want to talk about your ocs without the worry of feeling annoying? well boy howdy i have something for you

oc thursday runs weekly on thursdays, & is the best excuse to talk about your kids because i want to hear all about them. any facts, screencaps, ficlets, fanart you want to share – i love them all

each thursday, i’ll run a prompt on my blog. they’ll range from particular types of ocs (eg dwarf, warden, poc), to themes (eg post-game, romance, fears). these are just to get you thinking, though, so if you want to talk about something else feel free!

some weeks i’ll run special games or events, like the oc barbecue, reverse ask meme, or oc quotes that we’ve done before. you don’t have to participate in any of these, they’re again just ways to help you decide what to talk about!

how to share your oc:

  • come straight to my inbox! this is definitely the best way to ensure i see your kid
  • post to your own blog & tag with #leliaanaa’s oc thursday. i’ll be lurking in the tag all day & reblogging as much as i can, but i can’t guarantee everything will get seen unfortunately

some things to note:

  • anyone can participate, but as i have a limited amount of time & energy i’ll be prioritising followers
  • any dragon age oc is welcome, come one come all!
  • my usual blog rules apply – if someone nasty turns up on my radar, i’m blocking them. i’m not going to support ocs made by foul people
  • you can come into my inbox at any time during the week, not just on thursdays! if i’m busy i’ll save publishing the ask until thursday, though
  • i’ll tag all posts as #leliaanaa’s oc thursday, so if you’re following me & don’t want to see anyone else’s kids that’s the thing to blacklist
  • this system may develop & change as time goes on, so check here for the latest version of this post

i really just want an excuse to talk to you about your kids, & i want to make it easier for people to gush about their ocs without the worry of annoying anyone =] 

thank you to everyone who’s participated in my oc chats before, & everyone who’s supported this idea! i can’t wait to hear about all your wonderful children <33

okay @nihilistgirlfriend so you’ve probably already seen the clip by now but i already took all these screencaps to share with you and the rest of the world so fuck it i’m giving you my dramatic retelling of this extra as hell cutscene that i swear to fuck is straight out of some shitty edgelord fic back in the 2000’s pokemon tower fic archive era or something because i know how muchb you like diva ash

“But today our target is…”


“Wait, what the hell-”


“ooh…ohhgh…what the heck was that…i feel faint…”


“a..aaagh my life…it’s flashing before my eyes…”

“ugh. ..”

“ah! it was so short! what have i even done with my life?!”

“i haven’t even won a league!”

“aaa-aaaagh, it’s fading…”

“pikachu…tell mom…that i love her…”

“oh my fucking god, ash.”

“you have tanked worse hits than being blinded by little fairy lights and you goddamn know it.”

“now stop being a whiny baby and get your ass up.”



matching icons for u and ur crew

so i know i haven’t posted much Crisis Core lately. truth is, i ran out of backstock and haven’t had a chance to play anymore since my work week started. should be able to remedy that by the weekend, so i guess consider this a few-days hiatus!

in the meantime, i thought i’d share this with you guys: within my CC screencaps folder, i have a special subfolder that i have dubbed “zack faces”. here’s some choice selections for your enjoyment

jab plays crisis core will be back soon

thank you for reading

- jab