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So there's this one guy from Greek mythology named Pygmalion and he was a sculptor so he made this beautiful girl out of stone (I think her name was like Galatea or something) but he fell in love with her so Aphrodite came along and made Galatea a real girl so they could be together and anyway that's what I hope happens for you and Lacy


falling in love is no simple task

sure, there are many beautiful women out there that catch your eye

but what makes love so special is that it’s about connection

it’s more than skin deep

love is about being vulnerable

love is about finding your best friend

that’s why you have to create opportunities to fall in love

Lauren Montgomery interview

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Kuroken fluff headcanons?

oh wow I never get haikyuu headcanons so bear with me

- Kuroo drawing out words with his finger on the back on Kenma’s hands after Kenma has told him to shut up

- Kenma using Kuroo’s huge volleyball jersey as a blanket when Kuroo forgets to take it (Which is all the time because Kuroo knows about this)

- Kuroo always ordering food for both of them whenever they go out so Kenma doesn’t have to talk to the waiter

- Sharing a glove in the winter so they can hold hands on the way to school

- Quick good luck charm kisses in the locker room before a big game after the rest of the team has left

- Kenma petting Kuroo’s hair when they’re laid down together because Kuroo’s too tall for people to pat his head usually and he loves it

- Kuroo getting hyped over playing mario kart with Kenma. Kenma being completely shook when Kuroo beats him

- Kuroo furiously blushing every time Kenma initiates a kiss

I remember everything.

“We missed out on so much. It was a coma. Tomorrow I go back to my coma, and you to yours. Pardon, I didn’t mean to offend—I am sure yours is no coma.”

“No, a parallel life.”

This quote always hits a nerve in me. Just thinking about two human beings having a love that they’re not able to live. That there are two people desperately in love with each other, longing for each other, daring to desire each other for a lifetime.

Imagine choosing to live a coma or a parallel life instead of your life.

Imagine to never actually feel alive but to live on just by the knowing that somewhere in this world the person you love exists.

Imagine having a love that changes your perspective of life and life itself, forever.

@marshmallowdonutsprinkles Ohoho, yes you’re correct! XD But a little bit of opm fandom history here! ‘Toaster’ is actually a term of endearment for him (just like how Saitama is affectionately referred to as an ‘egg’), that originated in the western fandom shortly after ep5 – the sparring scene, aired. Because when Genos activates battle mode, he starts to glow red-hot and emit steam from his vents like a toaster in use.

Originally posted by hyouka

In particular, his chest vents closely resemble the open slots on a household toaster. :D (There have actually been many fanarts interpreting this literally, hah.) So the nickname stuck since way back. You may see people often refer to Genos and Saitama together (shippy or not) as ‘egg & toaster,’ or similarly in reference to those terms, as ‘breakfast duo’ too. It has also been brought to my attention from my friend rom, that only recently – like within the last several months or so, has the eastern fandom caught on to these terms, and has happily started adapting them too (yup, they think they’re cute!) :3  


I’m 6.5K in on my 19x03 Barisi episode tag, and I’m still sick, and I’m currently falling asleep on my laptop, and I can either half-ass the ending of this fic tonight, or I can whole-ass it tomorrow.

Since I’m trying to weave together some pretty disparate stuff in terms of Barisi canon (Barba’s death threats, the deep respect of S17, the bullshit of S18, the flirting in the first 3 episodes of S19, even a little bit of the teasing of S16, I mean, you name it!), and since I’m trying to keep this fic 100% canon-compliant, I’d really like to have a chance to look over the story tomorrow, with a clear (and hopefully fever-free) head.

I’m sorry for the delay, and I truly hope tonight’s episode* gives us new and fresh Barisi to enjoy :D

*which I’ll watch very late in the day tomorrow, and only after I’ve posted my fic, as punishment for literally doubling my story in length in one day. If only I had left out some of the angst and the backstory, I could have finished it by now! But nope! The heart wants what it wants. This started 60% fluffy and now it’s about 78% angst :/ with a fluffy ending of course :D

Also thank you to @me-ladie and @fanficcionista for your kind words of support ❤️

I love you all and, as always again, I’m sorry to keep you waiting <333

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nadia for luc and birdy boy!!!

Nadia - does your MC have high standards for certain things? if so, for what? (for ex: like their s/o, cleanliness of house)

Luc has high standards for outfits. Yes, Julian, you can’t wear 5 different shades of black at the same time.

birdy boy:

He has high standards for everything, and as I don’t want to draw another annoyed Bird face, here’s birdy boy as the Sun: