Another absolutely MIND-BLOWING #fanartfriday!!! I can’t believe the amount of talent you all possess!! Seriously I just love everything you guys make each and every week!! Thank you for all of these!! Check out this post on Insta to see the full art and artists! (thomassanders)

I really want to talk to my followers and get to know you guys so let's do the thing

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Seriously I love talking to you guys and I love knowing that you are all doing well, and sometimes we all just need someone to talk to. So I want every single one of you to know that I am here if you want to talk <3

Beauty heaven 💥 head over to @intothegloss to see what’s in my top shelf 👏🏼 so honored and love reading all of your beautiful, supportive comments, I seriously love you guys so much 🌹 thank you, it means the world to me

excuse this banner lmao so i hit 200 followers and i never thought i’d get more than 10 so this is a huge milestone for me :) thank you sm to all of my lovely followers, i love you guys so so much

okay so i have some really amazing mutuals that have 13/10 content and if you aren’t following them already then you should!! you guys brighten up my days so much and i just freaking love all of you asfdjgadgasdvghhj

but anyway

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I’m so so sorry for falling behind on asks! It’s just, art school has started, and I have 11 periods and I’m there from 8 to 4, and anxiety is fun and constant, I just don’t have that much time. I’ll try to get in a few on the weekends, but it will be inconsistent and a bit lacking. Thank you so much for sticking around, and again, sorry

-Your dumb anxious mod⭐️🌿💕

🐃🐃🐃HORNS UP 🐃🐃🐃

I know I never use this platform anymore, but there are some people on here who have really helped me and I want to thank them.

I had top surgery today. It was a long time coming, but it finally happened. Today is, for me, radically life changing. I haven’t cried or really felt it hit me yet (been a bit focused on not reaching too far for anything or testing the limits of these narcotics fff) but I already feel different just because I understand the gravity of what this means for my life.

I can just throw on a shirt now instead of shimmying into a tight sweaty binder every day. My back won’t hurt so much. I can swim again. I can work out and see the results in a way that makes me proud of myself without added dysphoria. I can look in a mirror and not feel out of touch with my reflection.

This feels good.
It also feels like I’ve just been cut open, but yanno.
It feels good.

When I was fundraising, I got amazing support and help from my tumblr friends, and even though I’m not active here any more, I want you all to know that It finally happened, and that I love you all and I appreciate you so much. You’ve been such a big step in helping me get to today and to happiness.

Thank you. ❤💛💚💙💜

Phew. Glad I got that off my chest.

anonymous asked:

Hey there, it says in the comments below the poll that if you go into incognito mode and open another window you can vote again. But sadly only then! But let's spread the word so the sterek fandom has a chance!! :)

Yup! I mentioned this in another reply but you can vote as much as you want for Sterek by opening a new incognito window each time.

(And update, Sterek’s up to 31%!! Seriously I love you guys for rallying like this.)


Friends Unite
by Sam ‘’Submation’’ Bielčík.

I’ve created another Final Fantasy art but this time it’s based on one of my favorite youtubers.
ProJared, who plays through original FF1 on his channel and who is an astonishing reviewer.
PBG, an amazing Arthur lovin’ funny as hell son of a gun,
Brutalmoose, the not caring cynical yet upbeat person who is hilarious. And
Jeff or Spacehamster, the cheery comical and a godsend.
But seriously I LOVE these guys, go check them out… well chances are that you already watch them but still. Their videos always cheer me up and I owe a lot to them for that.

Edit: Sorry that I screw up your hair :D