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a listener sent in a message talking about wanting to see their family when they’d be abroad and asked jjongd if he ever felt the same way.

jonghyun: of course. when being abroad i’d have a lot of fun, but i would feel like going back home and resting, too. also: i’m not really someone who enjoys traveling. that’s why, once i end my work, whenever that would be, i’d think: “let’s go back now”. however, i don’t have those thoughts while working. i’d only feel like going back home when i had just ended work - right in that moment! i really miss my house’s puppy when i’m abroad. of course, i’d miss my family a lot but i always …, the one that welcomes me, reflecting on the opaque glass, shining, that child’s silhouette, wiggling her tail when i would just come with my carrier and when i’d just open the door …, my puppy’s silhouette shining through the opaque, half transparent glass is really, really cute and pretty. i’d have thoughts of wanting to quickly and see exactly that.

So this was my dog Guinness (yes after the beer) we unfortunately had to put him down after 13 magnificent years a few years ago. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about him. I was his boy and he was my dog and best friend. I loved him so much and still do. I honestly cried for days after we lost him. I’m actually starting to cry now typing this, if anyone ever says that there is a stronger bond between a person and their dog they have never had a dog before. I love you you goof ball.

What if there are Karamel flashbacks in the beginning of S3 but with new Karamel scenes (flashbacks of moments that happened off-screen)???

I mean, they gave us so much in S2 that I wouldn’t be surprised if they blessed us with brand new Karamel content from day one next season. It would be a good way to keep us well fed while we’re still drowning in the angst!

Which reminds me that they filmed an apartment scene that never aired (unless Ken didn’t get his facts straight about the dialogue and that was actually the dream sequence). What if it was meant to air only in S3 as a memory? It would make sense to shoot it while still filming S2 for, I don’t know, “haircut continuity”?


Preview images from X-men Gold #6.

Sharing because I just can’t get enough of former Excalibur interacting. Even if one of them is bedridden and no one even bothered to unclasp her cape for her.

i was really iffy about this book in the beginning but i’m becoming pretty fond of it. Which will make me all the more heartbroken when it goes the way of Extraordinary and Amazing and every other book I’ve enjoyed over the past few years…

bonus pugs!!

Some of the Notes I’ve Taken In My Classes

these are excerpts from the most humorous notes taken for my music theory, music history, and sight-singing classes. yeah.

  • “a linear progression of bitches.”
  • “tempered scales are weird af.”
  • “Guillame de Machante yaaasssssss boi that sounds like my choir music.”
  • “Rennaisance: 1400ish-1600ish. (like, all the versions of Ave Maria.)”
  • “goddammit i miss my puppy.”
  • “i should learn to play the lute.”
  • “praise be to all the gods, we’re doing stuff i know today.” (i have no idea why i wrote this down, but i did.)
  • “also brass”
  • “note to self: don’t be a NEGATIVE ASSHAT. don’t be a SOPRANO STEREOTYPE. don’t be  FUCKBOI DIVO.”
  • “the street structure is maintained.”
  • “wtf does “Journeyman” mean?”
  • “Freddy of Prussia was not a nice guy.”
  • “solution: blame Mark.”
  • “if arpeggio is to rocket as crescendo is to steamroller, does that mean that the decrescendo is the Manheim raft?”
  • “Haydn was the court composer… and so wrote a lot of court music. poor man.”
  • “to self: refer to my independent research and papers” (background information: i have a mild obsession with Mozart)
  • (a heart drawn around the words: “Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart”)
  • “opera: more ensembles.”
  • “GMn7 4/2 UGH” “G#dim 4/3 YAY” “B halfdim7 6/5 UGH”
  • “i mean, the patronage system is kind of still around in many ways today, because capitalism, and it’s just evolved. that’s how life works and whatnot…” (crossed out thing) “@Beethoven u lil shit ily.”
  • “the third movement is NOT a joke!”
  • “turns out i can’t read German.”
  • “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, BA DA DA DA DA.” “the 19th century had all the feels.”
  • (a long list of people to give worry stones/ chocolate/ comfort objects to)

Part II