Okay so I think I’m gonna go ahead with this poc themed appreciation week (I think I already lost a follower for the mere idea, bye felicia). I’m still really nervous about doing this, for so many reasons, but I just want to do what I can. Anyway below the cut are some general ideas and I need honest answers and opinions. Thanks!

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Having a teammate that sleeps 18 hours a day may seem like a drawback, until you find out she can hypnotise herself to act while asleep. Just… don’t expect a conversationalist I guess??

Headcanon time because there’s next to no info about Reyes and I’m Desperate: 

I was trawling through the ME wiki and came across a system in the Eagle Nebula called Amun. The system and the planets within are all named after figures or places in Egyptian mythology and history. There’s Anhur, Bast, Neith, Sekhmet, and Sobek. The system is mostly home to Batarians and humans. 

From 2176 to 2178, the system was the site of the Anhur Rebellions, a civil war that broke out when corrupt politicians and corporations basically relegalised slavery because Batarian legal slavery posed an economic threat. So, you got the mostly Batarian Na'hesit, who, ofc, wanted to keep slavery around, VS the rebels, who wanted to abolish slavery. 

WHICH brings me to my dude, Reyes Vidal. 

Firstly, we know that he used to be a shuttle pilot under the call sign Anubis, a god associated with, among other roles, guiding souls in Egyptian mythology. So ‘Anubis’ is interesting because I feel like that’s not really a name you’d use if you were everyday civilian transport. But it does sound like something you’d use if you were, say, a pilot in a war. Additionally, I have learnt that aviator call signs are given to military pilots in RL and can be inspired by things such as personality traits, historical figures, or the pilot’s exploits. 

Secondly, I think we can safely assume that he’s been in the business of smuggling, spying, and being a shady bastard for a while now. 

Thirdly, Reyes’ writer, Courtney Woods, has said that he’s in his late 20s. Let’s say he’s 28/29 and born in 2156 so he was about 19/20 in 2176. Basically, I’m fairly certain that he was alive back then. 

Fourthly, as not-exactly-good as he is, we know that he’s not a big fan of people with power who shit on people without power. 

Conclusion: Reyes Vidal was born in 2156 in the city of New Thebes on the planet Anhur in the Amun system of the Eagle Nebula. When he was 19, civil war broke out in the city after months of unrest between those who opposed the relegalisation of slavery and those who supported it. The fighting quickly swept across the entire system. 

A pretty good flier and not particularly keen on the idea of being enslaved, Reyes chose to join the rebels. He was given an N-503 shuttle and a weapon and told to get to it. 

Reyes wasn’t on the front lines and didn’t see much of the main fight. His job mostly involved smuggling supplies- food, medi-gel, ammo- across enemy lines, and if he could take out a few Na'hesit lackeys while he was at it, well, that was good too. 

During the war, Eclipse mercs found slave camps on Sobek’s moon, Heqet. He, along with others, helped to move people from Heqet to rebel-controlled safe houses. Subsequently, Reyes was given the call sign Anubis, ‘a ferrier of souls’. They really like Egyptian mythology in Amun. 

When the war ended in 2178, if you weren’t a rebel leader or dead, you disappeared into obscurity. So, after a brief stint as a rebel, Reyes Vidal was left very skilled at smuggling and very low on credits and we all know what happens seven years later.

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have you ever written anything about magnus' magic? cause for me i feel like it is both an extension of him, like a limb, but also a separate entity that has like wound itself around his soul. how do you think it would react to alec when magnus is being more free with it or kind of just letting it settle around him but not using it? i always imagined it kind of recognizing how important alec is but how safe he is as well and just leaping to him??

oh friend you must be new here cause i talk about his magic all the time

i suggest you check out my bamf magnus tag and my battle magnus tag (i think these are kinda incomplete i’m trying to fix this) also generally in my magnus tag in which i talk in the tags a lot

and my from the lifeless dark tag (which is for a canonverse fic i’m plotting that will be very magic heavy and very badass)

there’s also my domestic magic tag which has a lot of domestic magic in it

but also as to the latter half of this i think about this all the time and i’ve written about it a lot and i love the concept. this is a piece i wrote particularly about that idea but there’s so much there

i’ve always felt like magnus can feel alec when he comes through his wards and i feel like alec loves the feeling and the smell of magnus after he’s been doing some heavy magic. this almost unpleasantly intense feeling in his nostrils and how it feels to touch him when all of that energy is still buzzing at his fingertips

i think it’s also to be noted that magnus has now used his magic on alec in a way that wasn’t friendly, he used angry fighting magic against him and it was so damn easy for him to handle him in that situation. and i think alec recognizes that. he recognizes magnus’s power and what exactly he’s capable of and he respects that deeply. not that i don’t think he did before but that’s a hands on experience, knowing that magnus could just pull him back that easy.

there’s so much here and so much to talk about and so much that’s important and beautiful about this concept. both magnus’s intense and incredible relationship with magic and how it’s a part of him but also a thing that is inside him that he works to control and that he uses for such incredible things. but also alec’s relationship with it and his interest in it and his love for it along with his love for magnus. there’s so much there and i’ll talk about it forever


nicest badass (a list for my soft but powerful faves): Lorelai Gilmore

“I’m lucky, I know. I just…I feel like I’m never gonna have it…the whole package, you know? That person, that couple life, and I swear, I hate admitting it because I fancy myself Wonder Woman, but…I really want it – the whole package.“

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Ok this one may be a little strange: Can I request headcanon about the guys being angry in general and angry with Candy. I can't decide😩 Thanks~

A special thank you to all of the people that have given me congrats by the way //cries// bc I can’t thank you all individually,, tysm for your kindness!!

I knew this day would come…angst headcanons. Angst hc’s are kinda hard, so some are short and shxtty so- Lmao nathaniel will be fun js- enjoy.


  • Always has to have the last word, no matter what.
  • Gives really dirty faces like the ‘natural face of I don’t like you’ faces.
  • Complains to himself a lot like “Why doesn’t she listen” or “This didn’t even need to happen" 
  • Complains to white, but she always walks away
  • Petty, he’s just so mad ? acts really petty
  • Doesn’t accept the fact he was wrong in the argument. 
  • Avoids Candy, barely speaks
  • The silent treatment is his specialty with a side of petty
  • Is mad for like the rest of week, depending
  • Sleeps a lot more, he’s worn himself out
  • v stressed about his anger, needs to control it better
  • Doesn’t talk to Candy for a few days, just suddle conversations. 
  • Tries to watch some documentaries or read
  • Can’t focus on his work
  • Student council of pettiness ™
  • Asks Melody for advice, 
  • Just glares a lot


  • Would try not to yell until Candy crosses the line, tbh
  • Doesn’t yell out of the blue, depending on the situation. 
  • Smokes a lot, goes into some place to smoke
  • Confides in Lysander
  • Is really shady, like not even petty, just so shady.
  • Walks around with a cigarette in his mouth sometimes.
  • Very stressed, so fxcking tired 
  • Would be mad for the rest of the day, 
  • Not playing this game, jfc 
  • Complains in texts, he’s tired
  • Doesn’t text Candy, which is RARE
  • Doesn’t talk to Candy, but if she does talk to him, he says nothing
  • Aggressively plays with Demon,
  • Paces around to just try and think for a moment
  • Gets some space for himself, needs to think
  • Balls his fist when he thinks about whatever happened
  • Can’t believe he’s mad at Candy, but kinda can


  • Is the king of the cold shoulder ™
  • Wouldn’t show his anger in any way
  • Ignores Candy, feels slightly bad about it
  • Doesn’t care for the last word-
  • Feels like he shouldn’t be mad,, 
  • just wants peace, to make things right
  • Isn’t good at staying mad for long, usually an hour or so - but never for a day.
  • Asks for Rosa’s advice
  • Depending on the situation he gives sour looks 
  • Stays alone, has some space
  • Can’t stop thinking about what happened,
  • If Candy lied he could be mad for a whole day,
  • Remembers it for a long time
  • Would write in his notepad some song about it
  • Really sad more than he’d be mad, he can’t forgive himself for hurting Candy,,
  • Honestly sits around a lot,
  • Sighs a lot, 
  • Really tired, he just ?? he just wants peace smh


  • Rarely gets mad like seriously, he’d be confused
  • Is kinda petty when he’s mad with a touch of shady
  • Not good at ignoring Candy, sometimes glances
  • Complain to Alexy
  • Gets bratty mad like ‘What the heck, it’s not my fault’ or the ‘over nothing’ kinda guy
  • Aggressively plays video games
  • Such a brat like really - he would just glare and everything else.
  • Refuses to apologize
  • Tries to have the last word, usually fails.
  • Is so mad while playing he can’t even enjoy the game.
  • Being mad at Candy, he’s kinda mad at himself for not talking to her..
  • Does faces, like narrowing his eyes, just a mean face -
  • Sleeps a lot, surprisingly
  • Huffs and puffs a lot jus t he’s stressed
  • Can’t be mad for a day, tbh this boy will be better in a few hours
  • Eventually gives up, can’t stay mad at Candy
  • Nope nope nope, he can’t - he apologies


  • Is great at the cold shoulder, he’s a pro
  • Very good at ignoring her too, if they’re not together
  • if they’re together his cold shoulder level spIKES
  • Doesn’t acknowledge her existence,
  • Asks questions about how she’s doing to Alexy,,
  • Wishes their argument never happened. 
  • Would overthink the argument, like if it’s worth being mad about
  • Only thing he texts is 'good night.’ with a period. 
  • Keeps it to himself,,
  • Can’t really sleep, feels pretty guilty
  • Don’t let this boy be mad,, he’s just upset man
  • Won’t crack anytime soon, he may be sweet, 
  • Gets v lonely and starts to get upset
  • He can be mad at Candy but ?? He can’t handle that
  • Eventually apologies,
  • If it’s Candy’s fault, he confronts her and asks if they can 'talk about it’.