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this is a long shot, but I have to give my dogs up in the next two weeks. If we can’t find a home, we have to give them over to animal shelter, which will likely result in them being put down. if you could please reblog this or comment on it with good resources to find permanent homes for dogs, or you live in the chicago suburban area/ are willing to travel to help me out, I’d be extremely grateful. 

the first one is a 10 year old chihuahua named serj. 

the other is a 3 year old puggle named luther

So, this one time in 9th grade, we were reading Romeo and Juliet (I think) and my teacher stopped and casually said “you know, this scene kind of reminds me of the time I got shot in the head” and moved on like it was nothing. Needless to say, the room full of bored 13/14 year-old teeangers insisted on hearing the rest of the story. It took the rest of the class period

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wait, why don't you just draw out the incident into a long comic?

Because the longest comic I’ve ever finished was 10 pages long. And no matter whether I’m writing or drawing, I usually stick to one-shots.

I’m not good at long projects. *shrug*

Produce 101 Episode 8 - My Ranking.

I haven’t done this in two weeks but - OH BOY - do I have a lot to say. 

Here is who I believe should be the top 11: 



3. Kim Jonghyun - I actually don’t have a problem that he was 1st he is talented and he will make an amazing leader 

4.  Kim Samuel - The fact that this boy is not in the top 11 is a fucking travesty of international proportions. He is a fucking gift to the world and y’all are too stupid to see it. 

5. Lee Daehwi - I am glad that people like him again, I think he is sweet and adorable.

6. Park Woojin - Great dancer, great personality, adorable face. 

7. Lee Woojin - At this point a long shot, but I will never give up hope.

8. Lai Guanlin - I know, I know. but at this point he is certain to be in the group and, considering the other talent-less kids that everyone loves he is the most tolerable and on occasion can be kinda adorable.

9. Kim Jaehwan - He is a great vocal and has really good charisma on stage. 

10 Kang Dongho - As much as Mnet try to make him into a beast he is like a cuddly teddy bear, plus i wanna see more interactions with him guanlin and daehwi. 

11. Hwang Minhyun - Great vocal. Talent to spare. 

Other notes - 

I am so glad Takada Kenta made it, I know he won’t get into the top 11 but I am happy to be able to see his cute face for a little longer. On the other hand, I can’t stand that Justin didn’t make it, I held out hope till the very last second but no. I hope he debuts soon so I can support him then. 



  • Those 100,000 fucking votes made basically no difference. 
  • How DARE they cut out so many talented trainees just to show the cute ones. 
  • Jihoon, you are cute and I tolerated you because of that but stop being so greedy to be the center. Give the others a go, they don’t have the luxury of having not one BUT TWO identifiers. 
  • The fact that Daniel dropped from 2nd to 8th actually disgusts me to the core. 
  • The fact that Guanlin is 2nd - is not his fault-  but the voters need to stop, he is not ready. 
  • Also, what has Joo Haknyeon done for people to love him so much. I am racking my mind trying to remember a single moment where he was even slightly above average. Or even when he wasn’t whinging about dropping ranks to someone who would be eliminated. 
  • I just can’t ALSO Samuel deserves so much more.

This show frustrates me so much, and I’ve probably missed a lot of stuff I wanted to say but that is all for now.

“I’ll Protect You at All Cost”

She laid in bed next to him, head on his chest, legs tangled with his. Her lips parted as snores softly, her hand gripping his shirt. Harry ran his fingers up and down her back gently, staring at the ceiling. 

Two years, two years of his life with Y/N, and they were the best two years of his life. He can’t remember a time when he was happier, when he felt lighter, when he wanted to scream to the world he was in love. She never made a day dull, and when they fought he instantly missed her. 

She had stuck by him, supported him, loved him for him, not for his fame, and he loved her. He loved her laugh, her smile, the way her eyes lightened up when she saw him, the way she could never stop smiling and blushing around him. He loved how nervous she was to be around him after two years, he loved her. 

So when she said she was pregnant he didn’t panic, he didn’t leave, because at that meant another part of her to love. That meant there would be a mini her running around and he couldn’t have been more excited. 

She shifted hearing her cry, but Harry placed a hand on her arm, “I’ve got it my love,” he whispered, kissing her nose, she lets out a small moan. 

“Okay,” she whispered. 

Harry gently rolls her over and pulls the blanket over her body, he walks to the room across from theirs. He stood over the crib, picking up the mini Y/N, she was just as beautiful as her mother, “hi lovely,” Harry coos, walking to the rocking chair and rocking it slightly, “’s alright Val.”

“I’ll protect you at all cost, from anything, from anyone, from any little nightmare your mind has,” Harry says gently, kissing her, “you’re so beautiful, just like your mommy.”

So he sits there, rocking her back to sleep. Once she’s settled in her crib again Harry sits back in the chair, knowing it would only be a short amount of time before his angel needed him again.

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Now that you've mentioned Keith's bike I'm curious about where it may have come from. Another memento of his mom? Something that the people who brought Blue to Earth left behind?

Believe it or not someone was just talking to me about this. Credit to dhaarijmens who I… cannot @ for some reason, for this screengrab:

So the poster up behind Hunk’s head, at a glance, would seem to be an advertisement for the bike. Oh, mystery solved, it’s normal Earth technology and Pidge just had coincidentally never seen anything like it before. Pidge… the… science enthusiast. Hm.

So I went deeper.

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Literally fuck HR. The paperwork for the second job I was considering is online on this awful website, and it doesn't work. I've tried it on multiple WiFi networks, my 4G, and multiple devices and it keeps not working. I emailed HR and they're so fucking patronizing like I must be doing it wrong or that I'm not on a good network. I stopped on my 10 hour drive home to try and figure it out. No matter how many times I explain or the screen shots I give they still are patronizing as hell.

Your Obedient Servant: Jefferson x Reader x Madison

A/n: IMPORTANT. This is the most recent one-shot I have done, so unfortunately I don’t have the next parts yet. This x reader story has 2 separate endings, because I couldn’t decide, Jefferson or Madison? So it’s both. This is important. Keep it in mind who you want more.

Everyday, you worked hard to impress Thomas Jefferson. But he never seemed to notice how much you did for him.

You were his personal assistant. He hired you because you were a good writer, and because you said that you would be willing to do whatever he asked of you.

A terrible choice on your part. He was constantly sending you out on meaningless tasks, like collecting paperwork and documents that je never seemed to read, or delivering messages to the President, his friend James Madison, or Alexander Hamilton. 

And yet, you did your best to please him anyways. He seemed horrible, but you knew. There was a part of him he wouldn’t show. You could see it when he laughed. When Thomas smiled, it was like there was no such thing as sadness. It was hard to explain.

But even though you saw this goodness in him, he apparently saw no reason to let it show. With every task you completed, he would demand more. Maybe he wasn’t thinking about it. But it hurt that it went unappreciated.

It was the middle of the week, and you had so much to do. James Madison, Thomas’s friend, had noticed that you were given so much work.

“(Y/n),” he sighed. “You look terrible. Take a break every once in a while.”

“Oh, I’d love to Mr. Madison. But I can’t! Not when there’s so much to be done.”

“You can’t let Thomas boss you around like this,” he insisted. “You’re getting hardly any sleep!”

“I sleep fine,” you said, but it was clear from your red, puffy eyes that you were lying.

“Why do you try so hard for him?” Madison asked. “As far as I can tell, you aren’t very appreciated when it comes to him.”

You looked at the ground. “I just do,” you said. “Why do you care?” You were suddenly defensive.

“I guess I’m just worried that you’re… giving him affection that he doesn’t deserve.”

“What If he does deserve it?”

“Oh, (y/n),” he said. “Thomas is my closest friend, but even I know that he is, to put this politely, kind of a dick. So please, be careful. Don’t try to impress him, because I’m not sure it’ll work. You’ll just work yourself to exhaustion.”

You frowned. “I can take care of myself, Mr. Madison.”

“I know you can. Just… be careful. That’s all.”

Well, you’d show him. It became your new goal at that moment to get something that proved that Jefferson wasn’t as bad as people thought.

The next day, you showed up, ready to do the very best you could.

“Hello, Mr. Jefferson!” You chirped cheerfully.

“(Y/n).” He barely nodded in your direction. “I’m going to need you to copy these.” He handed you a large stack of paper. “Get on it.”

“Of course, Mr. Jefferson! Have a good day!”

He narrowed his eyes. Usually, you weren’t this cheerful. But you were already off before he could comment on it.

“Hey, (y/n), come back!” He yelled.

You smiled. See? He was going to thank you. Easy.

But he didn’t. He said, “By tomorrow. If that’s doable.”

“Of course!” And, almost stupidly, you asked, “anything else?”

“No, not right now.”

“Okay!” Your smile was cracking. But he didn’t notice.

You ran into James Madison on the way to your tiny office where you worked each day.

“Hi, Mr. Madison!” You said cheerfully. “Lovely day!”

“Yes, I suppose it is. Did you get enough sleep last night?”

“Of course,” you said. “Don’t be silly!”

“You’re lying.”

You considered arguing, but decided not to. Who cares if he knew?

“Fine,” you said. “Maybe I’m a little tired. But that doesn’t matter. I can still work just fine!”

“There’s a difference between ‘a little tired’ and 'exhausted,’” he replied. “Does Jefferson know you’re working this hard?”

“I’m fine,” you repeated. “I’m doing my best! You don’t need to worry about me.”

He shrugged, but he was still concerned. “If you say so.”

You turned around and marched off with your head held high. You weren’t over-working yourself! You were just trying to impress Jefferson…. But why?

“Because he’s a good man, I can tell!” You said aloud, gaining some funny looks from the people you passed. “He just wants people like Hamilton and the President to think he’s tough, so they’ll take him seriously!”

And yes. That was the reason. But there was more to it than that. For some reason, you had developed a bit of a crush on Mr. Jefferson, probably due to his intelligence, charm, and very interesting clothing. (What a coat! You’d never seen a color quite like that.) And he wasn’t a “dick” as Madison had said. At least, not to everyone. To Madison, for example, he was a good guy. And to the President! Although that could be because he had to be. And….

You yawned. Maybe Madison was right about you being tired. Not that you’d admit it. But there was no more time to rationalize your feelings for Thomas, and definitely no time to sleep. You had to get this work done.

And you did. But it took you hours, and you need up sleeping for only an hour.

“Mr. Jefferson!” You sang cheerfully the next morning, even though your eyelids were heavy and you wanted to sleep more. “I finished copying those papers for you!”

“Great. Can you deliver this-” he handed her a letter- “to Hamilton, please?”

She smiled. He said please! This was a step in the right direction. “Yes! Anything else?”

“No. I guess not. Might as well take the day off.”

“Sir! Are you sure? You don’t need my help?”

“No, I do not need your help. Now get to it.”

You nodded and skipped away with the ether, but slowed down after a few seconds. You didn’t exactly have the energy to skip.

After Alexander received his letter (to be honest, you were certain it said “you suck, fight me” or something along those lines) you headed for Jefferson’s office, but then remembered. He didn’t have anything more for you to do.

For some reason, you wanted to tell that to Madison.

“Hey! Mr. Madison! Mr. Jefferson gave me a break! See? I’m not overworked!”

He sighed. “Miss (y/n), one break hardly matters.” He coughed. “But I’m glad for you. Have some well deserved rest.”

“I Will! Thank you!”

But she didn’t show up the next day. Or the day after that.

Jefferson drummed his fingers on his desk. “Where is she? I said to take the day off, not the week.”

“Maybe she’s taking a well deserved break because someone was pushing the poor thing too hard.”

Thomas looked up. “What do you mean?”

“I mean,” James said, “ the poor girl wanted you to be pleased with her. She worked so hard to do whatever you asked, and you never even thanked her for it. Honestly, Thomas, I can’t believe you didn’t notice. It was obvious that she has a bit of a crush on you.”

“Oh.” He looked embarrassed. “I guess… I shouldn’t have pushed her so much. I wasn’t thinking about it.”

“Yeah, that’s right, you weren’t.”

“Okay, okay. Don’t make me feel bad. I just pushed her so much because I liked her.”

James closed his eyes. “Thomas, that doesn’t make any sense at all.”

He was about to argue, but couldn’t. James was right. “Look, I know! It made sense somehow in my head. But it’s true, I did care for her. I just didn’t have time to get close, since I was too busy fighting with Hamilshit, dealing with politics…”

“Well, if you 'cared’ so much, you wouldn’t have worked her until she was exhausted.”

“James, If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’ve got a little crush.”

“Thomas, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you would make a terrible lover.”

“You got me there.” He sat down on the desk. “So where might she be? I don’t know where she lives. I’m worried.”

“Oh, YOU’RE worried?”

“God, stop. I already feel terrible. I’m stupid. Okay? Happy?” He shook his head. “But for real, where might she be?”

“I don’t know either,” Madison said. “But doesn’t she have a little office type place that she works in? We could check there.”

“Right. Let’s go.”

They weren’t expecting her to be there, but she was…. sound asleep with her head on the desk.

“My god,” Thomas said. “Is this really where she spends all her time?” He picked up a letter. There were many scattered around the floor, shoved into shelves, folded and stacked neatly. “This place is a mess." 

Madison picked up a letter too, and his eyes grew wide. "Thomas, read what your paper says,” He said in a fairly loud whisper.

“Dear Mr. Jefferson,” he started, and then stopped. “What the hell?”

“These letters… they’re for you. She’s been writing to you.”

Thomas continued reading. “Dear Mr. Jefferson,” the letter read, “I wish you would pay more attention to what I was doing. I want to get to know you better.”

“Dear Mr. Jefferson,” Madison read, “You always wear such nice clothes. I love the color of your coat.”

“Dear Mr. Jefferson, you’re very intelligent, I wish you the best of luck at your cabinet meeting today.”

There were so many. The tone of the letters varied, from cheerful to romantic to just plain angry. (“How can you be okay with making me work so hard?!”)

“This is so weird,” Jefferson sighed.

“I think it’s kind of sweet,” Madison argued.

“You’re just jealous that none of them are to you,” Thomas retorted.

“But there are some for him,” a sleepy voice said. The two men turned around. You were sitting at your desk, looking up at them curiously. “If you don’t mind me asking, why are you here?”

They both just stared. They forgot you were here.

“We were looking for you, (y/n),” Madison said finally.

“We were worried!” Thomas added.

“At least, I was,” Madison said. “Are you okay? You’ve been gone for a few days.”

You dropped your eyes to the ground. “I know… And I’m sorry. I understand if you want to fire me.”

“Fire y- oh, no, of course not,” Jefferson said. “In fact, I think I may owe you an apology.”

“For What? You didn’t do anything.”

“Yeah, that’s why.” He took a breath. “I should have told you this before, but…. thank you. I really appreciate everything you do. And I’m sorry for pushing you so hard.”

You didn’t know what to say. You just picked up the letters that were on your desk. One said “Dear Mr. Jefferson” and the other said “Dear Mr. Madison.”

“I wasn’t ever going to send these,” you said. “But I think… Maybe you both should know.”

They both looked down at the parchment in their hands, and then at each other.

“(Y/n),” Jefferson said, “If this letter is going to say what I think, then… just know that I feel the same way.”

You blushed.

“I wont read this here,” he said. “Ill save it for when I get home. Come see me in my office. If you… want to discuss it.” He winked, and stepped out. “I’ll catch you later, James,” he said.

Madison stood there with you quietly. Then he said, “I know you’ve fancied him for a while. But I have fancied you too. I just want you to know that I care about you too much to pressure you into making a decision. It’s your choice.” He kissed your hand and left, also still holding the unread letter.

You were awestruck.

This was absolutely unbelievable.

(Just kidding but seriously there will be more)

Hey I just got fucking shot in the chest and I’d like to know which one of you fucking haters and trolls shot me with a gun. Not funny. This really hurts my feelings and I think I might have to change my url…

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There are a couple of stories with Link getting turned Zora by a magic mask but what if: Link and Minami both buy/find masks? Link ends up a Zora and Minami gets turned Hylian? Sidon having to try and find out how to undo the magic (at least on Minami, Link looks so beautiful)

First answered prompt of the weekend and I turned it into waaaay more than a drabble woohoo!! 

What can I say? This was a fun one! 

Few quick notes though: in order to keep this one to a one shot length I didn’t quite answer this one exactly as you requested, so sorry XD I hope you still like it! 

I also definitely used this as an excuse to insert the second kid of the SidLink family lineup: Rho! Those of you who have read the fluff pieces that take place after Sidon’s Epic Pining Adventure probably have already noticed that I’ve made a lot of changes to some sequences of events as this story has evolved. So another slight change has occurred: I keep calling Rho “Rhonin” in my head and it seems super fitting for him so he still goes by Rho, it’s just now a nickname that’s short for Rhonin.

(Also this post of Mipha and tadpole!Sidon inspired the visual I have of Sidon using Mipha’s old champion sash as baby carrier~)

The version of Zora!Link that I’m using in this one (and any others that come up probably) was designed by the lovely @gaelfox. Go check it out! 

That should be it. Happy Request Weekend guys!! 

(the one shot is under a cut due to length)

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You got knocked the f*ck out!

So, this is an imagine I wrote for my friends challenge!
@yellowtheremarvelfan celebrates 600 followers and I was happy to join!

Being said, there is not much information about this imagine, so enjoy it!

Words: 1321

Ever since the world went to shit, I had two constants in my life.
Shane and Daryl.
Since my brother apparently  didn’t survive his gun shot wound I only had them after THAT night.
The night, where the dead didn’t stay dead and became alive again.
Or something like that.

Anyways, Shane took care of me and my nephew Carl, as well as for his mom, Lori.
Shortly after that we met Carol and her family, as well as some other people.
Including Daryl and Merle Dixon.
Daryl Dixon.

Grumpy. Silent. Big Heart and mostly, undeniable hot.
But that’s just it.
The two of us never really got a chance to get to know each other better and now, settled in at the prison, I don’t want to make things any more awkward.

That was then and now I am busy otherwise.

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