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JB: Monster was originally another fic with Kim Woobin as the lead the exact same storyline in the church and everything. Yixing: To her is a fic originally with Nichkhun from 2pm that I specifically remember reading a couple of years ago. Jackson: Smoky Girl original with Thunder for MBLAQ. I mean they even had an entire song with that title girl. Yugyeom: Memory I remember reading that exact story about Dongwoon from Infinite last year. Don't preach about not plagiarizing you anymore girl Smh

Yes and they were always MY fics. I changed the leads when I changed who I write for. Anyone who has been following me for any amount of time knows these are my fics. Where is this coming from? I have never EVER stolen a fic. Everything on this blog has been written by me and me alone. Look at the dates and time stamps. Oh and Memory was originally with Hongbin from VIXX, just FYI.

Voting and The Truth

I have often said that if people truly understood how important voting is to the democratic process more people would vote. I no longer believe that. My belief was based on the idea that non-voters simply didn’t care. However, I have read and heard far too much in the last few years to hold on to such a belief. What really gave me pause was the support so many people younger than I had for Bernie Sanders. I sat in a Political Science class last year at Hunter College in New York City and spoke about why I thought Sanders would lose to Hillary Clinton (mainly because I thought it was her job to lose), you would have thought I said I was going to club baby seals to death. The looks I got from this class of young men and women made me fear for my physical safety. They were so pro-Bernie Sanders that the mere idea of him losing was unacceptable; but not only that if he didn’t win they wouldn’t vote at all. I will be honest, despite their reaction to me, as student of history and politics, I was honored to be in a class with these folks. They cared.

Lately, I have been hearing a lot of complaints on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook about voting. Many of these complaints have centered on its lack of importance. Generally the complaints are a variety of “We aren’t going to vote our way to freedom” or “Why do I have to vote on (insert issue) referendums, this makes no sense?”. One thing I do want to mention is that the vilification of non-voters has to stop. We can’t continue to label non-voters “ignorant” or “uncaring” for exercising their freedom of choice. In fact, I’m starting feel like non-voters are just as passionate about the issues of the day as voters are and have very strong beliefs to back up their lack of participation in the voting process. These are not dumb uncaring people. Here’s what I would say to those who no longer believe voting matters, it’s a quote from an ex-offender with a felony charged from the book The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander,“I have no right to vote on how my taxes is going to be spent or used, which I have to pay whether I am a felon or not, you know? So basically, I’ve lost all voice or control over my government…I get mad because I can’t say anything because I don’t have a voice.” I don’t completely agree with this “ex-offender” (he has a name), whether you have a vote or not, you can affect change. I’ve quoted him here because if it were not that important why would they take his right to vote away in the first place?

In a democracy such as the one we have here in America, voting should be as easy as mailing a letter. If it’s not important, why do so many politicians (mostly southern Republicans) work so hard to skew the voting populace in their favor? Why then are their long lines at so many polling places? Why are there such restrictive ID laws? Speaking of polling places, why are there so few of them in many counties? Many people require a car to vote, that makes no sense. Just today, a Florida judge asked a state official to explain why more than 25,000 people who registered to vote weren’t actually processed. A state that at one time had to report its voting procedures to the government before Republicans effectively gutted the Voting Rights Act of 1965. If it’s not important to vote, why has it become so hard to do for so many people?

I voted for President Obama, twice. For the last eight years, I have watched both branches of Congress disrespect him on a historic level. Every single time they got a chance they said “no” to his proposals. These people can’t be asked nicely to leave. They can’t be shouted at online via long ass blog posts (like this one) until they resign. They must be VOTED out. There is no great mystery to our democracy. The choices we get are based on how well we organize and how much we participate in the process. Rest assured, someone in your community is working hard against the things you believe are fair and just. It would behoove you to work just as hard to ensure that you at least counter that person’s efforts. We often say in the Black community representation matters. Who represents us and what we represent matters as well. In my opinion, we make both known by strongly fighting for better voting procedures and by participating in the voting process. If you don’t want to vote for your own interests, vote for my interests. Please. Vote for your neighbors interests. Please. Vote for the person who can’t vote. Please.

If after assessing it all and you still don’t want to participate; I completely understand, but do me one last favor, don’t discourage others. Some folks, like me, need people to vote. I live in New York City. I am not rich. I consider myself amongst the working poor. Sure I can buy some clothes and go out to a nice place to eat but I’m still poor, most people I know here working in New York are poor too. Here’s the thing, I do not like my Governor. I do not like my Mayor either. I also do not like the idea of Charter schools because I feel they drain resources from Non-charter schools (just educate the babies please). I don’t think temp workers should have to work longer than six months without being offered a full time position. There are issues which affect me and folks like me that can only be changed through participation in the democratic process. That involves voting.

As Sybrina Fulton recently said, Our lives, indeed depend on it.

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last movie you watched? The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Let’s Do The Time Warp Again. I really liked it, to be quite honest, but that’s prolly because I’m a little in love with Laverne Cox. 

last song you listened to? “Gravity”, by the Dresden Dolls.

last show you watched? Bob’s Burgers, season five. I can’t help that I’m trash, okay?

last book you read? “And I Darken”, which was amazing and tear-jerking and sad and wonderful. It’s about a violent girl and a sweet boy growing up in the Ottoman Empire, and it’s hands down the best book I’ve read all year. 

last thing you ate? Pasta with sauce and mozzarella 

if you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?Um, good question? But probably Denmark. My friend @jackasaurus lives there.

when would you time travel to? I’d go to Alexandria, right when the Greek and Egyptian religions were doing that weird fusion thing they did. (During the Ptolemaic dynasty I think?) I’d love to see the practice in action.

first thing you would do with lottery money? Um… talk to my smarter friends about how to grow it from where it was. Then buy a car.

character you would hang out with for a day? There’re so many!… I’d hang out with Dairine, from “Young Wizards”. She was pretty badass.

time right now? 1:30 AM. I have bad insomnia. :P

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2015 Books

“You are your abilities and they are you. I can’t put it to you more plainly. Do you know why I hate this cure? It’s a statement that what we are is inherently wrong. It’s a punishment for something that isn’t our fault - all because they can’t control their fear about what we can do, anymore than they can control their resentment that there are people out there stronger and more powerful than they are. They want to strip you of yourself - your ability to protect and enforce your right to make decisions about your life. Your own body. Mark my words: in the end, it won’t be a choice. They’ll decide this for you.
The Darkest Minds Trilogy | Alexandra Bracken


I started this last year after I read Blood of Olympus, found the unfinished work-in-progress recently, and worked it into this during some downtime. 

After all that happened to Reyna and Nico, I just want them to chill together forever in New Rome looking at pictures of cute dogs.


The story we have been a part of will live long in the minds of men. (24.12.12)

Hux is the kind of shit that doesn’t even use his side of the bed, and takes up all of Kylo’s space. Not that the latter minds. 

I’ve been having a terrible couple of days, and I just desperately needed to draw some fluff.

When I was 21 I read “Anna Karenina.” I thought Anna and Vronsky were soul mates. They were deeply in love and therefore had to be together. I found Karenin cruel and oppressive for keeping his wife from her destiny. Levin and Kitty and the peasants bored me. I read those parts quickly.

Last year I turned 49, and I read the book again. This time, I loved Levin and Kitty. I loved the fact that after she declined his proposal he waited for a long time to mend his hurt feelings and then asked her again. I loved that she had grown up in the interim and now felt grateful for a second chance. Anna and Vronsky bored me. I thought Anna was selfish and shrill. My heart went out to poor Karenin, who tried to be decent.

What has literature taught me about love? Literature (along with experience) has taught me that love means different things at different points in our lives, and that often as we get older we gravitate toward the quieter, kinder plotlines, and find them to be richer than we had originally understood them to be.

I read The Poem that is You
in January last year–
I was in love.

I read The Poem again
in April last year–
I was loved back.

I read it a third time
in July last year–
I was heartbroken.

I read it again
in September last year–
I was broken, but I was in love; still.

I carefully read You again
in October last year–
You left forever this time.

I read You yesterday–
It’s January–
I’m sure I must be healing.

I will continue to read The Poem;
the poem that is You–
And one day, I will no longer
long for The Poem to read me.