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25-30 ^^

25. anime you would recommend to someone who hates anime

umm Attack on Titan.. LOL.

26. manga you have read all the was through

Tokyo Ghoul, Wolf Girl and Black Prince, Koe no Katachi, Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, and a whole bunch of others

27. anime you plan to watch in the future

My friend told me to watch K Project and I never watched Kuroko no Basuke so I should probably get to that

28. most upsetting moment in anime, why

can’t really think of anything in anime but I was so upset when Kyoya from Wolf Girl and Black Prince almost broke up with Erika because she was going to Kyoto for college omfg that was a jerk move

29. anime that deserves another season

no.6 LOL

30. one anime conclusion you would change

i dunno, maybe no.6? im fine with the ending but i wish they’d give a little more xd STILL WAITING FOR REUNION

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