do you ever just think that one of the reasons Lance “hates” Keith so much is because he and Shiro were likely friends in the garrison and he was jealous that he wasn’t as close to his idol, whereas Keith was


Listen I watch Agents of SHEILD almost religiously but I don’t really talk about it much but ANYWAY i just wandered into the tags and I want to say: critical reading of media amongst people on this site is extremely poor? Why do you think that this PROVES that Ward is Daisy’s ~true love~ when it’s the same world that Jemma is dead, Coulson teaches hate propaganda to high schools and Melinda May is a god damn COMIC BOOK NAZI? Like, sorry, but no - the framework is clearly pretty fucked up? My theory is that removing people’s regrets removes consequences and a certain level of morality so people have less issues with doing bad things OR POSSIBLY that book just makes everything bad. ANYWAY those are my thoughts. Everyone shut up at watch the actual show.

This may be a bit salty, but I honestly can’t take the argument of “But they’re just bringing him back for ratings!” as a reason I shouldn’t watch.  Because, DUH.  THAT’S WHAT SHOWS DO.  THAT’S THE POINT OF THEM.  To get ratings so they can sell commercial time, so they can make money.  AoS’ ratings have been tanking for a long time, so it’s very understandable that they would want to bring back an actor and character that served them well in the past.  Ward is a super polarizing character for the show and Brett Dalton is just a pure ball of sunshine wrapped in a stubbly, tortured face.  I understand if, from a story-telling perspective, it feels cheap and unfair.  It IS.  But it’s also not surprising, for any show, let alone this one.  It’s a pretty solid business tactic.  So I’m going to happily splash around in my trash heap and enjoy Brett being back and daydream (happily and angstily) about all the possible scenarios that could play out.  And just think…..with him back on the show, and an apparent Skyeward relationship in The Framework, not only are we going to get actual moments of Benneton together on screen, which will be marvelous from a gif/photo fanworks perspective, but we get FAKE RELATIONSHIP and probably BED SHARING.  That’s enough for me.

pansexualpoedamneron replied to your postjust so everyone knows, mon-el/lar gand is…

Wait wait pls tell me more :’(

well the story has been retold twice or thrice, but mon-el is far more connected to superman, and really had nothing to do with supergirl other than he arrived before her, but after superman. clark was still a kid when another alien crash landed in kansas and had amnesia of all things. tiny clark just up and assumes its his big brother from space because, why the fuck not? clark names him mon-el because he landed on a monday and kids are bad at naming things. and then mon-el picks a human name ‘bob cobb’ because amnesiacs are bad at naming things. (mon-els public name was modernized to jonathan kent in recent versions and i strongly disagree with this choice. fucking stanning bob cobb for life ppl)

but later when bb clark starts to suspect mon-el isnt family/kryptonian he gives him a hunk of green painted led and calls it kryptonite to see how mon-el will react. this, because its the 1960s and plot logic is already running thin in comics, restores mon-els memories so he knows he is really a guy named lar gand from daxam, a krypton adjacent planet/race, who met jor-el like 5 seconds before the planet exploded and set sail for earth (???? dont look at me i diddnt write it) and also the lead is killing him because lead is daxamite kryptonite

really its all very stupid. but in a great way. mon-el is more or less beyond clarks powers to save so he puts mon into the phantom zone. because the clark kent basement is like a scifi movie set lol. i cant remember the comics exactly. but in the zone he can survive until there is a cure. which leads to the legion comics if im not mistaken. but i probs am so ill stop.

but thats the origin story of superman’s kinda sorta big brother figure. and its fun and dumb and silly and sweet and honestly, clark would have some harsh words for kara’s treatment from their kinda sorta realtive/brother/cousin/… phantom-zone-tenant. its weird. but not as bad as the cw made it ok

Speaking of ships…

I didn’t want to get invested in any Vo/tron ship because it doesn’t seem like that kind of show, and apparently the fandom is really bad about that (and this coming from a primarily Bioware fandom blog haha god). But…

Shallura is just…my whole aesthetic. It has everything I want.

Hurt/comfort, dealing with their baggage together, height differences…a character voiced by Kimberly Brooks who’s actually appreciated and respected…everything.

The only real problem is that seems to capitalize on the “space parents” thing, which I don’t agree with.


Maybe they’ll save it. All the pieces. Store it in the town hall attic and rebuild it in a hundred years. Wonder who the hell we were. 


Rich, famous, powerful people get away with murder all the time, sometimes literally. Coke in the purse, insider trading, sexual assault… you name it. I screw up; because of my last name, the cops call the D.A. He calls my mom. Strings are pulled. I’m out in the street in an hour, with a new job - a job I initally had no interest in. Funny thing is, I like causing trouble. Busting the system, exposing wrongful convictions. Kinda gets me off. So really, it worked for me, again. Now, hopefully, it’s also a bonus to people like Penny Price, a mom accused of killing her own son, to have me on their side.

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WAIT!! HOLD THE FREAKIN PHONE! I'm not caught up and I don't care about spoilers, so - CAS TOLD DEAN HE LOVED HIM?!?!

i mean, this scene is like art

and art is meant to be interpreted differently by everyone, incite some emotions, you know

but uh

i think we’ve narrowed it down significantly from “he’s in love………………………………………………………………..


……………………………………..with humanity

the puppy bowl is the greatest invention of the 21st century. hair dryers included.

You’re awkward.