A Poem of Love

Lovingly dedicated to all my favorite fictional characters.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You make me feel things


matching icons for u and ur crew

so i know i haven’t posted much Crisis Core lately. truth is, i ran out of backstock and haven’t had a chance to play anymore since my work week started. should be able to remedy that by the weekend, so i guess consider this a few-days hiatus!

in the meantime, i thought i’d share this with you guys: within my CC screencaps folder, i have a special subfolder that i have dubbed “zack faces”. here’s some choice selections for your enjoyment

jab plays crisis core will be back soon

thank you for reading

- jab


After all the chaos surrounding these two little birds especially D, I just really really needed to remind myself and smile.. I happen to come across this… My all time fav!!!

Think you’re gonna smile too!!!

This interview is what sparked my interest with Damie. Had not seen the movie, just started to read the book and i was curious! The way he lights up when asked to describe D… and it’s so evident in the screencaps! I LOVE IT!!! Dornan that blush deceives you (wink..

External image
External image
wink) … and D that facial expression… is to die for!


Thanks for sharing the link:) But i’m afraid the screencaps are not loading? If you like try sending them again.