When I was 21 I read “Anna Karenina.” I thought Anna and Vronsky were soul mates. They were deeply in love and therefore had to be together. I found Karenin cruel and oppressive for keeping his wife from her destiny. Levin and Kitty and the peasants bored me. I read those parts quickly.

Last year I turned 49, and I read the book again. This time, I loved Levin and Kitty. I loved the fact that after she declined his proposal he waited for a long time to mend his hurt feelings and then asked her again. I loved that she had grown up in the interim and now felt grateful for a second chance. Anna and Vronsky bored me. I thought Anna was selfish and shrill. My heart went out to poor Karenin, who tried to be decent.

What has literature taught me about love? Literature (along with experience) has taught me that love means different things at different points in our lives, and that often as we get older we gravitate toward the quieter, kinder plotlines, and find them to be richer than we had originally understood them to be.

Challenge Your Shelf || March 2017 

Day 6: Book Recs 

I bought the new edition of the princess saves herself in this one, and I can’t wait to reread it! If you haven’t already, I suggest you buy it, grab your favorite hot beverage and jump right in! I’ve read numerous poetry books since I first read this one last year, but the princess saves herself in this one is still my all time favorite. 

  • booktuber: now, i only read SIX BOOKS this month, which is WAY below my goal...
  • booktuber: i read fifty books last year, and i'm hoping to top that this year!
  • booktuber: this book took me an unusually long time to read, a whole week.
  • me and my book-loving but easily-distracted ass, with a pile of unread books and one book that i've been working on for two months: *looks into the camera like i'm on the office*
Must Read YA Novels

Since last year (2014), I’ve been obsessed with YA Novels. Therefore, I decided to make a list of the ones I read last year and consider a “must read”. They are beautiful stories about love, friendship, family, hope, overcoming all odds, and fighting for what you want. There isn’t a single novel in this list that didn’t touch my heart and inspired me in a million different ways. Here you go!

Looking for Alaska - John Green

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

Paper Towns - John Green

If I Stay - Gayle Forman

Where She Went (“If I Stay” sequel) - Gayle Forman

Love, Rosie (Where Rainbows End) - Cecilia Ahern

Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver

We Were Liars - E. Lockhart

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before - Jenny Han

The Infinite Moment of Us - Lauren Myracle

First Comes Love - Katie Kacvinsky  

Second Chance (“First Comes Love” book 2) - Katie Kacvinsky

Finally Forever (“First Comes Love” book 3) - Katie Kacvinsky

The Geography of You and Me - Jennifer E. Smith

Faking Normal - Courtney C. Steven (One of my ALL TIME FAVORITES)

The Summer I Turned Pretty - Jenny Han

It’s Not Summer Without You (“The Summer I Turned Pretty” book 2) - Jenny Han

We’ll Always Have Summer (“The Summer I Turned Pretty” book 3) - Jenny Han

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

I Am The Messenger - Markus Zusak

I’ll be posting my 2015 list soon! :)

So I still haven’t been able to bring myself to see the ninth episode yet…. All of 2014 I seriously was torn up about Marco, and reading fan-stories on archive like Wisteria, Where the Wildflowers Are, Like a Drum, etc gave me even more massive feels! Then I read chapter 78 last year, and we finally find out how Marco died and I’m like….. Fuck I don’t want to relive this again… Truly! But hearing that a possible manga/anime spin off of their high school years COULD come to fruition…. Makes me so happy!!! So, so, so, happy….. This is everything to me! And I want to see even more JeanMarco moments in this spin off too! Hmmmmmm I wonder if there will be a second season to the junior high a.u.? Alright peeps…. Maybe I can finally convince myself and watch episode 9 this weekend! Probably before I watch episode 10. Is just…. Hard ya know? Marco was extremely important to many in our fandom, and our love for him is what makes him so popular and powerful! I just wish at some point during the manga, that Jean does find out what happened to him, and avenge! Because it was Marco, and Marco ALONE! That convinced Jean to join the survey corps and be the leader he is today. Other than that, I’m sure his tolerance for Eren is still low; I’m sure he thinks Armin is still weird, but grew to like him; his crush for Mikasa evidentially died; Connie and Sasha? Well…… In my opinion, they’re the best trio ever!!

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There's been a lot of discourse here lately about Lovecraft's jaw and people giving him undeserved shit for it, but I was wondering, what is your personal opinion on the man himself? A fan of his writing but not the person? Do you respect him but acknowledge his faults and xenophobia? Do you believe him to be a terrible person or just an ignorant one? A two-dimensional bigot or a complicated case? And, lastly, favorite piece of his writing?

I like the genre he propelled into popularity. The ‘Lovecraft Mythos’ are a lot bigger than just his contribution. I don’t actually care for his own writing style, but I really like “Pickman’s Model”, “The Colour Out of Space”, and remember “The Music of Erich Zann” being pretty good. They’re all relatively subtle stories that hint at a nightmare reality, rather than whacking you around the face with it or trying to convince you that a giant man with an octopus for a face is scarier than it is funny.

He was an asshole and many of his stories are completely unreadable because of the amount of bigotry in them. It’s a pity such a shitty person had to be the face and namesake of an entire style of horror fiction, and the reclamation of “Lovecraftian horror” to be inclusive is great. Sometimes the products are hit-or-miss - I read a real stinker last year after high hopes - but this vein of ~cosmic terror~ is a kind that resonates pretty deeply in a post-nuclear era.

Did you see what DC are doing? Today in Superwoman they implying our new 52 Superman is actually the pre new 52 Superman and he’s with Lois. Like seriously? what are they smoking?  I know what I read for the last 5 years and it is not this crap. Our Clark, who they gave Kryponite cancer, is dead. He was in love with Diana. He had no romance with nu 52 Lois! How can they seriously undermine everything like that in one stupid issue of a comic just to push the old status quo? Nothing is earned and they dump everything to pander to clois fans who already have a Superman and Lois and son currently in the comics. This is not even good writing. It is making stuff up to cover up the glaring plotholes to pander to Rebirth. I came on board with the new 52 and enjoyed the stories. If this is how DC operates with story, and new fans then I can’t be investing my time or $$ to be lied to and misled. I feel disrespected as a customer. Could they not have just ended the new 52 on a high note and give the older readers what they wanted with Rebirth? Least I would have had my stories. I look at the books I have now and I feel so angry. 


This is called hacked writing. 

DC is flat out lying and changing everything at a whim to serve Rebirth. He is with Lois? Look, new 52 Superman was in love with Diana of Themyscira aka New 52  Wonder Woman.  New 52 Superman had his own origin in a company reboot in 2011. He was not pre Flashpoint Superman. He was his own version like the Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Bronze Age, animation, movies, tv all had their varying origins but essentially the character being a Superman at his core. DC cannot come now and claim the other guy is him. This is dumb and contrived and yes a total disrespect to those of us  who picked up the books and believed the advertising ie it   was a new verse being developed. In short, DC lied to us to buy a falsely advertised product for 5 years. The guy pre Flashpoint does not have the same origin as new 52. They want to steal and merge two vastly different lives without the groundwork.

It is scathing disregard for new 52 Diana. Rebirth writers treating the character as if she was some sloppy seconds or some dumb mouthpiece to justify the changes . This is the woman who was there for new 52 Clark in the most critical times in his life. Not new 52 Lois who did not earn his love. Nor did she constantly put herself at risk to help him as Diana did. Diana from Throne of Atlantis through to Trinity War, Darkseid War, Doomed, Truth, Rao’s invasion,  Final Days,…was at his side, supporting, protecting, fighting alongside and defending her Clark. She loved him and he loved her. He wanted to marry her. Not Lois. New 52 Lois dated other people, saw him mostly as a good friend, got engaged to another man, outed Clark secret etc. And she gets new 52 Superman’s heart based on what? Because they decide to change things at will overnight? Wipe out new 52 Diana and hijack our Clark? And then no doubt change the whole way everyone met and history to pander to themselves. The ironic thing in all this will be the people who hated on new 52 Superman and called him fake will want to say he is real now because he is with Lois. I guess who you bang is what gives you morals and motivates you according to DC. Not your upbringing, choices, heart, honor etc. Diana clearly being with him makes him not Superman because she is … what? Not a good person? Or only Steve Trevor can make her a good hero? Screw all of you at DC who have this idiotic thinking. 

I have no respect for creators and a company who do this. As you say, end a story properly. Make it matter and count. Start the new story and do your thing.  Don’t steal, usurp, undermine stories that came before. Your talent did not create it to just wipe it out or steal it as yours. God forbid all the fans could have something to read and comics be inclusive and appeal to a more diverse readership than only give to the demo that demands nostalgia, rehashes and insist nothing must change.  I feel there is such a level of spite/vitriol leveled at new 52 by some of these so called professionals. I have read what they called fans who don’t kiss their butts and dared to like the changes/stories in the new 52. DC gave us that and they call us “not true fans”, “fake fans”, “haters “etc? Don’t worry your company has ensured many like me will vote with my wallet and give my hard earned money to talent and story telling that is not convoluted, has coherence, not fixated on hating others, and can be understood and isn’t jumping the shark.

We have our ship. We had it before and we’ll still have it. It is growing because people love Clark x Diana. They are a true relationship of equals. Detractors can’t stop that no matter what they try. The fact they have to lie, jump through hoops to do it shows how they have to scrape the bottom of that barrel. 

So to Rebirth, Reborn, Regurgitate whatever  you are.

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what are ur thoughts on 1984? i read it last year and i could NOT stand Winston

i would give it like . A 7.5 it was harder to get through because i had just read no country for old men and the edible woman which i LUVED and i know its historically and politically iconic and important ~literature~ but sometimes it just sounded like a i was reading a political essay. it was alright tho! Some very enlightening things and also found that things I have always thought were perfectly spelled out for me which is satisfying. LIKE “the fallacy was obvious. It presupposed that somewhere or other, outside onself, there was a “real” world where “real” things happened. But how could there be such a world? What knowledge have we of anything, save through our own minds? All happenings are in the mind. Whatever happens in all minds, truly happens”. But still i didnt find myself looking forward to reading it as much. So i dont think id want to do it for any book club thing 🙃. PS if youre looking for some really amazing/funny good book commentary from a really kickass girl who i obsess over pls check out LilyCReads on youtube

Netflix new show 13 reasons why got me crying in 5 minutes. I read the book last year and still cry and feel the same emotion when I think about any of the chapters. The best thing is, the characters are as described in the book. Both the book and show are so amazing, the show also has an amazing sound track so go check it out if you can!!


SPN Prompt Challenge | hunterangelkisses
January 2017 (Emotions)
Prompt: Patience
Pairing: Destiel
Word Count: 4,596
Tags: fluff, angst for like a second, brief and mild smut, alternate universe, strangers to friends to lovers, first kiss, 5+1 things, time skips, wedding, adoption



“C’mon, Charlie, I’ll race ya!”

Dean took off from his front porch as soon as his mom had placed a quick kiss to the top of his head, running through their yard toward the street corner as fast as he could. He was almost there when he turned to see if Charlie Bradbury, his next-door neighbor and best friend since they were toddlers, was catching up. She was one of the fastest runners in their grade and even with his head start, she wouldn’t have much trouble beating him. Charlie was still several feet behind him though, and Dean had just turned forward again when he hit something – hard.

Dean fell to the ground with a thump, wincing at the sharp pain in his backside. He heard his mom call to him, asking if he was okay, but he was distracted by what he’d run into – or rather, who. Because there, splayed out on the ground in front of him, was a dark-haired boy he’d never seen before, wiping grass off his hands and reaching over to pick up the book he’d apparently dropped.

“Who are you?” Dean asked curiously.

The boy turned his gaze to Dean, who was distracted for a second by his eyes – which were brilliantly, brightly blue. “I’m Castiel,” the boy said, climbing to his feet. He held out a hand to pull Dean up just as Charlie, Dean’s mom, and another woman Dean had never seen before reached them.

“Are you two all right?” Mary asked the boys, swiping a bit of dirt from Dean’s arm.

“We’re fine,” Dean said, picking up his backpack from where it had fallen behind him. “Sorry I ran into you,” he said to Castiel, who gave him an easy smile back.

“It’s okay,” he said. “I wasn’t looking anyway.”

“This is why you shouldn’t read while you walk, Castiel,” the other woman admonished, but her tone was more amused than anything.

“And you, Dean,” Mary said, “need to remember that not everything is a race.”

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when will I stop having feelings over Renee Walker??? never?????? my tough yet pastel and kind (so kind) fav

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Do you know any good Shance fics? ;; I only find unfinished fics and Shklance but the Shklance i find is always Shiro and Keith in love and they treat my baby SO BADLY THAT I CRY WITH HIM and it always end like they will learn how to be in a relationship with Lance... and I don't like Lance suffering </3 he is too precious

Yeah… i feel you… 

But here… this is my favorite shance fic of all time!! (he still suffers abit but imo its so good i read it last year but im still thinking about it now!!) You migt wanna buckle up because this fic is 30k words of shance goodness 😭


I read ACOTAR last year and fell in love with it.  I fell in love with Tamlin, too.  I perceived him exactly the way I believe SJM wanted all of us to perceive him - as the savior Feyre never had and always needed.  He was rough around all the edges, but so was Feyre, and together they both learned to soften those edges enough to fit together in the ways they both needed to during that time in their lives.

Even all of Tamlin’s action and inactions were completely justified (through Feyre’s perspective, and our own as readers).  His aloofness with her in the beginning, then that morphed into forced interest, perhaps then genuine interest but still peppered with his arrogance and self-centered focus.  (The dinner scene after Calanmai is the perfect example of his character’s behavior here, he was much more amused at his own actions than he was considerate of Feyre’s reaction and feelings.)

Tamlin’s inactions during the trials with Amarantha were all justified in our minds as him trying to protect her from Amarantha; we all believed if he showed the slightest interest in Feyre or her welfare then that evil bitch would use that against all of them.  Right up to the very end we believed he was doing the only thing possible for Feyre in that situation - total and complete disinterest.  And when he sought her out just to fuck her, we all believed that was the only thing he could give her; there was no way he could get her out, but at least he could finally, after three months of the trials, touch Feyre, acknowledge her existence.

Then ACOMAF arrived.  I re-read ACOTAR, and still believed Tamlin was our hero.  I plunged into ACOMAF and holy shit!  How did SJM turn our hero around into such a douche bag so quickly?  

I read ACOTAR a third time, after reading ACOMAF once…and truly saw Tamlin through different eyes.  Not Feyre’s eyes, who needed a savior and someone to show the slightest kindness and interest in her at that point in her life.  He was NEVER a savior, he was never her partner, he was never her equal.  He always presented himself as better than her, as superior.  A few times in an arrogant way, but often just by being who he is, a High Lord with a frail human female under his roof, a cat playing with a favored toy that got more interesting along the way.  He was never what she truly needed in her life to become the full woman we begin to see developing in ACOMAF.  He never treated her as an equal, he never pushed her to become more than what she already was.  Yes, he offered to teach her how to read, but when she refused he dropped it.  The effort wasn’t worth it to him, he wanted someone compliant and malleable and maybe even docile, a toy to play with at his leisure and not bother with when there was real work to do.  He just took - he never gave, never wanted her to become a better version of herself, someone he could be proud of.  He only wanted a trophy to show off and then put away and forget about it.

And yet we didn’t see this with only the first book available.  It took reading ACOMAF to see Tamlin for what he truly was and is like.  He was what Feyre needed in the beginning, but when she outgrew him in the next book he refused to grow with her and did everything possible to suppress her growth.  Feyre tried justifying his actions as the result of 50 years of abuse by Amarantha, and convinced herself over and over again that things would get better with time - she was clinging to her good memories and feelings of him, hoping they would return when everything calmed down and got “back to normal” for them.  Over time she hoped he would adjust to the new life and accept the changes in her as well, and until that time she was convincing herself to put up with his controlling manners, since they were just a result of the PTSD they were all working through.  She believed she knew who the real Tamlin was and this post-Amarantha Tamlin was only temporary (for Fae lives).

If it hadn’t been for Rhysand in ACOMAF, and everything he did for Feyre, every action and thought was always putting her needs first…she might never have realized just how wrong Tamlin was for her life, in everything he said and did.

And the world wonders why strong women end up with douche bags for boyfriends/husbands - men who appear to be kind and loving for a short time in our lives, yet when they turn into our kind of monsters, women are criticized for wanting to leave them (you’re giving up, the real him is still in there) or criticized for staying with him (can’t you see what he’s like?  You should do better.)

How can we do better when we don’t have a Rhysand stepping in and showing us that there actually IS better out there?  We aren’t shown that a Rhysand even exists.  Everyone just turns away and criticizes.

Is that because there are no more Rhysands in the world?  Have all the Tamlins won?

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Do you have any books similar to 'Rebecca' by Daphne DuMaurier that you would recommend?

Hmm… I can’t think of any off hand (other than something else by Du Maurier, like Jamaica Inn, which I keep hearing is fantastic). I just read Rebecca last year for the first time and really loved it. I’d be interested in hearing about other books similar to Rebecca, too. Maybe my followers can help both of us out. :)

“You may tell a tale that takes up residence in someone’s soul, becomes their blood and self and purpose. That tale will move them and drive them and who knows what they might do because of it, because if your words.”

Good morning all! In case you all don’t know yet, my absolute favorite book of all time is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. It’s got magic, interesting plot twists, such lovely writing and a love story aspect that is so genuine and beautiful. I’ve been searching for a hardback copy of it since I read it last year and I’m so, so happy to have found one online! So this is the #lastbookibought tag tagged by @insyiirxh, thank you! 😊❤️📚

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Yo book recommendations? In a bit of a slump ATM pls help (ily)

yes, I would love to give book recommendations! it does depend on the kind of stuff you like to read, but here are some of my favourites and hopefully there will be something you like! x

  • The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer - fairytale retellings set in the future with robots and spaceships. I read these last year after finishing exams, and they’re really gripping!
  • Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan (or any of his books really) - super fast paced and exciting, and really funny! Also you learn so much about Greek mythology, I have learned more from Percy Jackson than from my first year of a classics degree I swear
  • Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz - 14 year old spy goes around saving the world but doesn’t actually want to do it and is super salty about it the whole time. He does get really cool gadgets though
  • Cherub by Robert Muchamore - teenaged spies again. These books won’t win any literary prizes, but they are really easy reads and have been very successful in getting me out of reading slumps
  • Lockwood and co by Jonathan Stroud - ghost hunting! With the most precious characters you will ever meet, and a really sassy skull which lives in a jar and hates everyone
  • Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness - kind of hard to explain the plot, but they’re great books! I read the whole trilogy over one weekend, although the ending is pretty distressing
  • The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani - a lot better than the title, sort of a twist on fairytales. They are also pretty funny and sooooo easy to read! They’re not the smallest books in the world but you can zip through them. Also they have illustrations, and that’s always a plus
  • Timeriders by Alex Scarrow - time travel!!! So many twists and turns throughout the series though
  • Magisterium by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare - magic school, sorcerers etc.
  • And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie - the only Agatha Christie I have ever read, but it’s a great mystery! a group of strangers invited to an island, then they start getting murdered one by one…
  • Keys to the Kingdom by Garth Nix - there’s a really cool magical world in these books
  • The Glory by Lauren St John - this one’s a bit more fluffy, and involves a horse race with very high stakes and stuff… idk I just really liked it. It’s not mind blowing, but it’s nice
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket - they are fun short books with a really interesting narration style. Really unique and you can get through one in a single sitting, perfect for a reading slump
  • Itch by Simon Mayo - this one is about a kid who finds a new and very dangerous radioactive element and all the repercussions of that. It’s pretty exciting for a book about chemistry!
  • Harry Potter by JK Rowling - if you haven’t already read them! my absolute favourite books of all time
Hi my loves! Help me out please!

I’ve been in the worst reading slump ever, the only thing I seem to be able to read is NA, and while I enjoy it greatly, I want to read other things with a little more story to them.

So I was thinking of different strategies to get over this reading slump, and I wanted to ask for your help/opinion on which one could help me the most:

  • Re-read Harry Potter (I started re-reading the series last year but never continued)
  • Read more poetry (I adore poetry, and it’s faster than a novel)

  • Read graphic novels (I’ve had Persepolis and Saga since last year and I haven’t started either)

  • Re-read all the Shadowhunters books (Can you believe I never read the final 3 books in the Mortal Instruments? But with the release of the Dark Artifices and everyone raving about those 2 books, I think I want to re-read the whole series, plus I really want to watch the Netflix show)

  • Read some Jane Austen (I’m only missing Emma and Mansfield Park to complete her works and she always puts me in a good mood)

  • Read more fantasy (I was in such a fantasy craze last year and the beginning of this year, plus it’s my favorite genre, but I don’t know what’s been happening, I can’t read a fantasy book!)

  • Start using audiobooks (I’ve never listened to one before, but with my new job and commute, it’s impossible to read, so maybe listening audiobooks will be a good idea)
  • Start a TBR jar and randomly pick books (this has never really worked for me, but maybe this time it could help)

What do you think? What’s the best way to get out of a reading slump?