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After the "what ethnicity do you think the diaboys would be?" post all I can think of is Ayato speaking scottish and i've never laughed so hard in my life so thank you for that

BAHAHAHAHA If Ayato was human, I imagine that it would be funny for him to have a Scottish accent and he would speak with lots of slang. But I also think he’d be mixed with Italian, so maybe he might swing in that direction instead because Italians sound sexy when they speak in his mind? Lmao idk man. It just sounds something that Ayato would be more interested in.

I’m glad it entertained you!

-Admin Yuuzuki

The child factory

Friend: I swear, they’re like rabbits. (Talking about her OC and Jacob).

Me: yeah, this is why one of my friend’s character had 8 kids.

Friend: EIGHT?? Geez, if these two have that many, I could see them rushing to give Jacob a hug when he walks in.


From Vanoss’s Video when Marcel couldn’t hit him xD Sorry if the background looks bad… TvT

A portuguese news anchor confuses a Game of Thrones ad with the weather forecast, according to her, “due to a mysterious meteorological event”, today “June 21st, says Público [newspaper] the cold is coming” I have never laughed so damn hard in my damn life

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Lol Swifties weren't saying women are allowed to attack other women and still be feminist when Katy was the one throwing the low blows. The only priority Taylor and her fans have is to Taylor. Not feminism. At least be honest.


let’s be clear about what situations we’re dealing with here… 

katy perry constantly belittled taylor bc she’s petty, used her name for media, and attacked taylor at literally any little chance she thought she had. she wasn’t trying to help taylor learn something or protect herself, she was being a petty bitch… not to mention the fact that she used feminsm as a tool to create even more drama and get even more publicity lmfaooooooo

taylor swift is releasing her 2-10 year old albums on spotify. the fact that this threatens katy’s new album quite frankly has nothing to do with feminism in the slightest, it has to do with the fact that katy’s music is actual trash. 

i love taylor swift. i am a feminst. and i think it is absolutely hilarious that all taylor has to do is release a 10 year old album and suddenly katy is threatened lmfao get some perspective please goodbye


Possessed or High Af? 😂


False alarm everyone. King damn near gave Zia a heart attack when she called her to come over. I remembered while smoking that @classymarzia said she knew how to disable a smoke detector and ALSO said she never tried California bud before.. so I summoned her to my hotel room apparently “acting possessed”. But, really I was high as hell lmao. The “lost princess” @thagirlking didn’t smoke, but instead laughed at me getting Zia high af. I never laughed so hard in my damn life. These two need to bring munchies the next time they barge in my door or I’m fr charging an entrance fee. My fav snacks are beef jerky & Takis, ladies.🤔