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Oh oh question! Da4 is going to be announced soon, I just know it! So... What do you think your da4 protagonist will be like, if you could give us a little insight of what you think? Thank you so much uvu

Uhhh I’m so happy you’re asking me this! 
I’d love, love, love if DA4 started in Tevinter. Given the last (I think it’s the last yeah?) cutscene of Trespasser, I think and hope it quite certainly will. That’d lead to (at least) two very interesting protagonist origins: elf slave and Magister. 
Here’s what my character would look like if there was the possibility to start as Magister/Magister apprentice:


These aren’t even the best one, but omfg making these bad edits for my phone has brought me so much childish joy. 

People need illusions to be alive and well. Depressed people see themselves more realistic than people who are not.
Everyone has illusions and thoughts about themselves that are not true because it’s what saves us.
Some illusions are more socially accepted than others.
I often ask myself: Where is the line that separates healthy illusions from insanity? And why is seeing yourself realistically so unhealthy?


Hi everyone,

So school is starting tomorrow and because I don’t really have any self control, I’m going to limit my time on here. I really want to do well (and get straight As so I can finally rest in peace). 

Basically, I’m going to still be on here, but much less often. Thank you for reading this Very Important Post.

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dude shit i knew a straight girl who's sorta known for leading lesbians on who posted on ig "i'm here i'm queer i'm full of existential fear" then when asked if she was straight she was answered smth bout how she likes dick too much or some dumb shit

JESUS fucking christ. I really cant handle straight girls like they REALLY think they can get away with being blatantly homophobic just bc they’re girls. 

Holy Shit!

I had a dream about Youngjae!


I need your help ;; so i basically joined this jyp x soompi rising legends audition and yeah i hope you like it ;;

The Funeral (harmony test)
  • The Funeral (harmony test)

Because I haven’t been able to draw lately, have some more of my voice!
This is “The Funeral” by Band of Horses. The backing track is played on glonkenspiel from this video, made from this vine.

This is made of 9 voices (all me) and 7 part harmony! If I were to make a cover album to go along with my “O Death” song, you can bet this would be on it! Tell me what you think!!

Draco Malfoy aesthetic.

things i love

My little dog that is so clumsy and fat i love him, i also love good food, rammstein, midnight cardrives, all my friends and people who make me feel not that lonely, azuki from nekopara, nice people, money, saturdays because i can sleep as long as i want, nice butts and tiddies, every fucking animal i have ever seen, ps. babyfrogs are my life, memes, rainy nights, cheesecake

> gonna continue


And this is one of the reasons why you don’t ever ask to see my sketchbook.

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Hey, I'm acearo (romance repulsed) and i was looking through your blog and i kind of thought that expressing your disgust about romance would kind of accidentally insult some people. Especially people really happy and in a relationship? Bashing that would seriously suck, especially if its something that makes them happy. I don't know, I just thought the 'expressing that repulsion is okay' kind of seemed iffy to me. Anyways I love your blog and all, that little thing was just bothering me.

okay so, i understand your concern and i appreciate that you’re not saying this in an attacking manner.

but the thing is, romance is literally everywhere. it is literally shoved down our throats every. living. second. romance is the number one focus in movies, tv shows, books, every form of entertainment and media. even in things where romance is 100% unnecessary and unimportant, it’s still added because society believes that romance should be your priority in life. society literally tells us that we need romance in our lives, or else there’s no point. if we don’t have romantic partners, society sees us as worthless, boring, abnormal.

at the end of the day, the amount of people complaining about romance is nothing compared to all the people that praise romance. couples are always going to be much more praised than shunned for their romance (obviously this mostly applies to straight couples, but you get my point).

unless society acknowledges our existence and decides to respect us, romance is always going to be considered the number one goal in life. because of everything that society has taught me, the idea that i need to find romance to be happy is deeply ingrained into me. and that just makes my repulsion worse. this is so harmful for me. it affects me every second, every minute, every hour, every day of my life. there is literally not a single day that goes by when i don’t see or hear about romance. i’m not even going to tell you just how much stress this gives me, and how horribly it affects my mental health.

when i express my disgust/discomfort about romance, i’m not trying to shun couples for being happy. i’m not trying to say that their love is gross and ugly. i would never outright tell a couple that they’re disgusting for showing pda, of course that would be wrong and downright rude.

when i complain about romance, i’m complaining about everyone and everything shoving it down my throat nonstop. i’m complaining about couples that purposely show pda to make the people around them uncomfortable, because they think it’s funny to mock people who have serious repulsion and trauma over romance. the people who have anxiety and panic attacks over romance.

i know there are many people like me, which is why i created this blog in the first place. it’s supposed to be a safe space for us to express our dislike for romance without having to explode in front of the actual romance. i made this blog so that people who have kept it bottled in for so long can finally let it out. i made this blog so that people who felt broken or disgusting for their repulsion could feel like they are okay, and that there’s nothing wrong with them.

if you don’t want to express your romance repulsion, that’s fine, but let the rest of us that do have this space. it’s one of the only things we have. there is romance scattered everywhere else, and we have literally no escape from it. don’t take this away from us too.

We (Part Six)

here’s part six to my fanfic, “we” – a short story [loosely] based off the anticipated struggles that come with being in a relationship with justin. track #we fic if you would like to be updated whenever a new part is posted! xo

part one | part five

It’s been an hour, –– seventy-five minutes and… twenty-three seconds, to be exact, –– since Justin stormed out on you and since you realized that your relationship with him might not have a happy ending.  You’ve been staring at the clock, clutching a pillow against your chest as bright numbers blinking in red taunt you with every second that passes.  

You start to wonder if you should take your things and leave, not even bothering with a goodbye.  As difficult as this situation was, you know that trying to share your last words with him will be the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do, so maybe you shouldn’t even try doing it.  

But it’s been over an hour since Justin walked out of the bedroom; you don’t know if he’s even in the hotel anymore. It’s very possible that he took a walk and stumbled upon a local bar, and it’s also quite possible that he’ll drink his body weight in liquor and come back in a couple of hours with slurred “I love you’s” and apologies on his tongue for you to accept on account of your vulnerability.

A familiar melody plays softly over ivory keys, and you turn your head and attention toward the door to distract yourself from the ticking clock.  Rising to your feet, you follow the sound to the parlor and find your boyfriend playing ‘Slow Dancing in a Burning Room’ on the grand piano.  His voice doesn’t follow along with the melody as it usually does when he’s feeling inspired.  But he’s not playing because of inspiration; he’s playing for lack thereof –– for heartbreak.

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Ok I’m gonna be real I genuinely did not catch that math pun until I went to google the answer because I was like “I simplified this in only one step what if I did it wrong :/” So I went back to my precalc notes and googled imaginary numbers just to make sure I was remembering them correctly. And then I actually googled ‘2i<6u’ just to see if other people got the same answer and right as the Yahoo answers page loaded- It clicked for me lmfao.