The child factory

Friend: I swear, they’re like rabbits. (Talking about her OC and Jacob).

Me: yeah, this is why one of my friend’s character had 8 kids.

Friend: EIGHT?? Geez, if these two have that many, I could see them rushing to give Jacob a hug when he walks in.


I have – quite literally – never laughed so hard in my life.

Come experience the descent into madness, and thank you all for SDM hitting 75k followers.

This one’s for you.


Also, everyone did a fantastic job staying positive last time, and not sayin’ mean stuff about any writers – let’s keep that going here! Pick on the words, not the people… even when those words do melt brains, this is all in fun <3



My sister just found this on youtube and it’s actually on a playlist from the band’s official page

From Vanoss’s Video when Marcel couldn’t hit him xD Sorry if the background looks bad… TvT


I’ve never laughed so hard in my entire life

I Choose You | Peter Parker

 Summary: Nobody is perfect and yet out of all the girls in school, Peter Parker chooses you…

Warning: Fluffiness!

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Type: Oneshot

Requested: @yourstrulyspidey

A/N: I have fallen in love with this gif…


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I have probably never laughed so hard in my entire life😂😂😂

anonymous asked:

I met this boy once in a gay bar where I worked at, he had really bright blue hair (obviously dyed), couldn't be more than 17, he seemed really uncomfortable so I asked him if he was feeling alright and wanted to leave and he said "Oh no, It's just that everyone here is hella hot and I'm slowly dying because of this boner I have right now and now I'm babbling I'm sorry I'm just so gay bro" I never laughed so hard in my life hE SCREAMED HORMONAL TEENAGER FROM MILES AWAY

omfg relatable tho