Tbh i wasn’t understanding why everyone cared so much about Bro Average Chase but now I really like him alot he just seems like a nice character that tries to be the cool dad and care for his kids alot and I wanna see more of that. I wanna see Chase come back.
Also everyone is thinking that Chase’s last name is Brody cause of that one video and if that’s true that’s awesome that Jack thought of a last name for him.
Even fits into his channel name
Bro average


i don’t really feel a connection with any egyptian gods anymore

i kinda just automatically bounced on anubis bc i really liked him as a little kid
i thought he was HELLA NEAT ™

so anubis doesn’t show me any signs what-so-ever in the course of a week
and i’m like
cool i’ll give him time my altar sucks
he probably doesn’t think i’m ready or whatever

but now i’m kinda feeling a sense of disgust from him??
like when i see the statues my dad printed for me & anubis
i feel sad??
y'know when you’re walking down the street or something and someone stares at you?
in a really judgmental way?

that’s kinda how i feel

i move on and try to connect with set, because although he may be pretty extreme and weird
i can relate??
i think

but just like what people say

he’s not really one for communicating

so im thinking WOAH Sekhmet is SO COOL!!

but really
it’s not about who is cool
it’s really about who connects with you

isn’t it what this whole spiritual thing is about??

i think it’s because i’m not in the right mindset
or looking in the right places

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I'm currently in a relationship with a guy I thought I liked. I thought I really did like him, but I can't help but notice girls instead. I've always been attracted to girls. It's only been a week but it feels soo wrong. (I'm breaking up with him soon) I don't think I was ever truly attracted to him in the first place. Because I dated a man does that make me bi? Am I lesbian? I know I'm definitely confused.

A lesbian is a woman who is sexually and romantically attracted by other women. It has nothing to do with who you have dated or who you have had sex with.

Final final predictions...

Now I have watched 7x19 and all the most recent interviews with Sasha/shay/marlene here is what I think:

1. I want AD to be Ezra - I really don’t like him - I think Aria deserves someone better however I think after seeing the promo he may not be as I think he may get injured/killed one can dream though.  He is still number 1 on my list of suspects. He is also a “love scorned boy” as he wanted Alison way back in season 1… 

2.  I don’t think AD is melissa - I can break this down into a few parts:

a. firstly Marlene said about trying really hard to get her back for the final - Marlene has also said about knowing who she wanted AD to be from earlier seasons and how shes always had an idea of where she was going to go if they signed extra seasons.  It would be a bit risky having AD be a character who isn’t a main actor or actress as they aren’t contracted into the show like the main cast. So she has no obligations to come back if asked.

b. its been hinted that AD hides in plain site - Melissa hasn’t been around in ages although I know she could be in a mask I just highly doubt AD would be a stand in actor in a mask until the reveal. 

c. Also tying in with point b - Sasha said in a recent interview about asking a certain person the right questions to figure out AD for herself and Marlene said she had talked to the person and they had asked not to be revealed so their cast mates would not be affected throughout filming. Torrey has been filming elsewhere and hasn’t been around.

3. I don’t think a twin is AD either as I think this would follow too closely to the books and I HOPE marlene isn’t stupid enough to do that.  Also I think for example if one of the girls had a twin throughout previous episodes it would be in the script “spencers twin sleeps with toby” and then the cast would know and as said above Marlene has said the actor/actress asked to not be revealed. They would have to have had some crazy way of getting around this if this was the case. 

4. I think it may at some point in the final look as if there is a twin but really its AD using a mask - Marlene mentioned masks in a recent interview 

5. I think Emison have a boy 

6. Marlene says in her last interview that she isn’t going to say if Paige is in the final - I am thinking she may be in a flashback scene?

7. I think AD is someone using possibly a fake name in their everyday life but really is someone from the past whos been mentioned before e.g. bethany could be any of the female actresses.  Charles might not be dead and the whole charles is charlotte thing may have been lie to cover up things?  I don’t have a set theory on this but I think to make a better back story for why AD has done what they have done they would need to be someone who is really involved in one or all of the liars lives. 

8. I think there might be two weddings - one interupted by some shocking news/death/injury (Ezrias) and one that takes place instead of the one that is interupted. I hope for Emison.  

I may add to this later but these are just my intitial thoughts.  

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I am actually dating my crush right now, hes so sweet and he's a big ass dork. We have the same kind of sense of humor and we both come from crazy families so he kinda gets what its like, he is super supportive and even though hes super cheesy I really like him and he makes me super happy ^-^

That’s. So. Sweet.

I have the biggest grin on my face for you right now you wouldn’t believe. I’m so happy that you have a supportive, loving, and what seems like an all-around wonderful boyfriend. 

What I really like about bnha so far is that I thought at first it was a little cheapened by the fact that Izuku ended up getting a quirk instead of proving that he can be a hero without one, but in the end he’s so heavily restricted by it, at least at first, that he does so much stuff with just his own wit? I especially loved his ingenuity in the race during the sport’s festival, or when he figured out that he can get by using only the flick of a finger to minimize damage.  It’s by no means a brute strength quirk when it’s in his hands.

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Bearded Shiro in flannel though???

I’m not on board the whole bearded Shiro craze tbh, but I really like him with a soft stubble. And flannel improves everything 👌

Available on RB as a sticker ~


the get down
☞  1.01 where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure 
↳ ‘large and in charge