AA6 Headcanon: Edgeworth, Phoenix and the shower

So, that’s my headcanon about Edgeworth’s shower, the night before last trial…

Miles: “I-I can’t use it! What am I supposed to do with this sink?”

Phoenix: *coming in the kitchen* “Hey, Edgeworth, are you okay?”

Miles: “Y-yes, no problem. I need to wash my hair…”

Phoenix: “Oh, that’s true. It’s very dirty.”

Miles: “Shut up, Wright! What about yours? You’re all sweaty, and you still haven’t been in court!”

Phoenix: “Erm, I know, after all we’ve been through… Well, Edgeworth, sit down here. I’ll wash your hair.”

Miles: “WHAT?!

Phoenix: “Come on, it’s not that you are used to washing with this tap. Let me help you. I washed Trucy’s hair several times when she was a kid, you can consider me a specialist!”

Miles: *sitting* “I’ve had enough of you bluffs, Wright. But, at least, looking at the evidence, I must admit that Trucy’s hair are fine, so I could trust you.”

Phoenix: *starts washing Miles’ hair* “How nice… This reminds me of when we were kids. We used to take a bath together… Larry, you and me.”

Miles: “I remember… You had the same silly smile…”

Phoenix: “Oh?! That’s what you remember most? My smile?”

Miles: “Nggg… because it was silly!”

Phoenix: “Ha ha ha! You’re really getting sentimental on me, Edgeworth.”

Miles: “Next time you call me because you need my help as Chief Prosecutor, I’ll ignore you.”

Phoenix: “Okay, okay, sorry, don’t be mad. You’re getting shampoo in your eyes.”

Miles: “It’s all your fault! And you call yourself a specialist!”

Phoenix: “Hold it! I am a specialist, but… Okay, let’s have a challenge: you wash my hair next, then we’ll choose the winner.”

Miles: “But… You are crazy, Wright. This could be the last night of your life, and you want to spend it washing each other’s hair?”

Phoenix: “Are you in?”

Miles: *sighs* “I’m in.”

The One And Only // Lip Gallagher

“Ian! Get the fuck off me!” I scream as my best friend continues to tickle me. “I’m serious! I’m going to pee, get off!” I say through numerous giggles.

“Okay, okay,” He says breathlessly. “Go to the toilet. I don’t want to be peed on!” I laugh in response and head to the bathroom. I walk in and see Carl shoving his head in the toilet bowl.

“Get outta here you little rascal! Fiona’s not gonna be happy when she finds out you had your head in the toilet bowl.” I joke.

“The water got cut off and I needed to wash my hair somehow!” He grins and leaves to cause more mischief. I do my business and hurry back to Ian’s room to pay him back somehow.

“Gallagher! You little gay fuck! It’s pay back time.” I say as I storm into the Gallagher boy’s room.

“Pretty sure I’m not gay,” I hear someone say followed with a chuckle. I look up at the top bunk bed to see the one and only Phillip “Lip” Gallagher.

“Sorry Lip, you seen Ian?” I ask trying to play it cool. Right now I’m actually freaking out because I’ve had a crush on Lip ever since I can remember.

“He ran out yelling about how someone was going to get him. I think he went to Mickey’s place.” I groaned. “Oh wait! You’re the one that was going to get him.” He laughs. “Makes sense now.” Lip chuckles to himself as he jumps off the top bunk only wearing his boxers, I blush but I’m not too embarrassed. I’m used to this by now. I plop onto Ian’s bed and watch Lip get dressed in jeans and t-shirt. As creepy as that sounds I assure you it’s not.

“Coming out for a smoke?” Lip asks. I nod and follow him out of the house. I sit on the porch railing and grab a cigarette out of my pocket, Lip stands in front of me and gets a blunt out. I light mine and then use my lighter to light Lip’s. His face is quite close to mine right now, but I do not mind one bit.

“So Y/N, I was thinking.” He pauses and takes a drag. He blows the smoke out and lets the blunt hang out of his mouth. God, he looks so good right now. “I was wondering if you’d like to go out sometime?” I sit there in shock.

“What? You mean, as in like a date?” I ask nervously. He nods. “Sure!” I smile and take a drag of my cigarette.

“Great, I’ll take you out later. Gotta catch up on some homework. See ya later Y/N.” He finishes his sentence by quickly pecking my cheek. I giggle and watch him walk into the house.

“Damn that was cute,” I hear a familiar voice say. I look over to spot my annoying, red-head, gay, asshole best friend.
“Oh fuck off.” I pause. “We have some unfinished business,” I smirk as Ian’s eyes widened. He quickly catches on and runs straight into the house, with me following.

**sorry it’s short, I’m tired but I still wanted to write this before I forgot the idea**

Sugar Baby Beauty Tips Pt. 1

Skip false eyelashes! Having on a heavy set of lashes can make you look tired and your eyes to look droopy. Especially during night time, when the light often hits your face from above, the false eyelashes will cast a shadow that makes your eyes darker and accentuates dark rings. Stick to regular mascara unless your eyelashes are very short. This will make more light to hit your eyes, and a more flattering look! 

Find a schampoo that has salicylic acid in it. This will make your scalp produce less sebum. For me it adds 2 additional days where I don’t need to wash my hair and therefore it gets less damaged. 

Only use non-heat products to style your hair. Want curly hair? Use hair rollers overnight. Play around and try different ones to see which ones are most comfortable for you to sleep with. I always sleep in hair rollers before an important date! Bonus if your hair is slightly damp, the curls will hold several days! On an everyday basis I like to sleep with a braid, not as beautiful as with hair rollers but still nice.

After you’ve done your makeup, put a little bit of the same blush you have on your cheeks in the crease of your eye. It should be barely visible, but makes you look so much more healthy and fresh! 

His Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 2

Hailey’s Pov

i stormed into my room so mad.

i can’t believe Luke hemmings is my new next door neighbour.

i jumped on my bed and screamed into my pillow but i stopped when i heard a car door slam and then i heard my mum’s voice.

great she is already talking to them.

Liz hemmings seems lovely but her son makes me life hell and i hate him much, what is he going to do at home?

10 minutes later i heard the front door open and then my mum shouted up

“Hailey come down here” she yelled

i groaned as i got of the bed and stomped down the stairs

“I need to run to the shop for food, have you met our new neighbours? that boy of hers looks a good fit for you hailey” my mum said

my eyes widened at her words, did she hit her head or did Luke throw something at her head?

she has to be out of her mind if she thinks Luke is a good suit for me, she does know who i am right?

i am not her.

then she continued after me just staring at her for a couple of minutes

“We finally have some nice new neighbours honey so i kindly asked them over for dinner which is in 2 hours, could you do me a favour and run to the shop for me while i go get some food”

She picks now to do something kind.. Really? Could she not invite any other neighbours for dinner, this is going to be great.

I have to eat at the same table with Luke Hemmings and his mother.

This is just great.

I rolled my eyes and said “ Fine, give me the money and tell me what i’m getting”

She smiled and she got out her purse and told me what to get, i took a note in my phone so i wouldn’t forget.

I ran upstairs so i could put a hoodie on because it takes over 10 minutes to get to the shop and i don’t want to get cold.

When i walked outside, i saw Luke was working on his bike.

He stopped and turned around and looked at me, making us make eye contact for a second and then i turned away and started walking, the only problem was i had to walk past him, i just hope he doesn’t say anything.

I was wrong.

“guess were neighbours now, i’m going to have fun having you next door” he said as he smugly crossed his arms over this chest smirking at me

i crossed my arms over my chest and i looked at him unimpressed and said

“and i thought you had better things to do for a bad boy, i guess not”

i walked away from him but i did enjoy watching the smirk remove from his face.

i really hope he doesn’t try to make my life hell like he does at school, i think i will have to move by myself if he did.

When i got home from the shop i only had so little time to get ready, it took forever in the shop.

So i ran upstairs in search for something decent to wear.

I got a shower but i didn’t need to wash my hair because i done that this morning so i just washed my body and then i wrapped a towel around my body when i was finished.

I stood with the towel wrapped around me body doing my makeup in the bathroom, once i was done and made sure i looked okay i walked out and then i dropped the towel as i put on my shorts and tank top.

I walked over to the window because it was warm, as i opened it i looked up to see Luke smirking at me making me scream.

Great i bet that is his bedroom, right across from mine.

I rolled my eyes and turned around so i could get ready, i searched and searched for something decent to wear and then i came across this red dress i haven’t wore in so long.

My mum bought a while ago for me, it’s not something i wear often but it should be okay for tonight.

Luke’s Pov

the last thing i need today is to have my mum nagging at me.

it was her idea to move, i don’t want to help she should know that by now.

i can’t believe who is living next door, i have enough of her at school.

the way she walks around school thinking she is such an angel with everyone wanting to be her friend,she makes me sick.

she’s the only one who isn’t scared of me, she should be but she isn’t.

i don’t know why, i try my best to make her wish she never spoke up to me but she continues to walk around as if i don’t bother her and it really bothers me.

i walked into my new looking around at the plain walls and then i looked out the window.

i could see right into Haileys room, this should get interesting..

even though she bothers me i wouldn’t mind seeing her little body.

the thought of having dinner over at her makes me want to be sick, i tried to get out of it but my mum was having none of it.

it better not take to long because i have a party to go to tonight and i need some alcohol after this move.

i set my guitar down on the ground and i went to open my window so i could have a smoke, i was just about to light up a cigarette when i saw Hailey walk into her room

my eyes widened and i had to get my phone out to take a picture..

a picture of Hailey Wilson naked.

that has defiantly made my day!

i looked through my contacts until i got her number, she doesn’t know i have her number.

i should have deleted it ages ago but there was a time i wanted to get closer to the little virgin and i got her number and then she opened her mouth and spoke back to me and i never wanted to get anywhere near her, there was plently of better looking girls out there to keep me happy.

now i’ve seen her body.


i opened her contact and decided to text her “Damn”

it sent and when i looked up Hailey was dressed but she was wearing the shortest shorts i have ever seen, i don’t think i’ve ever seen her legs before..

maybe being neighbours won’t be such a bad thing..

she saw me outside and came walking over to her window and she opened it and said

“Delete that photo now”

i couldn’t help but smirk as i blew out a cloud of smoke and then i said

“ I didn’t know you had such a hot body little virgin”

she gave me a digusting look which i didn’t like and then she said

“You disgust me”

i couldn’t help but laugh at her words as if i care what she thinks of me and then i said

“I’m never deleting this photo, in fact i’m going to make it my wallpaper”

she looked even more annoyed.. this is more fun than throwing paper at her during class

“Can you think with something other than your cock, grow up Luke for once”

i just stared at her and then i watched her close her window and curtains, i threw my cigarette away and turned back into my room

fuck her and this dinner.

Hailey’s Pov

I had a message from a number i didn’t know.

I opened it anyway.. It read.


I didn’t know what it meant, i really wanted to know what it meant and then my phone vibrated again from that unknown number.

Oh my shit!

It was a naked picture of me, Luke must have taken it when i dropped my towel.

I could not be more embarrassed.

Luke Hemmings has a naked picture of me, i wanted to die more than ever now.

I started to have a mini heart attack and then i looked out the window to see Luke still at his window this time he was smoking.

I walked over to the window and Luke smirked standing up straight and then i spoke

“Delete that photo now”

His smirk got bigger and then he said “ I didn’t know you had such a hot body little virgin”

He makes me sick

“You disgust me” i said angrily to him i was about to turn and walk away but Luke spoke again

“I’m never deleting this photo, in fact i’m going to make it my wallpaper”

Can he be more of a dick?

“Can you think with something other than your cock, grow up Luke for once” I said to him and then i closed my curtains knowing he can no longer see me.

I cannot believe he has a picture of me naked, this is just great.

My curtains are going to have to be closed forever.

i phoned Lauren and Sophie to tell them about my new neighbour, they were shocked more than i was.

They laughed when i told them Luke has a naked picture of me but they thought i was joking but i’m not.

I just got off the phone to them when my mum walked in

“The new neighbours will be here in 20 minutes, what are you wearing?” she asked

I rolled my eyes and pointed to the red dress that was hanging on the bathroom door to her, she smiled and approved of my choice and then left.

As if i was asking for her approval i would have been wearing it anyway.

The dress fitted perfectly, which i was happy about, i put on my small black flats because i will be sitting down eating so i don’t need heels or nothing.

Not that i want to dress up for Luke anyway.

Once i was happy with myself, i walked down stairs letting the smell of food hit my nose on the way down.

My mum has gone all out, jesus..

The bell rang meaning they were here.

Oh great i can already see how this is going to go.

“ Hailey will you get the door” my mum shouted oh great now I have to greet them great, let’s get this over with.

I opened the door speechless, Luke looked really hot,he was wearing a buttoned up black shirt his tattoo’s were hidden and his piercings were missing, he looked different a good different.

I don’t admit that Luke is hot often but right now i have too.

I greeted them both finally finding my word, Liz was very thankful and she walked on in to where my mum was leaving me and Luke alone again for the second time.

I didn’t know what to do, this was the first time i have ever felt uncomfortable in my own home.

“I would love to know what you’re wearing under that dress” Luke said smugly

I rolled my eyes at him already regretting thinking he was hot looking, once he opens his mouth he makes me think twice about him.

“Please don’t talk to me tonight, i want to get this over with and i’m sure you do to so please just leave me the fuck alone” i said to him

My mum and Liz appeared just as i finished speaking luckily because i was sure Luke was about to say something

“ What a handsome boy you have Liz” Was the first thing my mum said she looked Luke up and down god she was nearly undressing him.

“ Foods ready, let’s eat” Mum said and we followed her into the dinning room.

I had to sit next to Luke and my mum sat facing him and Liz sat facing me..

Well if this wasn’t awkward I don’t know what is.

Just as thought that maybe this wouldn’t be too bad halfway through the meal i felt Luke’s hand on my thigh which made me almost choke and spit out my food.

Luke laughed a bit making my mum give us a weird look, i took his hand and pushed it away from me, i couldn’t believe he just touched my thigh.

I felt really insecure about it.

Of course it didn’t work and Luke kept putting his hand on my thigh, i gave up pushing it away.

I was thankful that Luke just kept his hand where it was and he didn’t try to move it.

I almost forgot his hand was on my thigh and then i felt his squeeze my thigh just as i was finished my food and he was finished as well and then his had moved up my thigh more almost close to my middle part.

That’s when i lost it, i got up from the table quick making Luke drop his hand from me and my mum gave me a weird look and so i spoke before she could

“ i need the toilet” i walked off and ran upstairs to the bathroom, i closed the door behind me catching my breathe because i ran so fast up the stairs.

I cannot believe what just happened, Luke hemmings just tried to feel me up, this day is getting worse and worse by the second.

What i couldn’t get my head around was; Luke always picks on me and tries to make my life a living hell but the way he was looking at me tonight and his touch made me think maybe he likes me?

Ha what am i saying? Luke hemmings could never like me.

There was a knock on the door making me jump, i turned around and opened the door to find Luke standing there.

Luke came barging in as if he owns the place, can’t he leave me alone for once?

“Yes please come on in” i said annoyed as i closed the door and leaned my back against it.

Although when he started walking closer to me i decided i should have chose a different place to stand, i was nervous i didn’t know what he was going to do or say.

He’s Intimidating.

“With pleasure although it is your pleasure i really want” Luke said, he was so close to me.

I had to lean my head back just to look up at him, he had his smug of a face looking down at me.

He disgusts me.

I pushed him back from me not wanting him anywhere near me anymore and then i spoke

“I told you to leave me the fuck alone”

I moved until i was by the sink and i looked at myself in the mirror.

I felt him behind me, his front pressing into my back and then he moved a piece of my hair behind my ear and then he looked into the mirror at me and whispered

“I know you want me”

Is he out of his mind? What gave him that idea?

I didn’t spend the night with my hand on his thigh..

He smirked at me through the mirror as i just stared at him and then he leaned down and kissed underneath my ear.

I hand to grip the sides of the sink because i thought i was going to fall over, when Luke kissed me it made me feel something deep down inside. I know what it was but i don’t want to think about it.

“What makes you think i want anything to do with you?” i said to him making him stand up straight, i no longer felt his chest against my back.. I couldn’t help but get cold with the lost of contact.

“I’m Luke hemmings, every girl wants something with me” Luke said

But he didn’t say it with his usual smirk, i heard the sadness in his voice.

I turned around making our bodies touch but he moved back so we wouldn’t touch which is weird, 2 seconds ago he was all over me.

This boy is hard to read.

“Well i’m not like every other girl and i wouldn’t go anywhere near you” i said seriously to him hoping he would know i meant it.

His smirk was back making me nervous again and then he moved a bit closer to me and he put his hands beside me which meant i was now blocked and couldn’t move.

I didn’t know what he was going to do.

I got really scared.

His face was so close to mine, i couldn’t help but stare into his blue eyes, i never realised how blue they were until now. It’s like looking out onto the ocean.

They’re kinda beautiful.

“How about now nerd, tell me has a boy ever been this close to you before?” Luke said slowly and quietly.

The tension in the bathroom changed and it was really warm, i need to get out of here.

I bet my mum will be wondering what we are doing.

I didn’t want to speak so i just shook my head at him making me almost laugh at me which i didn’t like. I screwed my face up at him making me stop and turn serious

“Have you ever kissed a boy before?” Luke said looking into my eyes.

I don’t like how close we were, Luke looked away from my eyes and down to my lips. I really hope he isn’t going to kiss me.

I don’t know what i will do if he does.

I shook my head at his question making me smirk at me and then he looked down to my exposed chest and then spoke

“I bet i would have you screaming my head with just a touch,although i don’t fuck virgins i would love to see those pretty tits bounce up and down as i make you scream my name”

What a fucking disgusting pig.

I pushed him away making him almost stubble a little, i had to hold my myself back from laughing and then i said

“Don’t ever say that again to me, i wouldn’t want you to fuck me if you were the last boy on this earth, you make me sick god love your mum who has to deal with a horrible disgusting prick like you”

I may have taken it a bit far and by the look on Luke’s face i see that i may have pushed a button but right now i was so mad at him.

He looked angry and he was about to speak but then there was knock at the door..

“Everything okay in there?” i heard my mum’s voice say

“It’s fine ” i shouted not taking my eyes of Luke who was staring angrily at me.

“You know nothing” he said quietly maybe i wasn’t meant to hear it but i did and then he turned and walked out of the bathroom

I felt bad for what i said, i shouldn’t have mentioned his mum. He just made me so angry and confused with his actions and words, it all just came out without me thinking about it.

I walked out of the bathroom and downstairs, Luke was gone he must have went home.

Liz was just saying goodbye. i was happy this night was over.

I walked back up the stairs to my room and i found myself looking out the window i seen Luke’s light on i guessed it was Luke’s room because he was looking out the window early at me.

I couldn’t see into his room, it was too dark but then i saw him slam his front door, he didn’t get on his motorcycle he just turned and walked down the street.

I couldn’t help but wonder where he was going but then i hear he goes to a different party every night so i guess that’s where he is heading.

Luke’s Pov

i sat on the swing just letting my legs swing back and forth but i don’t make any movements

i took the last sip of the vodka bottle i had with me

How dare talk to me about my mum like that, she has no idea what happens at home.

i kept drinking trying to blur out the anger on her face as she spoke.

i don’t know what came over me but ever since she dropped her towel and i saw her body i haven’t stopped wanting her.

i told her i don’t fuck virgins and that’s true because virgins will get attached and i don’t need a girl getting attached to me but there is something different about Hailey.

i don’t know what it is, up until a few hours ago i wouldn’t have thought of her in any way but now i can’t seem to get her out of my head.

then suddenly i heard noises coming from behind i turned right now, not to quickly because i have just downed a bottle of vodka

it was Hailey

it’s 1 in the morning

what the fuck does she want?

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The Magic of Citrus

I’ve been quite lucky to have to never deal with dandruff. It’s one of those things that I thank God for never blessing me with. However, the past couple of weeks I’ve been using a shampoo that hasn’t really been doing me well. It work fine, post shower. My hair feels silky and soft, the problem it creates happens the next day. When I wake up in the morning, I feel the need to wash my hair almost immedietly because my just washed hair, now has dandruff and just typing it out is making me cringe and make the EWWWWW face. But c'mon, it’s something we’ve all dealt with so everyone can just calm down.Obviously this isn’t something I want to deal with, so I’ve found a solution to this annoying problem. 

The solution comes in the form of lime. Yup, lime. I’m not going to go into the science of why it works, all I know is the citric acid contained in lemon and lime does some sort of magic trick to combat dandruff. There are many ways in which you can incorporate lime/lemon into your haircare routine, such as mixing it in with some coconut oil and massaging your scalp with it, you can mix a little bit of lemon juice in lukewarm water and bring it with you in the shower and just rinse your hair with it or you can do it the old fashioned way, which is the way I do it. 

All I do is cut up two limes in half and then divide up my hair into 4-5 sections. I then rub the lime directly onto my scalp while also squeezing out the juice and just lightly massaging with my fingers. Once this is done, just let it sit for 10-15 minutes. You’ll be left with a headful of lemon pulp and it won’t look very pretty, but trust me, it does the trick. 

Last step is to just rinse it off in the shower. I don’t use shampoo when I do this treatment, just because I feel like it would wash away the juices I worked so hard to incorporate into my scalp, however if you’re doing a hot oil treatment, then I definitely recommend washing and rinsing otherwise that beautiful mane of yours will just look slicker than an oil spill (10,000 points to all of you who got that reference). 

Once you come out of the shower, just go about drying and brushing your hair as you would. Not only does this treatment (done the way I do it) get rid of dandruff, but after my hair was dry, I was left with the most voluminous and silky hair, ever. Not only that, but because my hair is colored, I found that the lime helped to bring out the color so much more

So basically, lime and/or lemon is a magical fruit and it will change the life of your hair. I highly recommend using this treatment once a week if you suffer from a legitimate dandruff problem, but if it is just an occasional issue and/or you’re looking for a butt load of volume, then definitely try this once or twice a month. 

Also, one last tip. Microwave your lime/lemon for 30 seconds for maximum juice power. It makes squeezing out the juice a lot easier and it allows for more plumpy pulps. 

Hope this helps all of you! 

Ishaba xx. 

okay i need to go and wash my hair but…. pas des deux. it’s one of those pieces that just really hit hard. the harp is just kind of floating you away with the pizz strings and adding to this dance-feel. but then the melody is just so poignant…. and the string line is like always falling. it lifts up a bit more. then it falls.

then we change the oboe takes the spotlight (this motif reminds me so much of tchaik 4 tbh) and you have this really lovely sweeping run passed between sections then it builds and builds in intensity 

we all know what’s coming…………………….. against those triplets in the background…………………….

OH SHIT!!!! IT’S THE BRASS!!!!!! the timpani!!!!!!! THE BIG DESCENT 



then we suddenly back down and these nostalgic string lines happen, once again it’s building in a sequence but it never really peaks it just kind of goes around in a poignant circle before…. yep. that’s right….. descending. 

and then the end is just so….. WISTFUL and BEAUTIFUL. trill it to the max against those BEAUTIFUL pizz DBs and final affirmation of the chord and then the timps and then…… WE END LOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.