Questions Game
Rules are:
1. Always post the rules
2. Write down the questions you got asked and answer them
3. Write 11 new questions
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I got tagged by begin–to-hope

1. Do you consider yourself a good cook?
Hahaha, noooo! As a matter of fact, my best friend xa6ear came over today and cooked grilled cheese, spaghetti, and brownies for me since I suck at cooking and my family is away. I can do some stuff but not really cooking.
2. Name a talent you’ve always wish you had.
Singing! I consider myself a decent actress and an okay dancer, but my singing suuuuuucks.
3. Do you have a favorite coffee mug? Why is it your favorite?
I don’t really drink coffee, so no; but my mom uses one that has my sisters, my cousins, and I all on it and it’s super cute so I’ll say that anyways.
4. Do you separate your Oreos before you eat them, or do you eat them as is (whole)?
I used to separate them but I haven’t done that in a rrreeeaaalllyyyy long time!
5. What’s your favorite thing beginning with the letter G? It can be literally anything.
6. Have you ever owned a slinky?
A long time ago but it would NEVER WORK.
7. Fave cupcake flavor?
Probably just classic chocolate but I’m always a sucker for red velvet with cream cheese icing.
8. What does your name mean?
Christian. Funny fact, my first and middle name together means “Christian who is like the Lord”. Weeeiirrdd.
9. Last movie that made you cry?
Movie? Um…. Probably like Catching Fire or something…
10. How many pillows do you sleep with?
Just one under my head, but I have another softer one next to me.
11. Do you wet your toothbrush before or after you put the toothpaste on? (This is a legit question, I’ve been arguing with Raine about the proper order of water and toothpaste for months)
Usually before, but sometimes I forget…
My new questions:
1. What was the first movie you remember seeing in the theatre?
2. Do you watch any YouTube channels regularly?
3. What was the first CD you ever bought or received?
4. Do you have a dream car you’d like to own one day?
5. What is your favorite gem/stone? (Sapphire, diamond, etc. Also I just realized this could be taken as a Steven Universe question, which it wasn’t, but feel free to put that in there as well if you want!)
6. Preference on book series versus stand alone stories?
7. Favorite accent?
8. What font do you like to use?
9. If you could do anything ever to your hair (even if it isn’t possible in real life), what would that be?
10. If you had access to all the money and/or materials you needed, what would you cosplay as?
11. If you had the chance to become a magical girl/boy (like Sailor Moon, Winx Club, Madoka Magica…), would you do it, and if so, what would your outfit look like?

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I always forget to say this but no pressure or anything. I hardly ever get to these myself, so I tooootally would not be offended if you don’t do this.

cheveuxondules asked:

To the best person on this planet: Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send it to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) (positivity is cool) Hope you have a great day, love youuuuu

Hey vicky i decided to answer this when i didn’t find any good about me, so cool haha let’s try

- I can choose good books to read 

- I love my hairstyle 

- I have the best followers tumblr/twitter

- I can’t stop reading GREY, i really don’t wanna finish it for GOD

- I can give good ideas but not write them hahaha

Thanks sweet for it, I love you too and sorry for the late late answer ¬¬

and for my ten people get it, because ask is a little hard, I will tag them here ;)

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Have a great day <3333333333

anonymous asked:

Man, you're so badass!!!You write these REALLY good fanfics(I wish you wrote more NaLu but I love the others too <3) and you FREAKING PRACTICE KUNG FU THAT'S BEYOND AWESOME!!!!!You're so nice and I read your job is tough I hope it gets better, men stop being urgh, and doggies keep coming to make you happier!!!

Hahaha. It’s exhausting so I don’t feel very badass. But thank you! I actually write a lot of NaLu, I just don’t write multi-chapters of them. Just check my short fics page.

I have some in my drafts but I never post because I hate how I write then. I actually wrote so much NaLu at one point that I was sick of hearing about them so I stopped writing them for a short time hahaha. I lose inspiriation when I’m writing the same thing over and over again. I’m not very good at portraying them, though, so you’re not missing much. I will try to write them more in the future, though.

To be honest I don’t get NaLu requests very often?? There are other bloggers who write NaLu way more than me so I figure people go there instead which is, you know, pretty logical. XD

anonymous asked:

How are you, really? What are you thinking about?

I’m really good. Things are going well. I’m only a little anxious about what my professors will say in the next few days regarding my final project for uni & last 4 essays. I’ve written roughly 90 pages in the last 8 weeks, and I really don’t feel like writing more hahaha so I’m thinking about that. And you? I hope all is well