Hey! I’m Sin, and I write things, and I’m broke, and I would really rather not be financially dependent on my emotionally abusive grandparents. So I thought, people like buying books and reading things, and people like my writing, so… maybe I could do this?

Which means: I’m taking commissions for things you want to read, written by me. I wrote out prices above, but my handwriting is near illegible at the best of times, so they’re transcribed below.

Prices: Prose

  • 250 words: £3
  • 500 words: £6 
  • 1,000 words: £10
  • 1,500 words: £15 
  • 2,000 words: £19
  • 2,500 words: £24 
  • 3,000 words: £28 

Prices: Poetry

  • Short poem (10-12 lines): £3 
  • Longer poem (20-40 lines): £7

For examples of my writing, you can check out my writing blog, lxghtsout, or my writing tag on this blog (link). 

I can write original genre fiction, based on a prompt you give me, or I’m prepared to write fic of the following things:

  • Bandom (mostly I hang out in the TAI/CS/FOB corner of bandom)
  • Firefly and Serenity
  • Les Misérables
  • The 100

Depending on how long the commission is, it will be delivered by two weeks from when it’s ordered, barring any extenuating circumstances (for example, I have to write a dissertation next year). I will post on my blog and inform you privately if this happens.

If you’d like to commission something from me, feel free to send me an ask with your prompt, the length you’d like, and your preferred method of delivery - tumblr submission or email (or something else, if you’d prefer and if it’s doable).

I will take payment through my paypal, which is rhiannon.daly@gmail.com.

If you have any questions or want clarification on anything, feel free to send me an ask!

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Andie!! So, I'm in a debate with my sister and she can't get past the first 40 seconds of SKH, and I'm really bad at explaining things, can you elaborate on it? Like, explain the actual meaning and not the superficial 'at first listen' meaning?

Oh god, it’s so much better than the first 40 seconds. It’s about not caring what anyone thinks of you and just living your life, being unapologetially you no matter what anyone says. Even the ‘she’s kinda hot though’ line is not at all about being happy about the fact that someone’s hot. It’s about the fact that hotness is all some people care about, and it’s all the media and society at large seems to care about. It doesn’t matter if someone is a shitty person as long as they’re hot. That’s what those lines are saying. “My girlfriend is kind of an asshole, she’s kinda hot though.” It’s sarcastic. It’s pointing out how stupid it is that you can get away with being a bad human if you’re hot.

And I mean the line “But we’re alright though” is so important. 90s kids are all in this one together. Our world has changed faster than any generation before us. Everything changed in our lifetime. Everything has gotten way more technologically advanced and way more complicated way quicker than it did in the 70s or 80s. And now we’re all kinda sad adults trying to make our way in this world that our parents and teachers didn’t prepare us for very well, and we’re not alright, but we’re alright though. Things aren’t perfect but we’re making it through, and we’re in it together. We aren’t okay together. That’s what the song is about. ANyone who thinks it’s about a hot girl isn’t listening. 

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Ok, so you're doing the character pallet thing? Um... Can you do Pacifica and Dipper not getting along? And by that I mean, like, furious with each other. Pallet 40? Thanks! :) I love this blog, and it's really interesting. I love Conspiracy Falls.

You little wretch. Write whatever illiterate dreck you will about me, but leave my sister out of it, or I will use everything at my disposal to burn you to the ground.”

“You don’t scare me. Now get that finger out of my face or I’m planting my fist straight into yours, Northwest.”

“Do that and the entire Pines family will find itself on the streets so quickly your head will spin.”

(Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoy this AU)

Send me a character(s)/pairing and a color palette number!

Why do people sometimes treat me like an Art Monkey? D’: What I mean is, I say that I can draw, and then people want me to draw things for them.

“Draw my comic idea!”

“Can you make art for my video game idea?”

While these questions are usually harmless at first, it gets on my nerves when people get upset when I decline, or they set up an unreasonable deadline.

“Hey, can you finish my 10-page comic in the lunch hour?” or “I need 40 fully shaded drawings in 2 days!”

Sometimes, I suggest resources to these people so that they can learn how to draw and create whatever they want without my help, but usually they’ll tell me that learning to draw is way too hard and they still want to get someone else to do it for them.

I know it’s not really gossip and more of a vent post but have any of you experienced similar situations?


So, when I saw it, I just booked. I didn’t even get confirmation from my sister (whom I’m visiting) that my arrival time was good. I was like, “Fuck it. IT’S HAPPENING. I will hang at Union Station and its environs as long as I need to so I can save $40.

I *think* the $1 fare happens when you are A1. Meaning, you have an account with Bolt Bus–which, um, just get one, people-and you are the very first person with an account to book a ticket. 

The Bolt Bus “A” perks are the weirdest to me because in my experience they cost nothing and you don’t get spam. You basically just create a saved login on the site and get preferential treatment so long as you’re logged in when you book. 

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Hey Melissa. I've had disordered eating since I was 9. I want to recover but I'm not allowed by my parents to see a normal doctor,much less a treatment team. I don't want to die like this, but I don't know if I'll make it to the day I'll be able to get treatment on my own, if you get my meaning. I'm just so sad because I've lost 40 lbs, I'm underweight and nobody cares. They all just say how I don't need any help because I look better thin and that a doctor will brainwash me and make me fat.

I don’t usually do this but would you be willing to message me off anon? I would like to give you my number so that we can text more about this. There is not any recovery “advice” that I can give you right now because you NEED professional support before anything else. 

I want to help you get support and I am really determined to figure out a way for you to get it. If you don’t feel comfortable messaging me off anon, that’s okay; please consider sending me another message though so that we can work something out together. I am super concerned about you and it isn’t true that no one cares because I do. You don’t have to do this alone and I am going to do everything I can so that you don’t have to. 

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Hey I just went to my first melee tourney after months of practicing tech with my roommate. It was fun I won se friendliest but played the the Two best falcon players (one of them got 2nd) and got bodied as a peach main I feel like this match up is in Falcons favor do you have any tips for the peach falcon match up?

I’m not much of a Melee player, but I am definitely a Melee watcher. So, I can offer advice only from that standpoint. HOWEVER, I did find some stuff for you. There is this article by Connor the Kid, a notable Peach main. It’s widely accepted that Falcon has an edge on Peach in Melee, although it seems to be a 60/40 matchup; not a landslide by any means. 

Also, as a spectator, I have seen my fair share of this matchup on a competitive level. The most complete destruction of a Falcon by a Peach that I know of is Darkrain vs Armada from Big House 4. Darkrain is a top Falcon and it looks like he never even stood a chance at any point in this match. 

I hope this helps you a bit!

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How many programs are you applying to? Also if I happen to recognize you at an interview would it be weird if I said hi? xD

I’m aiming for about 30 programs. 30-40 maybe if I can’t get the list down. 

100% not weird!!! I’d actually really like it people came up and said hi! :) It makes my day when you guys come say hi! :) 

(I mean, obviously don’t come over when I’m in the middle of having a scary residency conversation… but if you recognize me please introduce yourself! But be warned, I may give hugs.) 


I made vegan chicken pot pie for a potluck last weekend. It was delicious.

I used this recipe, adding cut up vegetarian hot dogs (verdict: meh), using a 9x13 pan instead, making my own crust (recipe for two 9 inch crusts), and then only putting that crust on top.

This a winner, and if I were to do it again, I might find something else instead of tofu dogs to substitute for chicken. I mean it was still yummy with that, but I think I can do better.

Of the 40 people who said they would or might show up, 6 did. So this potluck took on a picnic vibe, which was good on its own. I realized that the days of big community events in my social circle were over - there’d never be high attendance like before again. I take it as a positive sign! People don’t need the kind of support this provides. So I’ll spend my energy on either more intimate encounters or community events for others.

HHH going to Hawaii

I leave for Hawaii in about a week, I’ll be in Honolulu for a conference for 5 days with little free time, after which I am in Kihei on Maui on my own for 5 days. I think I will take the following priorities - 

1) Meditation - been meaning to really start a practice for some time - what better place and I have 5 days on my own!

2) Yoga - any suggestions for places in or near Kihei?

3) Jiu Jitsu - Maui Jiu Jitsu in Haike looks like a cool place to drop in, and they have a class for people over 40!

4) Beach - snorkeling, paddle boarding

5) sightseeing

like this post if you see it so I can see who actually looks at this blog, or send me a message with suggestions - HHH

what THE fuCK is MY GEN DER

i’ve been pretty satisfied with “genderflux” for awhile (for me, it would be moving between agender and androgyne), but lately i’ve been feeling really sort of… male?

not totally 100% male, but… pretty male. maybe like 60 or 70% right now, the other 30 or 40% being agender probably

so like… i guess i can call this current feeling “demiboy”

does this make me genderfluid or what? should i just start using that word? i mean, it would make sense, considering my perception of my gender changes so fucking often, and i feel so differently every few weeks or months. things are shifting constantly.

i’d just feel bad for changing my label AGAIN

Fridge clean-out dinner: cheese tortellini with summer sausage, zucchini, and mushrooms.

Matt wants to get back to running before his next PT test comes up. I am SO excited about this because it means I can go with him to the local outdoor trail and walk/jog. I would much rather do that than hit the treadmill at the gym, but this particular trail isn’t ever busy and it’s mostly wooded.. I always feel like it’d be the perfect place for a creeper to hide out and kidnap me, so I don’t like to go on my own.

I ordered a ring from Etsy last week and the lack of tracking info is killing me because I can’t wait for it to get here. I’ve never dropped $40 on a piece of jewelry before (my collection of $5 earrings and $10 necklaces suits me just fine) but I loved it so much and idk, treat yourself?

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i have this problem, i like to go out, i like to party and go to the beach and stuff like that but i never do cause my friends dont like this kind of stuff and my family is always asking why dont you go out and stuff like that and im like i wish i would but i just have no one and this whole always staying home makes me feel bad about myself i feel like im losing my young years i just wanna have fu, i like tumblr, movies and stuff like that but they will be here when im 40

your concept of having fun and enjoying your youth is different from your friends and you have to respect that and the fact they prefer to stay at home than go out. which doesn’t mean you have to do the same, if you enjoy parties and going out, do it, it can be hard go by yourself but you still could have a good time, or make new friendships ,with people who enjoys doing the same things as you, try to see outside your group, it’s always nice to have new friends.

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I'm nineteen and a half and my bf just turned 24... Is that bad?

Like I said, it’s not a big age difference!
I just think when there is a difference of 8-10 years and you are young (like a minor) yes that would be a problem.
But when you’re older and it’s like you’re 30 and he’s 40 that’s not bad at all because it’s common and you are both grown ups.
I mean you can date who you want and what age you want just don’t let someone who’s a lot older then you use you and just look out that he/she doesn’t get in trouble when you’re a minor. You get me?

All I wanted was some quality sleep tonight. However, the townhome community that borders my apartment complex is having a block party and they are the noisiest motherfuckers. It’s a bunch of white college students playing Top 40 Rap and the loudest fucking game of cornhole I’ve ever head. I can hear it from 100 yards away with all my doors and windows closed and the TV on. I mean, I realize it’s Saturday and all, but there are decency and noise laws in this county after 10pm. 

And if Gina doesn’t fucking answer the moron who has been shouting her name at the top of his lungs for ten minutes, I’m going to call the cops. 

I don’t mind block parties and the like, even the ones that get kind of loud and run late. In fact, I used to go all the time in my old neighborhood. But those were in a neighborhood that didn’t directly border other communities and wouldn’t host on the street that literally backs up against 2 other apartment complexes for a total of ten buildings. And theirs sounds more like a frat part and they’re all just getting drunker and noisier and shouting MARCO POLO like a bunch of lame-asses.

*EDIT* Oh, good. I see flashing lights. That means people are getting arrested for drunken disorderly. Like the naked guy I can see near the property line fence.

so anyways p. often i have these nightmares where, after i wake up, i’m still half in the dream do u know what i’m saying, like i don’t mean i can just still remember/see it really clearly, i mean that part of my brain literally thinks i’m still in that dream. and often it’ll last for so. long. so i’m just sitting up staring at the wall or pacing around the room for like 40 minutes, just waiting to be fully immersed in reality again, while still sensing these surreal stressful/scary things as if they’re real and in my vicinity, and trying not to freak out lmao it’s the worst and it’s been happening since i was a tiny tot

and if anyone else were to see me during that time i probably look/seem COMPLETELY out of my mind, like if anyone were to try to talk to me at that time there’s no way i’d be able to respond, i’d probably just stare at them like they’re speaking an alien language god

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40-60 :)

40:Have you ever walked outside completely naked?

Not completely, no! But pretty close.

51:Favourite food?

Don’t do this to me….anything caramel really

52:Do you believe everything happens for a reason?


53:What is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?

Brushed my teeth? Checked my phone maybe

54:Is cheating ever okay?


55:Are you mean?

I can be, but I’m trying hard not to be

56:How many people have you fist fought?

No one, but I’ve bitch slapped like 2 people maybe

57:Do you believe in true love?


58:Favourite weather?

Houston in October! When it’s sunny but breezy and a little bit crisp and there’s no humidity

59:Do you like the snow?

I like to be inside when it snows

60:Do you wanna get married?

Probably, eventually

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7, 17, 27, 40 and 47 😘 (ps I hope it bugs you that I didn't put 37 ;))

7 - Does a Morai count as a mythical creature bc that or a dragon or maybe a fairy

17 - Miss someone? No, can’t say anyone comes to mind to be honest;)

27 - IT DEPENDS ON THE CEREAL. And also on my mood, sometimes I’m like YES CRUNCH but other times I get lazy and take ages to eat it so it gets soggy;~;

40 - “Destroy what destroys you” on my shoulder blade (that’s the one tattoo I’m 100% sure on)

47 - Gee, I don’t know, my ideal day would probably be spent asleep;) But I mean the sea life day was pretty ideal too;)

Ps it doesn’t bug me;)