So back when those “make your own virtual pet site” web hosting services were popular, I actually tried my hand at creating my own dinosaur-themed site. The idea was that “Yellow Amber” would unlock the base color of each dino, and then Leucistic, Maltese, and Melanistic colors could be achieved with White, Blue, and Black Amber, respectively.

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had one of the prettiest walks today. Everything was so colorful and the air made me feel so alive! I can’t believe how autumn never fails to excite.

I’m actually filled with so much happiness and joy to be alive today. So here’s something I want you to ALWAYS remember:

Stop hoping for happiness to make its way to your life. It’s your duty to get up NOW and start creating the life you want in this present moment. Some things might not be possible now, but that’s no excuse for not being happy now. No one can promise you, that you will be alive in ten years, not eventuate you’ll be here tomorrow. So stop waiting for happiness in the future and start appreciating every present moment. Try to travel, write, watch shows, go for a walk or just relax in bed. If you find yourself in a routine that is everything than satisfying - leave. Happiness is a now thing and there’s nothing stopping you! Remember that.

(old picture// 2015)