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Alright alright, Choromatsu XD. Now get focused at the task at hand and save Nyaa, fulfill your good ending!!! (I know this isn’t superhero Choro, but I could only draw this at the time XD)


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A commotion can be heard outside a partially opened window at the ball. What's this? looking outside it's Pancake! wearing his ACDC shirt and some pointy glasses as a mask ( Ala Kamina, Gurren Lagann) for a mask. He is being dragged away kicking and screaming by security. Pancake has no blog, so has no place at such a swanky gathering.

cuddling a sleepy michael - imagine

imagine cuddling with a sleepy michael. like you would be on his lap and he’d be lazily playing with your fingers while you quietly rambled about your day. every once in a while you’d kiss his neck or jawline and say that he needed to go up to bed but he was content right there with you. you’d murmur about your day until he finally fell asleep, soft snores coming from him. you would try to untangle yourself from him so he could properly sleep but he’d pull you back and akdkssj my heart

I finally reached a milestone on Archive Of Our Own! \o/ 

(That’s total kudos across all fics on my main account, by the way, not just one of them! I am not so lucky or so popular to get 1000 kudos on just one fanfic, haha! Although that total has now gone over 1k so… oops I’m a bit late LOL) 

Thank you everyone who has supported or encouraged me ever since I posted up my first DA2 fic on AO3 waaaay back in December 2013. You guys rock!