Jumanji sentence starters

1. “What if someone digs it up?” 

2. “Somebody roll a 5 or an 8?” 

3. “Just because you’re a ____ doesn’t mean you can hang around with my ______.” 

4. “You don’t want me living here anymore?” 

5. “Maybe I don’t want to be who you are! Maybe I don’t even want to be a ____.” 

6. “I brought your bike back.” 

7. “You heard it too?” 

8. “I quit playing board games five years ago.” 

9. “What do you mean ‘the game thinks’?” 

10. “You hear that? There’s nothing to be afraid of in this house.” 

11. “Well, we found out why you got this house so cheap. ___ years ago, a boy/girl named ____ used to live here. Then one day, s/he just disappeared… because his/her parents chopped him/her up and hid him/her in the walls.” 

12. “Liar. If you don’t cut that out, they’re going to send you to a shrink.” 

13. “Where do you think they’re going to send you if you don’t start talking?” 

14. “Where’s it coming from?”

15. “This house has been empty for years. Everyone thought you were dead.” 

16. “It’s okay, ____. We’re scared too. But if we finish the game, it’ll all go away.” 

17. “No. You rolled doubles, you get another turn. Roll.” 

18. “Thank you! Thank you thank you thank you thank you. Oh, thank you. Sorry if I scared you. Sorry if I scared you. Thank you.” 

19. “What year is it?” 

20. “Listen, I know you’re upset and all, but I kind of feel we should finish the game.” 

21. “It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s just a bug. We’re safe in here. See? We’re fine.” 

22. “It’s okay, I’ve done this before. Once.” 

23. “Keep that thing away from me!” 

24. “What happened to you? You shave with a piece of glass?” 

25. “How about ____ and I play and you just sort of watch?” 

26. “So if you’re not going to help us, what are you going to do?” 

27. “It’s reverse psychology. ___ used to pull it on me all the time.” 

28. “You’re playing the game I started in ____. I’m gonna have to play.” 

29. “Of course s/he’ll know where ____ went. S/he’s a psychic!” 

30. “___ years ago, we started playing a little game. And now we’re all going to sit down and we’re gonna finish it. And guess what. You’re turn.” 

31. “Stay away from the walls, don’t touch anything. No quick movements.” 

32. “Oh yeah, they’re beautiful. Don’t touch the purple ones, they shoot poisonous barbs.” 

33. “Oh my god! My car… oh, my car…” 

34. “The game is not over, _____.” 

35. “_____, please. The last time I played this game, it ruined my life.” 

36. “Hey, we’ll be fine. We just have to keep our heads and roll with the punches.” 

37. “You miserable coward! Come back and fight me like a man!” 

38. “Whose turn is it?” 

39. “S/he’s a hunter. S/he kills things, that’s what s/he does. And right now, s/he wants to hunt and kill me.” 

40. “Don’t ever call me crazy, ____! Ever. Because everyone in this town has called me crazy ever since I told the cops that you were sucked into a board game.” 

41. “Run. It’s a stampede!” 

42. “Why didn’t you grab the game, _____?” 

43. “I don’t believe this. Every time there’s trouble, I run into you.” 

44. “You tried to cheat?” 

45. “Your hands! Look at your hands!” 

46. “What is this about? I know you know.” 

47. “I know it doesn’t mean much after ___ years, but I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” 

48. “You just saw three monkeys go by on a motorcycle, didn’t you?” 

49. “When ____ hears of your predicament, s/he’ll come.” 

50. “If you let me go, I can stop all this.” 

51. “Stop your cringing, wo/man. I could have shot you at any moment.” 

52. “What, are you crying? You don’t cry, you keep your chin up. Come on, keep your chin up.” 

53. “I’m sorry. ___ years buried in the deepest, darkest jungle, and I still became my father/mother.” 

54. “Don’t worry. We’ll have you turned back into your old self in no time flat.”    

55. “Fine! Take it!” 

56. “I grew up in this. It’s out there that scares me.” 

57. “You wrestled an alligator for me.” 

58. “Stop giving me things that come apart!” 

59. “I thought I’d lost you again.” 

60. ‘”You don’t go ‘augh!’ for nothing!” 

61. “My ____ kept an ax in the woodshed, go get it.” 

62. “I’m fine. Help them.” 

63. “Our only chance is if we finish the game!” 

64. “End of the line, ____. Game’s up. Start running.” 

65. “I’m terrified, but my _____ told me that you should always face what you’re afraid of.” 

66. “I’m so glad you’re back!” 

67. “I’ve only been gone five minutes.” 

68. “Whatever I said, ____, I’m sorry.” 

69. “They’re not there. It’s ____. They don’t even exist yet.” 

70. “I’ve seen things you’ve only seen in your nightmares. Things you can’t even imagine. Things you can’t even see.”