Petition for people to stop romanticising the Holy Hell hug quite so much? Yeah it’s:

- hot as anything


- lol gripped you tight and raised you from perdition take 2

- legitimate reason to be gleeful about Cas grabbing Dean from behind and whispering in his ear while Dean makes grunting noises why am I including this on the list?

But I’ve already seen dozens of separate comments about how it was the power of hugging that stopped Dean. (Likewise kinda leery about the interpretation of Sam lowering the knife like this was some suicide play because Cas was like less than a foot behind Dean at that point and he can’t teleport so Sam clearly saw him coming; if he was distancing himself from having to kill Dean he was doing it symbolically only at that point and more likely was backing off so he didn’t accidentally stab Dean in the imminent struggle.) 

Basically one of the first things Dean does is turn to see who’s grabbed him, and even after Cas has caught him and starts telling him it’s over he struggles and yells *louder*, going from angry-face to absolutely lost-his-shit demonic roaring in rage and frustration. Not your usual reaction to being grabbed by the boyfriend unless you have a very non-standard relationship. He struggles to find out that there’s absolutely no way to break out of the magic angel hug, and he calms down a bit there in an acceptance of defeat. We even hear him winding down while neither he or Cas are on screen and we’re getting a Sam reaction shot: if there was some magical Destiel switch to turn demon!Dean off, we’d have at least got a hint of like, say, Dean looking at Cas one more time before giving up. That is the sort of thing you could write about to back up the hug as the power of Destiel, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Now, I’m a massive shipper, meta writer and reader and reasonably invested/believing in canon-Destiel fan, I will read all your fics about Dean giving in to the power of love in this scene, but I keep seeing this viewpoint floated in semi-serious borderline meta discussion and as much as I’d love this to have been a magic hug and Dean literally cured by the power of love, it only went so far, and what we have on screen for that moment does not come with enough evidence for the way everyone’s talking about it in their delight at having them hug it out.

*compelled to rant so we can be taken seriously when we talk about the stuff that is on the screen because there’s plenty there without trying to turn fan fiction into meta analysis*