I’m just gonna say it.

I’m not trying to cause any drama, this is just a funny scenario I thought up one day and have been dying to share. This scenario could work equally as well with Rosa but, for some reason, my brain went ‘but Rosa has Leigh’ and substituted Alexy. Some of you probably would have gone through this with a friend anyway so… Yep. Enjoy my brain leakage.

I believe and will stand by Alexy being gay. It’s canon, it has happened and that’s that.

However I can see him kissing Candy once and only once.

Like, he really cares about her and isn’t sure if it’s because they’re so close or because of something else. So he leans in, kisses her then like halfway through the video buffering circle starts going in his head…

Processing, processing, processing.

Then he backs up, looks at Candy and is just like ‘nope, sorry, I really do like dick’. And Candy just replies with ‘yeah, me too’. And they carry on like nothing happened.

Like, they both knew what was going down so they tried it and were like ‘nah, this aint right’ and just continued to be friends.