Well I WAS going to try out a new art program, but it was very laggy :T I’ll look into it later, but I wanted to draw…

Have some messy MP100 Daemon doodles instead ;”) 

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Advent Calendar - Day 1

 So, Happy December everypony! I’ve been inspired to try my absolute hardest to draw a happy little holiday scene every day until the 25th, like a little MLP themed advent calendar!

 Here’s the first day - Twilight and Spike’s very first Hearth’s Warming together~ I hope I can stay on track this time (looking at you, Inktober), especially since I get three weeks off from Dec. 17th. Then, on the 25th, there’ll be a holiday giveaway for all my followers! Hooray for presents!

 Let’s have a great month!

Another thought occurred to me. Other than the Chantry represent betrayal,

The Chantry failed him first. The Chantry that failed him, the place where he had to put his lover out of his misery, it was the first place that had to go. For Anders, it was more that declaring war against the establishment that oppressed him. It was a funeral procession and burying an old friend.

I read in the tags, some people wondered why Anders choose the Chantry over the Gallows?

This brings to mind, do people consider it more forgivable and understandable if Anders blew up the Gallows instead? That it’s less of a crime? More than the templars, the mages will suffer for the explosion, the very people Anders wanted to liberate.

Secondly, it is entirely the Chantry’s fault for allowing the horrors the mages suffered under Meredith’s- and other Knight-Commanders’- rule.

3:09 Towers: The third time the Right of Annulment was evoked. Knight-Commander Gervasio of Antiva killed all of the city’s mages for demonic possession, though the Seekers of Truth later found evidence that this may have been a cover-up of Knight-Captain Nicholas’ crimes, who confessed to murdering over a hundred mages

The Chantry covered this up.The Chantry doesn’t care about mage rights or freedoms. They allow the Templars to do what they please, which is what exactly Meredith did. So what if Anders struck at Meredith? It’d change nothing.

People in this fandom have their own way of drawing some yo-kai, so i decided to try this out…

this was too much fun so i threw in gurerurin/roughraff and USApyon for the line too haha

i was tagged by @letmecumbaek to do the 10 biases from 10 different groups tag. ive been avoiding doing this, because im so indecisive with most groups and usually have more than one bias. so this was incredibly hard for me. but ive finally done it. im proud of myself.

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