Warning: Pokemon GO is a Death Sentence if you are a Black Man.

Omari Akil wrote an article warning Black people not to play Pokemon Go. The story went viral and broke the Internet.
He wrote that  if he keeps playing this game, it could literally kill him. He met visibly disturbed white women on their way to the bus stop, and many warned faces staring at him.

“Honestly, I wish this was a joke post or a satire of some sort. It isn’t. Something needs to change…like yesterday.”

And that is TRUE.

Lemme tell you about this.

So, a few months ago, I bought a copy of Gray by Pete Wentz. Anyone who’s read the book will know there’s some pretty depressing stuff in there. I’ve read it three times and put little post-its on pages that had something that stuck out to me (most of the pages have at least one)

I met Fall Out Boy yesterday, asked Pete to sign my copy of Gray. I said to him, “I loved it. I’ve read it three times ‘cause I’m a nerd.” He smiles, goes, “That’s okay, we like nerds here,” signs the book and hands it back to me. 

After the meet and greet is over, I opened the book and see this. 

Now, Pete easily could’ve just written his name and gone on with the meet and greet. But he chose to write “Stay alive,” instead. It’s almost as if there was something that made him realize that I may have really needed that. Truth is, I did need it. 

The thing is, Pete really seemed to know he could easily affect so, so many people. He knew that a lot of them are having a rough time just living and going through life, and he understands that feeling on a very personal level. He uses his power to help remind them that there’s good in the world. He uses his fame and power for only good, and that’s amazing. I really felt a connection with him, even more so than i did with any of the other musicians that were there. 

Last night, June 19th, 2014, was the night I truly felt what it’s like to feel alone together with someone. Because that’s how i felt. All there was was me, the musicians and the other people in the crowd. Nothing else mattered at all, and it was amazing.

i felt like i wasnt going to address it but i see more and more people taking other people down for not being “true” fans or for being “new fans”. i just wanted to take the time on here to really express that FOB has always tried to embrace an inclusive vibe- we are all part of this thing. all of us were new fans at some time- if you hung out with me in my pre-teen years i would have driven you insane with my ridiculous metaliica fan boying. even just yesterday i had a geeky fan moment with slash….

i think some of this speaks to an influx of new fans- people that may have found their way due to bands like one direction and 5sos- ive met both of these bands- both are full of hardworking, talented, but most importantly nice kids. everyone has to start somewhere- there was a time when our band was on TRL and i remember some of the backlash us and other bands got simply due to being on a video show that teenage america watched… but the most important part of this as it relates to FOB is that the more fans there are and the more bands that are being played on the radio the more we can tour around the world- it keeps the ecosystem that our band exists in thriving. think about that the next time you take a shot at someone for not knowing something or being a “big” enough fan.

that being said its a great and wonderful part of being a human being to have your own opinions- just remember to express them in empathetic ways- everyone has their own unique struggle.

i wanted to include some stuff we really built our stage show for monumentour around in case you are coming so you know some of the backstory to some of the elements.

there are many images of chicago (our hometown) and the idea that it doesnt matter how many times you fail as long as you keep getting up… the intro to our set is something weve been working on for awhile.

the floating stage is something that has been kicking around as an idea since the “black clouds” tour- but we finally were able to create a design that we felt was versatile enough to bring out on tour. it is all based upon pyramid design and shapes.

speaking of pyramids this was an updated idea of content for arms race. 

for stagewear we had our friend dr. romanelli create a lambskin jacket (andys is denim & vegan friendly). which we then had theresa sharpe from best ink tattoo with images from the youngblood chronicles. this process was pretty insane as they are not painted, they are actually tattooed on the leather.

the phoenix always had a fighter pilot vibe to me… the content reflects that everything from cockpit to aerial maneuvers.

just one yesterday was written with this scene from the modern romeo and juliet in mind so it seemed kind of fitting to fix it into the background of the song live.

and finally the encore stage design is a nod to one of our favorite fantasy movies of all time the labyrinth. 

we hope you come out to a show and have a blast. keep an open mind and heart… 




The lovely Gloria already posted some of my drawings of the Light Grey Art Lab Iceland Residency in her recap yesterday. I’m not good expressing things, so I don’t even try to put the experience into words. I just say that I met so many wonderful people, was amazed by the incredible landscape and got super motivated to draw and create. So thank you so much to all the people involved, especially Lindsay, Jenny and Chris!

Some words to the drawings: we were driving around in two cars so I spent most of the driving time drawing this little thumbnails of landscapes we drove by. My friends Martin and Sebastian do this alot on train rides and I got inspired by them to sketch on moving vehicles too.

The watercolor sketches were painted from mind, after we came back from our long day trips. I simply wanted to remember all those beautiful color combinations that I saw on the road.

The little two portraits are of Colin and Gloria, that I’ve drawn quickly on the first or second day.

Recap (x) - some tweets:

The moment Benedict Cumberbatch entered his first ever #comiccon panel #penguinsofmadagascar http://instagram.com/p/q2KVf6JKHF/  @MovieMantz  ME: “I hear you’re playing DOCTOR STRANGE" #BenedictCumberbatch "Doctor Who?" #SDCC #MARVEL #TEASE @KristinSpiotto  Watching Benedict Cumberbatch keep a straight face when saying what attracted him to his role in Penguins of Madagascar. #SDCC2014 @HitFix  ”I had to go undercover… as a wolf for a while.“ Benedict Cumberbatch on "research” for his role in “Penguins of Madagascar" #SDCC #HallH @alexandracheney  #JohnMalkovich and #BenedictCumberbatch met yesterday for the first time. #SDCC #penguinsofmadagascar @SarahMaines  He didn’t have to audition for #PenguinsOfMadagascar. Duh, because Cumberbatch. #SDCC @anglophenia  Benedict Cumberbatch says he and John Malkovich never spent a moment in a room together. #SDCC #penguinsofmadagascar @moviefone  "I like to use my body.” - Benedict Cumberbatch on doing voice work for “Penguins of Madagascar” @anglophenia  Benedict Cumberbatch: “I play an all-action wolf, head of the North Wind." #penguinsofmadagascar #SDCC @anglophenia  Benedict was prepared for the voiceover from his radio and book readings. But he says the scripts for #penguinsofmadagascar helped. #SDCC ‏@alexandracheney  “It’s really bizarre,” says #BenedictCumberbatch of working by himself on #penguinsofmadagascar #SDCC @SarahMaines  Benedict’s theater background makes him very conscious of respecting the text (re: improvisation) #SDCC #penguinsofmadagascar @stargirl11  Oh my god #BenedictCumberbatch started asking a couple of questions of one of the girl in the Q and A sessions. How sweet. #SDCC #SDCC2014 @EmmyUnwritten   Girl: I’m going to try not to cry #BenedictCumberbatch: we’ll all try not to. #PenguinsOfMadagascar #SDCC #Dreamworks #HallH @laissezletre #BenedictCumberbatch on new techniques for acting for voice roles "you have to take a little leap yourself.” @laissezletre  #BenedictCumberbatch on TV “I grew up with two actors so.. they were very good at creating characters” @joshrottenberg   Asked if he will come back to Comic-Con next year for #Sherlock#BenedictCumberbatch says … “Possibly." #SDCC @moviegirl13  #SDCC and cue the #BenedictCumberbatch cumberblush at being asked the diff between his acting in R and PG films. pic.twitter.com/WHmea3QyN3 @GeekScholars  #BenedictCumberbatch would love to play Batman #SDCC ‏@LadyAntihero   After being asked what comic hero he’d play #BenedictCumberbatch said Nurse Normal! Ahh! #SDCC #Marvel
High Hopes
  • High Hopes
  • The Vamps
  • Meet The Vamps

High Hopes - Lyrics
↳ 11/18

Woo-ooo-ooh, woo-ooo-ooh, woo-ooo-ooh

Well i met you yesterday,
You took my breath away,
And i kinda like the way that you’re so damn unpredictable

That was just history,
It turned into you and men
It happened so easily, like i’m livin’ some kind of miracle

The world keeps spinning,
It won’t stop, it’s just beginning

Cause i got high hopes, high hopes,
high hopes for me and you
And when we grow old, i’ll say “i told you so”
Cause i got high (high, high) hopes

Woo-ooo-ooh, woo-ooo-ooh

I can move in with you,
And we could get married too
Go on our honeymoon
maybe we should finish this coffee first

It might sound a little weird,
It’s like I’ve known you for years
So every word you hear might just sound a little over rehearsed

The world keeps spinning,
It won’t stop, it’s just beginning

Cause i got high hopes, high hopes,
high hopes for me and you (for me and you yeah baby)
And when we grow old, i’ll say “i told you so”
Cause i got high (high, high) hopes

Woo-ooo-ooh, woo-ooo-ooh, woo-ooo-ooh 

ba ba ba ba ba bada
ba ba ba ba ba bada
(ahh ahh ahh high hopes)
ba ba ba ba ba bada
ba ba ba ba ba bada

The world keeps spinning,
It won’t stop, it’s just beginning

Cause i got high hopes, high hopes,
high hopes for me and you (for me and you yeah baby)
And when we grow old, i’ll say “i told you so”
Cause i got high (high, high) hopes

I got high hopes, high hopes,
high hopes for me and you (for me and you yeah baby)
And when we grow old, i’ll say “i told you so”
Cause i got high (high, high) hopes

Woo-ooo-ooh, woo-ooo-ooh, woo-ooo-ooh 

High Hopes!

  • Vax:How do you do it? You almost died yesterday, as well- two days ago- fuck. Why do you do it?
  • Scanlan:Vax, I- I don't know. I mean, I just, I like you people okay. Everything before this was not as good. This is better. That's why. It's very simple. You had a shitty childhood didn't you?
  • Vax:Yeah.
  • Scanlan:You and the sister.
  • Vax:Yeah.
  • Scanlan:I think Grog had some, some troubles. We've all had our share of shit before we all met. Now we're together. We're a family. This is better. That's how I smile; it's better than it was before. That's it.
  • Vax:We're probably going to die in the next month.
  • Scanlan:Yes, but it's fun while it lasts.
  • Vax:Alright.. Thought I might..
  • Scanlan:Glean some wisdom?
  • Vax:Yeah, but I'm just as confused as before.
  • Scanlan:Listen, I'm older than you.
  • Vax:How much older?
  • Scanlan:A bit. I've seen more than you have, and it's all shitty. So, it just depends on how you look at it. You can dwell on the shit, or you can just leave it behind in people's beds and keep going.
Let's pretend we're all having a sleepover because you're my only friends (aka sleepover Friday)
  • Would you rather…
  • Share your secrets
  • Fuck, marry, kiss?
  • Tell me about your crush
  • Need some advice?
  • Share stories about when you went to a concert, met your favorite band member, etc
  • Personal questions
  • Anything really let’s just have fun

Yesterday I met an old lady in TJ Max, and we got in to a nice conversation about her family, and how many grandchildren she had, and how her daughter had hair the same color as mine. And I laughed and thanked her and said I liked my hair this way, but it wasn’t that popular among my family. And this nice old lady patted my arm and gave me some of the best advice I’ve ever received.

Your life is your time. Other people might look at what you do with that time and be embarrassed, you might look back at your time in fifty years and be embarrassed, but that’s always going to happen. So do what makes you happy, don’t apologize for it, make your mistakes, and then keep moving. And don’t mind when those mistakes catch up to you, it’s all part of life. 

Talk to old ladies in checkout lines, friends. They’re secretly important witches or sages or seers, and they have plot-changing advice to give you in the story of your life.

Tips on Writing Endings: Should You Know it Beforehand?

I saw some interesting commentary yesterday on the How I Met Your Mother season finale. Though I’ve never really watched the show, it seems like a lot of people were upset about the character development and how the ending sort of disregarded how the characters had grown over the years. This brought up an interesting question: should you know your ending beforehand and stick to it rigidly or should you leave it open?

I always thought the best way to approaching endings is to really get to know your characters first. Your characters will tell your story, so understanding them is crucial. If you understand your characters, you’ll understand how your story should end. You’ll also understand how their strengths and weaknesses will lead you to the right ending or the ending that best fits your story.

Knowing your ending beforehand

This is the approach I use, but I try to allow for some leeway. When I get an idea for a story, I always think about how it should end. I like to know my ending beforehand, so that I can foreshadow it and create interesting scenarios that will lead to it. I guess sometimes I like to create situations so that I can explore how my characters react. That way I can allow them to develop and tell the story, but on my own terms.

Many people do not like this approach because they feel like it doesn’t leave room for spontaneity. They might think it doesn’t let your characters explore themselves and bring your story to the proper conclusion. My advice is if you’re planning on writing your novel this way: try not to stick to your ideas so rigidly. They can change and that’s okay. As long as you have a general idea where you’re going, your novel will most likely end up the way you wanted it to.

Not planning out your ending

If you’re going to take this approach, it’s important that you don’t cheat your characters out of the ending they deserve. You should still plot and outline to the level you’re comfortable with, but you can let your characters lead the way. I suggest you take this route if you have trouble plotting extensively or you like to readjust your story after every writing session.

Some people don’t like this approach because it leaves a lot up to chance. It’s hard to structure a story properly if you don’t know what it’s leading up to, but it’s definitely not impossible. Since it’s your first draft, you can always edit until you’re satisfied with the structure or add scenes in later.  However, it’s still important that you work on character development because they will be telling your story. Your characters will be leading you in the right direction.

Again, the way you choose to write all depends on what works best for you. There’s no right way to do it, just suggestions. I work better knowing my ending, but others might work better leaving it open. What’s most important is that you stay true to your characters and stay open to change. If you feel an ending isn’t working out, don’t be afraid to change it.

tumblr has this weird inability to understand that ppl are multifaceted beings

yesterday i met panic! at the disco and tbh i didn’t expect them to be like that? the staff put the conga song during the m&g so while we were waiting for our turn you could see brendon doing some weird twerking and the rest of the guys trying to dance exotically. also brendon while we did highfive told me “yo girl, you have all the swag!”

a lot more femslash aus
  • We are partners in a government agency and have to go undercover as a married couple to flash out a serial killer who targets queer couples in hate crimes and did you seriously just suggest that we actually sleep in this bed together AU
  • You are my neighbor in our dormitory and you saved me from a giant spider at 4am after you heard my muffled squeaking through the thin walls and then I invited you to takeout leftovers from yesterday and we talked the whole night AU
  • You are the geeky new girl at our school and I am in the cheerleading squad and I think you hated me until I saved you from some bullies one day and now you keep giving me movie recommendations and I’m trying to figure out how to invite you to watch one of those movies together AU
  • We met like five times in the same club and you were always one of those nice drunk girls who gives out compliments to every girl who comes in and the sixth time I finally managed to make you a compliment as well and you started crying bc you were so happy someone found your eyeliner impressive AU
  • I’ve been in the hospital for over two weeks now and you are the nicest nurse in this whole building and you’re the only reason I didn’t flee my bed yet and oh my god did you seriously bring me a whole pile of comic books I think I love you AU
  • I write fanfics, you draw fanarts and some time ago we started to make fanworks based on each other’s work and now we just keep spilling artworks for the other person and I am in denial bc you live on the other side of the world and I might have a huge crush on you AU
  • I’m you daughters new elementary school teacher and your kid is one of my favourites in my first class ever so I guess I just wanted to say good parenting job and would you by any chance go out with me or would that be too awkward AU
  • I ran away from a group of transphobic assholes and just jumped into your taxi and shouted „DRIVE!“ and you didn’t even ask questions you just drove and took me on a calming little cruise around the city where you showed me all your favourite spots to eat and hang out and then you brought me home so I would be safe and can I have your number pls AU

more femslash prompts here

The nice manager lady at the nearby conbini who has had several very mom-ish conversations with me and clearly wants the best for me in my new living and working situation eyes my wakame gohan. “…Isn’t that what you had for breakfast yesterday?”

Her eyes add, ‘and the day before, and the day before that.’

I am uncomfortable. I can’t quite find the Japanese to respond, even though this is simple. I nod.

A single frown line appears. “What did you have for dinner?”

There’s no point in lying to her even if I wanted to. Her evening clerk would remember off-hand that I came in. “Wakame gohan.” I feel guilty and oddly ashamed. I add, “But I have kyuushoku lunch.” School lunches are very healthy. Seriously, there’s like ten vegetables. I can’t name most of them in English. What are they?

Through her posture, I understand her response is, ‘that’s not good enough.’ She says, “Naruhodo.” She hands me my wakame gohan. She is disappointed in me, but she has resources. It is not unlikely that another person I don’t know will come up to me on the street and hand me vegetables and leave without a word. I never know what to do with those vegetables. What are they?

I shuffle my feet. “I’ll cook tonight,” I promise.

So here I am, at 7pm on a Saturday after a full day of work. I’m so tired and I need to be up at five am. I can’t imagine cooking. Instead of walking, I get in my car and drive to a different conbini. I go to another place, where they won’t know that I eat rice and seaweed two times a day everyday, and worry about my nutrition. I buy my triangle of shame.

I feel guilty.


Yesterday was such a great day at the food bank! Met some great new people! Here’s the info we got at the end:
4,000 bags for our shift!
28 pallets!
3,360 backpacks we made!
20,160 meals we put together today!
1 million backpacks made this year at the food bank!
Thank you to everyone who came! You guys are awesome! Don’t forget I will be hosting the international have a hart day in December! Hope to see you guys again :) mydrunkkitchen

So I met Sarah J Maas yesterday.

Guys. Guys. Guys. She was actually amazing; she was funny and insightful when she talked, and when she was signing books she took the time to talk to everyone individually. She was so sweet and lovely and it was such an honor to meet her.

My personal highlight: My friend asked what kind of chocolate each character would be. Her answers:

  • Celaena is some weird salty/spicy dark chocolate that is weirdly delicious
  • Chaol is milk chocolate (sweet with a little dark side)
  • Dorian is straight up white chocolate
  • Nehemia is a really classy artisan chocolate that you eat and a tear runs down your cheek because you know you will never eat anything so delicious ever again
  • The King is shitty Hershey’s chocolate that leaves a bad taste in your mouth
  • Adeion would be skittles (he’s a special snowflake

Also, someone asked her about Chaol and his behavior in this book, and, given how much whining I have seen on tumblr about his being OOC in Queen of Shadows, I thought I would share what she said about Chaol (they asked us not to record video, so I can only give you what I remember, but I think this covers the gist of it): 

What happened at the end of Heir of Fire broke Chaol. It was his very worst nightmare come to life. And when something like that happens, you don’t come out of it the same person you were when you went in. Sometimes you lash out at the people who love you and the people you love. You say mean things, do mean things. You aren’t always thinking clearly. It happens, and then what you have to figure out is how to come back from it.

She said it in better words, but I hope that gives some explanation to some of the people who were upset.

I also got to ask her some questions about her writing process and that was really cool to hear about. And now I have a signed copy of Queen of Shadows to read and cry over.