trash so my apartment smells lots better
  • i had a yummy latte and pumpkin loaf from Starbucks
  • my Spotify feed has been lit
  • my new glasses came in the mail and they fit well
  • psych was canceled so i got to sleep in like i wanted
  • history prof excused me from my exam this morning
  • sociology professor (bless her) is gonna let me turn in assignments late for the rest of the semester while i get my shit together mentally
  • i picked out a cute outfit that goes well with my amethyst pendant
  • i’m gonna get lots of discount v-day chocolate at the store!!!
  • i’m gonna hug my bestie today :D
Vanilla. Bean.

Is all over my fingers, wrists and arms. Its an experiment.

Gods I smell yummy!

I need to get myself some vanilla-scented perfume again.

It was my first loved scent when I was a young-adult and learning about scent and perfume and “being a girl.”

I do wish however, that someone had told me that being metrosexual/bisexual/genderfluid/anything non-heteronormative was a thing.

Because I’d love to have this all figured out by now.