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Lmao it occurred to me that we haven’t seen Hange and Levi together since almost one year now :p But seriously, I’m kind of excited to see Hange’s reaction when she will know what happened on the other side of the wall. Even more excited since she isn’t wearing any glasses :)

I just want to see levi’s realisation that his two main homie’s aren’t all dead or near death. like hanjo is still alive and kicking levi that’s something. THAT’S SOMETHING, NOT ALL IS LOST. and also I totally need hange’s input on serum bowl because goddamn. it also makes me wish we had more of an exploration of hange and erwin’s relationship in the manga. I think since levi is so popular its like we only really see his relationship with erwin and hange, we never get to see much of erwin or hange’s perspective on one another and it’s a shame.

You know what’s really cool?

When the woman who does the food for your synagogue’s oneg (nosh before or after services) finds out you have celiac and starts making a point of having at least 2 gluten-free options every week.

Last night she started serving the crutons on the side with the salad, rather than just serving it mixed in like salad normally is on a buffet, and as soon as she saw @dadhoc said “go get your wife, we’re about to run out of the salad and I’ve been saving her some!”

I felt very looked-after. It was really lovely. That kind of stuff just … didn’t happen in my old churches. The cultural shift is very obvious.