Dust Storm moments worth waiting for….

  • Brennan’s hair sticking straight-up in the most ridiculous way
  • Nora singing her heart out
  • Brennan watching her singing her heart out and just clearly being overwhelmed
  • Brennan’s whistle ukulele
  • Them recording each other being idiots (especially the PDA)
  • Broken sink
  • When they first meet and Brennan is moodily leaning
  • Brennan singing to himself with a little smile
  • Toothpick scene
  • Colin saying Voldemort
  • Brennan finally singing for Nora

get to know me meme | favourite movies [2/5]
↳ the parent trap (1998)

“I have a brilliant beyond brilliant idea! I’m serious. I’m a total genius. You want to know what Dad is like, right? And I'm dying to know Mom. So what I’m thinking is,  I think we should switch places!”

I wanted to recreate the sensation you have in an adventure movie of what it was to be there battling with a thing that is the size of a skyscraper – a thing that can actually face a tornado and win. When you get a budget you can do two things: you can get crazy or lazy. And I chose to be as crazy as I could. We used creativity and passion and madness as a fuel to make this movie.
—  Guillermo del Toro