People who can ship characters with multiple partners blow my mind. Like, they’re just so lucky?? If they don’t find any fic with person A+person B, they might find something with person B+person C, and all that means is more fics! All the things!

I totally respect all ships, but most of mine are so fixed/perfect in my head that I just haven’t been able to get into other pairing combos.

Clothing Sizes Don’t Mean Shit

Look, I know this isn’t my usual content but I’ll be damned if I don’t flip my two cents about this, because I know too many people who get sad when they see size adding up when they shop for clothes.

Clothing sizes don’t mean shit.

I’m a generous 40 in general, aka size 12 in the UK and 8 in the US. And I just squeezed my ass into a close-fitting 36 dress (8UK; 4US). And guess what, it fitted like a fucking glove. But I also have Large size dresses I barely fit in! I have Large size dresses in which I physically can’t lift my arms up!

As for pants, depending on the store, I’ll got from a 38 (10UK;6US) up to a 44 (16UK; 12UK). For shirts, I could be an XS in one store and a L in the store across the street!

Your body’s fine, boo, your body’s banging! It’s the fucken sizes that keep fluctuating, and you shouldn’t feel bad because stores can’t harmonise their sizes correctly! And even if you /did/ change sizes? Those size up pants look G.R.E.A.T on you, okay?

I’m sure you’re having a good hair day too, okay, bye.

Update 50 Minus : Cop’n’Robber (Follower Picture)


It’s a disguised Follower Picture Announcement! For months, I’ve been having around 40 followers, it doesn’t mean I can’t thank them yet because I have not reached a round count, heh?
So, first off, thank you for your support! I wouldn’t post my art junk if you weren’t there!

Something a little special here ♫
You do know how I’m a big fan of the game PAYDAY 2. Well, if you don’t know, here, you know it. So, I was thinking…
Do you want to be part of the biggest crime surge of Manehattan’s history? Yes? However, I feel like that would be extra work for the police… so, here’s the deal.

You choose if you want to :

  • Join the cops and make sure that the criminal scums are getting what they deserved… JUSTICE SERVED!
  • Join the robbers and get as much loot as you can get! You want your payday too, after all.

There are no actual winners, to say the least. And if I feel one side is… let’s say… outnumbered, don’t worry, I can fix the problem.

Anyway, here’s the conditions :
First off, to be eligible for the Follower Picture, you have to be a follower of my blog. Follow me and you’re clear for the first part!
Secondly, you have to either:

  • Option A : Like this post, submit me an OC reference and pick your side.
  • Option B : Reblog the post with your side and an OC reference.

I’m open to draw pretty much anything (ponies, griffons, dragons and other races) as long as it’s somehow SFW and not-cringy, heh? It would be good practice, after all.
Note : If you want to, you can submit up to one character per side!

The submission of your character’n’side is open up to the Monday 20th February 2017 (included).
A few reblogs on this blog will be around to remind people about it, don’t worry. So, spread the words and let’s that thing started!

Bucky ² (Part 1)

Summary: You’re a mutant with the power of dimensional, spatial and time manipulation, meaning you can travel to and from dimension, spaces and different times with ease. But one day, when you’re coming back from a particularly long mission, you brought something back that should never have come with you in the first place.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything that Marvel has created and I certainly don’t own Sebastian Stan.

Warnings: Swearing, angst and a lot some flirting.

40′s!Bucky x Present!Bucky x Reader


||Please don’t repost anywhere or plagiarize||

Originally posted by buckysstevie

“What do you mean you can’t take him back now?! He can’t be here. What about all that stuff you say about the laws of time and shit?” Bucky growled as I swipe my pocket watch from the floor, sighing as I brushed it off before examining it carefully.

“You know my watch needs to recharge before I can go anywhere, otherwise, it’s like a needle in a large-ass haystack, It could take me a long time to get him to the right era and I know better than anybody, that prolonged exposure in the vortex isn’t exactly a good lifestyle choice.” I look at the younger Bucky, “especially for someone who is freshly out of the vortex. I can’t take him.”

“Can’t or won’t?” The younger Bucky asked, walking closer toward us, albeit suspiciously. His eyes flitting nervously toward his older self and back to me.

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anonymous asked:

ya know what i just finished sunny for the first time and i truly don't get the obssession with mac's catholic guilt? i remember maybe 5 episodes where he was denying his gayness, but nowhere near the level to the fanfic? altho i guess that's what fanfic is for

Well his catholic guilt was the reason he didn’t come out until he was 40 years old so it is a big deal. But also u probably watched the show in like a month right? A lot of those heavy guilt fanfic were written from 2013-2016 when it seemed like Mac was never gonna come out and bc we (the fandom) spent years thinkin about those few episodes (I mean they only do 10 a year). My only complaint is I read fanfic for the funsies and I want them to kiss and be happy bfs bc I can’t get that in the show, I get enough catholic guilt in the show.

I Think I Know Jimmy Novak When I See Him

3k. Happy Birthday, Dean! Read it on ao3

It’s Dean’s 37th birthday, which means he can see 40 looming in the distance like a too-deep pothole that he just can’t swerve around. He’s been dreading 37 since January 24th of last year, but tonight he’s not worried about it. Tonight, Sammy’s taking him to see his favorite comedian, live and in person at the Improv just north of Kansas City. Tonight, he’s (hopefully) gonna meet Jimmy Novak.


Dean circles the block a few times looking for a free place to park, but eventually sighs and ponies up the 15 bucks to park in the Improv lot. “‘S’alright, Sammy,” he says. “Anything for Jimmy Novak.”

Sam snorts. “You’re gonna be absolutely insufferable when we meet him, aren’t you?”

“Shut up, bitch,” Dean grunts. Alright, so maybe Dean kind of has a thing for Jimmy Novak. But who wouldn’t? He’s the funniest up-and-coming comedian this side of Aziz Ansari—not to mention he’s hot as hell.

He’s straight, dude, Dean’s brain pipes up. Dean tells his brain to fuck off. Nothing can get him down tonight.

They brace themselves against the freezing cold wind and cross the street. The Improv is all dark colors and moody lighting, but it’s warm inside and buzzing with excitement. The lobby is plastered with 11x17 posters of Jimmy Novak’s face. Dean coughs and rips one down, rolling it up and sticking it in his coat pocket.

“Smooth,” Sam whispers.

Dean just smirks and flips him off.

The show doesn’t start for another 45 minutes and doors won’t open until 7:30, so they hit up the fully-stocked bar to the side of the lobby and Dean gets them an El Sol each.

Sam holds his up in a toast. “Happy birthday, man. Just three more years until you go grey and you’re blind as a bat, just like Dad.”

Dean clinks beers with his brother. “Juuust you wait, bitch. You think that hair’s gonna last forever? It skips a generation. I give you ‘til 35, tops. You’ll be bald as grandpa by 2018, mark my words.”

Sam laughs and they take identical sips. Maybe 37 ain’t so bad, Dean thinks.

The bar starts to overflow with people, so they take their beers and migrate back through the lobby toward a couple of life-size standing posters of Jimmy. Dean refrains from taking a selfie with one of them. Sam offers to take his picture anyway. Dean makes a grumpy face on purpose, but he still strokes Jimmy’s face with the back of his hand. Sam laughs out loud.

They find a merch table partially obscured by the giant posters, and Dean walks around to the front to take it all in. A whole plethora of Jimmy Novak merchandise sits before them—t-shirts, autographed head shots and tour posters, DVDs of his standup specials, even his comedic autobiography, Talking to Myself.

“Oh, I gotta get one of these,” Dean says. Everything is signed in silver sharpie. Dean swipes his thumb over Jimmy’s signature and Sam rolls his eyes.

A gruff voice cuts through the noise of the room behind them. “Sorry guys, I’m coming,” the man says.

Dean wheels around and sees a mess of dark hair, blue eyes, and a rumpled coat and tie headed there way. “Dude,” he hisses. “It’s him. It’s Jimmy-freakin’-Novak.”

Sam turns, too, and frowns. “Are you sure?” he asks under his breath.

“Am I sure?” Dean scoffs. “I think I know Jimmy Novak when I see him.”

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anonymous asked:

Hey! This is a genuine question and I would appreciate if your followers helped me too. I'm questioning my gender and experience large amounts of dysphoria about being afab. The thing is though, I don't think I want to ... grow up to be a man? I mean I don't want to look like a man when I'm say .. 40 or 50+. I thought about this and was like "ok, I shouldn't transition then". But then I realized I don't want to be a WOMAN at that age either!!! So what the fuck? I'm so confused?

There are gender variations between the two trans binaries, these individuals usually identify as nonbinary which from my understanding breaks down into more specific categories. I’m not super familiar with nonbinary Identities, but I’m sure with a quick google search you can find more information.

Followers, do you have any thoughts or information?


lovelylittleraindrop  asked:

I desperately need the answers to 45, 70, and 98. I would ask number 82, but the answer to that question is you, babe.

45. Spicy food: like or dislike?
Like!!!! It just depends on how spicy. I can handle a lot, but I can be a baby, too, if it gets to be too much! 

70. What song is stuck in your head?
Literally any song by A Day To Remember or Paramore. you can catch me humming If It Means A Lot To You (ADTR), or All I wanted (Paramore), 
BUT, the last couple days, I’ve had Nancy Mulligan by Ed Sheeran stuck in my head. It’s influenced the 40′s fic, fo sho tho. 

98.When you imagine yourself as really, really relaxed and happy, what are you doing?
This is gonna sound so depressing, but I don’t even imagine myself relaxed. Happy, though. That’s a different story. I can’t wait to visit you, and @magic-and-timetravel and @zeannastardust and hopefully even @harleyqueen7 when I get up to canada. Or taking you to a Con to fight Chris Evans. Vacations, meeting my friends. That makes me happy.

82. Who is the prettiest person on tumblr.
EW YOU SAP STOP IT. It’s obviously you, babe. ;)

send me some numbers!

@queerbuckthrace tagged me some time ago to post five things I like about myself. This is a very hard thing for me to do, but I shall give it a shot.

1. I’m a damn good knitter/spinner/crocheter. I taught myself to crochet from a book when I was 10. Learned knitting from a book when I was 30. And in my early 40s I learned to spin - not from a book. I can’t learn shit about spinning from anything other than actually seeing it. No, videos are not at all useful. Weird.

2. I have great hair. Granted, it’s not like I have any control over the fact that I have thick, coarse hair. But it’s still something I like. Can’t believe I’ve had it long this long.

3. I’m reasonably adventurous. I mean, I live in China. And not one of the big cities everyone’s heard of. No, I’m in some small (by Chinese standards) city way up in the northeast, entirely too close to North Korea. 

4. I refuse to grow old gracefully. Flat out not gonna do it. As it is, I play at being a grown up. I have a job, I pay my bills, I buy food and eat. But I also play quite a bit. More than I think is “expected”. 

5. There is no number five because all the things I don’t like about myself are pushing forward in my brain, and this list is not about all those things.

There doesn’t seem to be a “tag x number of people” on this, so please do it if you’d like. :)

Love Notes (Part 2)

Your body against mine. Whether we’re asleep or having sex or I’m just holding you. I really like holding you.

When you’re the first thing I see in the morning. You look so peaceful when you sleep, Cas. Like a, well you know.

When hear you smiling over the phone and knowing I’m the reason why.

When you crawl on top of me and kiss me good morning, then just lay there.

That you’re a space heater, but you’re always freezing so you get 40 blankets and curl up against me with your damn cold feet against my legs.

The freckle on the inside of your thigh

The way you moan when I bite your nipples.

I like to remember the nights in the Impala when you just pop in and we drive for hours. I like pulling over and making out in the backseat. Or listening to you talk about the stars. Just because you can’t pop in anymore, doesn’t mean anything has to change.

You’re so damn perfect, Cas.

When you slip your hand down the back of my shorts at night.

I love your scar. I’m sorry you hate it. I’ve got scars too, baby.

I’m sorry for how I treated you for so long, Cas. I’m sorry I made you feel like I wanted you for your powers. I’m sorry I called you a baby. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed me. That it took using you to realize how important you really were. I’m sorry you lost your wings for me.

I can’t promise I’ll come back to you, Cas. I can’t promise I’ll be whole if I do. All I can promise is that if I die, I’ll die loving you, and knowing that you loved me back.

I miss you everyday.

“Are you alright, Castiel?” Cas looked up from the note and met Hannah’s worried eyes.

“Yes. Of course. I’m just thinking about the mission.”

“What are you reading?”

Castiel looked down again at Dean’s writing and felt a small smile on his face.

“Just something important for me to remember.” He folded the note and put it back in his pocket.

“About Heaven?” Cas smiled in a way that Hannah had never seen. His eyes were far away when he answered.

“Yes, Hannah. Heaven.”

(Part 1)


Well then, my week has changed!

We’re due to get a blizzard on Tuesday (12 inches or more expected last I heard), so I figured I’d be calling out of work that day because my itty bitty baby Ford Focus can’t handle snow, and I have to go out to my farthest store, which is a good 30-40 minutes away and all back roads.  Bad combination.

I just got an email from the boss saying work’s been cancelled Monday AND Tuesday.

So.  Damn!  Looks like I’ve got all the free time I could want to work on my Patreon stuff.  AND I just picked up a little commission tonight, which means I can buy some groceries too!  After having such a rough day, this is the best way to end my night.  :D

“You’re so angry about this.”
Damn right I’m angry. I’m angry that lgbt kids get shoved into boxes, whether metaphorical or the kind of box you bury six feet underground.

Maybe we should be angry.
Maybe we should question why every fucking teenage love story between two LGBT kids is a forbidden one.
“I love you, but we can’t tell my mom”
“I love you, but I can’t risk getting thrown out, I’d have no where to go.”
“I love you, but my parents found out. I can’t speak to you again.”
“I love you, so I’m going to risk everything and find a way to talk to you.”
And how sometimes those things turn into;
“ I can’t live like this anymore. Keep going without me, ok? Just cause I can’t keep living doesn’t mean you can’t. I love you.”

Maybe we should question why 40% of homeless youth are lgbt.
Maybe we should be angry that every queer teenager I’ve met has been suppressed in some way by the people that are supposed to love them unconditionally.

Maybe we should be angry that “yeah, I came out and it’s like walking on eggshells now.” Is normal. I’m angry that abuse is a common factor in an LGBT kids home life. From harsh words to bruises.
From “I love you but I won’t accept this” to “you’re going to hell.”
So yeah, we’re angry.
We’re fucking pissed off.
Maybe you should be too.

—  A fed up kid

Just woke up wondering why was I awake if I was so tired and I couldn’t notice any noises or whatever.

Only to quickly find out I couldn’t breathe properly like that last time :)))) It’s fucking scary to wake up because you are can’t breathe properly.

I took my nasal spray(or whatever is that thing called) and inhalator for my allergy attacks right away but holy shit.

Do you get now why I can’t watch movies about space/the ocean where people suffocate, sometimes to death? :’D

I mean I think my case isn’t that dangerous bit it scares the crap out of me.

Anyways. Here’s 6.50,been recovering for 40 min and feel better. But still :/ ugh.

PS: I can’t put this under a read more in phone and this suuuuuuuuuccccccccssss.

ladysansaa  asked:

multiples of 10 binch

literally why are u rude binch

bUt ok!

ask me more from this list!

20: what’s your favorite eye color?
hazel bc they like change colours :~( why can’t i have hazel eyes

30: think of it: have you ever been truly scared?
hell yeah!! what u mean? HeLL YEAH!

40: think of a piece of jewelry you own: what’s it’s story? does it have any meaning to you?
hmmmm do i even own jewelry i have this sailor moon necklace!! i paid like 20 bucks for it at a convention bc i was crying and the lady selling it took advantage of my vulnerability and i bought like 100 dollars worth of merch lmao!! f that b!

50: what’s an odd thing you collect?
ummmMm i don’t think i collect anything

60: do you like poetry? what are some of your faves?
anything shel silverstein. ofc milk and honey is super good. angels by lang leav

70: have you ever used a ouija board?
nO muthafuckin way and if u try and use one near me consider our relationship SEVERED!! -12123 relationship points lmao

80: what color are your bedroom walls? did you choose that color? if so, why?
green! i didn’t choose it the binches who lived here before me did

90: talk about your one of you favorite cities.
LA. i want to live there. i’ve wanted to live there since i was a child, idk why? i have just always had the notion that dreams come true there and it’s always sunny and idk. i went for the first time this year and just flying into the city gave me the CRAZIEST feeling. i’m in love with that city. definitely my favourite

100: if you were presented with two buttons, one that allows you to go 5 years into the past, the other 5 years into the future, which one would you press? why?
5 years in the past bc i’ve fucked up so bad yall!! i really do want to change so m any things tbh

MP100 rarepair: Inukawa x Takenaka

MP100 chap 98.8 made me adore Inukawa by 100%. I can never think of him the same way again. Due to this chapter I also get the feeling that Takenaka may have read Inukawa’s sassy thoughts then and, well, it happened. That fateful shipping thought. So I now believe that Inukawa’s level of sass and Takenaka’s would be limitless together! I mean, can you imagine these two against Ritsu and Teru?! Oh, if only Inukawa was as outspoken with his thoughts as Takenaka. Long story short: I ship them hard. It’s only been 40 minutes but these two are my OTP now.

So, if you’re willing to board this ship with me, then what could their ship name be? I pretty much like the sound of Inunaka but there’s so much choice!!!!! Ahh, the joys of a rareship…

Takeinu? Inunaka? Takekawa? Kawanaka? One of these or something else?

anonymous asked:

13, 24, 31, 40, 60, 64, 89 ^_^

13. Do you think relationships are hard?
All relationships can be hard, people are conplicated, theres easy monents but theres also hard ones, relationships are complex

24. Have you ever considered getting a tattoo?

31. What type of day are you having?

40. What made you start liking the person you like now?
I never know how to answer these kinds of questions aha, i mean at first i just thought he was cute and all that stuff but then when we started talking i started actually having feelings for him

60. What do you carry with you at all times?
My phone usually

64. The person you like kisses you on the forehead, do you find this cute?

89. Do you normally wear your hair straight or curly?
My hair is naturally straight but i wave it

reasons why thomas jefferson is such a loser
  • besides his treatment of slaves and native americans don’t even get me started
  • owned a bunch of pet mockingbirds and his favorite one was named dick I’m crying
  • it took him 40 years to build monticello 
  • because he was super into hgtv and designed the whole thing 
  • btw monticello means “little mountain” in italian 
  • and the rooms are shaped like octagons bc he loved the shape what a nerd 
  • the rooms also have special handles so that he can open two doors at once i don’t even understand how it works
  • james hemings came with him to france, and tj promised him that if he learned how to cook french cuisine, he would be freed when he got back to the states my god is that not the most jefferson thing you’ve ever heard
  • he greeted people at the white house in robes and slippers
  • wrote over 19,000 letters in his life bc he has no life
  • basically the only good thing this fucko did for our country was dying