isak watching even sleep. isak making sure even stays asleep. isak tucking the blanket over even. isak giving even more warmth. even wrapped up like a burrito. isak waking up at every little movement from even. isak talking softly until he has to tell even firmly. isak stroking even’s hair. isak being the one to hold even and kiss him. isak and even staring at each other the whole time. isak and even asdfghjkl

What is backgrounds? I tried, but this one requires a bit more complexity than my last digital (which means I’ll probably be working on it more….). Also, Cedric teaching Sofia more in magic needs to be a thing.  It seems like his character is best when being a teacher or mentor to her, however grumpy he may be in the given moment.

Also, traveling royal sorceress Sofia needs to be a thing. Seriously, third-in-line from the the throne is not gonna do anything for her character arc of ‘Story-fixer’.

I really like Anders’ concept art and wanted to draw him closer to that.