Yesterday while helping a friend pick some crystals for his jewellery making business I saw this tiny cutie sitting on a shelf with big amethyst geodes and clusters and I though he must feel lonely there and he was too cute to pass up. So I took him home where he met his new family. I think I’ll name him. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment. 😊 Hope you have a lovely day! 💕❄☕🔮


“Yo boss, you know how to read this garbage??”
“Nah son, let’s just take some selfies instead. Ya boi can’t deal rn.”

I was way too excited about my time yesterday to not post the super cute photos I took of @bumbl3breeze and @novaro0 in thier Guzma and Team Skull Grunt cosplays! If you’ve been following my Twitter you know that I went to a local cosplay ice skating event in my Team Skull Grunt Cosplay and that I met up with some friends there for fresh, dank memes. We took a bunch of selfies that I’ll probably be posting on here soonish, but I wanted to share some photos I took on my camera first because these give me life tbh. I hope you all enjoy bc I had a blast with these memes yesterday! (Flickr)


Yesterday was fun and a great experience :D

I finally met @golzy and @extreme-op-wuff it was so nice to meet you two irl  I was freaking out lol haha XD and I got lost when I’m searching the booth :“) I should take the map :”) I feel stupid :“)
Thinking back how I talked is so embarrassing like I can’t English that day :”)and I was so forgetful :“) and i felt stupid :”)and I was too high, I just forgot my manners :”) :”) :”) :”) 
Found out some undertale cosplyers, I searched the whole area for sans and undyne bit no sign of them and gaster is in the void so I couldn’t find him

Funny thing is my friend told me on our way back home that he saw sans and papyrus cosplayers walked pass him and I was like “WHY DIDN’T U TELL ME!!??? *angry horse sound* HEIDBJEBXUEBKZVEJDHBSJEHE”

And of course you have to buy stuff…LOTS OF STUFF and also the prints yoo!! I took the last print of kimono dad with two cinnamon rolls lol lol lol XD
Anyway it was fun and it was like book fest all over again XD← how many time I said this already? XDD Lol lol buy everything~ 


I’m currently making a video with Garak and Bashir, as I was rewatching “Past Prologue” for some moments I noticed this and stucked.
Julian, this man is trying to tell you something about bajoran terrorists and danger. STOP LOOKING AT HIM WITH THOSE EYES FULL OF LOVE.

tbh i’m constantly weeping over scanlan and vax’s heart to heart in ‘those who walk away…’ but now more than ever like

Vax’ildan: How do you do it? You almost died yesterday…
Scanlan: Vax, I I don’t know, I mean… I like you people, okay? Everything before this was not as good. This is better. That’s why. It’s very simple. You had a shitty childhood, didn’t you? You and the sister? 
Vax’ildan: Yeah.
Scanlan: I think Grog had some troubles, as well. We’ve all had our share of shit before we met. Now we’re together, we’re a family. This is better. That’s how I smile. It’s better than it was before. That’s it.
Vax’ildan: We’re probably going to die in the next month.
Scanlan: Yes, but it’s fun while it lasts… 

And you know, knowing that Scanlan no longer feels this way is just all the more heartbreaking, especially when you realize just how much Vax’ildan actually took this to heart. Like Sam said on Talks, Vax went up and Scanlan went down and they passed each other.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Jian's dad looks like Zhangxi?

Yes!!! Omg, I was looking back through the panels yesterday, you know that moment where Jian Yi is sick and has the hallucination of his dad?

I had a moment of, ‘What if this is a future nightmare that Zhengxi will abandon him too/turn out like Jian Yi’s father?’ Because for some reason I always imagined Jian Yi’s dad with really long pale hair, so that completely skewed my expectations. 

Jian Yi was sick af during this dream, so he’s probably displacing the image of someone he’s never met/would remember with the image of someone he loves and cares for – Zhengxi. 


guys I met Bastille yesterday with some other people in their M&G before their concert in Madrid and let me tell you how it went because they were so nice to every one of us like omg.

first they shook hands with all of us, then I took my jacket off cos I was boiling (literally) and Dan saw my t-shirt.

Dan: wow did you do that?! your t-shirt.

me: yes!


Dan: *comes closer and takes a pic of the tee*

Dan: but how much time did it take you?!

me: about… 3 and a half hours I think.

Dan: wow, that would take me like 3 days *laughs* it’s so amazing.

then they talked to us and there was a boy who brought some drawings (like me) and Dan took the time to look at them and he was sooooo nice. then I showed my drawings to Kyle, Woody and Will and they were like “wow these are so cool!” “amazing!” “girl these are soooo good!” and then Dan came and screamed “WOW SO COOOOL”. they asked me if I wanted them to sign the drawings (I did 18, one for each Wild World song, but I couldn’t do Shame as I didn’t have enough paper), and when I told them I wanted to give the drawings to them they just were like “wow thank you so much! these are so cool!”.

after that before they (and we) had to go, I asked them to sign some bigger drawing I had (the one in the pic). when I first handed it to Dan he went like “wow this is so cool! you’re soooo good, girl!” then told me “I love the style, I love it so much” and then we took some selfie. I handed the drawing to the rest of the guys and I can clearly remember Kyle saying “this is so awesome” and then Will and Woody saying something like that.

we had to leave then so they said goodbye to all of us. Dan hugged everyone but before hugging me he said “girl you’re amazing, thank you so much!” and I think life stopped for me in that second.

honestly I love them so much, they just gave me the best day of my life.

Rowaelin Library AU Part Two

A/N: So, I hadn’t planned to continue this, it was a one-shot afterall, but I got quite some requests to make a part two, so here it is. It’s just a scene that popped into my head and I needed to add it. It’s a sort of interlude so I guess there’s also going to be a part three. Anyways, I hope you guys like it. You can read part one here: Part One Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six. You can read the whole fic at FFN


The next morning I woke up early. I hadn’t been able to sleep well last night. The reason? A certain gorgeous girl I had met yesterday. I couldn’t stop thinking about the sneaky grin that had played around her lips almost constantly. About the way her eyes flickered with amusement when I had said that she was distracting for me. About the way her blonde hair fell for her face when she was reading the book, looking absolutely adorable. I hated myself for the fact that I kept thinking of her, even though I had just met her. I hadn’t felt this in such a long time and I really didn’t know how to handle these feelings. The fact that I had sort of agreed, well not technically agree, she had just commanded me really, to meet up again today at the library didn’t make it any better. Why had I been so overwhelmed by this strange, mysterious and drop-dead gorgeous girl? How would I survive this day until this evening? Well, more importantly: how would I survive being in her neighbourhood again? After breakfast, I decided it would be best to go to the gym to work out for a bit, to get my mind of off her. I pulled on a basic white t-shirt and some sweatpants and walked to the gym.

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What I learned while the Blackout was happening....

I kept seeing ppl with less than 20 notes and I made sure to like and reblog

It made no sense to me that some of our people got like a hundred thousand notes while others got like 10. Come on now ya’ll

It seemed to me like what happened yesterday was a perpetuation of what happens on the regular. The lighter and more mixed looking you are, the more notes you got. We were supposed to spread the love and praise ALL of our black people but we failed at that.

Idc that we made national attention, that was great and all but our original goal, to me, was not met. We failed most of our people and I’m not really okay with that

Looking for witches, wiccans, or pagans to interview!

Hi everyone! I’ve been swamped with schoolwork, and I apologise for not being active, but thanks to all of you for almost 600 followers! I’m so amazed and grateful.💕 It feels like yesterday that I made this blog, and I’ve been so immensely blessed by each and every one of you. 

School is actually what’s made me log onto Tumblr again. (And no, unfortunately not because I’m procrastinating…😂 ) One of my Anthropology courses requires me to complete some interviews on a topic of my choosing. I’ve met some truly wonderful people on here, and I would love to give you the chance to tell me a little about yourselves! 

Here are a few things to know:

  • the interviews won’t be long, only about 20 minutes
  • we’ll need to be able to skype
  • consent forms will be sent via email
  • you get to tell me a little bit about yourself, your practices, and your beliefs! 
  • must be 18+ (for legal informed consent reasons)

🔮 Don’t be afraid to contact me if you’re unsure of the requirements—chances are, you meet them!🔮

You can identify as a witch, wiccan, or any other type of pagan! If you’re interested and want to set up an interview or just ask for more details, please email me at bpd.hex@gmail.com

I’m super excited for this project, and I look forward to getting to know you!  

25 Days of Klaroline - Klaroline + Meeting

Caroline is the planner organising Rebekah’s wedding, all is going smoothly except for her annoying brother and the best man she hasn’t even met yet.

I’m going to be dedicating each of my drabbles to some of my favourite people, so watch out! This is for the amazing @emmascaptn Shauna. Not only are you lovely and talented but it’s your birthday too, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday!

You’re So Vain

6PM: St Andrews Cathedral, Oahu Hawaii - 22 Hours until the St John/Mikaelson nuptials

“Where is he?” Caroline asked, her growing frustration evident.

“Late, which is hardly surprising when it comes to Niklaus,” Rebekah replied, tartly. “Remind me why you thought it was a good idea to make him Best Man again, Lorenzo?”

“He’s your brother,” the groom drawled from the impressive altar, choosing to omit the fact that he was also his best friend since college.

When Rebekah said she wanted something special St Andrews’ grandeur didn’t disappoint with its impressive high ceilings and intricate stained glass windows. The reception following was being held in the grand ballroom of the Four Season’s Hotel in Oahu, no expense spared.

“Don’t remind me,” Rebekah growled. “He’s been missing in action, the least he could have done is get to the bloody rehearsal on time.” Caroline couldn’t have said it better herself, although she’d probably have more choice words.

Rebekah Mikaelson was a perfectionist, luckily so too was Caroline and she knew it was the reason she’d chosen her company to plan her wedding. She’d been working on her perfect day for a year now and was happy with the results. The only part Caroline hadn’t been happy with was her absent older brother and Enzo’s best man, Klaus Mikaelson. Just thinking about his arrogant ass made Caroline ball up her fists. He’d been trouble ever since day one, it didn’t help that he was based in London and was hard to reach at the best of times.

When he did get back to her emails, it was usually late, sarcastic and full of sexual innuendo she didn’t want or ask for. Caroline thought her initial email was equal parts polite and professional.

Hi Klaus, Rebekah gave me your email address so I can nail down some details for the wedding. If you could provide your measurements so I can begin to organise the suits for the wedding that would be great. Thank you in advance, Caroline Forbes (Wedding Planner).

The one she received back, not to mention three weeks later, was as follows.

Hello, Caroline (wedding planner), it’s not often I get women asking for my measurements but if you insist… It was at this point she groaned loudly before continuing. Contact my tailor Anders (details at the bottom of the email). If you need any help ‘nailing’ things, I’m very good at that sort of thing, love.

The first thing she questioned was who in the hell this guy thought he was? The answer was obvious, God’s gift to women. The emails continued in the same vein and Caroline gave up, choosing to communicate with him via his sister, although she was having the same problems as Caroline had experienced.

She usually looked forward to weddings, especially seeing the masterpieces she’d created come to life but there was something she wasn’t looking forward to and that was meeting her arrogant excuse for a brother. Caroline just had to keep quiet, get through the next forty-eight hours and keep thinking about her very generous pay day this wedding was delivering.

“You’re really surprised, Rebekah?” Her eldest brother and groomsman Elijah, that her business partner Katherine had dubbed ‘the man who can wear a suit,’ muttered from his place next to Enzo. “This is Niklaus we’re talking about.”

“I came all the way from London and I managed to get here on time,” the other groomsman and her other brother Kol piped up. “I hope you all remember this.”

“Yes, but I seem to recall tasking you with the job of getting Klaus here,” Enzo muttered. “I mean how hard was it to corral him onto an aeroplane?”

“Harder than you think, have you met Klaus?” Kol’s wife and bridesmaid Bonnie scoffed. “He needs to come with an instruction manual.”

“I called him myself on the way to the airport and apparently he was too busy, most probably playing with his latest conquest, but he promised he’d catch the next flight,” Kol offered, albeit weekly.

“One that landed hours ago,” Rebekah growled. “How long does it take to get here?”

“Knowing your brother, he was probably waylaid by the welcoming lei party at the airport,” Enzo guessed.

“Urgh, something I didn’t need to know or visualise,” Rebekah uttered. “That’s it; he’s out of the wedding.”

“But Rebekah,” her Maid of Honour April hissed gesturing to Lexi and Bonnie. “The bridal party will be asymmetrical.”

“Yes and we all know how important symmetry is to you, dear sister,” Elijah replied, deadpan, but Caroline could detect a slight tugging at the corners of his mouth. Who knew the eldest Mikaelson could make a joke?

“Hey, there’s no need to be hasty, sister dear,” an English voice echoed throughout the Cathedral.

Caroline whipped around, noticing a dirty, blonde haired male making his way inside behind Katherine. So here was the elusive Klaus Mikaelson. She’d never met him and was equally surprised and dismayed by just how good looking he was, even in a casual pair of dark denim jeans and a grey, Clash t-shirt.

“Look what I found wandering around the parking lot,” Katherine interrupted, walking up the aisle. “I thought it was a stray dog but apparently he’s related to you, Rebekah.”

Caroline had to fight the urge not to laugh; her business partner wasn’t the most subtle person but Rebekah thought her blunt honesty was utterly charming, apparently. Her eldest brother Elijah, though, wasn’t too sure what to think of the feisty brunette who thought he looked good enough to eat.

“Unfortunately,” she muttered.

“Hey, no need to get your panties in a twist, Rebekah! I didn’t know if I was in the right place,” he baulked.

“What? The big building with the steeple didn’t give it away?” Bonnie joked.

“I may have consumed a few too many pineapple daiquiris at the airport to know for sure. Those girls with the leis certainly are friendly in Hawaii.”

“So not only are you a day late, you’re drunk, Niklaus?” Elijah growled.

“Unfortunately not drunk enough,” he mimicked, scowling at his brother. “I thought this was supposed to be a wedding, why is everyone so damn grumpy?”

“It tends to happen when we’re running behind schedule and the rehearsal dinner is due to begin in less than forty-five minutes,” Caroline offered, unable to help herself. Who did this guy think he was? It was at this point he turned to look at her curiously. She wasn’t quite ready for the shivers he caused as his eyes roamed over her body.

“And you are?”

“Oh, just the person planning all of this.”

“Ah, if it isn’t Carly,” he exclaimed. “You certainly like sending a lot of emails, don’t you, love?”

“It’s called wedding planning,” Rebekah drawled. “Stop being rude, Niklaus and get your ass to that altar before I kill you myself.”

“I’m not sure God would appreciate that tone,” he replied, looking above ominously.

“Oh, I think he’d understand,” she muttered. “Now let’s get this bloody rehearsal done.”

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Lala is about to say more but is interrupted by a sweet voice. The scent of expensive perfume fragrances the air as Allison enters the living area.

Allison: Baby! You’re still here? Thought you’d be gone to work by now. You always leave early.

Lala keeps her back turned. Allison had been far from friendly toward her when they’d first met, and Lala detected an edge to the sweetness in Allison’s voice.

Nico: Lala made coffee. I had some. And look. She made breakfast. For Remy. Wait, you met Lala right, Allie?

Lala turns around and smiles nervously.

Allison smiles brightly at the young woman.

Allison: Yes, I have. I let Lala in yesterday. Remy brought her here to help with the housework.

Nico smirks: Did he now? Well, I’m off. Have a beautiful day, Mahal. You’re up early for your yoga class?

Allison: Yes, I am. I’m going to meet Niara at the Wellness Spa. Nico, I’m going to make an appointment with the specialist. I’ll text you the appointment time so you can clear your calendar.

Nico nods and leaves. Lala wishes she could retreat back to the guest bedroom with Remy. She felt uncomfortable around Allison Holmes. 

Saw this framed in a disability services office, and wanted to share, because, actually.

(Photo of framed poem.)


By Elaine Popovich

I am a resident. You reside.

I am admitted. You move in.

I am aggressive. You are assertive.

I have behavior problems. You are rude.

I am noncompliant. You don’t like being told what to do.

When I ask you out for dinner, it is an outing. When you ask someone out, it is a date.

I made mistakes during my check-writing program. Someday I might get a bank account. You forgot to record some withdrawals from your account… the bank called to remind you.

I wanted to talk with the nice-looking person behind us at the grocery store. I was told that it is inappropriate to talk to strangers.

You met your spouse in the produce department… neither of you could find the bean sprouts.

I celebrated my birthday yesterday with five other residents and two staff members. I hope my family sends a card. Your family threw you a surprise party. Your brother couldn’t make it from out-of-state. It sounded wonderful.

My case manager sends a report every month to my guardian. It says everything I did wrong and some things I did right. You are still mad at your sister for calling your Mom after you got that speeding ticket.

I am on a special diet because I am five pounds over my ideal body weight. Your doctor gave up telling you.

I am learning household skills. You hate housework.

I am learning leisure skills. Your shirt says you are a “Couch Potato.”

After I do my budget program tonight, I might get to go to McDonald’s if I have enough money. You were glad the new French restaurant took your charge card.

My case manager, psychologist, R. N., occupational and physical therapist, nutritionist and house staff set goals for me for the next year. You haven’t decided what you want out of life.

Someday I will be discharged … maybe. You will move onward and upward.

You Will Be Mine - Lex Luthor Oneshot (Part 2)

Fandom: Batman vs Superman
Warning: None, Lex being creepy (again)

Part one herePart three here, Part four here, Part five here, Part six here, Part seven here, Part eight here

A/N: It was requested another part of my Lex oneshot so here we go. Hope you’ll like it :)

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Hi! I didn’t meet you yesterday, I’m Minty.

Hey! I’m Cecilia. Nice to meet you! Sorry I wasn’t here yesterday I had some uh… business… to attend to. I’ve been working here at Future Sim Labs with my husband for a long time, we met here!

Aw cute story. Um.. can I have some metals?

Okay so me and some friends were at Yorkshire Cosplay Con yesterday and I met a Kyoya Cosplayer from Ouran High School Host Club. We actually went up to him twice because the first time it was just me but after I took a photo of him and my friend. After the photo he held me back and said “There’s something I wanted to tell you.” Then he whispered in my ear “Princess, the sun’s rays cannot compare to the radiance of your smile.” And I just melted. Seriously, he was like a real life Kyoya and it was perfect. I actually cried after because I was so ecstatic and my friend looked really happy that she’d witnessed this.
Ok I know this is just a host being a host but it seriously made my day and I can’t even say how happy it made me.

okay so after some consideration i’ve decided to take some time off from tumblr. it probably won’t be long, a week or so, i’m an addict after all and i can’t stay away but it’s worth to try because what happened last night was the last straw.

it’s been going on a while that i was growing more and more unhappy with the fandom and all and yesterday i realized that even tho i’m having a great day in my real life, all it takes, to send me back fifteen years spiraling into depression, is some jerk here that i never met and i never will.

so i’ll try to do some video editing that i haven’t done for over a year and read some real books and maybe gain some distance from this incredibly toxic place where being anti something is a badge of honor and where you can take credit for someone else work without any repercussions.

I never believed that dreams might come true until yesterday. I started xc-skiing when I was 8years old, after 9years of skiing, I had to quit it. Ever since then I lost my interests in everything, I had no motivation in sports especially… Until yesterday I met the king himself, my biggest example in skiing, Petter Northug. I had a chance to see him competing in Otepää world cup. No matter how it went, I’m still proud. He gave me inspiration to start doing something what I love the most. Having a picture with him is probably the highlight of my life. Thank you!

I had to write it down and to be honest I’m still shaking of happiness. He put his fucking arm around my waist when we took the picture, give me some air..