I made the mistake of looking for fluffy Stevidot fanart, and it had very bad results. I decided to put my rage-induced rambling under a Read More because it’s not pleasant to look at and I’m legitimately angry. I’d suggest avoiding it if you’re going to get in my face with why I’m wrong and why I’m a horrible person; if you disagree I’d rather we just discuss it via message or if you’re now convinced that I’m a horrible person you just unfollow me without announcing that you think I’m horrible and unfollowing me because guys…I’m tired. I’m tired and sad and depressed and fandom stuff is a pleasant escape from it all, and it shouldn’t have to be stressful and anxiety-inducing because no one knows how to communicate without throwing insults around over Anon or kicking people who are already down. So just…if you need to unfollow or block me, please just do so without picking a fight. I’m too emotionally compromised to really react with anything more than just crying. -_-

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People act like a doctors visit costs an arm and a leg. Even if you don’t have private cover it’s free. Sure, you might be in the waiting room for a couple hours, but if you’re so sure you have an illness, I’m sure it’d be worth it.


Fish ID Help! What is this?
(Did my best with the photos but I know they’re not great). This little guy hitchhiked with my job’s goldfish shipment. Took it home and put it in a spare tank I had set up. But I’m positive the tank is too small.
Need help IDing so that I can make steps towards either setting it up properly (the largest tank I can accommodate in my apartment is a 30g) or rehoming.
Thanks in advance Fishblr!

Part 1

Pat is lacing up for practice when he notices Jonny, fully dressed and ready to play, making his way over to him.

“How was your date?” Jonny asks. He shoves some of Pat’s gear over on the bench so he can sit.

“Meh,” Pat answers. The date was actually pretty good, better than Pat was expecting it to go. Usually his dates are busts because he can’t stop comparing guys to Jonny and knowing that they’re only temporary place holders doesn’t help.

But his date last night with Ryan was different. Pat tried something different for a change and told Ryan straight up what the deal was. That Pat could never make it anything more than a fling and Ryan has said he was okay with it and that he was still hung up on his ex. They ended up complaining and gushing about the men they were in love with throughout the whole date. There was some kissing at the end of the night and the promise of another date. As long as they were both on the same page, Pat doesn’t see the harm in gaining a friend and getting laid at the same time.

But Jonny doesn’t need to know any of that. Pat’s learned a long time ago that even though Jonny gets it, he still has in insecurities. As if Pat would ever ditch his ass for anyone else.

“Just meh? I thought you said he’s as hot as me. Did you guys….y’know?” Jonny mumbles out.

“Uh…he is and no. Jonny c’mon, don’t do this to yourself.” Pat’s onto putting on his upper body pads and jersey while Jonny continues to zone out at the Blackhawks logo in the middle of the locker room.

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I love how Very Official™ Jacob’s Master Assassin outfit is

there is no endgame in real life

there is no endgame in real life

there is no endgame in real life


there is no mysterious goal you have to reach. there is no job, marital status, or number of kids you must have. there is no endgame in real life, you’re free to enjoy your life without pressure of being successful or achieving things that you might think society expects from you

Sans and Toriel enjoying a light-hearted ice cream date. Toriel is enjoying a bisicle. And… Sans decided to have ketchup instead.

Frisk suggested the cute dress + ribbons for Toriel, and even though Toriel was not sure that an old lady could pull off such a thing, she could not say no to her child’s good intentions.

remember to eat today, okay? 

I know it’s hard and you might just not have the spoons to but you deserve to have food in your tummy. Even if you haven’t exercised or moved at all today. You don’t have to ‘earn’ food. Just eat something. Even if it’s not much, I’m proud of you for trying <3

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Ooohhhh BTS reaction to you walking around in their boxers?


When he walked in on you playing the Wii in his underwear, he almost didn’t know what to do with himself. 

“Uhhhh…” he released as he watched you dance along to the music of the main menu for Mario Kart. 

You knew just how to get him going. 

“Do you wanna play with me?” you asked sensually. The only thing he could do was nod furiously as he approached you. 

You won every race. 


“Why are you in my underwear?” he questioned. 

“All of my clothes are in the process of being washed.” you replied, changing the channel on the television as he plopped down next to you. “This is also your shirt.” you remarked and he shrugged. 

“They suit you.” he commented and tried to play it off like you weren’t completely doing it for him. 


The restaurant Hoseok took you to was amazing. It was your anniversary and he had gone all out with treating you. 

“That dress looks beautiful on you.” he complimented from across the table. 

“You’ve mentioned.” you smiled. It had been the third time he had commented on how nice you looked and you had come to the conclusion he was worked up over you. When Hoseok was turned on, the flattering remarks would flow like water from his lips. 

“I’m wearing you underwear.” you smirked and watched as his eyes clouded over as he pictured it. 

“We need the check!” he raised his hand and signaled a passing waiter, causing you to laugh out as his antics. 


“Holy shit.” Namjoon gasped as he saw your swaying hips clad solely in his boxers and your bra. 

You were caught red-handed as you danced suggestively around your apartment, but the worst part: Namjoon’s six best friends were watching from your door. 

You screamed and ran for the bedroom, cheeks blazing with embarrassment. 

“Dude, I can see why you’re always in a hurry to get home.” Yoongi remarked. 


It was 2:53 am and you desperately needed something to drink to soothe your dry throat. 

Your movements to wrestle the blanket off your body stirred Jimin from his sleep and he smiled as he realized what you were doing. However, your nude figure escaping the bed caught his attention as he enjoyed the view with his head resting on his folded arms. 

You surprised him as you pulled on his boxers instead of your own discarded underwear. 

“I’m thirsty.” you turned to inform him, your bare chest capturing his gaze. 

“Hurry back to bed.” he begged, his eyes dark with lust for you. 


“No!” Taehyung yelled when he saw his boxers framing your legs. 

“No, no.” he ran to you and grabbed at the material. 

“What’s wrong?” you asked, freaked out by his behavior and trying to hold them up. 

“Those are my special underwear!” he was on the verge of tears and you didn’t know what to say. Taehyung had special underwear?

“I’m sorry.” you whispered as he was on his knees acting entirely too dramatic to make sense for a pair of boxers. “What’s special about them?”

“I was wearing those when I found $200 on the street.” he whimpered through fake tears and you simply rolled your eyes at your drama queen of a boyfriend. 


He choked when he walked into the kitchen to see you cooking dinner in his underwear. The dark crimson boxers were sexy against your skin and he was instantly aroused. 

“Oh my god.” he mumbled under his breath and you turned to see what was wrong.

You noticed his focus on his borrowed undergarment and you apologized. “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t know you didn’t like me wearing them.”

His head was shaking before you finished. 

“No, no, no. Please wear them more often.”

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