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I'm interested in getting a pigeon but I'm a little intimidated by how smart they are? I think I could handle it but it's still a little nerve wracking. I'd get a dove but I actually might need to have the pidge wear a diaper (and i know it's super bad for doves), and I'm interested in training the pidge to be a kind of assistance pidge like the marvelous Ankhou! Do you have tips or advice on how to reduce the anxiety about the intelligence level? Or on how to successfully train a pidge?

Pigeons learn like toddlers and cannot be forced to do much of anything.

Basic training involves giving them a pattern to latch onto and fill in, but Assistance training is based on first and foremost forming a close bond of trust with you pidge.

Pigeons are social observation learners who are directly taught the basics of being a pigeon by their fathers (because mom is often on the next clutch of eggs bey the time they wean) and then learn nuances by observing the flock and experimenting, VERY much the way young humans learn!

Pigeons are vocal and gregarious, and the way they naturally excel at mapping patterns makes them very good at picking up on language, which is a visible and audible pattern of communication.

The first thing your pidge needs to know is that you are safe and trustworthy, which will involve becoming attuned to its comfort levels so that you can adjust and make yourself comfortable to be on and around.

I generally start harness training mine early, so you will need more training than the bird when the time comes. XD

But while that bond is being forged, it’s important that you talk to your pigeon the way you would a very small child. 

I don’t mean baby talk. That shit’s confusing as fuck.

Clearly enunciate, and name EVERYTHING! Remember that language is a pattern and pigeons are good at patterns!

Name objects. Name people. Name places. Name actions! Everything we do and interact with and even the way we interact with things has a name, a specific word, attached.

Concepts have names, but are harder to convey to a non-human. And yet, Ankhou understands concepts like “want” (offering him a choice to accept or decline, rather than giving him a command) and “help” (I am offering to do something for him that he can’t for himself, like open a jar of treats)

He also learned that I can follow his line of sight and to point to places he wants to go when flight is not available to him. (Pointing comes naturally to corvids, but not to pigeons, so the fact that he figured that concept out on his own is significant!)

If you need your pidge to be an Assistance bird, it would be best to start with a weanling. Yes, adult birds, especially hens, can bond to people well enough to become emotional support and assistance birds, as @tinysaurus-rex and @skuttlebutts can attest with 4 month old Rex and adult Horchata.

But the younger the bird, the more time it has to develop that all important relationship with you and the less chance a young cock will become aggressive (occasional driving behaviors aside).

Since pigeons are notoriously difficult to sex, it’s important for an Assistance Bird to come into your life early enough that the sex won’t matter. 

Ankhou decided to be my assistance bird. I did not train him to alert or help me recover.

He got to know me at my healthy base line and became alarmed when I was suddenly not-me, from his perspective.

Pigeons being the innate pattern mappers they are, he picked up on warning signs I am not aware of and figured out that cuddly time lowered my stress levels.

He put 2 and 2 together entirely by himself!

Now, when we’re in public and he catches those warning signs, he gets in my face and insistent about going somewhere quiet to cuddle with him.

Pigeons are intensely socially driven, so you need to think of your relationship more as an interspecies friendship than an owner-pet relationship.

It’s important to remember that a pigeon is mentally and emotionally five, and when it acts out, it’s because it got excited by the thing that is no and forgot in its excitement that that thing is no, got distracted from the thing it was supposed to be doing, or is frustrated by a need not being met. 

There needs to be a consequence for doing things they aren’t supposed to, but it can’t be a punishment. 

You cannot afford to make yourself scary to a pigeon you want a relationship with, so correction cannot hurt or frighten the pidge.

And the most effective deterrent I know of is limiting free time.

Ankhou LOVES his kennel! He eats there. He has a nest in there that he likes to lay down and woo me from. He preens it in passing, some times. 

But when he does something he knows he’s not supposed to do, he gets zipped up in the kennel and told that he can come out when he settles.

He understands “no”. He knows where he is not allowed to be. And ke knows thta not going back into an ok place means he gets kenneled.

It’s important that it’s as clear as possible that his actions got him kenneled. I did not just trap him on a whim.

He also understands “out” and what it means to be “let out” and that “you” addresses who ever I am looking at right then. 

“Ankhou” addresses him, specifically, apart from the other birds, whose names he also knows.

“Settle”, for Ankhou, means to get in his basket and be content.

If I tell him to settle and he immediately runs to his basket, hops in, and wing twitches, I let him out, even if he was just put up seconds ago.

Because it’s important that he understands that his actions get him *out* of trouble too!

It really, legitimately is like training a nonverbal toddler with wings!

Fury: I might need a parrot.
Tony: Huh?
Fury:  To go with the eyepatch, to really complete the look. I think I still have that costume from Halloween.
Tony: Yeah, and don’t underestimate the impact of a peg leg. Maybe S.H.I.E.L.D. can hook you up with a nice one. Maybe they have a two-body-parts-for-the-price-of-one kind of deal.
Fury: You know what the best part is? No one will ever make me watch “Jaws 3-D” again.

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I like your theory. So the thing with Keith's hnd though.... his hand was seemingly burnt by his fight with Druid's electrical attack. And then healed when the quintessence spilled onto it. Or at least that's how I'm remembering it. I might need to rewatch that scene lol.

No that’s definitely also a valid interpretation! Alright so apparently I was in need of a little rewatch myself because I slightly misremembered it. The sequence of events is actually as follows: Keith gets hit by the druid’s blast -> it causes the skin on his hand to turn purple-ish and there’s a shot of Keith staring at it in confusion -> fight continues -> druid has Keith cornered, winding up for another blast -> Green Lion breaks in -> druid’s blast goes wide, hitting vat of quintessence behind Keith -> Keith is doused in quintessence and it erases the marks on his hand from earlier

So contrary to what I said in my post it’s not the quintessence that turned Keith’s hand purple, it’s the druid’s blast (I’ll go edit that). Now the question becomes what exactly did that blast do to Keith’s hand? The obvious and immediate answer is indeed that it’s a burn, and that quintessence, being like pure life energy or whatever, healed it

BUT it’s also fun to play around with alternate interpretations, my favourite being “what if Keith has been unconsciously shape-shifting himself his whole life to look like the people around him (Galtean Keith anyone?) and the druid’s blast temporarily disrupted the shape-shifting on his hand, giving it that splotchy purple-ish appearance, and the quintessence subsequently restored it” 

It’s a reach, but it’s fun to speculate. A point in favour of Galtean Keith (or Galra-Human-Altean Keith) with some shape-shifting abilities is the fact that at the recent SDCC panel Lauren and Joaquim refused to answer the fan’s question about Keith’s ethnicity, saying they’re still holding onto something for us. Possibly they’re just holding onto his human ethnicity, possibly it’s something more

Now to bring this back to my post, how could this tie into Lotor forcefully revealing Keith’s Galra heritage to the universe in order to undermine people’s faith/trust in Voltron? If indeed what happened with the Druid’s blast was a small scale reversion to Keith’s more alien form, imagine what would happen if he was hit full force with a stronger blast (cough-Haggar-cough)? I’m not saying Lotor’s gonna shock Keith into revealing his Galra form but… oh wait that’s exactly what I’m saying

((obligatory disclaimer that this is mostly a crack theory and it’s just for fun. I don’t actually believe this is very likely, but I think there’s a slim possibility it could happen, based on clues from the show and things the showrunners have said))

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hi im the person who screeched at you in panic because my crush asked me who my crush is (assuming you don't get a lot of those?) i finally told them and apparently we were bith suffering from lesbian sheep syndrome XD ALL IS WELL and i might not need coffee for a week ;)

aw thats great!! i’m so happy for you!!! 

@agthoven said: I saw this coke and all I could think of was Darth Ben. I simply had to buy it.

I really wanted to respond to this with a picture of Ewan McGregor chugging a soda or something, but the closest I could find was him eating peanut butter with a giant spoon (??) straight out of the container, so here, have that.


(Your pic really did make me smile hard and long enough that I might need to apologize to my dentist next time I see her. Thank you for that, aggie. *snugs*)

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correct me if I'm wrong but are you admin 🤖

there’s only one admin on this blog and it’s the jo bot. i might need to stuff it into the closet as i think it’s starting to malfunction and it’s going crazy and i think it’s time to shut down the hemiola generator. keep safe kids and remember to cronch your rosi

Things that fucked me up in The Foxhole Court series (warning: spoilers):

  • Every single time Andrew did something just because Neil asked
  • “He pressed Andrew’s palm to the ugly scarring across Neil’s abdomen” 
  • Dan’s entire existence as the biggest boss in the galaxy
  • “You are a pipe dream.”
  • “I am not a pipe dream.  I’m not going anywhere.”
  • Renee saving Jean
  • Renee doing literally anything
  • Wymack hating that Neil flinches away from him and doing everything he can to prove he’s the good male role model Neil deserves???
  • “You hate me, remember?” “Every inch of you,” Andrew said.  “That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t blow you.” ANDREW LMAO
  • SHOWER BLOW JOB/CODDLING/ANDREW FINALLY LETTING GO ENOUGH TO LET NEIL SEE HIM FEEL PLEASURE (partly because he can’t bear to leave Neil’s side to take care of it alone FUCK)
  • “Yes or no?”
  • VIGOROUS CONSENT and Andreil knowing each other well enough to tell when the other isn’t in a good enough place to consent even when they think they are??
  • Neil calling Andrew a “drama queen” behind his back
  • Nicky getting the happiness he deserves in Erik
  • “Who’s humanizing who in that relationship, anyway?” NICKY OMFG
  • Andrew needing to map every single scar/wound on Neil’s body and Neil letting him
  • Andrew saying “I told you not to look at me like that” after Neil stares at him with fucking giant anime heart eyes when the sunlight hits his hair
  • Matt and his spikey hair (/everything)
  • Casual 3 hour bus chats where Andreil loses track of time smh
  • How fucking short Andreil is???  5 foot **nothing*** is right
  • Neil saying he wants a vacation and Andrew almost cutting Kevin’s dick off when he tries to get in the way of it
  • Honestly that whole woodland retreat with team bonding took me the fuck out
  • “The only one I’m interested in is you.”  Demi!Neil is watering every crop in my field??
  • “Thank you.  You were amazing.”  (aka me @ Nora Sakavic)

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Don't forget that Louis' impending "fatherhood" was announced in New York and Ever Since, their lives have dramatically changed -- with no real end in sight.

GET THE FUCK OUT I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THE GMAs. It’s where Louis “confirmed” the fatherhood for the first time and where the int. asked Harry if he was okay aka the most painful moment in tv history and it was in NEW YORK. GOOD FUCKING BYE.

Happy almost birthday, Shiro! The next leap year is just three years away! You are so close!

I like to think when she opens her mouth to bark what actually comes out is “BLAM BLAM BLAM”.

Anyway, when Josh Keaton says Shiro would have a Shiro dog, you draw a Shiro dog. But, because they’re in space, you make the appropriate adjustments to her. Space dog.

Fic Rec - The Afterlife Fic (The Best I Ever Had in My Entire Life... Or Death)

The Afterlife Fic (The Best I Ever Had in My Entire Life… Or Death) by LovingCup (@iamjaggerme​ on Tumblr)

AU- After dying in a vehicle accident, Louis Tomlinson arrives in the Afterlife. Not Heaven and certainly not Hell, Louis finds himself in Judgment City UK: a pristine city  where the food and entertainment are divine and the newly departed must undergo a Review of their life on Earth to determine if they have lived a life worthy of advancement in the universe, or if they must be returned to Earth to be born again in a new body.

On his first full day in the Afterlife, Louis meets Harry Styles, and the two have an instant connection. Over the course of their Reviews, Louis and Harry fall in love and they begin to find that even though they didn’t know each other on Earth, they are nonetheless linked to one another in the most perfect ways. Both are hoping to move ahead in the universe together, but they are challenged with the threat of separation if one or both of them is sent back to Earth to be born again.

Loosely based on the Albert Brooks’ film “Defending Your Life” starring Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep. One scene in particular is taken heavily from the movie, but other than that scene and the general concept, this story veers far far away from the film. There were no blowies in the 1991 movie, I swear!

PLEASE do not let the length of this fic scare you off, it is sooo worth the lengthy read!! (and don’t let the length of this fic rec scare you off either, I just can’t help rambling about this fic!)

So this fic, y’all. THIS FIC!! 

From the get-go with this fic, I was hooked. I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I sobbed, I cheered, I sighed, I cooed, I giggled, I had light-bulb moments, I was on the edge of my seat,, I was invested in the characters, I was rooting for them, and I just could not stop reading. The writing is amazing!

There’s love, there’s angst, there’s drama, there’s fighting, there’s laughter, there’s communication, there’s miscommunication, there’s romance, there’s dread, there’s happiness, there’s sappiness, there’s dread, there’s relief, there’s hope.

(Those aren’t in order, teehee!)

I’m a fast reader, ok? Especially when I read fic. I blow through it, skim some sections, and generally don’t retain much. Reading a WIP doesn’t bother me because I’ll just read it again later and not really remember details about what I read before.


There are so many little details and clues that the author has put into the writing. As I was reading, I had theories about what might happen, how a detail I just noticed might come into play later, or I’d go back and re-read something because I picked up a detail later on that had me re-evaluating something. But it’s not overloaded that you feel like you have to study the fic in order to follow it. I want to talk to other people and compare notes about this fic. Did someone else pick up on details I didn’t? It’s entirely possible and I wanna know!

I started reading this fic a few months ago, and ever since, it has stuck with me. I’ve still been going on to anybody who would listen how great this fic is and that they should read it!

There are several quotes that I absolutely love, but I’ll just give you this non-spoilery one:

“Oh come on now. Don’t play coy. I use forty-eight percent of my brain, remember? I know that you know that your ass is one of your best features. Hell, you probably walk into rooms backwards just so that ass of yours can enter first.”

If anybody wants to chat about this fic, I am MORE than willing! My messages are open!!

Extra Flustered

Pairing: Peter Parker x stark!Reader

Warnings: Sexual themes

Summary: Part 2 of Flustered! Peter gets his revenge and you were not prepared.

Part 1 Part 3

Peter Parker had been eventually found and by your dad no less. Luckily it had been an hour or so and that meant no evidence of the real reason Spidey was webbed to the ground was found. Also lucky for you, Peter didn’t rat you out. He just said he had had a mishap. This caused incessant teasing from the team but he never told them. He would only look at you and smirk.

You had been laying low for a few days and trying to prepare for his revenge. But as days passed it seemed as if he had either let it go or forgot about you. You thought that that couldn’t be true; if anything you were memorable in that way. He probably remembered it every night when he was alone in his room. You smirked at that thought. 

You were tip toeing into the kitchen to grab some juice. You peaked around the corner and the coast was clear so you made your way to the fridge. You opened it and were trying to decide which you wanted; the perk of living with lots of people and a dad with lots of money is the variety of juice options. You were standing there digging through the fridge not paying attention to anything around you. So you didn’t notice the quiet footsteps approaching you. Suddenly you were spun around and pressed against the wall.

“What the heck- Oh, Peter hello.”  You said with a smile when you saw the familiar brown eyes staring back at you. You looked him up and down admiring the view, you also saw the glint in his eyes and the mischief in his smirk. “To what do I owe the pleasure.”

“I think you know why I’m here.”  He whispered in your ear. He leaned back and took his turn to look you up and down. He bit his lip before looking back up into your eyes.  You blushed when you remembered you were wear only short pajama bottoms and a tank top. 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”  You decided to play innocent.  you widened your eyes and fluttered you lashes to complete the effect.

“Well, let me remind you then.”

I’d like to see you tr-”  You were quickly interrupted by Peter spreading your legs with his knee and pinning your hands above your head. He attached his mouth to your neck and started to make delicious friction with his knee. You sharply inhaled and closed your eyes.

“I see you’re starting to remember.” He mumbled against your jaw.

“I-I m-might need a little more to jog my memory.” You stuttered out breathless.  Slowly his lips gravitated towards yours. They ghosted over each other barely touching. You tried leaning closer needing them to touch. He continued to grind his knee causing your legs to shake and a moan to escape your lips. You then heard footsteps and Peter’s warmth went completely away from you. You stood there breathing heavy and cheeks ruddy.

“Looks like this session is up, see you next time.” He gave you a large cocky smile and rushed out of the kitchen. With a heaving chest and a daze you saw your dad walk in.

“Hey honey, was that Peter I heard? What did he say to you, you look pretty mad.” Your father mistook your flushed face and heavy breathing as rage.  This made you blush more.

“Y-yeah, you know how infuriating that boy is.” You scurried off before he could piece together the real reason you were such a mess and notice the probable red marks on your neck.

You definitely remembered now.

250617 ; what i bring when i go out to study 

1. chargers (for all my electronic devices) 
this is so important for me, especially if i’m going to be studying for eight hours straight. i hate the frustration i feel when my devices (laptop!!!!) run out of battery because this totally throws me off my plans for the day, plus it’s always better to be safe than sorry!!

2. headphones / earphones 
these are absolutely essential while studying at a cafe (like starbucks, which i frequent). you never know, there could be screaming babies or loud conversations which none of us want to be listening to (it screws up your concentration) so listening to music helps 

3. oversized sweater of some sort
i love love love the feeling of warmth in a really cold place, and most places i go to study are cold anyway (starbucks, the library). you don’t want to be shivering while studying, you’d more likely be thinking of ways to get warmer instead of actually study, plus oversized sweaters are more comfy, so yes.

4. water bottle
this is pretty self-explanatory, i mean keeping hydrated detoxifies your body and keeps you healthy!!!!! h20 is important friends!!!!!! also bring some healthy snacks like berries or granola (my favourite study snacks) if you’re going to be studying for a long time.

5. notebook
or some loose leaf paper, depending on what i want to write my notes on. 

6. pencil case
i usually take with me at least two black pens (in case i drop one or one runs out of ink or some other mishap), a mechanical pencil, an eraser, markers / highlighters in whatever colour scheme my notes are going to be, a ruler, a black brush pen (usually the pentel fude sign pen), correction tape and occasionally, brush markers (i rarely bring these though, since i don’t really incorporate them in my notes) + any other materials i might need (eg. calculator for math etc)

7. laptop (or textbook)
this depends on where the notes to make my notes come from (did this make sense?). usually i bring both, since my teachers send slides, and the textbook is the main resource i use. 

8. bullet journal
i pretty much bring my bullet journal everywhere, so studying outside is not an exception. it’s nice to strike off things on my to-do list when i’m studying, and it makes the whole process a lot more bearable, since doing that makes me feel productive, and being productive makes me feel motivated (also if i need a break i like to work on my spreads with whatever materials i have!!!).

these are the main things i bring when i go out to study, sometimes i bring more, and sometimes less, it depends on what i want to do, but what’s pictured above is the most common!