Favourite color: pink! A lot of different shades of pink ! (Tho my hair colour is ‘candy floss’ by crazycolour and its a really nice shade)

Pets: a bird (felix), a dog (bies) and a cat (viktor)

Last song I listened to: touch by Troye Sivan

Favourite show: [slams fist on table] YURI!!! ON ICE (also i dont watch tv but im currently watching widm does that count)

My first fandom: one direction

Hobbies: drawing, painting, doing nothing lmao

Book I’m currently reading: i SHOULD be reading Twee Vrouwen by Harry Mulisch but am i? No.

Favourite book: idk Ive read like 5.. simon vs the homosapiens agenda?

Worst thing I’ve ever eaten/tasted: literally anything lol i hate all food ever. But probably some kinda stamppot i hate all dutch food

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Tumblr please don’t kill the quality too much.

Okay, jumped on the bandwagon of @beanpots‘s Day and Night AU, which is so gorgeous I couldn’t help but draw the precious kings in a mural style. Looks a little asymmetrical (especially Yuuri OH GODS WHY), but that’s cuz I can’t do digital lineart to save my life (I definitely prefer digital colouring tho) so I just did it over my ink sketch from the paper version. Still, I’ve definitely come a long way with my digital arts, so I’m really happy with how this turned out. :3

Anyways, hope y’all like it, especially the creator of the AU LOL.

Teru Headcanons

yo yo i just got all caught up to the manga so its time to pump out some Content featuring my favorite fashion disaster.  Edit: so it looks like this is going to be a series now

// Teru // Shou // Ritsu // Reigen // Mob //

  • a fashion disaster
    • not even like ironically or anything he just really fucking likes bright colours. Teru stop put those bright pink plaid capris down you’re negatively influencing Mob with this
    • thinks he can wear and look good in anything
    • thinks
  • usually stays super composed in public because he still subconsciously cares about his Cool Image
    • actually is a huge dork when left alone 
  • puny sense of humour, a lot of eyebrow wiggles and finger guns, snorts when he laughs really hard, smiles a lot when with friends, all that good stuff
  • has a tea obsession
    • can’t leave the store without buying some more loose leaf tea
      • “oohh, what’s this? vanilla chai tea? oh damn I probably don’t have this one yet.”
        • he does have that kind. He bought it the last five times he went shopping
    • likes green tea in particular but hey he’s flexible
    • has a Tea Cupboard
      • it’s overflowing with tea that would last him a few lifetimes
      • has some of his ‘fancy’ mugs that are chipped and the designs are kinda worn and have weird flowery patterns on them
      • he only ever lets Mob use these mugs
  • he secretly can’t stand silence in his apartment
    • he will always have the radio playing in the kitchen, the TV barely ever turns off in the living room. He usually hums to himself in his room since it’s the quietest room in the house
      • it makes him feel lonely when it’s too quiet, kinda like a reminder that he is very very alone
  • likes to tease the shit out of ritsu
    • “ah hello little brother how are–” “don’t call me that.”
    • “hey I know that your birthday is pretty far away but i bought you these spoons anyways because I figured you’re probably almost out of them by now…. you know, because you bend sp–” “I’ll take them but this means nothing.”
    • “hello Ritsu welcome to my house. I’m sorry to tell you that i had to hide all my spoons because I can’t afford to–” “Hanazawa I swear to god drop it with the spoon thing.”
  • Mob and Teru are friends! Teru would now die for Mob
  • calls Reigen ‘boss’ all the time. No one can really figure out why since Teru only goes to Spirits and Such to see Mob or to eat all of Reigen’s food
  • if you invite him to your house, keep him out of your kitchen. He will eat you out of house and home with a smirk on his face the whole time
  • “Hey do you want to come along to the festival?” “aah sorry little brother, I have some Very important Adult stuff to do–” “My brother will be there.” “What time do we meet up?”
  • he’s bi and he makes sure that the whole world knows it
  • very Dramatic when it comes to being sick
    • “I’m sorry Kageyama-kun I can’t go to the festival today.” “what’s the matter?” “I coughed once this morning and I think I’m dying.”
My thoughts on the Vampires Game Pack. Even if you want it or not.

- Now before this video even begins. Will they still make a supernatural pack. It’s a possibility. I mean in the sims 3 Vampires were in Late night and then again in supernatural so ANYTHING is possible at this point. I want Werewolves Sims team. I want them.

- I see Bats. And a Organ and a creepy graveyard. We are off to a good start.

- OOOH COFFINS. I always loved the vampires in Sims 2 with the coffins and turning into bats. I can tell this is going to be more like the sims 2 vampire and less of the sims 3 vampire.

- Those coloured EYES THO wow.

- LOL I like the old bald vampire who looks like something out of buffy the vampire slayer. YAAAS.

- TBH not really feeling the victorian style clothing. I never used it in Sims 3 Supernatural and I am probably not going to use it now.  I like modern vampires.  Give me spike or give me death.

- YAAS turning into bats. Perfect. I love it. That was such a fun part of the sims 2 nightlife.

- This new world is easily going to become my favourite. 5 lots or not. It’s beautiful.

- Not sure how much I am going to use the Victorian Items in here either. Would be good for the Goth Family, but I dont know how much I will use it otherwise.



- This new world is creepy fabulous. Forgotten Hollow is my new home.

- That vampire with the funky hair and the red coat is a babe.

- I want Bonehilda in this pack.

- Don’t werewolf howl if theres no werewolves in the game. Ugh sound effects. Don’t Tease me like this.

- Yupp I’m Buying it.

anonymous asked:

Hello I'm in a good mood so I wanted to say that I love your account Aaand which hair colour do you like on bts ? I like ginger or black 😏 And good night 😴

:) this is cute !! ok so fave hair colours!

  • on yoongi i like his dope era blonde hair best, i think that pale colours in generally really suit him tho (dont kill me i dont care for his black hair srry)
  • taehyung i prefer light brown/golden brown! and when he wears that headband. and no bangs
  • jungkook…….honestly he looks good in any colour other than that hideous red from like …danger era was it? i cant remember lol but that was terrible and we dont speak of it. also forehead!kook 5ever
  • namjoon… he looks best in blonde but like yoongi he also looks great in any pale pastely colours!
  • jimin oh my god jimin fucK he looked so good with his bright red hair (which if anyone can pull off it’s him) but i loved loved LOVED his blonde hair too
  • hobi i think his natural hair looked best, but i also really loved his brown hair and alSO FOREHEAD HOBI!!!!!!!!!
  • and jinnie…..PINK HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but also BLONDE!!!! but also his golden brown!!!!!!!!!!!! anything but that hideous jungkook red lmao


dammit i wanted my first fanart of my angry trash son to be cool and intimidating and feature a lot of explosions or something, not This


family hobby: lookin’ hella pissed

fanart of The Fountain of Humanity by @heronfoot

i really loved this scene and it was a good excuse to practice drawing a background <3 

im currently trying to colour it but mmm idk how well thats going 


The truth has been revealed

What if all this time HxH was just a manga about Gon and Killua’s relationship but with battles and all that shounen stuff and that’s why the title is Hunter x Hunter