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what makes you happy? i really enjoy your blog and your face and i think many of us (your followers) want to know you better

tbh the only things that make me happy are when im back in my old neighborhood, outside exploring, with a few friends, or when im figuring out what to wear lmao. i really just wana be out of my house asap which probably isnt gonna happen in the next year or so because money, but i want to move to a place where i have my own super comfy and cozy room. i want a big bed with tons of pillows and blankets and a nice fluffy rug. i want to have a phone THAT WORKS UNLIKE MY SHITTY PHONE (thats a whole other topic tho) and also a WORKING LAPTOP UNLIKE MINE (the keyboard doesnt work and its battery is shot lmao kill me). again, itll all hopefully happen in time. once im there i feel like ill be happy. in a cozy room, with a few friends, some nice music playing, and food. thats where i want to be 100% of the time. i also get really happy when i go out to take pictures but i dont do it often because i dont have a car, and i cant walk anywhere because im in the middle of nowhere. im literally ranting now but idk i have a lot on my mind. the only thing thats really stopping me from being where i want to be is money tbh but i just gotta keep busting my ass at my job and ill get there some day. 

Hiatus / Goodbye.


I haven’t written anything related to this blog for months and I have slowly been losing interest in this blog, so I think that’s it’s time to say goodbye. I don’t know for how long, and I don’t know if I will ever come back to this blog again. I’m sorry for all of those who have supported me, and I want to thank everyone who has loved my writing. I really enjoyed bringing smiles to your faces, I may or may not open another imagine blog, but if I do then I will tell you. I would like to thank everyone for this, this was an amazing experience. I learned so much from everyone, and I made so many friends here. I can’t believe I am saying goodbye, but I am. Thank you.

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Omg I haven't been following you that long but I really enjoy your blog & you are SO FUCKING PRETTY like congratulations on your face

Thank you so much angel you too!!