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*rubs temples* Someone made a Roadrat post with onesided RR, because Junkrat loves Hog but hog sees him only as a quote "subhuman R*slur friend" And now I need to remedy that with one of your well tought out headcanons about how Hog slowly realises how he can help his genius, mentally ill boyfriend with his memory problems, so he can streamline his genius toughts better and put plans into action.

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a-HEM, hem. well. it starts off pretty simple, hog doesn’t really think about it much. he just makes sure rat slows down before he does anything really dangerous. he just holds him back and waits for him to figure it out himself. because rat does, usually.

after a little while he tries making suggestions, but rat tends to get distracted if he does that. he loses his train of thought or gets snappy because he was thinking about it already, or because he doesn’t like being shown up over something obvious. so unless there’s extremely imminent danger, or it’s something rat genuinely doesn’t know, he’ll just wait for rat to figure it out.

it’s not that rat’s stupid, he just gets ahead of himself. and then gets distracted by his favorite parts of the plan. like the blowing stuff up. the rest is small potatoes to him. he used to get into a lot more scrapes jumping ahead of himself like that. most of hog’s bodyguarding is that kind of thing.

but hog loves his spontaneity and quick thinking. it’s fun, it’s great for getting out of stuff, and for out-thinking the cops. junkrat is fun. and all it takes is a few gentle reminders now and then to keep him safe. that’s not really that much. all in all it’s probably less work than trying to go 50-50 with someone else.

and that joy and creativity is something mako loves dearly. he loves that jamie’s affectionate and talkative. even when mako’s issues keep him from being able to express himself, jamie’s still there with a cuddle and a wild scheme and a fantasy ramble. it’s so nice to have someone who can read his non-verbal signs to slow down, but who doesn’t take it personally or mind at all that he’s quiet and withdrawn. mako loves him.

Anyhoo, this is about as simple as it gets. An echinacea tincture is the perfect first tincture to make. If you’re using fresh herbs you’d fill the jar ¾ with chopped herbs, and use 100 proof alcohol. You can use vinegar or glycerine to make tinctures, but that’s another comic.  

I’m doing that Center for Cartoon Studies one week workout to stretch some atrophied comics muscles. Bro, I need a month long remedial lettering course.

old doodles from high school because why not

I was very into anime and Clone Wars… evidently the two meshed. I miss drawing my bounty hunters, though. I should draw them again sometime.

Neverland Kids are Complicated - Harry Hook - Disney´s Descendants

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request:   Could I get a Harry Hook imagine where the reader is the daughter of tinkerbell and she’s super awkward and shy, and is stumbling on her words. And Evie is showing Uma, Gil and Harry around and introduces them to reader. And Harry likes her. But the son/daughter of Peter Pan doesn’t like the new kids so they pull reader away. Sorry if this is oddly specific. I just really like the idea of tinkerbells daughter and hooks son dating. Thanks.

requested by: anon
A/N: What a lovely idea! I came to the conclusion, that it would make things more interesting, if Peter Pan had a son called Clavin in this imagine. And I kind of changed it a bit. Hope you enjoy! 
summary:  Shy- and awkwardness. Two words, that described you, the daughter of Tinker Bell. Wary and childish manners. Three words that describe your best friend Calvin, son of Peter Pan. Sneaky, flirty and prideful. Three words that describe Harry Hook. Lets just say: Neverland kids = complicated. 
warnings: cursing, awkwardness, shyness
wordcount: 474

tagging: @nachorebelion

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The paper of your folder started to spread itself over the floor of the hallway. You made friendship with the floor, groaning after your landing. “Look after where you´re going!” Your best friend Calvin, the son of Peter Pan hissed at those, who ran into you. He quickly crouched down beside you and helped you up. You could hear three laughs. You looked at Calvin, who smiled softly at you, but his smile faded and turned into a darker expression, when he looked at the new VK´s. Uma, Gil and Harry Hook. Since Evie, the daughter of the Evil Queen, had introduced the new ones, everything in Calvin´s and your life went down. You actually liked Harry. Of course, he had his flaws, but he was kind of nice.

 “I´m sorry, mate! I didn´t see her.” The accent of Hook´s son ran through your ear and you mumbled an excuse. “Come on, Y/N. Let´s go.” Calvin dragged you up and dragged you to the next class. “But…my paper?” “Forget it. Hooks are always destroying everything!”

 Meanwhile, Harry looked at the mess he had caused. He liked you. You were shy, reminded him a lot from the stories of his father, he had told about Tinker Bell. “You don´t really like her, do you?” Uma asked, shaking her head. “Help me collecting the paper.” He murmured, putting his hook in Gil´s hands, cowered, starting to gather the paper and the folder, Y/N Bell had lost because of him.

 Harry tried to find her for the rest of the day, holding the folder tight to his chest. He found you at the end at her locker. And of course, her skinny bodyguard Calvin Pan was around too. “So, the Lost Boys wanted to –“ Calvin stopped suddenly and his expression turned dark again. “Y/N, we have company.” Harry rolled his eyes. He didn´t like the guy in front of him. He was like a small Pitbull that always was around the girl he found interesting.

 “Hey, Y/N. I wanted to say sorry.” Harry hold the folder to the daughter of Tinker Bell. You blushed, smiling softly towards him. His heart felt in awe. “Thank you…Harry.” You blushed even more, looking down to the ground. “Pan, would you mind going away for some minutes?” The only son of Captain Hook looked at Calvin, smiling his sly smile. Your best friend scoffed, nodded to you and giving Harry a threatful glare.

 “So…” You looked up, getting lost in his blue-greyish eyes. “I need help in Remedial Goodness 101 class. Could you maybe help me?” You nodded, stumbling about your words. You awkwardly tried to put your folder in your locker. “Tomorrow, library, after school?” He smiled, leaving you read like a tomato. You nodded, lost in your words. He leaved and you were sure: Neverland Kids are complicated.

What Happens When You Give a (Half) Dragon Some Nip


Sakura Gives Corrin a Strange New Tea

Note: This is Female Corrin.

“Sakura, please explain… Whatever this is.”

The shy princess jumped at Ryoma’s voice. She gave him a smile as she turned to face him. Her arms were outstretched, attempting to hide her big sister from view. Ryoma was far from amused.

“Sakura, I can see over your head,” he sighed.

“Well, Big Brother, you see, uh,” the princess said. “I gave Big Sister some tea.”

“You gave Corrin some tea.”

“I s-swear that’s all I did!”

Corrin let out a giggle. It made both Hoshidan siblings jump in shock. It was slow and heavy, and when Corrin rolled over onto her stomach to look at them they could see her eyes were clouded. She giggled again and flailed her arms and legs about.

“What in the world?” Ryoma mumbled. Gently moving Sakura aside, the red clad prince marched up to his little sister. “Corrin, explain what you’re doing.”

“Heeeeey, Ryoooooomaaaaaaa,” the half dragon giggled. Corrin then frowned and glared at her big brother. “Ryooooomaaaa, such a hard name, I’m gonna call you Lobster Brother!”

“I am not a lobster!”

“Big Brother Lobster!” Corrin yelled. It was slightly slurred.

“What was in that tea?” Ryoma turned to his youngest sibling. When she shrugged and offered a grin, the prince sighed once again. “Why don’t we go ask the Nohr - Gah!!”

Corrin had leapt up onto Ryoma’s shoulders, clinging to him and nuzzling against his head. She giggled and clung tighter when he spun around to try knocking her down. Her legs swung back and forth, nearly hitting Sakura.

“Let’s go find Dandy Xandy, Lobster Brother!” Corrin said. “And let’s go find my baby brothers!”

“Sakura, grab the tea,” Ryoma said as he left the room, Corrin still giggling behind him.


“Oh gods.”

The crown prince of Nohr could not look at his Hoshian counterpart. Not with their little sister dangling from his throat and giggling like a madwoman. Leo had covered his mouth and was struggling to contain his laughter. Ryoma had given up on trying to pry the apparently intoxicated princess from his body. Sakura held out the cup of tea to the Nohrian brothers, silently urging them to take a sip or smell it and identify what she’d made from that plant.

“Laslow, go fetch my sisters,” Xander told his retainer.

“O-Odin, fetch the Hoshidan siblings as well,” Leo managed to snicker out.

As the retainers left Xander moved to pry his little sister from Ryoma’s shoulders. The red clad prince seemed grateful. Corrin’s cloudy eyes met Xander’s bright and lucid ones, and she grinned once again. Ryoma shuddered at the rather sinister giggle she let out.

“Dandy Xandy!” The princess screamed. Xander froze and barely managed to catch her as she let herself fall from her brother’s shoulder. “Dandy Xandy, I’ve missed my handsome brother!”

Leo snorted and doubled over. His once contained laughter spilled out in hard, rough bursts. Corrin stopped rubbing her cheek against Xander’s armor to stare at her baby brother. Her grin was gone, the giggling stopped, and her eyes became even more clouded. They were more pink than red at this point.

“Baby brother?” She asked. It was a coo, and she reached out towards him. Corrin wiggled and slipped from Xander’s rigid grasp. Slowly she made her way over to the still laughing prince. “Leo?”

Gently she touched a hand to his cheek. Her armorless fingers brushed against his soft skin and trailed over his lips. Leo sucked in a breath and watched his big sister slowly get closer to his face. He blushed, a brilliant red to contrast his usually pale flesh.

“Baby brother!” Corrin let out a loud, sharp cry. Her hand left the prince’s face and both arms wrapped around his head. Corrin let out another cry and pulled him close to her. Specifically, her chest.

Leo let out a muffled noise of shock as his face collided with his older sister’s breasts. She didn’t let go, instead choosing to sway back and forth while continuing to push his head deeper into the softness of her cleavage. Xander was still frozen, Ryoma had simply shaken his head, and Sakura looked away blushing as well.

“Baby brother!” Corrin cried once again. “My poor sweet emotionless brother, big sister is here for her sad brother!”

“Emotionless?!” Leo huffed into Corrin.

“My poor baby brother!” She said.

“I leave you alone with Corrin for not even a full day, and this is what comes of it!”

Corrin released Leo from her grasp, whom let out a sigh of relief. She stared at Camilla and Hinoka, confusion lacing her gaze. She barely even twitched until Takumi entered her eyesight. The princess let out a squeal of joy and rushed over to him. Within seconds the second Hoshidan prince had his face stuffed into his sister’s chest.

“My prickly baby brother!” Corrin giggled, attempting to cuddle him closer. “How I love to see you, my sweet angry brother!”

Takumi simply hummed. His neck had gone red, and he didn’t make much of an attempt to escape her clutches. Corrin continued cooing over and praising him for a good few more minutes while the rest of the royal siblings stared in a mixture of confusion and embarrassment. When Corrin moved on towards Camilla and Hinoka, Takumi made a tiny noise of disappointment.

“Big sisters, my big and sweet sisters,” Corrin mumbled, inching closer to them.

“Aw, cole here sweetie!” Camilla said, holding her arms out. Corrin grinned and lunged at both of them.

“Big sister has big big boobs!” She cheered as she squeezed one of Camilla’s breasts. Thrusting a hand out to meet Hinoka’s chest, Corrin remarked, “But big sister’s boobs are small.”

“Corrin!” The older princesses yelled in shock as she continued squishing and squeezing their chests.

“Camilla’s boobs are super soft and nice,” Corrin giggled. “But Hinoka has nice perky boobs that fit so nicely in my hand!”

“What in heaven’s name is in that tea?” Ryoma said.

“Apparently this has happened before,” Elise’s voice said. The energetic princess hopped into the room and stood next to Sakura, a tiny smile on her face. “Silas made her some tea and she did some weird stuff like this.”

“What did he call the tea, Elise?” Xander asked, finally out of his stupor.

“Nip tea, I think because of how her reaction to it reminded him of cat nip,” she said.

“Peri, Laslow, fetch Silas!” Xander barked at his retainers. The two bounded out the room not a second into his order. Around what to have been twenty minutes later, the two pushed Silas into the room.

“Explain.” Ryoma growled at him, leveling Raijinto at the man.

Silas squeaked and looked over to Corrin. To everyone’s surprise, the cavalier growled in distaste and crossed his arms over his chest. A glare was leveled at the oldest princesses.

“Damn it Corrin!” He yelled at her. Without much care he stood and tore her away from her sisters. He spun her around and looked at her cloudy pink eyes. He sighed and growled again, saying, “You were supposed to save that for our honeymoon!”

“I feel so good!” She moaned. Without warning she began to rub her body against her husband’s drunkenly relishing in his quiet moans of enjoyment.

“Like I said, my beloved,” he chuckled, gently pushing her away a bit. “That tea was meant for our honeymoon, now I’ll have to go collect more.”

Corrin whined and tried pushing against him to rub on him once more. Silas only chuckled and held her at bay.

“Lady Sakura, were you the one that made my special tea?” He asked. “I only ask because Jakob and Felicia know not to brew that blend.”

“Y-Y-Yes,” she shyly admitted.

“No worries,” Silas said. “I just need to remedy my lovely wife now.”

“Silas are you going to tie me up now like you promised?” Corrin asked, half a beg and half a question.

“Come on then, my dear!” Silas loudly said, looping an arm around her shoulders and leading her from the room.

The royal siblings watched as Silas promised to tie their sister up, fill her past her brim, and make her see the heavens themselves.

It was Elise who summed up everything they had just witnessed. “Those two are some kinky weirdos.”


For the lovely @mc-and-elise who inspired me to write this very late last night!

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"I wish you would write a fic where...." There is time travel!

“So, you’re from 1981?” Archie asks, looking at the boy currently sitting on his bed.
Jughead Jones snorts. “Yeah,” he replies, picking his nails. “Things don’t seem to have improved a lot.”
“You’re telling me.” Archie sighs.
There’s a pause in the room as Jughead looks around a little and Archie mulls over how to tell his dad that they’ve aquired a guest, one who just happens to be from 1981.
“So,” Jughead begins and it only startles Archie a little, “what ended up being the deal with Darth Vader?”
“Huh?” It’s a weird question, and it takes him a moment to remember all the stuff about the Star Wars original trilogy that his mom forced down his throat at a young age. “Oh my god, you left before Return of the Jedi.”
Jughead nods. “Yeah.”
Archie grabs his arm and drags him downstairs. “I need to remedy this, right now, immediately.”
The moment they step downstairs, however, they’re greeted by Archie’s dad, arriving home from work.
“Archie, I-” he stops dead when he sees Jughead. His eyes widen, and Archie watches him gape. “FP?”
Archie turns to look at Jughead, who looks just as shocked. “Fred?”

The Bet (Sam)

Reader Request:  Sam and Dean make a bet over who can attract/sleep with the most girls at a bar, over the course of a week. Although Sam feels slightly guilty, he ends up tying with Dean. There’s only one girl left neither of them have gotten to: the reader. (Maybe you could, if you have time, do one where the reader picks Sam and the other where the reader picks Dean) and it ends with them going to her house for some nice smutty smut.

Characters:  Sam Winchester/female reader

Word Count: 2514

Warnings: smut, language, slightly rough sex, drinking

Author’s Note:  I wrote both versions, one where Sam wins and one where Dean wins. Or, better yet, the reader wins.

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