I seriously need to get photoshop

heyy! welcome to yet another botm!! I’m really excited because i love may , it’s just such a nice month! (◕‿◕✿) 

anyway i know im slightly late to post this but anyway let’s get started! 

  • mbf this loser  (I’ll be checking!)
  • reblog this to enter (likes only for bookmark, it won’t disqualify you tho)
  • no polls bc they’re unfair i’ll pick the winners myself!
  • reblog until april 28th
  • one winner and three runner ups 
  • nice and awesome themes
  • fandom blogs, multi are also welcome ! (but if you have supernatural as one of your main fandoms, that would be fantastic)
  • quality postss
  • tagging system is a plus but not required
  • hella rad url
  • most importantly a very kind and friendly blogger ♡

  • +follow if I’m not following you already
  • will automatically be added to any promos I do throughout the month
  • (hopefully you’ll gain followers)
  • special spot in my updates tab for the whole month!
  • solo promos whenever you want throughout the month (just ask!)
  • maybe a shitty graphic or an edit if you want
  • you’ll be added to my previous winners page (under construction! but it will be great i promise)
  • my eternal love and frienship ofc
  • +follow if not already
  • spot in my updates tab for the month too yay
  • automatically added to any promos I do troughout the month!
  • hopefully you’ll gain followers too shh
  • three solo promos whenever you want them just ask me!
  • my eternal love and frienship ofc
  • winners and runner ups will hopefully be annouced on May 1st!
  • this gotta reach at least 50 notes or this never ever happened and we won’t talk about it ok? good.
  • I’ll be following back all blogs I like bc you’re all amazing and that just makes sense ok.
  • ONE winner and ONE runner up will be added for every 50 notes ( i have very high expectations for this botm!)
  • any questions? or just wanna talk? just shoot me a message here!
  • good luck cuties and may the force be with you.