Calum Imagine: You’re a Youtuber Part 2

Author: Rhine

Part 1


“Cal, what are you doing?”

You pinch your eyebrows at the boy behind the large lens of your camera, trying to grab it out of your hands, reaching for it in futile as he looms over you.

“Remembering this moment.”

He puts the camera down for a moment, revealing his large grin and messy hair.

“There’s going to be many more of these moments to come, Cal.”

The words are out of your mouth before you have the chance to catch them, a faint rush of warmth in your cheeks at the indication of more with Calum – the more that you’ve always wanted with him, the more that you’re hoping he wants with you.

His grin stretches wider, if possible – he loves these little slipups, these little hints to show that he wasn’t the only one who was dreaming of this very moment where it was you and him and a future as something more than casual friends.

“I’m savouring what I can before Ashton completely slaughters me when I get back. So please, allow me to film my last memoir before I’m declared missing.”

You scoff a little, rolling your eyes at Calum’s over-dramatization.

He was calm for the most part throughout the date – or at least, calm for someone who got terribly lost in the city and ended up having to camp out at a pizza parlour for the first date with the girl of his dreams – but now that the night was ending, the nerves of returning to an angry brother was more than the nerves he had for asking you out.

Needless to say, he was dreading this last walk of the night that he’d have with you – sending you back to your hotel – before returning to his own.

“Ash isn’t going to kill you, Cal – “

“Did you see the way that boy was glaring at me? He looked like he was going to butcher me with a spork then use my skin to make a new set of drums to eternally beat. Melodically, but still beat the shit out of me – does it look like my face can handle a beating?”

He pouts and you laugh, instinctively covering the camera as you do, hiding your open-mouthed chuckles and squinted eyes.

“I won’t let Ash touch you.”

“Good, because that would be kind of weird, if I had you and Ash touching me – “


The screen of the camera goes shaky as he tries to dodge your playful smacks.

“You hit hard – did you gain some muscle since I last saw you?” He whines a little, rubbing his sore arms.

You stick your tongue out at him, though you can’t stop the smile that was ever-present on your lips.

“What do you expect from Ashton’s little sister?”

“True. But just so you know, I’d prefer a beating from you any day.”

He winks cheekily at you and it’s the Calum that you knew, that you missed, that you loved – and all of the stony silence and awkward tension from just hours before is gone, the memory already erased.

You remembered his bashful offer for dinner with the red on his cheeks and the sweat still clinging onto his skin, adrenaline from the stage still buzzing in his eyes mixed from the nerves of asking you out at last.

And this – you remembered, but you wish you filmed it all the same – walking up to the rest of the band who was still chattering away with Dan and Phil, your fingers laced with Calum’s as you dragged him towards the group –

Michael and Luke’s smirks at the sight of the two of you, Ashton’s wide-eyed gaze at his bandmate so close to his little sister, Dan and Phil exclaiming not-so-subtly at the sight of your wide beam.

Cal and I are going out to dinner – don’t wait up for us, yeah?

It was priceless, the sight of Luke and Michael punching a red-faced Calum in the arm while Ashton realized he’d been interrogating the wrong boys all this time, Phil loudly whispering I knew she was dressed up for a date while Dan stepped on his foot with a clenched not now Phil.

You tugged Calum away before Ashton had time to form a response – and before Calum could melt from the heat in his cheeks – hearing a faint oi wait how are we going to get back to the hotel now from Phil as you left.

“Don’t worry about Ash. He’ll… he’ll understand.”

“Yeah, after he gouges out my eyeballs.”

“Not on my watch.”

“In that case, you’d better watch me all night long.”

You hate how the camera catches your flustered stutters.

“Are you seriously going to record me with my own camera, Hood?”

You try to change the subject, time for your blush to cool.

“You’ll thank me for this one day. After all,” he pulls at one of your cheeks, “you’ve been recording me for so many years and this is only the beginning of me trying to pay it off.”

“Recording you and the band, Cal. You’re making me sound like a creep.”

“Whatever. But professional Youtubers like you should have a whole crew recording your videos,” he grins, “and I am happy to volunteer my time and effort.”

“You’ll get the lighting all wrong.”

“You look perfect to me.”

How does he always manage to make you so embarrassingly flattered all the time?

And in a sudden, swift motion, Calum leans down to your height, twisting the camera to the both of you.

“Hello, Youtube – this is Calum Hood from the band 5 Seconds of Summer, and this beautiful girl that I’m sure you’re all very familiar with – she just agreed to go on a date with me. I’m recording this now for the police to use as evidence when I go missing twenty-eight days later – I’ll tell you now that the search is over and that Ashton Irwin did it.”

“Calum! What are you doing?”

He ignores your words, staring into your laughing eyes and pressing a quick kiss to the top of your head, arms still outstretched and holding the filming camera.

“But it’ll be worth it, because I’ll have spent the best night of my life with this lovely girl.”

He stops the recording, quick to check the footage with eager eyes.

“What was that for?”

“Our announcement video.”

“You’re not even done this first date and you’re already planning an announcement video?”

He grins lopsidedly and loops the camera back around your neck, the familiar weight settling on your chest.

“I want to remember,” he says, “the way you are right now. How you haven’t stopped blushing since we left the stage – god, I love that, you’re so fucking cute – and how your hair shines underneath this streetlight, how you smudged cheese all over your nose from the pizza – “

“ – not my finest moment, I ask that you erase that from your memory.”

“Not happening anytime soon. I want to remember this moment, here with you.” Calum curls a strand of hair behind your ears. “I want to remember the first moment that you felt like you were mine – “

“Do you want me to be yours?”

“With all my heart. I want to remember this first date at – “ he checks the time on his phone “ – eleven-twenty at night in some city we both don’t know, where Dan and Phil are probably sharing stories about this date and Ashton is plotting thirty-two different ways to kill me, this moment right before you have to leave for Vidcon and I have to leave for a flight.”

“Cal – “

“We’ll be going different ways tomorrow and god knows when we’ll see each other again. And all I can give you is this moment,” he smiles, tapping the camera around your neck, “and that video.”

He looks at you sadly and he wishes he could’ve had you for longer than the span of time it took to say goodbye.

“Can I give you something?” You ask, trying to prolong the moment you had to leave even as you were standing in front of your hotel.

“Anything, love.”

After a breath of hesitation, you stand on the tips of your toes and press your lips lightly to his.

His hands are shy on your hips like a boy with his first dance, and the bashful gesture from the ever-cocky Calum Hood makes you smile into the kiss.

When you finally part, your eyes are closed and you can feel his breath on your lips and his taste in your mouth, his arms now fully wrapped around you like a shield from the wind.

His beautiful eyes open with the glaze of a man who’s just seen all his dreams come true.

“I’ll remember that, I think.” He whispers the words against your lips, nose rubbing yours. “Thank you.”

“Anytime. All the time.” You smile, lightly pecking him one last time before dropping from your tip-toes, holding on to his touch for just a moment longer before you let go.



But he knows he’ll see you soon, a small grin as you walk back into the hotel – he’ll be watching those little Youtube videos of yours and the longing he has will be different from how it was all the times before, now that he knows the taste of your lips.

And you know you’ll see him soon, a blushing smile that your mouth can’t help as you replay the video of Calum’s grinning words and shining eyes as he looks at you.

You suppose you both left with the best gifts and a memory to cherish.


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Me and all my awkward glory starts at 1:26 (though the rest of the video is awesome too) and my camera skills were understandably shitty when I started talking to him because I actually wanted to focus on him in person so part of the conversation is a little hard to hear but it went like this:

Me: Darren you were one seat away from licking my glasses…can you lick them now?
Darren: Oohh. If I do I would set a bad precedent but I can sign your glasses.
Me: Yes do it!
Darren: My saliva will fade away and leave weird diseases…this will just leave ink and a lasting impression.

And then he stole my phone because I had an Inside/Out case (of Disgust).

*please don’t steal. credit if you edit* :)

tictachoran asked:

for the blurb thing, could you do a Michael one with the sentence "Please, please don't leave me." ? thanks :)

“Please, please don’t leave me”

“Michael, I’m literally going into the next room for a second” you laughed as he made grabby hands at you as you stood in front of the bed. His bare chest peeking out from under the blankets as he stared at you with sleepy eyes. He was never a morning person, obviously, and when he actually did wake up all he wanted to do was lay in bed and cuddle you before ‘resting his eyes’.

“I’m so cold without you” he whispered as he stared at you with wide eyes, trying to lure you back into bed for some cuddles. “Put on a shirt if you’re cold, I need to go to the bathroom” you walked towards the bathroom as you felt a pillow hit your feet. You turned around to see him still buried in his blanket cocoon, but with one of the pillows missing from the bed.

“Did you just throw this at me?” you threw the pillow back at him as he let out a loud screech. You hurried into the bathroom to avoid any of his other methods of making you come back to bed. After you finished, you returned to the bedroom to find him in the same position that you left him in. He was cuddled under the multiple blankets that you two kept on your bed, his face the only part of his body that was visible as he laid with his eyes shut. You leaned over to brush his hair out of his face, thinking that he had fallen asleep. “Are you coming back to bed or are you going to leave me here to suffer alone?” he questioned with his eyes closed as you pulled your hand away. “Mm I think I’m gonna go and do stuff and leave you here” you laughed as he grabbed your arm and pulled you back onto the bed next to him. He opened up his blanket cocoon, that you had been in before you had gotten up for the bathroom, and pulled you into it, and pulling you close as he rested his head on your chest. “This is nice” he whispered and shut his eyes as you began running your fingers through his hair, to relax him as you heard his soft snores fill the room.

Title: Emerald eyes (I got you).

Summary: Dean finally meets up with reader and Sam. He suggests they go see Bobby where reader ends up spilling the beans.

Warnings: puking, I would definitely want to be warned before reading that especially on my weak stomach days.

Word Count: 1,191

Notes: Yeah, I’m not proud with how long this took but I should be back on a normal pace. I will write at least once a night until the story is done. Promises were meant to be broken is next so keep and eye out because that part, the outline makes me super excited for it. But I hope you enjoy this part and if you want to see another part please message me so I can be fully aware that it is a wanted continue. I love all of you so much and thank you for keeping this site peaceful and hate free.

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