I haven’t seen any fix-it-fics written yet,, so I guess the duty falls to me. Based a little bit off of this post by @dadbob. May be crossposted to AO3 eventually. Sorry for any typos, it’s hard to write and cry at the same time.

“… Can we talk?” 

Bitty’s voice was soft and rough, like he’d been crying, which on its own had caused the worst kind of knots in Jack’s stomach. The ones you get when it feels like there’s nothing you can do. But those words? Those words had been at the center of Jack’s anxiety since he and Bitty had started dating. He couldn’t help the way it felt like something cold and hard had grown in his chest, causing him to grip the phone a little tighter. 

“Always, Bits,” He said. God, he was going to throw up.

“I know- Jack, this hasn’t been easy for either of us. We knew it wouldn’t be. But recently there’s just been a lot of pressure. Like, from the media. From-” Bitty choked a little, his words a little ragged. “From the team. And I can’t even blame them; it’s just been so hard, Jack. And I think we need to, maybe, just, I don’t- I don’t know. I don’t think we can keep doing this.” Bitty’s speech rambled and then stuttered to a stop, and Jack’s heart clenched. This shouldn’t have to hurt both of them

“It’s fine, Bits, we can take a-” Jack said, trying to keep his voice steady, at the same time Bitty said: 

“I think we need to tell some of the team.” 

There was silence on both ends of the line. 

“Jack Zimmermann,” Bitty said, voice solid and calm. “Do you want to take a break?” 

God no,” Jack said, “Crisse, Bitty, I definitely do not want to take a break. I want to do a lot of things, I want to drive up to Samwell and take you to Annie’s and I just [REDACTED]**, I want to do a lot of things with you Bitty. But I don’t want to take a break, unless you want one.“

“Thank goodness,” Bitty gushed, “I, uh, not to the taking-a-break part. I don’t want to take one either.” 

Jack slumped forward a little bit in his seat in relief. 

“And as much as I would love to have you up here,” Bitty continued. “The weather is terrible and I’d be too worried about you on these roads, driving all the way up here in the storm.” 

“It would only take an hour, Bits.” Jack said, smiling shakily. He could almost feel Bitty’s grin over the call. 

“Mr. Zimmermann, you do know how to make it sounding tempting, but I’m gonna come visit you this weekend anyways. Go home.” 

“Home is with you.” He said. Sweet talk always made Bitty blush.  

“You charmer,” Bitty half-laughed. “But I mean it. Go home. Sleep. Lord, I know roadies are exhausting, and I want to be able to talk to you tomorrow. Really talk. I love you, but we need to find a better way of making this work.” 

Jack let out a breath as the frozen thing in his chest started to melt. “We can do that, Bits. And we can tell people, too, I think. But you’re right, we need to talk about it.” He paused a little bit, not sure if it needed saying, but deciding to say it anyways. “You can always talk to me, Bits.” 

Bitty huffed out a laugh, “I know, sweetheart. I was just a little scared is all, it’s a lot to ask, with your career and, well, everything.” 

“Mon coeur, it’s nothing we can’t handle. Besides, did you see Sportscenter?” Jack snorted a little bit. It was stupidly gratifying to see the same reporters who had put him down in the past have to swallow their words. “My career is already a success. They say I’m going to be just as good as my father.” 

“I think you’re better; you’re my favorite NHL player, after all,” Bitty said, and Jack felt a little bit like he glowed. 

“I would hope so, I’m your boyfriend.” 

“Yeah, well, Tater does come in a close second-” 

“Ha ha, ha.”

“Jack Zimmermann if you keep on like that I might not bake you anything at all this weekend.” 

“I do have a diet plan.”

“Oh hush. Don’t act like-” 

There was scuffling on the other end of the call, and Jack could vaguely hear Ransom saying, “You good, Bitty? You’ve been in there a while.”  

“I’m fine,” Bitty responded, and his voice was faint over Jack’s phone, like Bitty’d put his down. “I’ll be out in a second.” 

“I have to go, but text me when you get home sweetheart.” Bitty said quickly when he picked his phone up again. 

“I will, Bits.” Jack said, turning to buckle his seatbelt. “Love you.” 

“I love you too, baby. We’ll talk tomorrow?”

“Sounds good.” 

 “Love you.” 

Jack smirked. “You already said that.” 

“I know, I just love you a lot.” 

He had never really understood the phrase ‘butterflies in your stomach’ before Bitty, and now he could get them when he and Bits weren’t even in the same state. “I love you a lot too, Bits.” 

“I would hope so,” Bitty chirped, “I am your boyfriend.” 

Jack could hear something about the words “haunted attic,” “90s-themed kegster,” and “ouija board” in the background of the call. After whatever the “ouija board” comment was, Jack could hear Ransom shout, “Holster, you are NOT doing any of that crazy-ass white people bullshit while I am living in this Haus. DO NOT-”

“I really have to go before Holster and Ransom make some kind of terrible life choice,” Bitty said. “Bye, Jack.”

“Bye, Bitty.” He said. Bitty hung up, and Jack stared at his phone for a second before tossing it into the passenger seat. He started up his car, and tried to figure out whether or not Shitty would try to throw a mini-kegster when he finally found out that Bitty was the mysterious “lover” who’d “stolen Jack away.” 

He probably would. 

**I’m a memelord don’t judge me. 

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  • me:ok, today I'm going to wake up at a decent hour, finish up work, buy groceries and then I'll make a nice walk around the city in the afternoon... p o s i t i v i t y
  • me, actually:wakes up one hour late, buys groceries but can't muster energies to cook so orders a pizza, falls asleep and wakes up in the late afternoon.
  • me:well
  • me:that didn't go as planned

I get really annoyed when people tell other people that their headcanons/actual canons are wrong, and that they are racist/homophobic/transphobic for thinking of a character that way

There is NOTHING wrong with trying to create representation for minorities by headcanoning characters as a PoC/gay/trans BUT PLEASE don’t attack people that don’t read them that way as being small minded

it’s a book, and if it not clearly specified then everyone is free to use their own imagination, that’s the beauty of how books work.

thank you.

❛  Noel’s Surname, Pulse Traditions & the Farseers


Ok so thanks to the people in chat ( eyezoo ms ) I wanted to explore this more indepth. I have a small paragraph in my datalog for this but this is the actual headcanon for it.

It’s expected for clans/tribes of Pulse to adopt the name of their birthplace and home. But the Farseers are a peculiar case. Since the abandonment of the city of Paddra, later generations chose not obey this Pulsian tradition, and it’s probably due to the adoption of a nomadic lifestyle. The consequence of their travels was impermanence, and thus the tradition was deemed redundant. Even the village Noel grew up in was a recent settlement, and they’d only stopped travelling due to dwindling numbers, a shortage of habitable land, illness, and the growing threat of monsters. It’s loosely assumed that Noel has a heritage linked to Cocoon, but I personally go against the assumption and consider him as purely Pulsian for a couple of reasons:

The Farseers voluntarily avoided contact with others, mostly out of fear of humanity’s lust for wrath, so it’s unlikely they would mingle with other clans or tribes ( save for maybe trading, which is another headcanon for another time, but even then their interactions were purely for business reasons ). Much of Pulse’s inhabitants bear an aversion, and even hatred towards the Goddess Etro, despite being her progeny. But that’s due to ignorance. And it’s unwise for the Farseers to voluntarily endanger the life of the Seeress, who they hold in high regard, by mingling with natives of Cocoon, especially with the violent history shared with Gran Pulse. Yeul’s abilities could easily be exploited.

One could argue that those fears were put to rest when Vanille and Fang prevented Cocoon’s demise, but prejudice is something incredibly difficult to overcome. While they aren’t a hateful people, it wouldn’t be farfetched to assume the Farseers still had some reason to be wary. They were described as onlookers, and their commentary regarding the actions of others is often outlined.

Those on Cocoon had little reason to be pious, particularly towards a Goddess commonly associated with the world below. Even when they migrated to Pulse, their motivations weren’t driven by religion, unless they were physically graced by Etro’s presence, to which few have had the luxury. The Farseers are a tribe strictly lead by conservative roots, which only truly began to be tested with their latest generation, the one Noel is from. But the opinions of youth aren’t enough to sway deeply ingrained ideals.

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omg I’m haikyuu trash and I’m excited af for the new season and it’s been 3 years and a half since I got into this fandom, someone help me out of it pls, or no wait, DON’T.

yo i got this ridiculously long folder full of wlw fiction recs so… hmu if you need something

hey guess what!! i accidentally found out a thing that makes my albert ball poem even more sad!!

so at the end of the penultimate stanza i put a line he actually wrote to his father - “shall be so pleased/when i’m finished.” then the last stanza begins with something similar to what he wrote to his parents in an earlier, different letter - “if i have time tomorrow, i’ll dig another plot.”

so as it turns out, he wrote the letter to his dad the day before he was killed.

One thing that really gets me about today’s society is how emotional/psychological child abuse is normalized and even celebrated.

I’ve noticed a phenomenon of parents getting together and talking about how they’re such a Mean Mom or Mean Dad and how they’re raising their children to be respectful. They talk about destroying their children’s possessions, isolating them, humiliating them, and/or publicly shaming them.

And when these people hear about, say, a parent smashing a kid’s phone for not cleaning their room or burning their possessions or filming a punishment or embarrassing moment and putting it up on social media, they commend the parents for “teaching the kids a lesson”.

Why the fuck do we, as a society, think this is okay?

It doesn’t teach kids valuable life lessons, it teaches them to be scared of repercussions. It’s bullying and child abuse and for some reason, people think that’s commendable.

Whenever I hear people saying “haha I bet that 14 year old learned a lesson”, it instantly makes me suspicious of them. I will instantly think of you as either a potential child abuser or a child abuse enabler.

As a survivor of psychological abuse, people dismissing this behavior as “harmless life lessons” makes me wonder if it really was abuse. If I deserved it. If I really deserved to have my pet’s life threatened because I was a liar.

It’s not cute. It’s not “good parenting”. It’s intimidating, shaming, and traumatizing your child into compliance.

its 5 am, i havent slept in 3 days and im bringing back the classics

okay so I’ve done this before and this is meant to be more of a “realization” but like from one gay guy to the next can we like… collectively stop it with the “lmao I love dick” shit? like we say we hate terfs but that is the e x a c t same things that terfs say when referring to how they’re lesbians “that love vagina” it is really transmysogynistic,, 

(and it further shows that we aren’t aware of our own privilege because we’re guys and we don’t think about transmysogyny cause it doesn’t effect us directly)