Just turn Dutch, sicko

America: “I have a sore throat.”
Netherlands: “You need salty liquorice for that.”
America: “My feet hurt.”
Netherlands: “Gotta wear some clogs.”
America: “I can’t tell if I’m getting better yet.”
Netherlands: “Try some salted herring.”
America: “…are you just trying to Dutchify everyone when they’re in bad health?”
Netherlands: “Nahhh, they’re all legit.”

The “Are you a feminist?” test is most often administered to young, female celebrities who have dared to challenge stereotypes or allude to their beliefs in gender equality. Interviewers never ask this question of male celebrities, and they rarely ask it of older women. And in the context of mainstream media, “Are you a feminist?” is not movement-building. It’s a trap. If young women say yes, tabloids and conservative pundits are quick to decry their perceived radicalism. And if they say no, they’ve got the feminist police to deal with. Usually, they take a middle ground: They decline the label but say a bunch of other smart things that make clear they’re quite aware of gender inequality and the need to remedy it.

When half the class aces the test and the other half completely bombs it with no in-between.