This story is over- its era and those who wrote it, ended.
                                              But it is far from finished.
                           What’s to come now lies in the hands of the
                                  Please, do follow along in their own tales.
                          The curtain draws over this one, bringing it to a close.

i’ve been super domestic today and it’s weird. i had kid duty for the second day in a row thanks to the city canceling school ‘cause of the snow, and i am officially exhausted. ugh. but yeah, i did stuff today and it’s weird. we went grocery shopping and i bought stuff for her room (bedding and a rug, yay), then i did laundry, and i made dinner. we also made some cereal bars that will be consumed tomorrow. then i put her to bed. now i need to clean the kitchen but uuuuuuugh i am dead. see, this is why i don’t want kids of my own. this being my life every single day would actually kill me dead. :P i don’t mind helping with Olivia though, she’s a great kid and we have fun. i wanted to get a sled since we have so much snow but target was all out. rude. anyway bye, i’m trying to gather the will to do dishes, lol.