With and without makeup.

There’s no real point to these, except to once again point out that there’s still alot you can do to look more passable even before you begin HRT.
It’s not that I think I look good in any of the pictures really, but I do look more passable as a woman in the second one.

It’s not like you need to use as “much” makeup as I do to make the difference. Not that I believe that I use all that much. Or well, I do use alot of eye makeup simply because my eyes is about the only part of my body that I like haha.
But other than that I only use foundation to help hide my beard.

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Hey! Do you have any Voltron blog recommendations? Like, on who I should follow? I'm just getting into the fandom and i really need more Voltron on my dash. Thank you!!

im answering this kinda late but this is the first time ive been on my computer in a day or two rip.

some of my personal favs (as far as voltron only blogs go) are:

@klanced + @quiznaks + @lanceispan + @lancesexual + @fruityrice + @goodkittykeith@bluepaladiiin + @keiiths + @klance-klance-revolution + @ace-pidge + @y-annah + @bae-llura + @bluexpaladin + @galrakeith + @k1ance + @mulletboykeith 

and many many more that you can see here!

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💖 - Ship that needs more love



I know that with Sumia only having a couple of supports kind of makes all her pairings popular in a way compared to others, but I find a lot of people ship Olivia with Henry instead.


I’m fairly new in this credit depot. I have some daily tasks that include:

  • help my depot coworker serving clients. I do copies, check id, sends email. I got to do this in 3 minutes, 5 at max. Corp. check our productivity by time so this is really the thing I have to put more attention to.
  • help other depots coworkers to check their credit application. Some of them are new in this task and they still have some errors. I have to check them so they can be accepted by my boss or else we don’t take the application. This can take me 5 to 8 minutes if I need a second opinion.
  • answer the phone calls. They can be of coworker or clients. The time I spend on these can vary depending the problem at hand: if the ask if some application got approved/declined, it can use 5 minutes. If they asked something about the account itself, can spend 15 minutes on it.

With this in mind, and knowing that I still can’t multi-task efficiently, I normally try to focus in just one task, do it as fast as I can, and then take another. Tipically, I base my priorities as I pointed above ‘cause, you guess, corp. can and will point at us if we dare to spend more time that 5 minutes attending a client in something simple as give them their credit cards.

Yesterday I’m trying to get this 3 cards done in the time stated, while other 2 coworker are waiting for me to check the applications. They understand, give my time and, trying to thank them, I quick my pace.

Some of them, trying to joke with me and the another coworker, tell that I need a break and, witouth me noticing, touch my shoulder in a massage motion. By know, I’m utterly stressed and freaked out 'cause I. DO. NOT. TOUCH. PEOPLE. Not even jokingly. At all. Not in this depot. Not in any other depot I have worked in. Not even outside workplace. I don’t touch my coworkers and I do not need them touching me, specially if I didn’t agree with that.

So I freak and told them “please don’t touch me right now” in a not so calm voice. They give me space and shut up after that. I get my job done, help them and keep going.

Now I feel guilty for that outburst but I cannot say I want to apologize beacuse, once again, they have no bussiness with me touching me. Then again, maybe I’m being oversensitive about this? IDK anymore.

Sign me up for more magazines talking about Liam Payne hanging out with his dog. But I have a few questions. How many times do they play fetch? Who throws the ball Liam or the dog? Which one tells the other that they’re a good boy more in one day? Do they eat every meal together? How many times a day do they both just kind of lay on their stomachs and stare at each other nose to nose? Does Liam love his dog more or does his dog love Liam more?

I’m really overwhelmed and I NEED ANSWERS.


Requested: yes this sweet anon did

Words: 1046

A/N: okay, so I didn’t know how to do it, but I srsly tried my best… ;) I don’t know if this is really triggering, but it contains some kind of self harm. If you want more like this, request here. Also, like check out this Soulmate!Michael im writing, because its… well its something.

Coming home from a long day at work, you just needed Calum more than anything. But since the studio was taking time, he wouldn’t be home yet. So you’d throw your shoes beside the door, toss your bag on the couch and walk up to the bedroom. All you needed was to wash the bad energy, which was thrown at you at work, away. So you walked towards the closet, finding one of Calums big ass shirts, some underwear and a towel. Then you entered the big bathroom, turning on the shower. Throwing your clothes to the side, you would just get most of your makeup off, knowing the rest would come off in the shower. You stared at yourself a while. You didn’t hate your body, but you definitely didn’t love it. You weren’t the supermodel you wanted to be – you weren’t the type of girl rockstars would be with.

The water from the shower hitting the floor tiles brought you back from the staring contest you were having with yourself in the mirror. You were now freezing after you had been standing naked for a while. The water hit your back and you almost flinched because of the hot temperature. But you didn’t move away from the water. You just stood there, enjoying the water dripping down your back. You would just stand there in silence, letting your hands massage your neck. The calming shower noise almost made you forget to shampoo.

You took a clump of shampoo and threw it in your hair. The water quickly washed it away. After standing looking at the tiles on the wall for a while, the water was getting cold. So you turned around to turn up the temperature. This time it almost burned your back, but somehow you appreciated the pain. Breathing in, you felt yourself getting numb in your legs.

“Y/N? “ You heard one of loveliest voices seeking you, smiling to yourself just by the thought of him. Calum was the one for you, but sometimes you were nervous that you weren’t the one for him?

“In here! “ You murmured with water rushing down your face. The water was running down your body, every one of your imperfections. You heard the bathroom door being opened.

“What are you doing? “ You couldn’t see Calum because of the white shower curtain, but his voice sounded more caring than normally, almost concerned.

“Showering. “ You answered shortly, thinking that it was an obvious activity. You heard his steps on the bathroom floor, making it clear he didn’t took of his shoes. You closed your eyes, still letting the hot temperature flow over your back.

“Y/N! “ Calum had torn away the curtains only to turn off the water. You turned his head towards him, instantly feeling a pain in your neck and back. “What are you doing!? “ He yelped again, this time demanding a different answer.

“I don’t know. Showering. “ You answered without looking directly in his brown eyes. You didn’t knew why he was yelling or why he turned off the water. His grey sleeve was wet from reaching in the shower to turn off the water.

“You could have gotten a third degree burn if you had turned it up more! “ He screamed, almost standing in the shower, so close to your naked body. You knew he exaggerated, but you did figure out why his tone was loud and anxious.

“No, I had it under control.. “ You whispered, putting on panties even though it hurt.

“Look at your back. “ He said angrily, grabbing your shoulders and walking you to the mirror. He turned you backwards and you turned your head so you could see your back. You gasped at the red mark. A big red circle was on your lower back as small loops of white was spread. Calum wasn’t exaggerated with the burn, because it was certainly a first degree burn you had gotten.

You didn’t know what to say. You just allowed your jaw to dangle, while words were trying to form in your mouth. Instead of words, tears was forming in your eyes.

“I didn’t know. “ you whispered, looking at Calum. His eyes were not dry either, which was just making you miserable. The burn was starting to hurt more and more and you didn’t know whether to tell Calum.

“I know. “ He mumbled and threw you the shirt you had brought into the bathroom. “You hurt yourself, Y/N. “

“Not on purpose. “ You said, putting on the shirt even though it hurt. You made small grimaces that probably just made Calum more worried. He then reached for your hand and lead you down to the living room, making you sit on the couch. The pain was unbearable now, so Calum came with some painkillers that you eagerly swallowed.

A small amount of time passed before the painkillers started working. Calum could clearly see that you were better, because he started talking.

“Don’t ever do that again. “ He said, turning his head towards you. You were both sitting on the couch watching tv. His hand had found yours and he had been playing with your fingers the whole time, making you more comfortable.

“I didn’t know I was doing it. “ You whispered while looking in brown puppy-eyes. He was hurt more than you thought he would be.

“Promise me, “ He raised his voice a bit. “That you won’t do that again. “ You smiled, a single tear rolling down your cheek.

“I promise you, Cal. “ You breathed in and saw Calums relieve when the words came out of your mouth.

“I love you so fucking much. “ He said, kissing your cheek, making you blush and mumble a quiet “love you too” to him. “Now, are you ready for the aloe vera? Cause babe, I have to take care of you now. “ He said with a small smirk, clearly enjoyed the fact that he rub you in relaxing aloe vera.

“That wouldn’t be the worst thing. “ You smirked as he jumped off the couch to get the aloe vera. He really does love me, you thought to yourself as a reassuring smile spread across your face.

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Hey Sia-chan! How are you doing? I just wanted to know something. I am a huge Servamp (anime only) fan! The newest episode had me both laughing and in tears 'cuz my poor son Sakuya.. (HE NEEDS SO MUCH MORE LOVE!) But yeah, do you think Sakuya like holds a grudge against Misono for being around Mahiru while he can't? And technically it was Misono who got Mahiru into wanting to be a good Eve and fight so yeah.. (I am sorry if it's not making much sense but I guess you understood my point)

Oh yes I did. First thing first, you should really read the manga honey, ‘cuz trust me on this - it’s at least a hundred times better than the anime!

So yeah getting back to the point, it hasn’t been directly implied if Sakuya holds a grudge against Misono for kinda dragging Mahiru away from him(S)? But the author of the series mentioned that Sakuya is a ‘yandere’. So if we look at this taking a ‘yandere’ personality into consideration, I do think he probably doesn’t  feel too comfortable around Misono? Like it’s not about being separated from Mahiru, since he had planned for that to happen in the future anyway, even if Mahiru were just a normal human being.

Mahiru called Misono his friend, which made the latter feel glad, I am sure Misono feels a sense of pride at this friendship too, Mahiru literally being his very first friend and all. So I am sure when everything settles down, Misono and Sakuya will have this cat fight going on between them (Mahiru being oblivious about it all of course) Something like -

Sakuya: I became Mahiru’s friend first!

Misono: No one cares about that anymore!

Most of it would be really silly and meaningless. And in my opinion that’s as far as they’d go. I don’t think it’s as serious as holding a grude, but yeah there has to be little amounts of jealousy here and there (Sakuya feeling it much more than Misono).

Villain!Matt tho

Your Villain!Matt AU is everything I never knew I needed and in one of your posts you asked for more ideas so here:

- So Matt wants ultimate revenge upon Shiro and hurting the other paladins is one way he’d do that. Imagine if he actually captures one [it could be Hunk/Keith/Lance; any of them really] after the end of Season 1 when they’ve all been separated and manages to hold them for awhile. Before the others can reunite, figure out one of them is in dire danger and figure out a plan to rescue them, I imagine Matt’s probably done… A lot of damage by then. He hasn’t had time to perform a full memory deletion [I imagine THAT would take a long while] but he has unfortunately inflicted quite a bit of physical torture. Hunk/Keith/Lance [H/K/L] are probably very mentally disturbed too; they pleaded and pleaded with Matt to try to convince him that his family’s okay but of course that wasn’t enough to break the mental rewriting [and ya know the torture itself].

Essentially by the time H/K/L are recovered they themselves are in extremely bad shape [their healing process would be a whole other aspect but lets ignore that for now] and Pidge/Shiro are even more distraught because Matt’s their sibling/close friend! But he’s committed a horrible crime to H/K/L!? But he’s been brainwashed so how accountable is he really!? Queue angst and drama because everything is in such a fucked up state.

Okay wow this is getting long [SORRY!] so Imma try and quickly end this ramble of mine. Through sheer determination, Pidge/Shiro manage to break the mental rewrite that has happened to Matt; but it’s not a happy-ending from here because now Matt’s sane again but he has so! many! scars! He’s done so many bad things! He’s deeply hurt all of the paladins; he feels like he doesn’t deserve to live. Why does he get a ‘happy ending’ with everything he’s done? From here on Matt and the paladins go through a GIGANTIC [and very slow] healing process. Everyone has scars because of what’s occured and it takes ages for things to reach a positive state. BUT I NEED THAT POSITIVE END because I can only take so much angst.

Ok wow Im so sorry for this… This AU is literally just so good [my fav] and I had to share this with you. I hope I haven’t annoyed you!


as soon as i read the title i was just

Oh man, oh man I can’t imagine what Matt would come up with. He’s so morally screwed that there really isn’t anything he’d not be willing to try on H/K/L. Not to mention his relentless tendency to get what he wants. He’d try to get information out of them first, no doubt. He’d want to know where Shiro is. Oh, oh and he is very very observant too. He wants to get in your head, he wants to know what makes you tick, and he’d pay close attention to how H/K/L react to the things he’d do.

more under the cut 

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Why do I want my mental illness to get worse?

Hey anon,

There are many reasons someone would want to get more ill. The ones I can think of at the moment are :

You’re told so much you’re “not sick enough” either by intrusive thoughts, other people, society… etc, that you feel you need to be more ill to get the care and attention you deserve and need.

It can feel like faking it or being overdramatic when we’re describing our illness[es], so, if it really is a severe case, we feel justified in making a deal out of it.

Like people who fantasize about traumatic events and illness, we tend to associate receiving care and compassion with people who are really ill. The truth is, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Many times our illnesses feed us lies about not being enough or tell us we’re “faking” or “not truly ill”. In reality, there is no distinct threshold for when you are considered “ill”.

We may feel we deserve the struggle and illness instead of health and recovery.

No matter the reason, you deserve to feel better and happy and well. I hope you find it in you to choose recovery when you are ready for it. Until then, and after then, we will be here for you :)



Commissions needed desperately!

Still looking for commissions. I suffer from Pseudotumor Cerebri, PTSD, Major Depression, Anxiety and Chronic leg and back problems putting me in a wheel chair. I can not afford my copays, my meds, and right now some bills such as electricity. My husband works two jobs and all of my appointments leave us broke, I am still fighting for disability and SSI. I can not afford to pay my spinal doctor Copay on the 26 or my electric bill. I also can not Afford my psychiatrist copay on the 1st and I really need to see a neurologist for my Pseudotumor Cerebri because I have not had treatment in almost two years and my migraines/headaches are getting unbearable, my vision is getting worse, and I am getting dizzy a lot more lately. I need at least 200 dollars and looking to do some art for this. I have done a few commissions recently but that alone covered my meds and two copays for this month. I need to see my Spinal doctor so he can look more closely at my MRI and help figure out what’s going on with this chronic debilitating pain for the last year leaving me in a wheel chair. I can not even take a shower , my husband has to wash me down with a sponge bath because my pain is so unbearable to stand and when he goes to work I am stuck in bed almost all day, barely able to make it to the bathroom. I want to kill myself someday because not only the pain but all I am putting him through. I need my psychiatrist because he is the first doctor to want me to get the help I need. He is desperate for me to get not only mental but my physical health to be helped. 

Below are some of my work, some wips, sketches, completed past commissions. This month has just been rough and I need help please. I hope you like my work and want to hire me. Donations are welcomed too but please even if you just want a sketch let me know, even a simple doodle for your pay. I can do traditional and digital. I am better with women but can draw men.If you want traditional sketches I can mail them to you.I thank you all for reading this. My payment is through my husbands paypal R.o.t.h.2006@hotmail.com so please take a look and hope to hear from any of you soon.I am thankful for those who have hired me.

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Hello! I was wondering if you or your followers could help me. My cat is sick and has recently started a treatment , I used to put the medication in wet food but now she won't eat it anymore. I don't know what to do , she's really difficult with food and ... Everything. So far I haven't managed to make her open her mouth or anything and I really need help finding a way to make her take her meds!! Please help or give me tips if you can!!! Thank you!

Have you asked the vet for options?  From my personal experience, my cats are terrible with pills and forget sneaking it into their food. (sniff and bury)  Depending on the medication, there are vet pharmacies that can formulate the prescription into oral drops, trans-dermal gels, or treats. (maybe even more but those are the ones that I am familiar with). It is a little more expensive but worth it.  There are options, please consult with your vet because they would have to write or fax the prescription to the pharmacy. 

Voltron Avatar AU

So I saw the really cute art for an Avatar AU by @inkandowl​ and I couldn’t resist sorrynotsorry. Anyways this is my first time writting for Avatar so I hope I did alright. Also this is the art that inspired this particular snippet. 


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Do you think in the Suicide Squad DVD or Bluray we will get all the deleted scenes with Joker and between Joker and Harley Quinn? I really hope so! I NEED TO SEE ALL OF THEM!!

It’s definitely a possibility and if WB wants to make lots of money (which I’m pretty sure they do) they would know that including those deleted scenes would be a good idea to do just that. :)

Guess who’s an avocado fan now 🙋🙋 I’ve taken a liking to it and I’m so happy!! Hehehe these were part of my lunch today among other stuff :) give me some avocado ideas everyone!! :) so today I taught my 6am plyo class then spent over half an hour stretching and rolling which I REALLY need to do more. Then worked at lorna Jane 9-6 and was a super busy day! Now I’m off to see the shallows at the movies! ALSO I registered for my les mills GRIT AIM 1 module!! wooooooooo so excited !! Hope you all had a fab day xx


@sciencesloth tagged me to do the 6 selfies challenge. But since I’m getting my hair cut on Saturday morning, I think I’ll wait. Then I’ll do three of my long hair and three of my short hair. Sounds good to me. :p

I’m super excited. I was nervous about it for a long time but I think I really just need to do it. I’m sick of having long hair because it gets in the way ALL the time. So I’ll be getting a lob. My hair is ~30″ long so hopefully I can donate the part I cut. Since shorter hair is a lot easier to style, who knows… Maybe I’ll end up doing more with it.

I’ve never dyed my hair, but I’m seriously considering some blonde balayage (which is like a more subtle type of ombre) since it’ll look fine if it grows out like that. My hair is naturally medium brown with some golden strands here and there. It’s pretty. I like it. So I wouldn’t want to get rid of it by dying since I doubt they can replicate my natural color later. But I want to try it.

I’m ready for change.

I’m also pumped because the place I’m getting it done at is in the middle of ____ Square, which is right off of the creek walk. So I’ll be able to walk there! I always love an excuse to walk the creek walk.

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I love how I have no idea what will happen next season lol but the villain needs to step up his game, seriously I wonder why Magnus didn't simply kill him I mean he is one of the most powerful warlocks and Valentine wasn't exactly a big threat last season lmao but not only Valentine but also warlocks need more attention beside Magnus there was Dot and she was really not impressive

My thoughts exactly.

Both sides of the battle need a serious fire lit under their asses. The Shadowhunters constantly bring up that they need to stop Valentine and why it’ll be the end of the world as we know it, but the only evil thing Valentine has succeeded in doing so far is revealing to Jace and Clary that they’re siblings.

The show definitely needs to raise the bar in the villain department. And I am all in for more Downworlder stuff.

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hey! I've been really interested in wicca but im from latino america and i really dont know if i should practice it bc of that since i cant find wiccan history in latino america i feel like im appropriating it so... Do u know where i can find wiccan history from latino america? It doesn't matter if it is in english

I’m gonna pass half of your question to someone who knows more about Latinx history but first, you don’t need to feel you’re appropriating because no one culture “owns” Wicca/Paganism. 

But from what I know simply of the Americas, North and South America have a history of Pagan-branch religions, especially in Brazil, and Central America/South Mexico had many faiths that are also Branch-Pagan. 

As it was explained to me, Pagan is a big word not for one people, but for a tree. Each branch is different, contains different worlds and rules and nuances, but is still fed by the same tree.

-Tema Koinu

Wicca is traditionally an initiatory religion, so it’s only exclusive in the sense that you need to be brought into a coven by someone who’s already been initiated to a certain rank themselves.  That’s all.  Neo-Wicca, on the other hand, is the form that’s most readily available and doesn’t require any initiation whatsoever.  Anyone of any ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation/preference, neurodivergence/typicality, and so on can practice Neo-Wicca.  Neo-Wicca is not a closed religion and you wouldn’t be appropriating.  Individual Wiccan and Neo-Wiccan covens sometimes have their own rules that may exclude certain demographics, but that’s an issue of the individual people interpreting things like gender in very narrow, orthodox ways.  (That’s what I’m assuming, at least, since I’m not initiated into any Wiccan traditions and so don’t actually have insight into traditional Wicca’s rules that haven’t already been revealed.)

Wicca began in Britain in the 1950s.  Any history of it in Latinx America will have happened within the last 60-someodd years.  If you’re looking for a style of Wiccan practice that’s been adapted to suit a Latinx culture, on the other hand, then finding a Latinx Wiccan would be your best bet.  Unfortunately I don’t know anyone offhand, so if this is the sort of thing you’re after, you might ask around the Wiccan side of Tumblr.  As always, you can also look into your local or ancestral traditions and see how you might create your own Neo-Wiccan path tailored to you and your culture.

- mountain hound

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